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Vesper Circle

1966-01-23-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

January 23, 1966

Dear David and Bonnie:

This piece of stationary got misshapen by the printer, so I thought you wouldn’t mind if I used it. We received a letter from Bonnie’s mother last week. They plan to leave Malacca Aug. 1 and arrive back in Boston the end of August. Too bad we couldn’t take the same month and meet somewhere. Louise couldn’t believe her eyes when she looked at David’s picture. She didn’t think it was David. I suppose the robe and that little added weight changed your looks. I am going to work in the office today to give Edna a hand. The insurance is piling up again and she was going to work yesterday, but I told her Saturday evening not to, that I would help her, so here I go. Last week was a hard one for me. On Monday evening I discovered I was to entertain the Vesper Circle on Wednesday evening I hadn’t been asked if I would and I didn’t see the announcement in the bulletin (however my name shouldn’t have been put in the bulletin until I had been asked if I was going to have it and where). I called my committee and got them busy calling the membership. On Wednesday AM the person who was to give the program called me and said she was ill. Then one of the hostesses called and said she couldn’t be here. Rosemary Murphy did call and tell me (she doesn’t belong, but must have heard I needed some help) she had something she could give for devotions. It turned out the devotions were long enough for a program, so that was that. I was too tired after all that. I didn’t do any more than I had to do Thurs., Fri., Sat. or Sun. I feel OK this morning, and working in the office won’t make me that tired. There is a new drug act which required us to record all the drugs (for a report if called on) containing ephedrine and or Phenobarbital. I have a system all worked out which I think won’t cause too much extra work. Dad attended a Medical Meeting with the Benton County doctors (he and Dr. Kresler went together) and some of the Doctors at the meeting said there were not going to comply. I am afraid if an inspector comes around, they may be at a disadvantage if they do not have their reports ready. I think we will play it safe and comply. I read your letter to Mrs. Myers = she gives me all your letters. Why don’t you go to the trouble to get some carbon paper and onion skin paper and send me duplicates of hers? Am looking for the Marriage of Figaro (over)

1966-01-23-gry-p-2[page 2] Dad has been listening to the stereo and seems to enjoy this one more than he did the hi-fi. Yesterday when I came home from church he was listening to The Nutcracker Suite. Last night together we listened to Maurice Revel’s L’Enfant et Les Sortileges. I rather like that. You should get that for yourself. The only think I don’t like about it, it doesn’t have the English translations, but I found I could follow the French—not that I knew what was being said—maybe once in a while—but to know where I was. It would help one to learn to pronounce French words to listen to that a few times. Dad is going to wire my radio that I have back here in the Family Room to the speakers in the living room. I decided when I listen to the opera on Sat. afternoon it would improve on the tone quality to have such a hook-up. I must get to work.

Love Mother

We are beginning to make plans to attend Tournament of Roses next year. Also planning to see Petra in Jordan in July.

1966-01-23-gry-p-3P.S. David: I just read your letter after arriving at the office. Talk to the Prof. as to when he is going to take the students to Holy Land, etc., and see if we could be included in their tour. We haven’t decided yet just where we will go, but I am pretty sure it will be July, because we have told Arvella she could have her vacation in July. I am not too sold on the package tours and was about to try to find some means of getting to Petra, other than by tour.

Will send you Figaro when new one arrives.

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Travel Plan Changes

1963-11-02-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

[Wright 533 – handwritten by David]
Mrs. R.S. Yegerlehner
146 West Graham Street
Kentland, Indiana
Nov. 2, 1963

Dear David –

Bill brought the desk blotters and the calendar this morning. I took a blotter to Mrs. M. She seemed very pleased. She has several things in her living room she has added since you left: a new chair, a new t.v., magazine rack and some art objects. I suppose you know H. Funk bought the hotel and Dick & Marge Ryan are running it. They are also running an Insurance business where Harold used to have his office. Harold is back in his own building.

