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Dear Dr. Yegerlehner

Letter transcription:

Kentland, Ind.

Dear Dr. Yegerlehner,

We planned to send you a Christmas greeting, but lots happened around here about then and mothering but mere essentials got our attention. Although we have not met, it seems I know you fairly well by knowing the rest of your family.

Mark and I do some swapping of work. Not long ago we cleared off and burned the gardens one evening after school. Another evening he burned brush and helped me saw up a maple top on Rinehearts lot to the North of our lot.

Ed Johnson and I had fun fixing up the electric train. Ed did some soldering and I got a new screw for the engine. Last Sunday all of us had dinner with your family. While the women decided some big problems, Mark and I put the train in operation here. He said he had some trouble this week but changed transformers and all is OK.

We want to tell you how much Virginia appreciated your letter last fall. She has faithfully kept it. It seemed to ease her. All of us regretted the whole incident so much.

You probably know Al Cast is going into Prairie Realty at the end of this school year.

[page 2] “Socky” is reported to be due for service soon, so I suppose Al will take over. Al and I were closely associated last summer on Farm Labor work. He is tactful and can put a lot of “fire” in the job when he wants to, so I think he’ll make good. The back porch “chorus” will be short at least one voice when Wilson leaves.

Sometimes I’m doubtful about being in the good grace of your family, especially you, after hearing reactions to other specimens known as county agents. I do work though and even get dirty at times. We are trying to do a lot of 4H club work including livestock and cropwork. Much of our time in the past 2 years (even before I came here) has been spent in helping farmer with labor and production efforts. The favorable weather, and the fact that farmers know no hours have done the job. Better seeds and methods have helped some I hope.

Speaking of active service, I passed my final physical last Tuesday. When I am called will depend upon how my Employer’s policy works out with Selective Service. Purdue (my Employer) has been requesting that experienced men stay on, but I know nothing except Army-Navy Doctors say I’m healthy.

Our office often helps organize “Drives.” Attended Red Cross planning session today. County Quota is $11,500, 150% of last March. Ira Dixon handles publicity. I know he would appreciate any story of Red Cross activity you have thought outstanding.

All of us join the members of your family wishing you a speedy return to the States.

Russell Zell

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The Only Mail (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Lieut. R.S. Yegerlehner USNR
Navy 60
F.P.O. San Francisco Calif.
Oct. 23, 1943

Dear Mother,

The only mail yesterday was the C.C. news and the Newton Co. E. The C.C. news was June 11 and the Newton Co. was Aug. 26. So you see the news from home by that route is rather stale. I’m at a little loss to understand why Mark takes such an interest in 4H work. The account of their outing was in that issue of the Newton Co. E and it seemed to me the boys were older – of course I have no objections but it does seem a little queer and I was just wondering. I’m hoping that there will be some fresh mail today because it’s about time again.

[page 2] Last night we heard Jack Benny on the radio. It was pretty clear. Much of the time programs like that aren’t very clear. In last nite’s program he married a rich gal after giving her a raw deal as a new paper reporter. You probably don’t remember the episode. They generally condense a half hour program into 15 or 20 min. There is no advertising. Not a mention is made of their sponsors, and that is true of all the programs so when that is cut out the programs are much shorter.

I’ve hit one of those slumps when it seems there isn’t a thing to write and I just sit a perfect blank.

[page 3] Just thought of something. Maybe you had mentioned it before but I saw in the paper the item telling of the arrival of the Schultz baby. I just couldn’t help but think of her varicose veins – naughty naughty one might say – Maybe you don’t remember what I mean. Or do you? I spent lots of time, when I’m not thinking of the family, running thru the happenings of the past – thinking of this and that patient and the little off the record side lines that make life worthwhile.

Well, I’m what you might say exhausted as far as writing is concerned so
Lots of Love

Russell Islands  Image by Kelisi at Wikipedia.com (Wikipedia Commons license)

Russell Islands
Image by Kelisi at Wikipedia.com (Wikipedia Commons license)

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Family Photographs (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Sept. 14 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

No letters today but rec’d 5 yesterday and David’s birthday letter. I’ll put that $2⁰⁰ toward another bond for him. He & James L. keep things lively around here. Jim wanted his car at Norfolk but he & Thelma were afraid to risk driving it back so they are to start back this afternoon by train & Glenn is bring the car for them, and come back on the train. He is to be in Laf. Fri. This is Tues. We plan to go to see Mother tomorrow then again Fri. & meet Glenn too. Pauline wants to do some shopping tomorrow for J.L.

