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Thanksgiving 1966

November 24, 1966 envelope

November 24, 1966 envelope

Letter transcription:

November 24, 1966, p. 1

November 24, 1966, p. 1

Thanksgiving Day 1966

David, My very Dear

The book which you so kindly purchased for me arrived, and can’t tell you how grateful I am for your getting it to me, and also, I hope you will forgive me for asking you to purchase your own Christmas gift, but you don’t know what it meant to me. I am enclosing check, and I had thought it would be more.

I have a gift for Bonnie, and your mother is going to include it for me in a mailing to you both before Christmas.

I am at home alone today, very disappointed because I wanted to see baby David, whom I have not yet met. Your Mom invited me for Thanksgiving dinner, and Mark and Shirley and the kids and Lea and her husband, and John. Last night about ten o’clock Gladys called me on the phone and said that both the little kids had broken out with chicken pox. Becky had had it a couple of weeks ago and they thought the two little children were not going to get it, and when they arrived in Kentland your Dad discovered they were in full bloom. So of course, my never having had it, they did not think it wise for me to come. Gladys brought me my dinner, which I am going to eat in a short while. Mark, Shirley and the children were returning to Indianapolis this evening because Mark must work tomorrow.

The day is very gloomy and overcast, but not cold. Looks as if it might do something. There are so many things I would love to discuss with you, but I do not have the strength to write what I would like to. I look forward every week to your letter, and you will never know how I appreciate it. I know your time is very precious to you, and it is wonderful thing for you to take part of it to write to me.

My very dear love to you and Bonnie, and I am sure she is thrilled to have her folks here.

Always your

P.S. Gladys said she would write you about the Nizer book. Your Dad does not have it, but you will hear from her about it.

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Happy Thanksgiving 1943 (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
Nov. 25 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

One more year your birthday comes on Thanksgiving Day. Hope you cards have caught up with you by this date. Mark said “life begins at forty.” I said that may be true for Daddy, only I am hoping yours will begin again for your family soon after 39. That may be put crudely, but I think you will get what I mean.

It’s after 4 P.M. and David and his mother slept from 2 till 4. I kept him out in the warm sunshine until he got cross, then decided he should have his nap. He used to take a nap after his bath, orange juice & oil at 10 a.m. but won’t go to sleep any more at that hour so we wait until afternoon now. It has been sunny the past few days so in order to get him out during the best of the sunshine take him out right after lunch. He will stay in his Taylor Tot a while then wants to get out & walk around. His 8th tooth is almost through.

[page 2] I didn’t want to go into the locker because of my sinus & throat condition – which seem pretty good today – so Link said he would be going over. We wanted a chicken for dinner but Link forgot all about going. He had told me he had to go for them. So we had beef roast instead. I made dressing, baked potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, raw carrots, celery, pumpkin pie and tea. I think we fared well enough. J. & M. kept referring to the meat as turkey. The Zells ate with Shirks. Chafee won a 16 lb. turkey at the raffle and couldn’t find anyone to dress it, so Mr. Z. dressed same then Shirks invited Zells to dinner. The Shirks & Zells used to live in Brookville at the same time. Johnsons also won a turkey and dressed it and put it in our locker for Christmas. So far I haven’t planned much for Christmas. I don’t want to plan on going to C.C. I think that is too far to go with D. in cold weather. We may possibly go to Mutch’s or have them come over here if Earl can get the gas. If not we can just remain home. I suppose R. & F. will go to C.C. If it gets as cold this year as it did last I would much rather stay home than try to go visiting. After all with the four of us we can make merry right at home. Of course we would

[page 3] enjoy being with the family, or having a part of the family come here.

I’ll mention again in case those other letters do not reach you – I rec’d two bouquets of flowers. Lt. Palmer wrote a nice letter to Bergens and they passed it on to me. He was very complimentary about you. But why shouldn’t he be – you deserve it.

I rec’d a letter from Dolores. She sent me some pictures of her & Steve. I think he is a nice looking young man. She didn’t mention his present location. He must have had several days off when they were married – she said in her letter she went back to work the day after Steve went back to camp.

