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Fingers crossed (Roscoe)

[Editor’s note: This is the first and probably only letter in the entire collection written by Roscoe that will actually be published on the date it was written, exactly 71 years ago today.]

Letter transcription:

Lieut R. S. Yegerlehner USNR
Navy 224
% F. P. M. San Fran.

Dear Mother,

Again just finished the morning chores and sweating like a trouper but that isn’t unusual. There are rumors of mail coming in but I’ll keep my fingers crossed until it does but sure would appreciate some.

We got some news a few days ago that packages would only be sent at the request of the person wanting them and then only if the commanding officer signs the request so I’m wondering if your packages really will come

[page 2] thru. Newspapers can be sent only from the publisher himself. Really the papers haven’t been much help because your letters have the news before the paper arrives. You can still have it sent if you wish but I’m not particular. Anyway I’m not writing Bart anymore letters because I don’t like his reprints.

Well I still haven’t finished my story reading yet so must get busy.

Love Daddy

Russell Islands  Image by Kelisi at Wikipedia.com (Wikipedia Commons license)

Russell Islands
Image by Kelisi at Wikipedia.com (Wikipedia Commons license)

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A Grand Spring Day (Gladys)

1943-04-08Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – No letter today but had three Tues. It is such a grand spring day – just the kind for poets to write about. I think we will work in the yard this evening and if the ground isn’t too wet plant more peas, etc. I took David for a long walk yesterday. He was feeling good and showed off when people talked to him. He seemed to know he was being admired. He took cream of wheat this a.m. without the usual fuss. I gave him some prune juice but he threw it up. He can’t seem to handle fruits of any kind. Ed Johnson asked for your address. He was on his way home to take care of Jimmy Ed so Lucile could finish her ironing. It is about time for J. & M. to come for lunch. They come in with such a bang. I sometimes have to brace myself. The stores are closing now Thurs. afternoons. I thought maybe they wouldn’t do that now but they started last week. The coil factory is working nights to keep up production. If you got my letter mentioning the Stork to visit Bart’s – I think that was just a rumor. The local papers didn’t come today so haven’t any news to add. I saw Ruby Clark and she said Geo (being 38 now) was given his choice of discharge to work in defense work or stay in and he chose the defense work. Is with Allison Indpls. Saw Irene yesterday and she said she would write you. The Dr. at Mayo told her to quit work – but she said that wouldn’t pay the mortgage. It is time for Mark to go to school and take this. We are all fine – John hasn’t had measles and hope he doesn’t.

Love Mother

Yegerlehner home, E. Dunlop Street, Kentland, circa 1943

Yegerlehner home, E. Dunlop Street, Kentland, circa 1943

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The Garden (Gladys)

1943-04-07Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – No letters today but had 3 yesterday & John & Mark each rec’d one with the souvieners. They will thank you. It is still cool and windy. Had some rain last night. Mark and I started our garden yesterday – got peas, spinach & radishes planted. We sowed some grass seed last week and I want to put out more garden this week yet. Lucile came out with Jimmy Ed yesterday. He has allergy so bad his skin is rough and he has the hair worn off the back of his head and his skin is dry & scaly where he hasn’t any hair. He is growing but not any faster than David. I had a struggle again this morning to get his cereal down but when I finished with him he was able to laugh so it doesn’t upset him too much. He certainly has strong tendencies for a 6 mo. old. He has to have cereal or he is hungry so I suppose I’ll just have to keep on struggling to get it down. The gross return came today but I am going to inquire about whether it has to be paid this yr. We are to be refunded for last year’s payments. Let me know the amt taxable with your increase if it has to be filed. I haven’t received all the letters you have sent but maybe they will come in time. Bart told me Clem has been discharged from service. He had some kind of pleurisy. I would hesitate to say whether he is lucky or not. David is awake and is now sitting up in his buggy – can sit alone now. It is about time for J & M to come for lunch. Mark got quite a thrill out of making garden. He is in 4 – H and this garden is his project. I hear Bobby & Jimmy fighting. They certainly can make lots of noise together when they get mad about something.

