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House Hunting (Roscoe)

April 27, 1944 envelope

April 27, 1944 envelope

April 27, 1944, p. 1

April 27, 1944, p. 1

Letter transcription:

Apr. 27, ‘44

Dear Mother,

I got your letter this AM, the one I missed yesterday and then the regular letter this PM before leaving the station. The one this PM had the pictures. They were pretty good considering those persons who were taken.

I don’t know what to tell you about the amount to ask for the house – Is that to be furnished or unfurnished? Ira should be able to help you with that more than I and as yet I don’t have anything here. Joe & I went to Evanston tonite. There was one apartment or house for $75 but the lady wasn’t home. It’s an upstairs apartment in one of those crowded outlying areas. I’m going to call her tomorrow night. I’ve talked to the lady downstairs. Two little girls came to the door also and they reminded me a little of the Puetz family. We may go out to the

April 27, 1944, p. 2

April 27, 1944, p. 2

[page 2] Lake country tomorrow eve to see some of the cottages there – if the weather is nice. It’s a little uphill business trying to find things after 4:30 if one doesn’t have his own car. Of course I had ours last week but no gas, and I can’t ask for a C card because I don’t know how far away we’ll be – aren’t we in a bad way.

Joe forgot to mail our letters yesterday so you will have a blank space. He was very sorry but just forgot. We’ll try to do better next time.

I forgot to leave your only gas ticket last week so will return it to you with this letter – I know you wno’t be able to go far on that much.

Must get to bed –

Love Daddy

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The Above Address (Roscoe)

April 14, 1944, p. 1

April 14, 1944, p. 1

Letter transcription:

USN Hospital
Great Lakes

Dear Mother,

The above address is the correct one as I now have a mail box assigned and I’ll be able to get my mail there probably faster and more consistent than otherwise.

I think I’m about all settled now except the gas ration and that seems to be something. In the first place I need the tire certificate of registration and then that has to be sent into Chicago and Washington and then the card will be issued. By that time you will have the car back again. There is a possibility that I can get along without the tire business but I the may not even apply for the thing now. Chas. Largent gave me tickets for 10 gal. of gas and with what we have that would be enough to get the car back home and it seems there isn’t much trouble getting gas there. However, I’ll give it a

April 14, 1944, p. 2

April 14, 1944, p. 2

[page 2] think. It isn’t hardly worth while asking you to send that registration because you can bring it when Joe comes up or I can get it if I come down. I’m going to start working on the coming down about tomorrow and after work tomorrow eve I’m planning on going house looking.

It was about 5 PM when I left the hospital this PM so thought I would see if I could find Socky. With his address I was able to get his Barrack number and I drove up in front and asked about where Wilson might be and was informed that he was at chow. I just sat in the car and along came Socky. When he saw me he yelled “Hi Doc.” The first part of his yell was very loud but it tapered off to a whisper and he walked up – stood at attention and saluted. Then when no one was looking we both laughed. His barrack is very near that first large building on the left as you approach the station. His hands were a bluish color from the dye in the clothes he had washed. He said they had to drill pretty hard today – running and sprinting around the drill field. He was very glad to see me – said he was homesick. All

1944-04-14 (RSY), p. 3

April 14, 1944, p. 3

[page 3] in all he was very military. So much for Socky.

We got breakfast and lunch at the base – 25₵ per and it is checked from our pay. I guess we could get supper there but I haven’t tried as yet.

I’ll get paid some tomorrow but I won’t get the mileage until later. I’m not sure just how much I’ll be able to draw but will try to send some home.

Tomorrow is official day for white cap covers and I’m a little mixed up as to whether or not we can wear khaki. If not, I’ll have to buy another blue suit or grey whatever it might be but this I know I’m going slow on any buying of uniforms.

I think I’m in the whole house tonight by myself. I haven’t heard a sound and I’ve been here since 6:00 and it is now 9:00.

Since leaving home I’ve spent $1.17 – Two evening meals and 10₵ for a car badge – Haven’t even paid my room rent. She would not take it last night and she isn’t here tonight.

