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Thanksgiving Plans


Letter postmarked the day Kennedy was killed 11-22-63

Letter transcription:

1963-11-21-gry-p-1Mrs. R.S. Yegerlehner
146 W. Graham Street
Kentland, Indiana
Nov. 21 – 1963

Dear David –

I banked $200.00 for you this week (so you can keep your accounts straight).

Floyd, Ruth & Steve are coming up, for Thanksgiving and Ruth and Earl will come over if someone can go get them. I thought since you and Bonnie would be coming home on Wed. evening you could go over to Wilmington Thurs. morning and get them. I hope that is agreeable with you.

Dad has gone to the hospital on a baby case and I should be getting to bed but want to do a few things yet.

I am to take Mrs. Myers to the dentist tomorrow afternoon and told her I would take her grocery shopping after she gets through. I think she seemed a little disappointed when I told her we wouldn’t have anyone here for Christmas. Maybe we can plan to bring her here for dinner sometime before Christmas. If possible we will go to Chicago for the day.

1963-11-21-gry-p-2Clarence & Clara and two of Kenneth’s girls came last Thurs. so Clarence could hunt pheasant. He hunted but didn’t

[page 2] have any luck. This morning a beautiful cock pheasant strutted around our front yard. Too bad Clarence wasn’t here today.

We will be looking for you Wed. evening.
Love Mother

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Travel Plan Changes

1963-11-02-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

[Wright 533 – handwritten by David]
Mrs. R.S. Yegerlehner
146 West Graham Street
Kentland, Indiana
Nov. 2, 1963

Dear David –

Bill brought the desk blotters and the calendar this morning. I took a blotter to Mrs. M. She seemed very pleased. She has several things in her living room she has added since you left: a new chair, a new t.v., magazine rack and some art objects. I suppose you know H. Funk bought the hotel and Dick & Marge Ryan are running it. They are also running an Insurance business where Harold used to have his office. Harold is back in his own building.

Rosemary Murphy is working with the 7th & 8th grace children in our church. I thought she needed the class room Bible Study class was using, so by vote of my class they decided to go to the kitchen. Rosemary is promoting a camp project for next summer. Three of the boys in her class are working on our driveway edge to earn something to go into the camp fund. Before the three boys came here the entire group had earned $25.00 today. I said something to Dad not long ago about working on the driveway and he said he wasn’t interested. He took up the geraniums yesterday for some nurses at the hospital. He said since we would be gone this winter he wouldn’t try to keep them – He didn’t have much success last year.

I had sub-district meetings this week and I am glad they are over. I also finished a study class I was teaching at Raub. Clarence & Clara stopped last Saturday on their way to Ruth M.’s Just as they were leaving Floyd & Steve came. They had just come from Ruth’s. Floyd & Steve had spent a few days in Chicago. Ruth had intended to go with them, but Ruth couldn’t get off from work.

1963-11-02-gry-p-2[page 2] We had a very successful UNICEF drive last Tuesday night – another item in a busy week. We had a very good response from children and parents and I mailed a check to U.S. Commission for UNICEF for $189.15 – $32.00 more than last year.

We may have to change the time when we visit Bonnie’s parents. Since the government of Indonesia has broken diplomatic relations with Singapore we may not be able to fly from there to Djakarta and if we have to go from Hong Kong to Djakarta we will definitely have to change dates. John is having his vacation Feb. 8 to 23 so it may have to be after that time that we go to Malacca. We will probably know more about it when you come home Thanksgiving.

Love Mother

P.S. It was nice hearing from you Oct. 26.

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Shots and Vaccinations

1963-10-11-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

[Wright 533 – handwritten by David]

Dear David:

For your information I deposited
9-16 $300.00
9-25   $50.00
9-26   $35.00
9-27   $30.00 (and gave you $40.00 in cash while you were still here – besides the $5.00 for birthday)

You had better try and get your bank account up to date. My adding machine totals the above amount at $455.00. The last time I asked you had a bal. of $88.

I wrote Bonnie a note this morning. I think she left a scarf here. If it is hers I will send it to her. A record came for Gary today. Dad asked me what I was going to do with it and I said just leave it on David’s desk until he comes home Thanksgiving time. If Gary wants it, it will cost 14½ postage to get it down to Bloomington. I thought I was through forwarding things to him.