I have to make another trip to Laf. to get the lenses for my glasses. I had planned to go Tues. but Mark was home and I couldn’t get Clara to come and stay with Mark and David, so was going to have Arlene get the lenses for me, but they have to have my frames to drill the holes in the right places, so we plan to go tomorrow. School being out J. & M. can take care of David in the car. I will try to do a little Christmas shopping but I know I won’t do much. The stores are jammed and the stocks are low.

[page 4] There seems to be three or four persons to any article for sale. The stores are short of clerks. I don’t like to buy anything I don’t have to. You can hardly imagine the change in business conditions. I want to buy gifts for Jimmy, Bobby, Donald, & the Zell girls and frankly I am “stumped.” The prices on toys are high and the toys offered this year are nothing compared to former years. I am not complaining. It’s just a natural condition arising from circumstances – Just wish I could find something to give that would do as good as toys. I suppose I will if I think hard enough. I told J. & M. I am going to give them money. Of course I will get something else – probably some clothing & wrap it to put under the tree. They have been wanting to know what to get me. That is as much a problem as any, but we will solve all these by Christmas and try to have a Merry Christmas.

Last Thanksgiving was a week earlier than this year and it turned cold and stayed cold all winter. I remember we hung clothes out on the line & they froze. We didn’t hang clothes out today but it was nice & warm.

It’s five o’clock and I have rambled on without saying much but hope it will take up a little of your time
“Love – Mother”

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Thanksgiving in the South Pacific, 1942 (Roscoe)

On November 26, 1942, Eleanor Roosevelt wrote in her “My Day” column her thoughts about celebrating Thanksgiving during wartime. A transcription of her thoughts are found at the FDR Library’s website. Transcriptions of all her “My Day” thoughts can be found at the The Eleanor Roosevelt Papers Project.

Letter transcription:

Nov. 26, 1942

Dear Mother,

I’m going to write this early in the P.M. because we have a pretty full evening ahead – chow then hospital rounds then another show and then we plan on putting up some shelves in our new home. We are now living in the back end of a q. hut have electric lights and everything – bed with springs but no water. I took a shower bath this A.M. and had to go about ½ mile so here after I’m going to take a bath out the back in a bucket at night, by the time I walked back from the bath I was as sweaty as before. The toilet is still about as far away as it was and the mess hall is farther but the electric lights are a great improvement and a good smooth deck is really something.

I mailed out Christmas greetings last night to Mrs. Plummer and to the folks and to all the brothers & sister. So I suppose I’ve done all the Christmas shopping I’m going to do. I’ll probably be wishing you a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year in several letters to come and will

[page 2] send you some new greetings if another type comes out.

I was at Dr. Ash’s place today – had a long talk with him. Their mail hasn’t been coming in so good lately it’s really been like ours. I’ve gotten mail about 2 wks later than his.

I don’t know if I got all our new address on last night but I’ll get it on tonite for sure.

It rained hard last nite but today has been clear and hot and our very welcome wind has slowed down lots and we are suffering some from the heat and it isn’t so cool in the hut as it is in a tent with all the sides up.

Well I’m going to the P.O. now and I suppose it will be after the show before I get back again.

Got one letter dated Oct. 13 and it was mailed regular mail rather than air mail. I just wondered if you gave up writing air mail for a spell. There is more in but we’ll have to wait until morning.

I suppose there was a big to do made about the men in the armed

[page 3] forces getting turkey etc for dinner – we did – really was a swell feed. Had fruit cocktail in the beginning, Turkey soup then the main course of turkey sage dressing but the sage was very very light – mashed sweet potatoes asparagus tips, pear sweet pickle and pumpkin pie. So you see it was really worth talking about.

I’ve slipped this last in between chow & hospital time.

I wish you would have paid the remainder of that federal tax. If you still have the papers and have the money I wish you would pay it for I’m afraid that might cause trouble, but you can do as you like about next years. That will make too much to pile up. So do that if you can see clear.

Lots of Love Daddy

Receiving Station
U.S. Naval Advanced Base
Noumea New Caledonia
c/o Fleet P.O. San Francisco Calif.