Well Dear – Love & goodnight

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Mail Call (Roscoe)


Letter transcription:

Lieut. R.S. Yegerlehner USNR
USN Base Hosp. #4
Navy 133, F.P.O. San Fran Calif.
Nov. 15, 1943

Dear Mother,

It’s fun to be a foreigner and see people in their native surroundings. Of course, this isn’t the first time for we were also foreigners to those natives we used to treat and write about but I mean civilized people just like ourselves. Their expressions and manners are different and very noticeable, for example, while walking down the sidewalk – instinctively I want to pass to their right – results a few near head in smash up. It isn’t bad walking for a quick step and things are OK but I can see where driving a car might be dangerous. However, that is one thing which won’t bother because chances for driving around these parts are very few.

I can really see how much fun someone would have if they came from a foreign country and landed in the middle of one of our towns. Our peculiar habits and money would be a joke to them so it all adds up to the same thing and it’s still fun. Depending on which side you are on and the circumstances prevailing.

Some time later – I just had a hunch some mail might come in for me today and sure enough it did. Your v-mails of 16, 24 & 26 came as well as air mails of 21, 23 & 25 so now all your letters from Oct. 10 to 16

[page 2] are missing. You gave me a few details of your mother but most of them are missing and of course as yet no cablegram from the Red Cross.

What I’m interested in now is the finances. You probably have written that also and all will come in due time. I’m glad that you could spend a few days with the folks and see all the “kin” folk round about. You didn’t mention anything about Floyd being reclassified so I’ve wondered, since some time ago, I got the word that he thought he was going to be, and I suppose Paul & Earl are pretty well out of it by now.

Then there is another thing I’ve wondered about – and that is the amount of gasoline you are able to get. That car must be giving pretty good mileage or else you are getting more than I supposed. Perhaps you were able to get a little more due to illness or does it work that way? I’m really glad that you can use it because it would really be a handicap if you didn’t have it.

Well Dear do take care of yourself now that you have had your let down and keep your chin up as I know you have been doing in A-1 condition –

Lots of Love


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Family Photographs (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Sept. 14 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

No letters today but rec’d 5 yesterday and David’s birthday letter. I’ll put that $2⁰⁰ toward another bond for him. He & James L. keep things lively around here. Jim wanted his car at Norfolk but he & Thelma were afraid to risk driving it back so they are to start back this afternoon by train & Glenn is bring the car for them, and come back on the train. He is to be in Laf. Fri. This is Tues. We plan to go to see Mother tomorrow then again Fri. & meet Glenn too. Pauline wants to do some shopping tomorrow for J.L.

Alma Walker called me this afternoon to inquire about things and told me before if there is anything she can do, will be glad to, so she is going to stay here tomorrow afternoon with the babies. They are both good and not as hard to take care of as two yr. olds. Alma had Dr. Van B. work on her nose Sat. & said he tortured her. She said she still has a headache from it. John sure had hay fever – or whatever it is he has – this morning. Said he hated

[page 2] to go to school – he was sneezing so – his eyes were red and he coughed. I believe we will have to do something about his condition in another year. Last fall he had a mild case. – This year it’s more pronounced. I imagine it will get worse every year unless we can do something for him. I had picked some flowers for Glenn & Jim to take to the hospital and had some marigolds. Glenn said he could feel the pollen from them the minute I brought them into the room. Said it just seemed to go right up his nostrils. I haven’t yet found anything that bothers John but I suppose it is some kind of vegetation. Probably marigolds. Arlene said they couldn’t raise them in their garden because of Bobby’s hay fever.

We took some pictures today before Glenn & Jim left of all of us with the two babies – that is Jim, Glenn, Pauline & I. J. & M. were in school. I do hope they are good so I can send you a few. We are out of film so Boonie loaned us his Kodak with five shots left on the roll. Jim was wearing his blue uniform. He had to get has coupons from the ration board to drive the car to Va. Thelma got them at T.H. but he needed gas to get from here to T.H. so had to go to the board here. They gave him coupons for 10 gal.

[page 3] Mrs. Roberts called me last night to inquire about the family. She has kept in touch with me all summer either by phone or coming over. I have called her too but haven’t been over but once early in the spring. Of course we always talk about you & Joe & wonder when you will get to come home.