We had the childrens’ pictures taken Saturday. Red Harris and Marge took them, and I think they did a very good job. We plan to go to Chicago next Thursday to get our Yellow Fever shots (have to go to a Center to get those shots) and after Mark and Shirley see the pictures and take the ones they want I will send you one of each.

I have had a typhoid and paratyphoid shot and a smallpox vacc. I have to get two more typhoid, a cholera, typhus and the Y.F.

I have to stop at Sears and get a seat cover for the Chevrolet. I got one and part of it was missing so had to send it back.

Love Mother

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Not A Word

1963-09-18-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

Wed. Sept. 18, 1963
Dear David –

I really shouldn’t bother to send this card to you, since it is almost 2 weeks since you have been gone and not a word from you.

I suppose this heat wave has reached Bloomington, and just when you are beginning to get started in your studies – which I hope you don’t neglect for other activities.

So far Dad has been able to keep the mowing done without too much rushing. He had intended to mow yesterday evening but was in the hospital instead getting a boy for Joe Bob Hiestand’s wife. He had to go on another baby case at noon. I haven’t checked with the office as to whether he has returned.

I got a vaccination a week ago and much to my surprise I am getting a reaction – I had smallpox when I was 21, so thought I would never get a positive reaction. I had Arvella give me a flu shot day before yesterday so last night I didn’t feel so good.

1963-09-18-gry-p-2[page 2] I went to a church board meeting which got rather tiresome before the chairman adjourned. Mr. Oscar Hopkins (he and his wife are members of my Sunday school class) has taken the high school group. Mr. Vineyard is to give him some assistance – also Rosemary Murphy. Mr. Hopkins is with the Soil Conversation Dept. and I found him a very interested member of my class. I hated to lose him but think he can do more good helping in the high school group.

You wouldn’t recognize the garage. We are really getting it cleaned and cleared. Dad is putting all his tools in holders – and by the way – some wrenches are missing – do you have them? You room is getting some attention also. I sent the drapes to the cleaner and Dad put new rope in the fixture. He is about to get the lamp in the ceiling repaired. He needed two parts which I got for him yesterday, but since he wasn’t home couldn’t finish the lamp. I also took the desk lamp back to J. Yost and he is going to get new parts for it. I cleaned and waxed the kitchen and work area floor. I used Johnson’s (supposedly one step deal) but found on reading the directions I had to water mop the whole area before applying the wax. We have a janitor

1963-09-18-gry-p-3[page 3] for the office. He first said he would take the job (we offered $50.00) then said he wouldn’t unless it was $60.00. I said no we wouldn’t pay more than $50.00 so he came back and said he would take it. He is to clean three times a week and when we have snow to clean the walks.

Mrs. Shoal is doing the ironing again. I went to get it this a.m. and she said it had made her pretty tired. However, she asked me for the job. I went to see her one day and she said she was tired of not doing anything and would like to do my ironing again.

There is a magazine here from your friend in South Africa. Do you want it? I won’t send it unless you let me know.

What is Bonnie’s address?

Don’t get so busy you can’t think of us once in a while.
Love Mother

P.S. There is some kind of 2nd or 3rd class mail here for Gary. I think it is an ad from Book-Month-Club. You can take it to him when you come home.

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Summer Break

1963-05-21-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

[Wright 533 – handwritten by David]

Dear David:

We received a letter from John yesterday. He plans to come home July 21 and return to Indonesia the 17th of August – that is, leave the states on that day. I am glad you will be home this summer (for several reasons). I think you will enjoy being with John again.

We received our finished itineraries. The first one was dated from Jan. 25th and this one is dated from Jan. 10th. I am looking at it from time to time. I intend to have it memorized by the time we are ready to leave. (I said itineraries, because we have two copies).

Dad finally got over his tooth trouble. He had to have one tooth pulled and another one filled – then the filling dropped out and he had to go back and have another filling put in. He really didn’t feel very good for several days, but is about back to normal. He says he wants to mow the lawn this evening and then it will be your job from then on, so you had better plan to get home as soon as possible. Luckily, we are having a little cool weather. Maybe the grass won’t grow so fast.

I talked to Rev. Fields about writing to you and he said he would. However, since you will be home within a week, I am not too sure you will hear from him. He was wondering if you would be able to teach on Sunday June 2. If you will drop me a line so I can tell him. He said they had a discussion with the MYF group as to what they want in the way of lessons, but he didn’t say what had been decided. He has finished the series of lessons he was giving them.