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Thanksgiving 1942 (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Nov 26 – 1942

Dear Daddy –

Thanksgiving Day and lunch over – including David’s. He just finished his 2 P.M. feeding. We lunched rather lightly because we are going to Krulls for supper and thought we had better go with good appetites. It is cold today but sunny. We did a small washing and the clothes froze while hanging them out so that can give you an idea of how crisp it is. Yesterday it was warm enough to hang things without gloves on. This kind of weather make me want a warm coat but really haven’t had an opportunity to get one yet. The mail was delivered this morning but no letters from you. I am anxious to get the letters you sent the money in so I can report to you. The one mailed the 18th came yesterday but there are three or four previous to that date that haven’t come yet. They often come in such a manner. Yesterday one came dated the 11th and I had already received the 12-13-14-& 15th.

John and Mark are washing dishes and being very pokey this

[page 2]being a holiday they aren’t very fast doing things. John’s report card was better this month than Mark’s. I mean John raised some of his grades and Mark dropped on his. Mark got A+ on Band but that was the only grade that high.

Uncle Wes stopped again this morning. He and Paul Harris were returning to Chi. Maybe he and Aunt Jessie will come down Sunday to spend the day – since gas rationing will start Monday. He thought I could get a better rating for gas on the strength of collecting bills, but I told him no. He was trying to tell me how to collect some of those accounts but I doubt if anything short of suing would get some – or most. The  check Amel Taylor gave me that bounced I put back in the bank and they are to run it though when & if he puts any more money on deposit. We should be able to collect all those accounts – the way most people are making money now. If I thought it would do any good I would send you a list and have you mail statements from there and make a plea – but I suppose it would be a waste of paper & air mail stamps.

I gave you Dr. Joe’s address some time back but will give it to you again so in case you didn’t get the first you might possibly run into him but that would be almost too good wouldn’t it? I went to see her two weeks ago and she wasn’t home. I should go again before rationing starts.

[page 3] I don’t know why, but it gives me such satisfaction to put a real address on your letters. Maybe you will get better mail service now. I hope. Just hope you get the birthday box & cards we sent.  You should get your Mother’s box before Christmas because she didn’t specify it as Christmas mail. We were instructed to mark all boxes intended for that date as such.

The Zell girls brought some ice cream over for the boys. It had turkey figures on it. They said their Daddy was coming over to clean out our furnace this afternoon. I told them to thank him but John and I had already done the job. I don’t mind having people do things for us we can’t do ourselves but I want to do all we can. Link said he would clean the leaves out of the guttering and I think I’ll let him do that job. Now that the leaves are all off it can be done.

I have been thinking about Christmas gifts for your Mother & Dad and I believe I will send them a subscription for Reader’s Digest. While here this week she read some from ours and I believe she & Dad would enjoy them. Kenneth said he liked to read them. I showed him some articles we had read and he read them and said he thought they were good. That is the most I had been around Kenneth. He certainly is a fine boy. He seemed to enjoy his visit and I [he] never seemed to be bored like some his age would have been without someone his

[page 4] own age to be with.

Bart told me he had written you and filled his letter with town gossip so that takes care of that sort of news and I won’t try to include such in my letters – in fact I don’t know much about the local scandals.

There was a notice from the Laf. Life Ins. to the effect if you want a urine [?] analysis you may have a free examination – but I hardly think you will be interested. There were slips from John Hancock for those dividends we take off our premiums every year. I don’t know whether I am sure about what to do with them or not – as you remember we have had a mix up on that every time. Don’t worry about the taxes. Agnes is taking care of things in that line for us, so just forget about it. I won’t quote the bank bal. today but will give you a report after the checks come the first of Dec. I haven’t been spending anything but am getting a chest of drawers for the baby things. It is in the unfinished wood and will fit in the den with some shelves of the same make. I am getting this from Sears. You know the shelves we wanted to put in the Den when we built the house. Now that we can drive only so far a week and aren’t spending money on much else I thought I could squeeze out enough to buy the things I mentioned and maybe consider would you want me to send you a good wrist watch? Let me know – if so I will

Love –
Mother (over)

J.M. Roberts Lt Cmdr Mobile Hosp #4 U.S.N.R. Fulcrum c/o P.M. San Francisco Calif.

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