Love – Mother

Yegerlehner home, E. Dunlop Street, Kentland, circa 1943

Yegerlehner home, E. Dunlop Street, Kentland, circa 1943

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I’m not scolding (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:


Dear Mother,

I’ve re-read and I believe most of the things are answered so maybe just some comments here and there. In the first place instead of getting only your letter of Jan. 14, I got both 13 & 14 in the same envelope. Maybe that is something only what if the 14th hadn’t gotten here. I’m not scolding just kidding. Your writing every day either hits the mail as it comes or my box where ever it is gets so full the postal clerk has to get rid of some any way that was about the latest yet of any around here. Even the V-mail was later than most other mail.

If Agnes M. hasn’t written about the tax I wish she would because I didn’t know she had written in about the 1941, but I guess you have that all fixed by now. I’m sorry if I asked the 1941 to be paid after she wrote in

[page 2] and everything. You probably had written me of hat in some of those letters which haven’t arrived. And if you have any surplus buy bonds because after all that is the best and maybe it will help in a small way also.

Was your mother just coming for a visit or to stay permanently? She just as well plan on leaving Terre Haute for good for she would have it so much nicer in Kentland I would think.

All the boxes you sent have arrived, and I now have lots of chewing gum. It is OK but even inside the wrapper etc. it is just a soft mass and has to be “walled and lolled” quite somewhat before it gets into a chewable mass. We can occasionally get peanuts here that are canned and if eaten right away they are still fresh but it they stand overnight they get tough and moist.

Sorry Bart got the address twisted

[page 3] because other people might write also. Taylor’s greeting had only the Naval Base and New Caledonia but it got here OK. No San Fran. or anything.

The Chaplin hasn’t reported on the progress of John’s song as yet because after all we don’t have many piano players along since playing pianos isn’t our main purpose for being here.

Got my watch back and it does pretty good – gains only about a minute in 24 hrs. Didn’t cost anything – That isn’t this fellows work but I treated a bunch of boils for him and got him a hundred Vit – B tablets so he returned the favor. He told me however the watch had seen better days but don’t send one because there really isn’t any need for a watch here and this hot damp weather is hard on watches.

Don’t know what the show is tonite yet but the weather looks favorable.

[page 4] The show is over and so is the last mail delivery. Scored big – got each of the Christmas letters the boys wrote and a letter from Dr. M. and a V-mail letter from you dated Jan. 16. That is the latest by two days. So my idea of the V-mail was correct only you didn’t say a word about how you were and since you didn’t mention yourself I assume you are better at least l hope that is the case.

I can’t understand your mother but I do think it will be fine for both and really she don’t need to figure on going back when I come home unless she wishes because I know we can get along. She and Mrs. James should be able to hit it off in pretty good style – by the way I don’t believe you have mentioned her since I left home – how is she? I haven’t had any word from home so am

[page 5] very much in the dark about Duane, but I guess I’ll hear from there sooner or later I hope. The latest letter I had from there was from Sam & E. and it was written Jan. 4. Mom’s letter was Dec. 30 I believe, but I guess I will be hearing soon. I’m just 15 days behind now.

If you can get any dope on the new victory tax I wish you would send it. Just so I could read it over. And maybe – worry you with it. No I’ve washed my hands now of all taxes for I believe I’ve made a mess of things – so I’ll keep out. Unless the exemptions are cut way down I don’t believe we will have much to pay next year because my base pay is only $2000 per year and that is all that is taxable so we probably won’t have to worry with that.

