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Gladys – 5 February 1971

Gladys, 5 February 1971

118 Juniper Court
W. Lafayette, Ind. 47906
February 5, 1971

Dear David, Bonnie and Debbie,

Thanks (if a little late) for all the nice Christmas gifts. I am trying to read Ramsey Clark’s book, but have been swamped lately with other things. I find it quite interesting when I have time to read in it. I have been wearing the Peace Symbol and have been telling everyone that you made it (David-that is). I hope I am correct.

A package will come for Debbie for Valentine’s day. It is a red teddy bear. If you think the eyes can be pulled out by Debbie, take them out. I tried, but had no success.

Mark and Shirley and the children were here Sunday for David’s birthday. He was five Thursday, but we couldn’t be together on that day, so celebrated a little early. I still think he thought Sunday was his birthday-or at least he pretended pretty well that it was. I had baked a cake for him and gave him a package of pre-historic animal which delighted him (and Kirk). They seem to enjoy those little animals made of plastic.

The 3rd was Lea’s birthday, so we called her. She said John was going to take them out to dinner to celebrate. They are coming over March 5th to attend a P-I basketball game.

We took Cheng-See to Champaign while she was here during the Christmas holidays. She saw flat Champaign and all the flat country in-between. We also went to LaPorte to see the Janssen’s and she saw more flat country. Quite different from the country surrounding Jackson, Tenn.

The present project from the workshop of Dad is a cabinet for our projector and storage space for our slides. I will be so glad to get the slides organized and know just where to reach for any particular slide. He saw the design in a Popular —  magazine and when he showed it to me, I said, “we should have that.”

Dad went to Kentland Sunday evening for bridge club at Funks. I didn’t go because I had a meeting to attend in Rochester the next day and couldn’t see myself getting up and starting out at 7:30 after coming home from bridge club the night before. Kentland is on Chicago time and we are on Eastern time and we lost an hour coming home.

Gary Myers parent’s address is 1827 E. Main St., Lafayette 47904. I had to get some salt for our conditioner and thought to ask the person who answered the phone if Curley was still with them and where he lives.

Since I couldn’t go to Kentland last Sunday, I called Mrs. Myers on the phone, because I knew she would be expecting me. We told the club to drop us because I am too busy with Conference meeting to try to entertain for a while, but they wouldn’t take that and said for us to keep coming and to entertain when we can. You can’t beat that for people wanting to have you with them.

We hadn’t seen the raccoons since last fall and last night RuthAnn (Annie) and Jim Mishler were here for a Steamboat dinner and we were sitting in the room with the fireplace when Jim saw the raccoon looking in the window. Of course, I got some bread and fed the little caller. They got quite a thrill out of seeing me give the beggar a piece of bread. Annie is Earl Yegerlehner’s daughter and is in training at St. E. She will graduate in June. Jim still has 2 years at Purdue.

Love, Mother

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Enough Gasoline (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
Nov. 29 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Mon. afternoon – David took an early nap and woke up grouchy – I was taking 40 winks myself when he demanded attention. His nose is a little runny today, but with all of us with a little head cold more or less I am not surprised. I am just having the usual sinus drainage and J. & M. are about over theirs. Under Dr. Cole’s instruction I gave them sulfamerazine and the colds got better. They have started on Vi Delta and of course David has had his oleum percomorph continuously since 5 wks. old. I let David loose but that didn’t work because I wanted to write and do a few other things and when he is loose he has to be watched. I put him back in his bed and it is by the window so he can look out. I gave him a lot of toys but one by one I have heard them hit the floor. He is now shaking the bed. When the coast is clear he can move the bed over the room by shaking the side. He says kitty & dog quite plain now and notices the squirrels out in the yard. I am afraid squirrel will be a little hard for him to say. He is more like John about the chattering and talking early. In some ways he isn’t like either J. or M. – must be just David.

It snowed last night and there is still snow on the ground. It is grey today with some snow falling. It has been so dry and this snow is melting, so the shrubbery will get some moisture.

[page 2] I have watered our new shrubbery this fall because if the evergreen that was replaced doesn’t hold up they won’t replace it. I thought they never would get around to replacing it at all.

I haven’t heard from Floyd & Ruth since we saw them Nov. 1. I don’t know whether he has been reclassified or not. It may depend on how scarce men are to answer the draft quote in Clay Co. Pauline Hiestand thinks Joe will soon have to go because his number is low and the single men are all taken from here. About Paul & Earl – they are on deferments so may have to go in time if the demand is great enough – however Paul was rejected I believe for some cause or another – I couldn’t say for sure what is was. There was a lot said about Ellsworth W. but he is still around – some people think military discipline might do some good in certain cases.

