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A Grand Spring Day (Gladys)

1943-04-08Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – No letter today but had three Tues. It is such a grand spring day – just the kind for poets to write about. I think we will work in the yard this evening and if the ground isn’t too wet plant more peas, etc. I took David for a long walk yesterday. He was feeling good and showed off when people talked to him. He seemed to know he was being admired. He took cream of wheat this a.m. without the usual fuss. I gave him some prune juice but he threw it up. He can’t seem to handle fruits of any kind. Ed Johnson asked for your address. He was on his way home to take care of Jimmy Ed so Lucile could finish her ironing. It is about time for J. & M. to come for lunch. They come in with such a bang. I sometimes have to brace myself. The stores are closing now Thurs. afternoons. I thought maybe they wouldn’t do that now but they started last week. The coil factory is working nights to keep up production. If you got my letter mentioning the Stork to visit Bart’s – I think that was just a rumor. The local papers didn’t come today so haven’t any news to add. I saw Ruby Clark and she said Geo (being 38 now) was given his choice of discharge to work in defense work or stay in and he chose the defense work. Is with Allison Indpls. Saw Irene yesterday and she said she would write you. The Dr. at Mayo told her to quit work – but she said that wouldn’t pay the mortgage. It is time for Mark to go to school and take this. We are all fine – John hasn’t had measles and hope he doesn’t.

Love Mother

Yegerlehner home, E. Dunlop Street, Kentland, circa 1943

Yegerlehner home, E. Dunlop Street, Kentland, circa 1943

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