Mark has green beans, carrots, Swiss chard, onions and cake on exhibit at the Fair. He got a free pass by exhibiting for 4-H. He did the baking entirely by himself – no one was in the kitchen when he made the cake.

David is in the play pen making a little fuss & James L. is in the play chair banging things around. Yesterday morning I called to John to get David’s bottle and David said “dah, dah” right after me so we have been trying to get him to say John. Once in a while he will say “dah” after we say John. He is making a fuss now so I’ll have to see about him. He pulls everything down he can get his hands on if we don’t watch him. I was talking over the phone & he was in the Taylor-Tot and I turned around just in time to catch him – He won’t stay put in anything he can climb out of.

Love Mother

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Homemade Ice Cream (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
July 19 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Monday and doing the usual week-day work. Just fixed Mother’s dinner & John took it up. Says she feels better today than yesterday. I put some broth, custard & potatoe soup on her trap. She got a little upset Sat. from something, and didn’t eat much yesterday. She can’t eat much in the way of vegetables yet, but think she will in time. Had a letter from Jim this a.m. He & Thelma couldn’t come home when he had a 9 day leave due to both being ill from sunburns. He thinks he is going to get a 10 day leave before he is sent out but I am not counting too strong on it. He is waiting now for placement.

[page 2] Zell’s and Shirk’s have invited me to go to Rotary dinner tonight entertaining the wives. It is out of town and Mrs. Z. said Shirks were wanting to take their car. I am not sure where it is, but north.

Mark went to the garden this morning and picked enough green beans to can 4 qt. and digged potatoes for two days. Sure is nice now to have the garden to get such substantial things. Soon will have cabbage & tomatoes. Will have carrots today too.

David is in his bed and not liking it too well. Mark had him out in the buggy & he didn’t want to come in. He is a little spoiled from yesterday. I didn’t have anything else to do so played with him a while and now he doesn’t like being put off in the nursery alone. He will be 10 months old Fri. He isn’t growing much now but he is holding his own.

[page 3] He works any fat he may get off. He is so busy all the time. I think from the quiet in the nursery he has decided to go to sleep.

John has been helping me wash & wash dishes. He made ice cream this morning. He likes to make desserts. I am glad he does. Saves me the trouble. Seems his voice is changing. His nose is covered with pimples, but he doesn’t care. He is reading now. Some new magazines came today and he usually devours them when they come.

Mrs. James is still in Ft. Wayne and I suppose will be for some time. Irene took Jimmy with her this morning. There is a nursery school for the factory workers in the grade building. Irene said it is to be discontinued so she doesn’t know what she will do then.

My new gas ration book came today. Nos. 7,8,9,10,11,12 The other book was numbered up to 6.

[page 4] Mark is munching on a raw potatoe. Sorry I can[‘t] send you a bite. It is past 12 and I feel it. I got up about 7 this a.m. and have been busy most of the time. I have a roast in the oven. I am saving a steak I bought over a week ago. It was 48 or 50¢ a lb – so we just don’t eat steak often. Chicken is cheaper. I promised the children a weiner roast so think I’ll try to make good my promise this week. There is a lot of brush accumulated from the storms I want to get burned.

Will stop put this in with the letter I wrote yesterday & hope you get it. Have to drop Jim & your folk a line. Keeps me busy writing as much as I have to. Will give you a report on the party in next letter.

Love Mother

YEG1943-07 Gladys, Mark & David

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A Logical Explanation (Gladys)

Letter Transcription:

Kentland Ind
7 – 12 – 43

Dear Daddy,

Yours of July 1 and 2 came today. This is Monday and had a little washing to do. It is hot & sunny so things are drying well. I want to get the ironing done to because I promised to go to Laf. tomorrow. I’ll bring Mother home if Dr. Cole thinks she should come. She wasn’t eating any better yesterday but maybe she will in a few days. Dr. Cole is giving her something to help stimulate her appetite.

I have to fill in a form for a new gas ration book. They should be issued by July 21 – that is the expiration of the present book.

Margaret Kruman came out and asked me to order three catheters for Bud. Seems

[page 2] Dr. M. has had a little misunderstanding with Aloe & won’t order so she asked me to. I am going to send a C.O.D. order.