I have had enough gasoline. When I had to make so many trips to the hospital I had to have much more than an A card allowed but I was taken care of by friends. However the ration board here is very generous and when Jim was home he got gas to drive back to T.H. and Glen got special C tickets without any trouble at all to go back to Nevada. I get 3 gal. a week and in ordinary times is all I need.

David is raising a howl so must go see what I can do about it, if anything. He still sucks his thumb but J. & M. keep working on him to stop him. I put a thumb guard on him but he usually gets it off. He isn’t so bad about it unless he hasn’t anything else to do – he is working on it rather strenuously now – he makes a little noise in his throat sometimes when he is sucking his thumb.

Love Mother

P.S. Finances aren’t so good, but I think I can make it O.K. Not much surplus but am keeping bills pd.

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A New Policy (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Sept. 1, 1943
Lieut. R. S. Yegerlehner
Navy 60 San. Fran. Cal.

Dear Mother,

I’m not under so much pressure this A.M. so maybe I won’t write so erratic. Yesterday I received a letter from Mom and one from Ruby & Red Brewer. Mom told all about Earl’s wedding and also said she was planning on coming up your way again. I hope she can be helpful to you while she is there.

This being the month of Sept. it will start to be cool again at least you will have some cool spells which should be of some help to you. It at least makes us feel good to think that the weather may be cool again some place.

I don’t believe I mentioned it but I had a letter from Dolores 2 days ago – she had to work on a Sun. just more or less be there so she wrote a real nice long letter. She still seems to like her work real well. Said her boyfriend had been away about 1 year in Cuba and she sure wished he could get a furlough – who else would like something like that? I believe there is going to be a policy adopted relative to

[page 2] tour of duty out here and I’m very tickled that I got out as early as I did, but don’t build too high hopes for too soon a return, this I believe is true. That I can expect to spend as much time in the USA as out here so that is something to look forward to.

As soon as I’m able I’ll send you all the excess money I can – always keeping on hand enough for travel – but I think on the next pay day I’ll be able to send some of course that will not be until about the middle of this month. If you need money you can cash in a few bonds or let bills run until I can send extra money home – don’t let it worry you because they can’t be too tough if we can’t meet expenses right on the dot.

I guess by now D. is out of the cast and as active as ever and that probably is a relief for you.

Well, I’ve written about all I can think of for the moment and I’ve also exhausted the space so
Lots of Love –

Earl Imogene wedding picture 001

Earl and Imogene Yegerlehner, 1943

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Flower (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
Aug. 20 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

I have been writing v-mail every other day and this should be a v-mail day but decided I would use reg. air mail again. Your mother, David & I went to Laf. today. Dr. Cole cut the cast off David’s leg. He was dreading the job but the case was pretty well soaked so wasn’t hard to cut off. He said he found that something else besides vinegar & peroxide would dissolve plaster. I had told him we called David “Flower” (the little skunk character in Walt Disney’s movie Bambi). He said is may smell like a flower but he didn’t know what kind. I was afraid David’s leg would be very touchy, and his knee would hurt when he tried to bend it but by the time we got home he was getting around pretty good. I put him down in his bed on his back and he pulled right up. In a day or two I doubt if we can tell he ever had it in a cast. I believe he was very happy to get out, he was so happy all evening – tho he is usually that way. Your mother says we should have named him David Roscoe. She says he looks so much like you. Now my dear, as much as I think of you, I still wouldn’t want to do that. We might compromise and call him Jake, or little Jake. Don’t mind me – just running off.

[page 2] I asked Dr. C. if he had written you about Mother – he said he hadn’t had time to even address a letter since he has been back – (Took Sun., Mon. & Tues. off). I said I didn’t suppose he would have since he came back. I asked him if he got to rest any while away & he said he slept the clock around. I don’t know when you will hear from him. After he told me Sunday I wrote Jim & Glenn and Jim called me last night. He wanted to know if anything could be done. Dr. Cole said Mother couldn’t stand surgery. I haven’t had any more word from Glen – Had an air mail from them Mon. & answered with a night letter & told them to come on – they wanted to know if Mother would be able to have them come for a visit, or wait until later. Since they haven’t answered I wouldn’t be surprised to see them come in any time.