Well, it’s good to get even a V-mail letter. Thank the boys for me – and give each a kiss for me and lots of love from me to you. Daddy

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Two More Letters (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:


Dear Mother,

Two more letters came from you today but they were back, Jan 1 and Jan 4. I suppose now there won’t be any more mail for days again – Even now the oldest letter is 19 days. That isn’t so bad if we could just keep it coming with any regularity. There is more to it than that but I can’t tell just now why we have difficulty.

You asked questions about the money. I’ve already written that but my advice is to buy bonds. The Bldg. & loan is OK but those are taxable so in the long run bonds are better. About the piano – See what Miss Smith thinks, and I don’t recall any further questions, but there are comments – Sure wish I could have been present at the little

[page 2] party at Funks. I can just see Bill passing the drinks. Tell Ellsworth I have gained some weight but he still has me bested by a large poundage. I hope this new necklace gets there in A-1 condition because I believe you will like it better. There are upward of 200 shells in it and there are 2 holes in each shell. My thumb and index finger are still numb – The color of these may not be right for you but as you said a new dress will have to be bought.

I was surprised and I wasn’t at the Dye family. I think I told you before that you she came to me about him being so hard to get along with and he always seemed so sarcastic with her and I think she was more or less sensitive by nature – and they used to sleep in different rooms. I shouldn’t write that – but I did. You

[page 3] had written me that before and I also had seen it in the Newton Co. E. Don’t write out the last word in any more of your letters because there is a ship by that name and someone might censor it. So refer to it as I have above. Gosh I wish I could remember what I wrote in that letter to Bart – because if it comes back out here I might blush if Dr. P. or Fred read it. I’ll censor the whole letter out before they have a chance to read it.

I hope you and D. are over your troubles entirely but there are several month of cold weather yet and one can expect things like that during those months.

We didn’t have a show last night – too much rain – It’s still cloudy today but not

[page 4] much rain so our show should go on. The Evenings are very long when we don’t have a show. WILL FINISH LATER

After show and mail – Your letters of Dec. 22, 18, 23, Jan 4, Dec 5 and Dec 19 came. I just gave you those as I have them laid out on the table and tell Tony Schub his postmarks of Dec 18 & 19 were incorrect. They were Nov instead of Dec. Your letters are getting pretty well up to date now. That is up to Jan 8th you were better in that letter hope you are continuing so . The picture of the three boys was good and the snow pictures were good. Those small ones must have been taken by Mr. Zell I believe. I still believe I’ve answered all the questions. You say taxes. Do you mean 1941 Federal? That amounts to 80⁰⁰. I believe – The last two installments. I still wish you would

[page 5] pay that or put that much extra in bonds, because I know that that will have to be paid. And possibly interest. So I’d rather it be paid. But don’t pay 1942.

Letters also came from Ruth M. Sam & Esther – Dave & Marie and a Christmas greeting from Berdie Steele. I’ll make out a list of your letters up to date in a day or two and you can see how many are missing. Lots of your letters have the same date post marked on the outside. Must be early in A.M. and late P.M.

I’ve gotten so many letters from you in the past 2 days that I’ll have to re-read and rewrite but for today I’ll say Lots of Love – and thanks for all those letters. I know it’s a burden for you to write as much as you do as often.

Love again

Mrs. Fred Williams
1012 Root St.
Flint, Michigan} Fred’s wife’s address

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In case you missed some of my previous letters (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Jan 13 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

No letters today but probably some tomorrow. There wasn’t much mail except some adv. & my O.E. S. dues notice. In case you have missed some of my previous letters I will relate briefly about things. I had a strep throat – and the little bug wasn’t satisfied to stay in my throat. I suppose it was one of the same family, but traveled up to my sinus. I went to Dr. Ade and had treatments, thought I was about out of the “woods,” then Sun. the left side of my face began to ache and also drain – the drainage kept up and I thought would be cleared after so much discharge but that didn’t end it. It just kept draining and I called Dr. Ade today. He said I should come down and have it washed out. I went down and he punched a hole and washed the left side and what stuff came out. No wonder my face hurt. He said it would need another treatment, and I am to go back Fri. Also I am going to have Dr. Linp x-ray those teeth in the morning to double check on any possible tooth infection. Also if I can’t get this thing

