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December 5, 1965 envelope

December 5, 1965 envelope

Letter transcription:

December 5, 1965, p. 1

December 5, 1965, p. 1

Sunday, December 5, 1965
Kentland, Indiana

David and Bonnie
My Very Dear Ones

I hope you are not thinking that your Grammaw has become senile, but I really have been quite ill, and am just now beginning to feel stronger. My fingers are quite stiff, but will try.

David will never know how I have appreciated his wonderful letters, and how I have looked forward to them. I love the pictures and thank you so very very much for them. I also appreciate your Hebrew messages, and my wonder at your ability to do such, leaves me helpless to express myself. You two are so wonderful, working so hard and accomplishing so much it makes me proud to know you.

I was quite touched with your story of your visit to the museum, and it jolted me into realizing that I owe you some money, which at this time of year becomes something to think about. I am making the check for $8.00 which I hope will cover whatever tax you had to pay and maybe postage if you care to mail the album. If not just bring it, either way you wish.

Your mother tells me she is getting a new record player. She took the one she had to the office, as something went wrong with the radio. She invited me to have Thanksgiving dinner with then, and I had looked forward to it, but when the day came I was unable even to get dressed. I spent the day in bed. Mark & Shirley and the kids were there, also John and Lee and her husband, and your Aunt Ruth. She stayed several days. Gladys brought her to see me. She drove to get her and also took her home.

I hope you put some leftover turkey in your freezing section and you can have it for Easter dinner. Your mother has been doing some shopping for me and she is so good to me. I am not even attempting to mail cards this year. No David, I hardly every stay up to watch Johnnie anymore, I just get too tired.

Thank you again for your dear letters, and will be anxious to see you.
Much love

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