Bud Krull is here today. He & Mark went fishing & caught 2 little fish they threw back in. I caught Mark in time to keep him from going back so he can mail this for me. You need not worry about him studying too hard. He hasn’t done any since he had his tonsils out, and I am so busy with things now I can’t keep him at anything, so the studying will have to wait until school begins. I started him on the piano again but he won’t practice unless I sit with him. I think he could soon get it if he had the urge. John thinks he could soon play by ear if he tried.

John is over at Zell’s helping them break beans to can. They brought a girl about his age back with them for a week’s visit. John has a bad case of pimples & black heads on his nose and around it but he won’t let me get near him so I can’t do much about it. I told him good scrubbing would help a lot. I suppose you know by now we didn’t get the horn for Mark. He wouldn’t practice any more on it than on the old one and when the bike came along he said he would rather have it.

David is taking a nap at present. It is so hot today he is dressed in a diaper only. We didn’t get back last nite until 8 P.M. and he didn’t mind at all going an hour past his supper. I have been putting him to bed at 7 so he won’t wake so early in the a.m. – even with going to bed an hour late he was awake at 7 this morning. He is jabbering a lot, say Da Da very

[page 4] plainly – anyone  could understand it – but that’s about all except sometimes he says mom- mom. He reminds me of John the way he make sounds like words. John can’t understand how he would know to say da da – John has to have a logical explanation for things. He gets more like you every day. He says so many things that makes me think of the things you would say. Mark is so anxious to look like you. I tell him I would be more pleased if he acted like Daddy. He just grins and goes on as usual. Mark & Buddy just came in with a yard stick discussing the length bass & bluegill should be to keep & Mark said 6 & 10 ft. & meant inches. When I called his attention to his error he had a good laugh.

He is waiting to mail this so will get it finished. There is a swallow’s nest in our fireplace chimney – I can hear the baby birds.

Love Mother

YEG1943-06 Dunlop Street house

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No Remarks About My Looks (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
July 8 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Yours of June 8 – 11 – 14 – 15 – 17 & 19 – (the postmarks were these dates) came today – That about catches up the back mail – I was glad to get them because I learned you had rec’d pictures. And about the seed I sent them air mail but can’t understand why it took so long. No remarks about my looks. If that’s the way you feel I won’t send any more pictures of myself – if you

[page 2] don’t know what I am referring to – you said your commander’s wife looks like me – then added “poor woman” – The last picture I sent of myself was blurred, John shook the camera when he took it – so that’s for your remark.

It is cool today and quite windy. After all the rains we have had since last Sat. our weather has changed from being so hot & humid. I am glad for Mother that it is cooler – She won’t be so uncomfortable in the hospital. I am to go down tomorrow to see her and get a report. I would go today but Dr. Cole may not be around this being Thurs.

[page 3] and I want to talk to him when I go. Also I am getting short of gas. By taking the boys to Wilmington & going after them I used a little more. I still have on ticket (4 gal) to run on till July 21 – and I may have to make several trips down.

You mentioned in one letter John Simons & A. D. Washburn – I never learned Mr. S. trouble, but they are back home – have been for some time. I think Mr. W. is about the same. I saw him sitting on their porch one day not long ago. Helen has moved from San F. & lives someplace – I think Nebraska, but not just sure. She was home once this summer but I didn’t see her.

[page 4] Had a letter from Watsons – Wayne’s mother has had a stroke and they have been busy helping take care of her.

Had a letter from Jim. He has finished his training he had to take when he was promoted to C.P.O. and is waiting placement. He thinks he will get a 10 day leave and come home but I don’t know when but I wouldn’t be surprised to see him any time – Thelma is going to go back to T.H. Jim is sure he will be sent out soon.

Had to go & get Mark started hoeing – The ground is just right for such today. I think we will soon have potatoes to eat – corn, beans, tomatoes, carrots are all coming along fine. I love to work out in the yard & garden but haven’t time today.

Don’t worry about the double bike riding – J. & M. ride separately.