[page 2] cleared up pretty soon I am going down to the hospital and stay a day or two but hope that won’t be necessary. I am not running any temperature and feel well enough to be up but can’t seem to shake this thing. Then too the baby has a little cold but no temperature. I talked to Dr. Cole while in Dr. Ade’s and he said if the baby should start running a temp. to bring him to the hospital, so don’t worry about us as I have written before will go to St. E. if necessary – but I don’t want to go unless it is necessary. Mark went with me today. He didn’t have any temp. today but I thought I would keep him home this week since it is so cold and he was pretty sick, Sat., Sun. & Mon. He still had a little temp. yesterday but very slight. As I told you before about him, he got his from wearing wet clothes all evening. When he came in wet I told him to go change & he changed his pants and left on his wet underwear. John has kept well thru all this and has been my right hand-man. He deserves a medal for distinguished service. He is very patient about what he does but he was not very tolerant with Mark over his illness. Said if Mark

[page 3] would have changed his clothes as he should have done he wouldn’t have been sick. However I told him not to scold. Now enough about our aches and pains. It is still cold but the highway is cleared off so driving isn’t dangerous. I’ll just about use up my ration tickets if I keep making these trips – which I hope to soon be thru with, for this purpose, I still have 16 gal to buy before Jan 21 and this is the 13th.

Clarice kept the baby for me today. She was home doing ironing & mending and has said so many times she would like to keep him, and he is so good I don’t mind leaving him there when necessary. I wouldn’t make a habit, or leave him to go to parties, etc.

Last night we were listening to Fibber McGee program and they were visiting a hospital. They went up an elevator that sounded about like the automatic at St. E. – then Bill Mills the orchestra leader, was the patient they were visiting, pressed the button for the nurse. They asked him why and he said he rung for a nurse so they wouldn’t be disturbed for an hour. At the end of the program a nurse came in and Billy said, “You didn’t need to drop everything you were doing and rush in here.” I really got a laugh when I heard that elevator.

[page 4] John & Mark have gone to bed and David isn’t awake yet for his 10 P.M. bottle. I am now putting raw egg yolk in the formula & he also takes pablum, Vit C tablets & Oleum percomorph. He is too big now for the basket. I have the baby bed Mary Parttens sent me in the den but am going to move it upstairs for him to sleep in at night and fold the studio couch out and use that for him during the day.

Bart put your address in the paper. He didn’t put New Caledonia and Bob H. wrote you a letter just c/o Fleet P.O. San F. He thought you might not get it so wrote another after he got your last.

Haven’t had any recent word from Floyd & Ruth so don’t know what the situation is. It is hard to keep track of them they are traveling so much. I would like to see the movies he took of us – wish you could see them too – Well, I’ll get some good pictures taken and sent to you.

It is time for me to go to bed so I’ll add a line in the A.M.

Love Mother

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Protected: Flashback – September 17, 1942 (Gladys)

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About 150 days (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Dec. 17, 1942

Dear Mother,

Not much change in temperature or anything else. Had a few slight sprinkles and a better breeze than ordinary. Got one letter this A.M. from Lentz was glad to get it but that didn’t help much. Dr. Porterfield got two packages and Fred got his home town paper. There were lots of packages but I guess mine must be on the bottom of the sack. I’d like to get the packages of course but I’d much prefer letters from home. Skip the mail situation you probably are tired of hearing that.

Our show last night was Joe Penner in something was pretty good for Joe Penner and it didn’t rain all thru the show. It was an old picture had to be for he has been dead for some time if I remember

[page 2] correctly.

We had very good pork for dinner – really was unusually good – mashed sweet potatoes – asparagus tips and a jello salad along with gravy on the meat and soup. Was a little better today than for the past few, but that is the way things go – good poor – good poor etc.

