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Bishop Amstutz

1964-02-09-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

Feb. 9, 1964

Dear David: We were invited to North Point Church today to hear Bishop Amstutz speak. After the service there was a dinner in honor of the Bishop and Bishop Ward’s widow. After the church service we were introduced to Bishop A. Since he was from Singapore I was sure he would be Bonnie’s Dad’s “Boss.” I told him we were going to Malacca to see McGraws. He said he knew about the engagement and that Bonnie’s mother had been granted permission to return for wedding. Since he had no way of knowing about us he was quite surprised when we told him who we are and where we were going. Bishop A. was in Indiana area in 1962 and I remember going to Attica to hear him speak. Since he has met thousands of people since then he would have no way of remembering me but seemed quite pleased when I told him about attending meeting. After the meeting and dinner (in a Chinese restaurant and pure Chinese dishes – nothing just for tourists) one of the men here – laison officer – drove us to Ferry dock and we came back to hotel. We have both been sleeping and just getting ready for trip to Djakarta tomorrow. Recently Bishop A. had been in Djakarta. The Methodist church has some mission work on Sumatra. The weather has been foggy the past two days so we are glad our sightseeing was done earlier. We still have a show every time we look out at harbor, so we have sightseeing whether we are out or in our room. Since Bishop A. doesn’t speak Chinese but Malayan he had to have the local Chinese minister translate for him. We could understand all Bishop A. said but not anything interpreter said as he translated. At one point Bishop A. said some flowery words about his interpreter – the Chinese congregation all chuckled. At the dinner liaison officer said translator said “more polite talk.” We entertained liaison officer Delmar Byler and his wife last night. One of the hotels here has a floor show which is a sampling of Chinese Opera. This is not season for Opera so we couldn’t see the real thing. The Bylers came to our room after dinner and we showed them some slides we brought from home of the family and a few of flowers & Mormon Temple on Hawaii. They visited until after midnight. Since we didn’t have to start for church until 10 o’clock this morning we weren’t in any hurry to get to bed. I may not be writing so much when we get to Bali, all depending on how much John has for us to see. Your new suit is finished and mailed home. It may be 6 weeks before you get it. We also mailed home several things we thought we wouldn’t need. We will know next time not to pack so much. Also I have a new suit and coat so won’t need ones I wore from home. I was so tired of those brown tones. I have a bright red suit and coat as bright as Bonnie’s velvet formal.

Have to leave our room every evening so the floor boy can come in and fix our beds. We had such a large noon meal decided we didn’t need much so ate very little. When we returned to room our beds were ready. All this service may spoil me. I think I could use an Amah or house boy and as many as live here I am sure one of two wouldn’t be missed. Tomorrow we fly Japanese Air and when you board one of their planes food starts flowing. We will have a 7 or 8 hr. flight so will probably be well fed by the time we reach Djakarta.

Love Mother


©2016 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
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