Alma Walker called me this afternoon to inquire about things and told me before if there is anything she can do, will be glad to, so she is going to stay here tomorrow afternoon with the babies. They are both good and not as hard to take care of as two yr. olds. Alma had Dr. Van B. work on her nose Sat. & said he tortured her. She said she still has a headache from it. John sure had hay fever – or whatever it is he has – this morning. Said he hated

[page 2] to go to school – he was sneezing so – his eyes were red and he coughed. I believe we will have to do something about his condition in another year. Last fall he had a mild case. – This year it’s more pronounced. I imagine it will get worse every year unless we can do something for him. I had picked some flowers for Glenn & Jim to take to the hospital and had some marigolds. Glenn said he could feel the pollen from them the minute I brought them into the room. Said it just seemed to go right up his nostrils. I haven’t yet found anything that bothers John but I suppose it is some kind of vegetation. Probably marigolds. Arlene said they couldn’t raise them in their garden because of Bobby’s hay fever.

We took some pictures today before Glenn & Jim left of all of us with the two babies – that is Jim, Glenn, Pauline & I. J. & M. were in school. I do hope they are good so I can send you a few. We are out of film so Boonie loaned us his Kodak with five shots left on the roll. Jim was wearing his blue uniform. He had to get has coupons from the ration board to drive the car to Va. Thelma got them at T.H. but he needed gas to get from here to T.H. so had to go to the board here. They gave him coupons for 10 gal.

[page 3] Mrs. Roberts called me last night to inquire about the family. She has kept in touch with me all summer either by phone or coming over. I have called her too but haven’t been over but once early in the spring. Of course we always talk about you & Joe & wonder when you will get to come home.

Mark has green beans, carrots, Swiss chard, onions and cake on exhibit at the Fair. He got a free pass by exhibiting for 4-H. He did the baking entirely by himself – no one was in the kitchen when he made the cake.

David is in the play pen making a little fuss & James L. is in the play chair banging things around. Yesterday morning I called to John to get David’s bottle and David said “dah, dah” right after me so we have been trying to get him to say John. Once in a while he will say “dah” after we say John. He is making a fuss now so I’ll have to see about him. He pulls everything down he can get his hands on if we don’t watch him. I was talking over the phone & he was in the Taylor-Tot and I turned around just in time to catch him – He won’t stay put in anything he can climb out of.

Love Mother

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Birthday Letter (Gladys)

1943-09-13 (GRY)Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – Yours of Aug. 26-29-30-Sept. 1-2 & 6 came and David’s birthday letter. I read it to David and he jabbered something I couldn’t translate. He is drooling again so must have more teeth coming in. I’ll put the $2⁰⁰ on another bond. Jim & Thelma got to come home again. Thelma is in T.H. today. Jim & Glenn are in Laf. at the hospital with Mother. Jim got 5 days again. Will be here tomorrow then start back. Mother was a little better yesterday so let the night nurse go – just had her two nights. Have supper ready waiting for Jim & Glenn to come. John is snuffing – Seems his allergy, hay fever, whatever it is, is worse this eve. He came home from school sneezing, nose itching. Mark is getting his vegetables ready to take to the 4-H exhibit at the fair this week. It is cloudy toady – won’t be dusty or hot for the fair this week. Have been so busy with everything here haven’t had much time to think of the fair – Jim & Glen are here now – They talked to Dr. Cole – He said he couldn’t give much encouragement about Mother’s condition. However she was pretty good today – Will go down Wed. if not called sooner – Mark is busy again baking a cake for the exhibit at the Fair. David is tucked in for the night and I am ready to go to bed too, a bit sleepy.

Love – Mother

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Flower (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
Aug. 20 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

I have been writing v-mail every other day and this should be a v-mail day but decided I would use reg. air mail again. Your mother, David & I went to Laf. today. Dr. Cole cut the cast off David’s leg. He was dreading the job but the case was pretty well soaked so wasn’t hard to cut off. He said he found that something else besides vinegar & peroxide would dissolve plaster. I had told him we called David “Flower” (the little skunk character in Walt Disney’s movie Bambi). He said is may smell like a flower but he didn’t know what kind. I was afraid David’s leg would be very touchy, and his knee would hurt when he tried to bend it but by the time we got home he was getting around pretty good. I put him down in his bed on his back and he pulled right up. In a day or two I doubt if we can tell he ever had it in a cast. I believe he was very happy to get out, he was so happy all evening – tho he is usually that way. Your mother says we should have named him David Roscoe. She says he looks so much like you. Now my dear, as much as I think of you, I still wouldn’t want to do that. We might compromise and call him Jake, or little Jake. Don’t mind me – just running off.

[page 2] I asked Dr. C. if he had written you about Mother – he said he hadn’t had time to even address a letter since he has been back – (Took Sun., Mon. & Tues. off). I said I didn’t suppose he would have since he came back. I asked him if he got to rest any while away & he said he slept the clock around. I don’t know when you will hear from him. After he told me Sunday I wrote Jim & Glenn and Jim called me last night. He wanted to know if anything could be done. Dr. Cole said Mother couldn’t stand surgery. I haven’t had any more word from Glen – Had an air mail from them Mon. & answered with a night letter & told them to come on – they wanted to know if Mother would be able to have them come for a visit, or wait until later. Since they haven’t answered I wouldn’t be surprised to see them come in any time.