I wrote Bart last night hope he don’t get a fool notion to publish the letter. I was a little afraid he might so I was vague in everything. Couldn’t have been otherwise if I would have wanted to. I’m going to write the boys again one of these days but I was hoping I’d hear from them about their money I sent. John really has written since I wrote them. Guess he is more apt to write than Mark or maybe Mark has written and they just haven’t

[page 3] come thru as yet.

Dr. Porterfield was figuring today how many days he has been out here – about 150 days – That is from the time we were ordered from Norfolk. It seems longer in some ways and in other ways not so long. Guess there isn’t much one can do about the swiftness or slowness of time. Just let it pass and make the best of the whole think and keep the proper prop under the chin.

No doubt all things are getting set up for Christmas but I just happened to think – You’ll be reading this probably a few days after Christmas. Did you have the lights around the front door? And the Christmas tree lights – etc – ? The kind of tree all those things will provide subject

[page 4] matter for a few letters.

We tried printing some more pictures but there are too many variable elements which we are not able to control so haven’t done much good. I think we’ll take them into town and have them printed there and try our own luck later. Wish we had that stuff from home but don’t send it for it would probably be 3-4 years in getting here.

Well, I’ll try to add more later. No mail this Eve – Show was just so so. Shirley Temple in something. We have heard rumors that our mail in that direction might not be so good. So if you don’t get the letters regular don’t worry. Hope your service isn’t as poor as ours

Love Daddy

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Packages – a goodly number (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Dec. 15, 1942

Dear Mother,

Up until the present I’ve received (today) one letter from Bart, the Clay City News and a Chicago Sun from Boonie. All of course were appreciated. The Chicago Sun was dated Nov. 11 and had many interesting news items. The Clay City was the mine as far as I was able to tell. It was dated Nov. 13. Bart gave me some of the low down but most of his news had been given me by you previously. There were no packages so my fun is still coming. Lots of the fellows have their packages – a goodly number came in today. Maybe mine will come this P.M.

We’ve been getting lots of magazines some dated as late as Nov. 25. Those of course are put out several days early and that makes some difference. We have copies of Life, Liberty, Colliers etc – So we have plenty reading and not too old.

We’ve had a very decided change in the weather and a welcome one at that. The

[page 2] sky has been overcast all day and rain has been the order – coming in spells and spurts, but it is cool – even a jacket wouldn’t feel badly. It hasn’t rained much but the mud is still pretty sticky.

Today was supposed to have been pay day but due to something or other we only get paid once per month now and that is the first. So won’t be paid now any more this year – but I should get along OK unless we have to pay mess bill again. I’ve forgotten when it was paid last.

I sometimes wonder if you can hear our loud speakers thru these letters. Seems it keeps going most of the time. Making announcements and calling men for this and that etc. Something like the loud speaker in the hospital only more noisy and too they put out a squeak each time it comes on to attract attention. They have never called Dr. Kildare yet but I’m looking for that to happen almost any day now.

Well, I wonder how the weather is up

[page 3] there now. I think of that very frequently along with other things of course, but that is a queer thing this weather when one thinks of it. At least right now it is for it is raining to beat the devil, but it may be over in 2 min. Good pickle showers back in the U.S.A.

Didn’t have any snoring difficulties last night – I got both sides of the story and tried to explain the whole situation so maybe we won’t come to blows. We hope. On

Our picture printing wasn’t so much a success. The fixing solution wasn’t just right and the pictures turned yellow. We are going to change solutions and maybe that will help. If we ever get good ones I’ll send them home. We just this minute got some new developer fluid and fixer. So will probably try again soon.

Our chow has been a little on the scant order the past few day but with Christmas candy it won’t bother if it is a little scant. I’m trying to reduce. I’ve

[page 4] gained 2-3 pounds and can’t let that happen. It’s a lot the starchy diet we have and too I think our  muscles have gotten more firm. In fact my trousers are more loose than they were when in the States but my muscles harder I suppose because we walk up and down the hills etc pretty much.