I have a club meeting to attend this morning – the last one for this season and am I glad. I have so much to do before Jan. 10 that I have to get a little bit done each day. When I think of all the things we will have to take along I think I am not starting too soon.

Doris told me that Bill was coming home to get the car to bring his things home. You didn’t mention Bonnie in your last letter. Are you still planning for her to come with you? Let me know.

I have to be at my meeting by 10:30, so must get ready and go. – I almost forgot to tell you, Jim Egan died yesterday afternoon. Doris Marvin’s mother Mrs. Ethel Herriman was buried last week. I forget you get the paper and get all these news items.

Love Mother

P.S. We notified the janitor to turn his key in May 24. We will empty the wastebaskets Saturday and hope you will be here to do same on Monday.

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Meeting Bonnie

1963-04-24-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

[Wright 533 – handwritten by David]
Wed. Apr. 24, 1963

Dear David,

Even tho I was very tired when we arrived home Sunday evening, I was glad I had made the trip. I was so glad to meet Bonnie. She seems very refreshing and easy to be with. I noticed when we turned onto Meridan that you were at the wheel of her car.

I haven’t been doing much this week. I have rested two hours every afternoon. There was a club meeting last night, but I didn’t go. I was glad I stayed home when I learned that it lasted until 10:30. About the extent of my work so far has been to prepare meals and clean up the kitchen. We were supposed to entertain bridge club Sunday night but judging from the way I feel now, I didn’t think I would be equal to the task. I started to call the other members of the club and learned that I would have to get 3 sets of substitutes so decided against trying to have it. J. Batton said she would entertain in May (26) and I said I could take it in June after you get home to help me. The plan seemed to meet the approval of all until I called Lucille and she thought we should try to have a party May 5. I told her if she wanted to have one on that date she is welcome, but I am not going to entertain until you are home to help. Dr. Gery indicated when I talked to him after my x-rays that putting myself under pressure could cause part of my trouble. Dr. Gripe wasn’t satisfied with my E.K.G. (examination of heart) so I am to go Friday morning and have another one run. Dad has me on some medication now that seems to be taking care of my digestive system. I am eating regularly (bland diet) and sleeping well. I told Dad at noon I am not making any more salad plates. I told

1963-04-24-gry-p-2[page 2] him he can eat his raw vegetables between meals. I can eat cooked vegetables, but none raw.

Dad is planning to mow the lawn this evening after he gets home from the office – unless he has to do something else. We had a freeze here last night. Fortunately Dad hadn’t set any plants out and the roses haven’t come yet. We had a card indicating our order is being sent. The dogwood tree is putting out leaves.

Since this in the 25th year since Dad graduated from Medical school, we may go to Indianapolis May 8 for a meeting I.U. Medical School is having. Will let you know. However since it will be on a Wednesday you will be too busy to go to Indianapolis, so we will be looking forward to seeing you at home May 27 or 28th.

Love Mother

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Sunday School Materials

1963-03-20-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

[Wright 533 – Handwritten by David]
Wednesday March 20 1963

Dear David:

Yours received this AM. You can do it Louie, so keep those grades up there. You will have to concentrate on the French a little more, eh?

I checked with the bank this morning and according to their account you had a balance of $58.49. According to my figures the deposits have been as follows: Dec. 3 – $200.00; Jan. 30 – $225.00; Feb. 11 – $75.00; March 1 – $100.00 and $2.00 from GM in March.

You seem to [be] concentrating on Bonnie. I hope you both enjoyed the opera. Wish I could have been there to hear it also. Since I couldn’t I will enjoy my records. I have Fidelio playing now.

There is some work being done at the Church in the way of painting, etc. The dining rooms have been paneled and painted and the vestibule on the east side of the basement is to be painted next. We are getting ready for the big District meeting we will be entertaining next week (the 28th). I have been conducting a study class on Wed. a.m.’s at the Church, so was there this morning. Rev. Fields had a woman from a Lafayette church come up Monday night to talk to the Primary Dept. workers about the material being used in that Dept. I don’t want to sound unprogressive, but I think I could have told her a few things on my own. You know there is nothing like experience to learn a thing and since I had had more than 12 years working in that Dept. I think I know a few things. If the teachers in that Dept. didn’t have anything to do but prepare material for their classes on Sunday morning, they might like the material she was trying to promote, but they have a few other to do – like helping make a living. I think the people in the Department of Education in the Methodist Church could learn a few things from other churches.

