Meeting Bonnie

1963-04-24-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

[Wright 533 – handwritten by David]
Wed. Apr. 24, 1963

Dear David,

Even tho I was very tired when we arrived home Sunday evening, I was glad I had made the trip. I was so glad to meet Bonnie. She seems very refreshing and easy to be with. I noticed when we turned onto Meridan that you were at the wheel of her car.

I haven’t been doing much this week. I have rested two hours every afternoon. There was a club meeting last night, but I didn’t go. I was glad I stayed home when I learned that it lasted until 10:30. About the extent of my work so far has been to prepare meals and clean up the kitchen. We were supposed to entertain bridge club Sunday night but judging from the way I feel now, I didn’t think I would be equal to the task. I started to call the other members of the club and learned that I would have to get 3 sets of substitutes so decided against trying to have it. J. Batton said she would entertain in May (26) and I said I could take it in June after you get home to help me. The plan seemed to meet the approval of all until I called Lucille and she thought we should try to have a party May 5. I told her if she wanted to have one on that date she is welcome, but I am not going to entertain until you are home to help. Dr. Gery indicated when I talked to him after my x-rays that putting myself under pressure could cause part of my trouble. Dr. Gripe wasn’t satisfied with my E.K.G. (examination of heart) so I am to go Friday morning and have another one run. Dad has me on some medication now that seems to be taking care of my digestive system. I am eating regularly (bland diet) and sleeping well. I told Dad at noon I am not making any more salad plates. I told

1963-04-24-gry-p-2[page 2] him he can eat his raw vegetables between meals. I can eat cooked vegetables, but none raw.

Dad is planning to mow the lawn this evening after he gets home from the office – unless he has to do something else. We had a freeze here last night. Fortunately Dad hadn’t set any plants out and the roses haven’t come yet. We had a card indicating our order is being sent. The dogwood tree is putting out leaves.

Since this in the 25th year since Dad graduated from Medical school, we may go to Indianapolis May 8 for a meeting I.U. Medical School is having. Will let you know. However since it will be on a Wednesday you will be too busy to go to Indianapolis, so we will be looking forward to seeing you at home May 27 or 28th.

Love Mother

©2016 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
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1 thought on “Meeting Bonnie

  1. davidmadison1942

    I winced when I saw the title of this post. Oh well. “…you were at the wheel of her car.” Kinda surprised that she had a car at that point.

    “I told him he can eat his raw vegetables between meals.” In fact, for some lunches he had raw vegetables, e.g. a wedge of cabbage and glass of buttermilk.


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