Mark has gone to bed. He is still tired from his 4-H camping trip but I sent him to bed so he will feel rested by tomorrow. John is playing with a toy I got to give Bobby Funk for his birthday (Sept. 6). Also got a gift for Donnie – his birthday comes Aug. 29. I got a wedding gift for Earl & Imogene – they will be here tomorrow to get your mother – Ruth M. had me to get her gift at Loebs – so I got mine (ours) there too – a set of glasses & sherberts to match. Your mother said the shower will be next week & she is saving her gift till then but I will give them ours tomorrow. I had the store clerk wrap them ready to give in white tissue & ribbon – Well I am tired & John is going to take this to the hotel to mail so must sign off – with Love – Mother

Earl Imogene wedding picture 001

Earl and Imogene (Photograph courtesy of Don Yegerlehner)

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Something Like Whistle (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
Aug. 17 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

No letters again today but didn’t really expect any for a while after getting Aug. 3, 4, 5, 6 & John’s the 12th. I know it comes in bunches. Had a letter from your mother that she would be up tomorrow if Dad doesn’t start hay fever – He has been taking shots and doesn’t know whether they will work or not. Had a letter from Glenn’s and they said they would come for a visit if I thought Mother could stand company. I wired them to come if possible. The way Mother is doing I am afraid she won’t get any better. She looks so frail – hasn’t eaten much for such a long time. She thinks after hot weather she will get better – The hot days last week were awfully hard on her. Last week so melting hot, now it’s so cool we have the house all closed. It was so cool last night I thought the heat might kick on, but we closed doors & windows and that kept the house comfortable. Mark’s 4-H outing will have a chilly time. Also Funks will find Northern Wisconsin a little cool I am afraid.

Zells told us we could gather their tomatoes while they are gone – I think we will get enough to can a few this evening but that won’t take long. I don’t particularily want many but we use a few along in the winter.

[page 2[ They are selling for 10¢ a lb now – and with so many people having gardens – I would think they would be lower in price – We have all we need in our garden but there is not enough yet to can. We have canned about 30 qts. beans from our garden. There are more coming on.

I took David out in the sunshine to give him his bottle just a few minutes ago. It was so cool this a.m. he wasn’t out – also John took his music lesson & couldn’t stay out of doors with him. He wants to go places when he gets out of his bed, pen, or buggy. Last nite while we were eating supper I took him out of the buggy, because he was climbing out and let him stand by it – he walked to the table they then walked under the table and played on the chairs. He isn’t satisfied unless he is getting around – the past two days he has been trying to do something like whistle. John asked me when he whistled & I told him it was when he was 11 mo. old. We say no no to David and he shakes his head – he knows what it means. When I slap his hands or tap him someplace else – he can’t cry hard but will pucker up and try to get a cry out. He is making a fuss now but needs dry pants so think I’ll have to go change him.

This change in weather had made my hands feel like sand paper. I had to quit eating tomatoes – just would eat a piece now & then – but that much was telling on me.

Love Mother

1943-01-22 Foster, Emma with John, Mark & David

Emma with the boys, January 1943

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White Cap (Gladys)

1943-08-16 (GRY)Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – I rec’d your Aug. 1 letter – but had rec’d up to Aug. 6 last week. Mrs. R. called me this a.m. She had word from Joe – he told her “all about” your being together and how much you both enjoyed the visit. – It is cooler today – Mother is about the same. I told you in yesterday’s letter what Dr. Cole said after examining her. It’s what you didn’t want to think – what I was afraid of and hoped wasn’t. He said just to continue with the same medication. – Mark left with the 4-H group for Dunes State Park this afternoon – He was so happy to get to go. Jim sent the boys each a white cap – the kind he wore before getting a chief rating – so Mark wore one. I had to take it off his head at the table – he was going to wear it all the time. John is talking to David. David & I were both having a good nap when a fly bothered around and disturbed David. I first heard a plane go over that woke me up. They go so low and so many a day – they fly almost over our house sometimes. Every time I hear one I do some wishful thinking about a passenger that could be aboard. Could be – Pinky got a ride home. Funks left today for Land of Lakes, Wis. The detassling business just about got Bill down. Krulls are going up next Sun. for a week. They just keep their restaurant open from 7:30 to 11 – then 3 p.m. to 7:30 – serve breakfast & short orders – Dorothy said they couldn’t get food or help so why stay open 15 hrs. a day.

Love – Mother

James L. Foster in his sailor uniform. Photograph courtesy of Gerry McCarroll.

James L. Foster in his sailor uniform (but not with the white cap). Photograph courtesy of Gerry McCarroll.

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