Today is typically March, blowing, snowing, and cold. First the sun shines, then it is cloudy, but thru everything the wind keeps blowing like a storm is either coming or going.

I hope the above figures helps you to straighten your bank account.
Love Mother

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Simply Devastated

Letter transcription:

Kentland March 13

David Dear –

I have intended getting a letter off to you but have been ill & have done nothing. I will write a letter soon as I can. Your Mother & Mark came to see me yesterday after the big party at the gym. It must have been a lovely affair. They also had a carry in dinner for them at the church yesterday. Your  mom looked so pretty. Mark said the kids are all sick with flu. I am simply devastated without your Dad & Mom. How I miss them. You seem to be working too hard – both of you. I love your letters.

Much love to you & Bonnie

[Editor’s note: This is the last letter from Ruth Myers to David in the collection. The big party at the gym is one of the retirement celebrations the town of Kentland gave to Roscoe and Gladys when they moved away. Roscoe had accepted a position at Purdue, attending to the medical needs of the university’s students and they moved to West Lafayette.]

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Thanksgiving 1966

November 24, 1966 envelope

November 24, 1966 envelope

Letter transcription:

November 24, 1966, p. 1

November 24, 1966, p. 1

Thanksgiving Day 1966

David, My very Dear

The book which you so kindly purchased for me arrived, and can’t tell you how grateful I am for your getting it to me, and also, I hope you will forgive me for asking you to purchase your own Christmas gift, but you don’t know what it meant to me. I am enclosing check, and I had thought it would be more.

I have a gift for Bonnie, and your mother is going to include it for me in a mailing to you both before Christmas.

I am at home alone today, very disappointed because I wanted to see baby David, whom I have not yet met. Your Mom invited me for Thanksgiving dinner, and Mark and Shirley and the kids and Lea and her husband, and John. Last night about ten o’clock Gladys called me on the phone and said that both the little kids had broken out with chicken pox. Becky had had it a couple of weeks ago and they thought the two little children were not going to get it, and when they arrived in Kentland your Dad discovered they were in full bloom. So of course, my never having had it, they did not think it wise for me to come. Gladys brought me my dinner, which I am going to eat in a short while. Mark, Shirley and the children were returning to Indianapolis this evening because Mark must work tomorrow.

The day is very gloomy and overcast, but not cold. Looks as if it might do something. There are so many things I would love to discuss with you, but I do not have the strength to write what I would like to. I look forward every week to your letter, and you will never know how I appreciate it. I know your time is very precious to you, and it is wonderful thing for you to take part of it to write to me.

My very dear love to you and Bonnie, and I am sure she is thrilled to have her folks here.

Always your

P.S. Gladys said she would write you about the Nizer book. Your Dad does not have it, but you will hear from her about it.

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December 5, 1965 envelope

December 5, 1965 envelope

Letter transcription:

December 5, 1965, p. 1

December 5, 1965, p. 1

Sunday, December 5, 1965
Kentland, Indiana

David and Bonnie
My Very Dear Ones

I hope you are not thinking that your Grammaw has become senile, but I really have been quite ill, and am just now beginning to feel stronger. My fingers are quite stiff, but will try.

David will never know how I have appreciated his wonderful letters, and how I have looked forward to them. I love the pictures and thank you so very very much for them. I also appreciate your Hebrew messages, and my wonder at your ability to do such, leaves me helpless to express myself. You two are so wonderful, working so hard and accomplishing so much it makes me proud to know you.

I was quite touched with your story of your visit to the museum, and it jolted me into realizing that I owe you some money, which at this time of year becomes something to think about. I am making the check for $8.00 which I hope will cover whatever tax you had to pay and maybe postage if you care to mail the album. If not just bring it, either way you wish.

Your mother tells me she is getting a new record player. She took the one she had to the office, as something went wrong with the radio. She invited me to have Thanksgiving dinner with then, and I had looked forward to it, but when the day came I was unable even to get dressed. I spent the day in bed. Mark & Shirley and the kids were there, also John and Lee and her husband, and your Aunt Ruth. She stayed several days. Gladys brought her to see me. She drove to get her and also took her home.

I hope you put some leftover turkey in your freezing section and you can have it for Easter dinner. Your mother has been doing some shopping for me and she is so good to me. I am not even attempting to mail cards this year. No David, I hardly every stay up to watch Johnnie anymore, I just get too tired.

Thank you again for your dear letters, and will be anxious to see you.
Much love

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