The way it looks now I doubt if we have show tonite because I’m afraid we would slip off the hillside – but if it stopped raining ½ hour the ground drys rapidly so we may still have a show since it’s only 1500.

Well, I’ll save the rest of the space until later but in case I forget –

Lots of Love


P.S. Did have show and you’d think it very important because we sat thru hard spells of rain – Rain coat and hat. It’s fun – No more mail.

Love again Daddy

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The mail was better today (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Dec. 13, 1942

Dear Mother,

Nick Krull, circa 1960

Nick Krull, circa 1960

The mail was better today. Got two letters dated Nov. 25 from you, and one dated Oct. 14 from you – a package from Boonie – (a box of candy) a letter from John – V-mail and two birthday greetings from Nick & Dorothy. One of the greetings wasn’t very nice and Dorothy wouldn’t have her name to it so she sent another with both their names. I guess all of our mail will finally get here. John said he was down in the dumps because didn’t have meat for dinner. After all if a fellow is hungry he isn’t very happy.

I’ve written the folks their usual weekly letter today. Wrote it just before chow and it is after church now. We had a visiting Chaplin give the sermon tonite a change now and then is pretty good.

Today has really been hot. I believe it’s the hottest day we have had even in our hut it was hot. We’ll have to get us an electric fan now – maybe – again it seems pretty definite that we probably will stay here for some time – and now that you

[page 2]know where we are it won’t be so bad. Today’s letters were the first with the new address and I suppose the next ones will have the addition that were attached a day or two after the first address came out. Fred got a package from his wife – Had – candy – nuts a pipe – cigarettes etc. The peanuts were very tough but still good. I’ll have to write the Krulls and the Boones and I almost forgot – Otto Paul. His letter would come thru. I’ve already wrote you about that so you tell Boonie and he can send him the stuff and I won’t have to write.

I wrote Joe Roberts the other day but didn’t have to use all the address left off the San Francisco part. The P.M. told me here it wasn’t necessary to send it back to San F. If Mrs. R. don’t know where he is you should tell her because I wrote it to you. Wish I could go over from Christmas but it’s to[o] far to paddle a row boat. He should get my letter in pretty short order, but it would be as hard for him to get over here

[page 3] as me there.

Dr. Huth took some pictures the other day and we developed them in the Xray tank and today we tried printing some of them. I’d almost forgotten how it was done but we got a few out. Our fixer solution isn’t quite right for pictures because they turn yellow around the edges. It seemed I was the only one who knew anything about printing and that wasn’t much because it‘s been years & years since. I had the carpenter make the frame. I think I told you something of that last night – well we had no glass so we just had two boards one with a hole slightly smaller than the film. In time we should get pretty good – especially if we can get the Corpsman to do the work. I’m going to have to have a Corpsman when I get home to do the work for me. It’s just like having a colored maid. Maybe I’ll get over being lazy. I hope.

Have a boy in the hospital now with hands just like yours used to be. Of course, we have no zimocol but I’m giving him Hcl just the same. He got his washing his hands

[page 4] in some kind of soap he thinks. Or maybe he had to wash dishes. Could be the same as yours and maybe not.

The original four members of the Rotary Club: Paul Harris is on the far right, while Silvester Schiele (Roscoe’s uncle) is second from the left.

Guess you were somewhat honored to have Paul Harris as your guest even though it wasn’t but a little time. Wish I could have been – there- It’s a little late now but you must get that in the paper. I mean it – call Bart and tell him Uncle was along and Paul H. The founder of Rotary was with him. Make a nice little story. Things like that don’t happen every day. Maybe you have already done so – if not do it. I can read it too if and when the paper gets here.

Well, must stop and rest – work or write another letter – don’t know which –

With lots of Love


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