Mark has gone to bed. He is still tired from his 4-H camping trip but I sent him to bed so he will feel rested by tomorrow. John is playing with a toy I got to give Bobby Funk for his birthday (Sept. 6). Also got a gift for Donnie – his birthday comes Aug. 29. I got a wedding gift for Earl & Imogene – they will be here tomorrow to get your mother – Ruth M. had me to get her gift at Loebs – so I got mine (ours) there too – a set of glasses & sherberts to match. Your mother said the shower will be next week & she is saving her gift till then but I will give them ours tomorrow. I had the store clerk wrap them ready to give in white tissue & ribbon – Well I am tired & John is going to take this to the hotel to mail so must sign off – with Love – Mother

Earl Imogene wedding picture 001

Earl and Imogene (Photograph courtesy of Don Yegerlehner)

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Wedding Presents (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Aug. 19 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

I was just about to get off to a good nap when John brought David in. I had to change him then put him down in his bed with a thumb guard on – which didn’t please him at all. He is trying to take it off, but he has a sore on his thumb, so must have the guard on. He needs a nap so doesn’t take much to make him cry. Your Mother is here. I think we will go to Laf. tomorrow & take David to Dr. Cole to get the cast taken off. I had an appointment for the next day but your Mother is going home Sat. so will go to Laf. tomorrow if I can get an appointment with Dr. C. Also your Mother would like to go to Laf. to shop. She wants to get Earl & Imogene a wedding present. I bought some glasses at Loebs and Ruthie M. liked them so much she had me get her a doz. – then decided they would make a nice wedding gift so I am to get a doz. for her to give Earl & I. I intent to get some kind of matching glass if I can and give them. They will be here again Sat. to get your Mother so will give them the gifts then. I didn’t know Imogene, but she is very nice and rather pretty.

[page 2] Mark is due home this evening some time. I suppose he will be worn out. The week John was gone to your folks, Mark had to stay in and help me and didn’t have time to run & play. He had been shaking his head a lot & batting his eyes, but after he had to stay in and not run & play so much I noticed he had quit all those nervous habits. I supposed that proves he spends too much energy for his own good. – I believe having the tonsils out is just beginning to show results too. He has been out a lot and has a good healthy look.

We gathered beans & canned four qts. today. I am about to use up all the jars wwe have. I have beans (33 qts.), peas 4 qts., spinach 28 pts. and 4 qts. tomatoes so far. I have been buying corn, peas and fruit with our points so have a small supply ahead.

David can unscrew the bolts on his bed downstairs and John just had to run in and put the tap back on. I am going to have to invent something to keep him from taking things apart. I am afraid he will get the taps in his mouth sometime when we aren’t looking. I know he will be happy to get the cast off and I know I will be.

Mother is about the same. Your Mother is up talking to her now. I didn’t tell her what the Dr. said to me Sunday about her condition. I suppose it will become painful in time – she complains of gas now some, but I think it must be from the source of her trouble. Hope you got Dr. Cole’s letter explaining things –

Love Mother

YEG1943-06 Dunlop Street house

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To Be Married (Gladys)

1943-08-07 (GRY)Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – Yours of July 12 – 24 & 25 came today up to the 28th came earlier this week. The weather we have is something to write about – not then cool then hot again all in one week. It was cool last nite but is warming up this afternoon. Mark has David out in the buggy while I write. David is so full of pep – he wants action. John is to come home Mon. I am to meet him in Laf. Your mother said Tillie Z. – Earl & his bride are going to Whiting & had asked her to come this far – said she was afraid she would wear her welcome out but I am going to write her to come if she can. I suppose you know Earl is to be married Aug 15. Mark has been trying to get the lawn mowed this week but hasn’t finished it yet. John has done the lawn work this summer and Mark had the garden. John had the hardest job because he had to mow every week & Mark hasn’t worked that much in the garden. You mentioned talking to someone who had come out in June and how things have changed. When you wrote about Mark or John sending you an envelope of steak odor – we said “what steak” – that is about a memory with us – We indulge once in a while but not often – It takes one person’s entire week’s points to buy 1 lb steak. Plain round steak is 46¢ lb. Mother is about the same today – can’t see much change. The detasseling is over & camp broken up today. That project gets bigger every year. I see Mark coming with David.

Love Mother

YEG1943-06 Dunlop Street house

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Wordless Wednesday – Cousins (a few years later)

Yegerlehner - 1930s Cousins #1

The same group of Yegerlehner cousins (plus one), a few years later, probably around 1940, at the Yegerlehner farm in Clay City, Indiana. The youngest cousin in the picture was born in 1937.