Love – Mother

YEG1943-07 Gladys, Mark & David

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Tooth Fairy (Gladys)

1943-03-20Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – Rec’d your letter of Feb 25 today but already had yours of the 26 – Glad to get it. Will write your Mother and let her know I heard again. Had a letter from Dolores and she will be home Mar 27 to Apr 8 so we will probably try to go to C.C. Apr 2. D. said she had a nice letter from you in Jan. Mom said Faye had been operated on for hemorrhoids and is in Union hospital in T. H. – I went to a class meeting last night. The wind was blowing and the ground freezing. I thought it would be below zero the way the wind blew but it was about 20 above. It is warmer today – sun shining and not much wind. Tomorrow is the last day to use coupon 4 in the gas book and I have only used five which leaves 3 tickets or 12 gal I didn’t use. I will have 32 gal I can buy any time after today. Mark lost a baby tooth today – wants to know if it will be worth a dime under his pillow. John is listening to the opera and keeps hushing everyone. He has an opera book and follows along with the book. David will be six months old Wed. and weighs 17 lbs and is 27 inches in height. I have two pictures on a roll I am saving to take Wed. When I get this roll developed will send you another group of him. I have started giving him fruits and trying orange juice again. So far he has been keeping it down. It is past 4 P.M. so must get this to the P.O. Not much news today I can think of. We are all well – hope we are over colds. Maybe next month will be warmer again – Taxes for ’42 figured 157.33.

Love Mother

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In case you missed some of my previous letters (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Jan 13 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

No letters today but probably some tomorrow. There wasn’t much mail except some adv. & my O.E. S. dues notice. In case you have missed some of my previous letters I will relate briefly about things. I had a strep throat – and the little bug wasn’t satisfied to stay in my throat. I suppose it was one of the same family, but traveled up to my sinus. I went to Dr. Ade and had treatments, thought I was about out of the “woods,” then Sun. the left side of my face began to ache and also drain – the drainage kept up and I thought would be cleared after so much discharge but that didn’t end it. It just kept draining and I called Dr. Ade today. He said I should come down and have it washed out. I went down and he punched a hole and washed the left side and what stuff came out. No wonder my face hurt. He said it would need another treatment, and I am to go back Fri. Also I am going to have Dr. Linp x-ray those teeth in the morning to double check on any possible tooth infection. Also if I can’t get this thing

[page 2] cleared up pretty soon I am going down to the hospital and stay a day or two but hope that won’t be necessary. I am not running any temperature and feel well enough to be up but can’t seem to shake this thing. Then too the baby has a little cold but no temperature. I talked to Dr. Cole while in Dr. Ade’s and he said if the baby should start running a temp. to bring him to the hospital, so don’t worry about us as I have written before will go to St. E. if necessary – but I don’t want to go unless it is necessary. Mark went with me today. He didn’t have any temp. today but I thought I would keep him home this week since it is so cold and he was pretty sick, Sat., Sun. & Mon. He still had a little temp. yesterday but very slight. As I told you before about him, he got his from wearing wet clothes all evening. When he came in wet I told him to go change & he changed his pants and left on his wet underwear. John has kept well thru all this and has been my right hand-man. He deserves a medal for distinguished service. He is very patient about what he does but he was not very tolerant with Mark over his illness. Said if Mark

[page 3] would have changed his clothes as he should have done he wouldn’t have been sick. However I told him not to scold. Now enough about our aches and pains. It is still cold but the highway is cleared off so driving isn’t dangerous. I’ll just about use up my ration tickets if I keep making these trips – which I hope to soon be thru with, for this purpose, I still have 16 gal to buy before Jan 21 and this is the 13th.

Clarice kept the baby for me today. She was home doing ironing & mending and has said so many times she would like to keep him, and he is so good I don’t mind leaving him there when necessary. I wouldn’t make a habit, or leave him to go to parties, etc.

Last night we were listening to Fibber McGee program and they were visiting a hospital. They went up an elevator that sounded about like the automatic at St. E. – then Bill Mills the orchestra leader, was the patient they were visiting, pressed the button for the nurse. They asked him why and he said he rung for a nurse so they wouldn’t be disturbed for an hour. At the end of the program a nurse came in and Billy said, “You didn’t need to drop everything you were doing and rush in here.” I really got a laugh when I heard that elevator.

