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Shots and Vaccinations

1963-10-11-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

[Wright 533 – handwritten by David]

Dear David:

For your information I deposited
9-16 $300.00
9-25   $50.00
9-26   $35.00
9-27   $30.00 (and gave you $40.00 in cash while you were still here – besides the $5.00 for birthday)

You had better try and get your bank account up to date. My adding machine totals the above amount at $455.00. The last time I asked you had a bal. of $88.

I wrote Bonnie a note this morning. I think she left a scarf here. If it is hers I will send it to her. A record came for Gary today. Dad asked me what I was going to do with it and I said just leave it on David’s desk until he comes home Thanksgiving time. If Gary wants it, it will cost 14½ postage to get it down to Bloomington. I thought I was through forwarding things to him.

We had the childrens’ pictures taken Saturday. Red Harris and Marge took them, and I think they did a very good job. We plan to go to Chicago next Thursday to get our Yellow Fever shots (have to go to a Center to get those shots) and after Mark and Shirley see the pictures and take the ones they want I will send you one of each.

I have had a typhoid and paratyphoid shot and a smallpox vacc. I have to get two more typhoid, a cholera, typhus and the Y.F.

I have to stop at Sears and get a seat cover for the Chevrolet. I got one and part of it was missing so had to send it back.

Love Mother

©2016 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
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