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A Fine Boy (Gladys)

1943-08-10 (GRY)Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – No mail today – but 3 up to July 31 came yesterday. In yours of July 30 you wrote about leaving a year ago and I rec’d it Aug. 9 – the day you sailed. It doesn’t seem sometimes like it can be a year then other times it seems much longer. We will just mark off each day as one day nearer to coming home. The Burgees were today. Gus is working for Kent Dairy at Gibson City and they were visiting here today. Lucile wanted to weigh the baby – she is 4 ½ mo. and weighed 13-11 with clothes on. A little smaller than David at that age. They said to tell you they thought David a fine boy. He showed off for them – as he can do so much of the time. He has another tooth thru today – that makes 4 – another is almost thru. He is taking a nap now. It is hot today and I have had him in the yard a lot. I put him down on a cover but he would crawl off on the grass. He is tired today from the trip to Laf. yesterday. Mark went to a 4-H meeting this afternoon – John had his piano lesson here – he wanted Miss Smith to see the piano. She tells John she thinks he will be a composer – she has him play his pieces for her. I listened some to his lesson and he really is in advanced music – Mother is about the same today – The heat is hard on her – but there has been a cool breeze in her room all day –

Love – Mother

YEG1943-06 Dunlop Street house

©2014 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
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