[page 4] John & Mark have gone to bed and David isn’t awake yet for his 10 P.M. bottle. I am now putting raw egg yolk in the formula & he also takes pablum, Vit C tablets & Oleum percomorph. He is too big now for the basket. I have the baby bed Mary Parttens sent me in the den but am going to move it upstairs for him to sleep in at night and fold the studio couch out and use that for him during the day.

Bart put your address in the paper. He didn’t put New Caledonia and Bob H. wrote you a letter just c/o Fleet P.O. San F. He thought you might not get it so wrote another after he got your last.

Haven’t had any recent word from Floyd & Ruth so don’t know what the situation is. It is hard to keep track of them they are traveling so much. I would like to see the movies he took of us – wish you could see them too – Well, I’ll get some good pictures taken and sent to you.

It is time for me to go to bed so I’ll add a line in the A.M.

Love Mother

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Last day before gas rationing begins (Gladys)

Kentland Ind
Nov 30 – 1942

Dear Daddy,

Monday and the last day to buy all the gas without limit. I have the tank full so am that much ahead. Mrs. Roberts just left. She wanted to come yesterday but couldn’t. She still doesn’t know where Joe is, but thinks he is in the same area as you are in. He wrote to her not long ago that he saw a Dr. from Chicago that used to go to Watseka & operate for Wiseman – can’t remember his name – but he is in the Army. I think she said he is a Gynocologist, but he was in a jeep and drove up to hospital where Joe is. She says Joe has to wear his blue – and of course white shirts, so he is where he must “Dress.”

I wrote you some time ago that when I left the hospital I was told that my bill had been taken care of – Don’t know whether you ever got that letter – but this is what I have been thinking of – I think it would be fitting and

[page 2] proper for you to write the Sisters of St. E and thank them – (or do you think you should?) I am going to send them a Christmas greeting and add a note of thanks myself, but thought they would also appreciate a word directly from you. Dr. Cole took your address so I suppose you will hear from him sometime soon.

The Parrs were in Kentland yesterday and stopped here a few minutes. I didn’t ask Harlan whether he thought he would be sent abroad but Dorothy told me last summer they expected he would be (I think that last was bad grammar).

The heavy snow on the trees and shrubs fell off and left a coating of ice. Looks very scenic. I took a picture of the house yesterday. I should take another today as thinks look a little different. The evergreens in front of the house look like they are decorated for Christmas.

I rec’d two letters this A.M. – one dated Nov 19 & 22. The letters you sent the money in – and the way I have it figured from previous letters – were mailed Nov 17 – haven’t come yet I hope you sent money orders,

[page 3] so if they get lost – we won’t lose the money – I am not being mercenary but after all you haven’t enough to lose, and I feel like I must be as saving as possible while you are away because you will need plenty to start on again when you come back. As I have said before – don’t have much desire to spend money while you are away. I have about given up on collections – Seems like all those acct’s are so many names with amounts after them. I wish I could find a collecting agency. It is a funny thing that the people left here at home making regular salaries and enjoying their regular home life routine are so thoughtless of obligations of this kind. I certainly would enjoy telling some of them off – but don’t suppose that would do any good either. I don’t understand how they have the nerve to speak to me (some don’t) Some few seem to have a guilty look – or maybe that is my imagination.

The baby has been tossing his orange juice to some extent, but I keep giving it to him every day. Some days he keeps it down. I suppose if he keep on losing it I will have to give him

[page 4] vitamin C in tablet form. He has such strong odor from his diapers. Dr. Cole gave me instructions on the washing. He has a little pamphlet printed that tells why the ammonia odor and what to do. I am supposed to put baric acid in the rinse water. I am going to town this afternoon and get some baric acid in bulk if I can because it takes 2 tbsp to the qt of water.

It is 4 P.M. and the boys (John & Mark) will soon be coming in. Mark has enjoyed the snow very much. To John it is something to look at and admire but to Mark it means snowballs, etc. They wrote you last week about their report cards. Mark promised to raise his grades next time. I hope he does – since he had a drop this time.

I must get this finished so I can get ready to go to town. “My Day” seems so short I never get all done I want to do but I get David taken care of and that is the most important.

Love Mother

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