Back row: Earl, Kenneth, Paul
Middle row: Wilma, Romaine, Dolores
Front row: John, Duane, Glendon, Mark
In front: Carolyn

Photograph from the private collection of Deborah Sweeney.

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November 18, 1942 (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Nov 18 – 1942

Dear Daddy –

David and I are alone again this evening. John & Mark have gone to band practice. Mark goes along for observation. Betty Lou & Mark were together all afternoon and Betty stayed for supper. After giving David his 2 P.M. bottle we took several pictures and believe got some good ones. Will know tomorrow and if they are good will put one in this letter. It was such a warm sunny day we walked to town and back with the baby. He slept a while then woke up and cried so hard I brought him back home and gave him his orange juice. He was quiet a while then began crying again. I gave him his bottle at 6 and he has been quiet. I put him in the den and turned the light off. He isn’t asleep but isn’t making any fuss. I want him to acquire the 6 P.M. bed time habit.

This wind I have been writing about quieted down but now it is foggy. It was foggy until about noon then cleared off enough to hang out the baby clothes. Now the fog is all around again. The wind took some more branches off the west tree in the front yard. I wonder if there will be any limbs left if we have many more wind storms.

[page 2] I saw Chuckie Harlan this afternoon. Lorene said the operation corrected his eye trouble – however he is still wearing glasses. I didn’t ask her who did the operating but his eyes did look much better. I suppose that is what Wilson’s will do for Susan.

While walking saw Bernard Funk. He looked at the baby and was telling me that Arleen had left Donald with them today while she went to Laf. He said he weighed their baby & Donald – Eveline is 7 months old and weights 17 lbs and Donald is 2 ½ mo old and weighs 14 ½. I wonder what he will weigh at one year. Someone had evidently been hunting and left a pheasant at Bills. When John and I came home I saw a beautiful bird lying across the mail box. I wouldn’t mind having some of the feathers. Maybe to put on a hat. I imagine Earl will get some this fall – if he can go hunting. He said when they were here he would be able to get gas enough to drive to work but that would be all.

Had a letter from your Mother & she said she wanted to come up. Kenneth promised to bring her but he is busy getting his corn crop in. They will have to come this week if they come before gas rationing. I figure by having the tank full at the beginning and just driving enough to get my 4 gal a week and keep the tank fuel maybe we can make a trip home sometime when the baby is older.

Newspaper clipping from January 1942

Newspaper clipping from January 1942

[page 3] There was a letter from the F.B.I. inquiring about a man wanted for kidnapping. This man seems to be in bad health and the letter describes his ailments – seems he has been to different Doctors and I imagine a lot of Drs. got the same letter. I will return the letter to the Bureau and inform them you have been away since May and no way of having any information on “Clarence V. Stevens.” His picture and finger prints are in the Post office, same as came with the letter.

—Just came up from cleaning out the furnace – I mean clean. Took everything out and started a new fire. Mark carried out a full can of clinkers this morning. Now there is almost another full can. That is the first entire cleaning job it has had I think since you did it in July – but I will see to it now that is doesn’t go so long. Can’t understand how it kept from ruining a pin. Just hope after all that effort it doesn’t do something like that now.

Thurs P.M. – was rather tired last night after my furnace work but feel fine today. It is so warm it is like summer. The sun is so bright I just had to wash out the days wash – couldn’t resist the urge to get them in the sun while I can

[page 4] Didn’t get any letters yesterday or today. Maybe I will tomorrow  or this evening. I have to get the serial no. from the tires so I can register for my gas card. I could get the no. from every tire but the left front and the no. is turned to the inside. It’s a good thing you gave me power of attorney because the owner has to sign for the gas card.

Arlene was going to make an appointment for me with Dr. Cole Sat. but he isn’t going to be in but have to take John down to broadcast with the band and to see Dr. Ade. I really don’t need to see him (Dr. Cole) yet because I think I can feed the baby for a while yet without further instructions. The little rescal is beginning to gain so fast now. Weighed over 9 lbs this A.M. Arlene is going to keep him for me Sat. She insists and since she knows how it’s done and has Louise I think I’ll leave him. It is such a job to take him along because of fixing the bottles and then I would have to take someone else along to hold him while I drive.

Since I started this last night and haven’t been out yet today haven’t any fresh news. It is so nice I will take David out again & maybe I can collect something to write about tonight. No paper today so no news from that source. I hear a bell ringing. Must be the Methodist or Presbyterian, I suppose there is a funeral but don’t know.

Will try to write again tonight with lots of news –

Love Mother

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