Rosemary Murphy is working with the 7th & 8th grace children in our church. I thought she needed the class room Bible Study class was using, so by vote of my class they decided to go to the kitchen. Rosemary is promoting a camp project for next summer. Three of the boys in her class are working on our driveway edge to earn something to go into the camp fund. Before the three boys came here the entire group had earned $25.00 today. I said something to Dad not long ago about working on the driveway and he said he wasn’t interested. He took up the geraniums yesterday for some nurses at the hospital. He said since we would be gone this winter he wouldn’t try to keep them – He didn’t have much success last year.

I had sub-district meetings this week and I am glad they are over. I also finished a study class I was teaching at Raub. Clarence & Clara stopped last Saturday on their way to Ruth M.’s Just as they were leaving Floyd & Steve came. They had just come from Ruth’s. Floyd & Steve had spent a few days in Chicago. Ruth had intended to go with them, but Ruth couldn’t get off from work.

1963-11-02-gry-p-2[page 2] We had a very successful UNICEF drive last Tuesday night – another item in a busy week. We had a very good response from children and parents and I mailed a check to U.S. Commission for UNICEF for $189.15 – $32.00 more than last year.

We may have to change the time when we visit Bonnie’s parents. Since the government of Indonesia has broken diplomatic relations with Singapore we may not be able to fly from there to Djakarta and if we have to go from Hong Kong to Djakarta we will definitely have to change dates. John is having his vacation Feb. 8 to 23 so it may have to be after that time that we go to Malacca. We will probably know more about it when you come home Thanksgiving.

Love Mother

P.S. It was nice hearing from you Oct. 26.

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Not A Word

1963-09-18-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

Wed. Sept. 18, 1963
Dear David –

I really shouldn’t bother to send this card to you, since it is almost 2 weeks since you have been gone and not a word from you.

I suppose this heat wave has reached Bloomington, and just when you are beginning to get started in your studies – which I hope you don’t neglect for other activities.

So far Dad has been able to keep the mowing done without too much rushing. He had intended to mow yesterday evening but was in the hospital instead getting a boy for Joe Bob Hiestand’s wife. He had to go on another baby case at noon. I haven’t checked with the office as to whether he has returned.

I got a vaccination a week ago and much to my surprise I am getting a reaction – I had smallpox when I was 21, so thought I would never get a positive reaction. I had Arvella give me a flu shot day before yesterday so last night I didn’t feel so good.

1963-09-18-gry-p-2[page 2] I went to a church board meeting which got rather tiresome before the chairman adjourned. Mr. Oscar Hopkins (he and his wife are members of my Sunday school class) has taken the high school group. Mr. Vineyard is to give him some assistance – also Rosemary Murphy. Mr. Hopkins is with the Soil Conversation Dept. and I found him a very interested member of my class. I hated to lose him but think he can do more good helping in the high school group.

You wouldn’t recognize the garage. We are really getting it cleaned and cleared. Dad is putting all his tools in holders – and by the way – some wrenches are missing – do you have them? You room is getting some attention also. I sent the drapes to the cleaner and Dad put new rope in the fixture. He is about to get the lamp in the ceiling repaired. He needed two parts which I got for him yesterday, but since he wasn’t home couldn’t finish the lamp. I also took the desk lamp back to J. Yost and he is going to get new parts for it. I cleaned and waxed the kitchen and work area floor. I used Johnson’s (supposedly one step deal) but found on reading the directions I had to water mop the whole area before applying the wax. We have a janitor

1963-09-18-gry-p-3[page 3] for the office. He first said he would take the job (we offered $50.00) then said he wouldn’t unless it was $60.00. I said no we wouldn’t pay more than $50.00 so he came back and said he would take it. He is to clean three times a week and when we have snow to clean the walks.

Mrs. Shoal is doing the ironing again. I went to get it this a.m. and she said it had made her pretty tired. However, she asked me for the job. I went to see her one day and she said she was tired of not doing anything and would like to do my ironing again.

There is a magazine here from your friend in South Africa. Do you want it? I won’t send it unless you let me know.

What is Bonnie’s address?

Don’t get so busy you can’t think of us once in a while.
Love Mother

P.S. There is some kind of 2nd or 3rd class mail here for Gary. I think it is an ad from Book-Month-Club. You can take it to him when you come home.

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