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November 18, 1942 (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Nov 18 – 1942

Dear Daddy –

David and I are alone again this evening. John & Mark have gone to band practice. Mark goes along for observation. Betty Lou & Mark were together all afternoon and Betty stayed for supper. After giving David his 2 P.M. bottle we took several pictures and believe got some good ones. Will know tomorrow and if they are good will put one in this letter. It was such a warm sunny day we walked to town and back with the baby. He slept a while then woke up and cried so hard I brought him back home and gave him his orange juice. He was quiet a while then began crying again. I gave him his bottle at 6 and he has been quiet. I put him in the den and turned the light off. He isn’t asleep but isn’t making any fuss. I want him to acquire the 6 P.M. bed time habit.

This wind I have been writing about quieted down but now it is foggy. It was foggy until about noon then cleared off enough to hang out the baby clothes. Now the fog is all around again. The wind took some more branches off the west tree in the front yard. I wonder if there will be any limbs left if we have many more wind storms.

[page 2] I saw Chuckie Harlan this afternoon. Lorene said the operation corrected his eye trouble – however he is still wearing glasses. I didn’t ask her who did the operating but his eyes did look much better. I suppose that is what Wilson’s will do for Susan.

While walking saw Bernard Funk. He looked at the baby and was telling me that Arleen had left Donald with them today while she went to Laf. He said he weighed their baby & Donald – Eveline is 7 months old and weights 17 lbs and Donald is 2 ½ mo old and weighs 14 ½. I wonder what he will weigh at one year. Someone had evidently been hunting and left a pheasant at Bills. When John and I came home I saw a beautiful bird lying across the mail box. I wouldn’t mind having some of the feathers. Maybe to put on a hat. I imagine Earl will get some this fall – if he can go hunting. He said when they were here he would be able to get gas enough to drive to work but that would be all.

Had a letter from your Mother & she said she wanted to come up. Kenneth promised to bring her but he is busy getting his corn crop in. They will have to come this week if they come before gas rationing. I figure by having the tank full at the beginning and just driving enough to get my 4 gal a week and keep the tank fuel maybe we can make a trip home sometime when the baby is older.

Newspaper clipping from January 1942

Newspaper clipping from January 1942

[page 3] There was a letter from the F.B.I. inquiring about a man wanted for kidnapping. This man seems to be in bad health and the letter describes his ailments – seems he has been to different Doctors and I imagine a lot of Drs. got the same letter. I will return the letter to the Bureau and inform them you have been away since May and no way of having any information on “Clarence V. Stevens.” His picture and finger prints are in the Post office, same as came with the letter.

—Just came up from cleaning out the furnace – I mean clean. Took everything out and started a new fire. Mark carried out a full can of clinkers this morning. Now there is almost another full can. That is the first entire cleaning job it has had I think since you did it in July – but I will see to it now that is doesn’t go so long. Can’t understand how it kept from ruining a pin. Just hope after all that effort it doesn’t do something like that now.

Thurs P.M. – was rather tired last night after my furnace work but feel fine today. It is so warm it is like summer. The sun is so bright I just had to wash out the days wash – couldn’t resist the urge to get them in the sun while I can

[page 4] Didn’t get any letters yesterday or today. Maybe I will tomorrow  or this evening. I have to get the serial no. from the tires so I can register for my gas card. I could get the no. from every tire but the left front and the no. is turned to the inside. It’s a good thing you gave me power of attorney because the owner has to sign for the gas card.

Arlene was going to make an appointment for me with Dr. Cole Sat. but he isn’t going to be in but have to take John down to broadcast with the band and to see Dr. Ade. I really don’t need to see him (Dr. Cole) yet because I think I can feed the baby for a while yet without further instructions. The little rescal is beginning to gain so fast now. Weighed over 9 lbs this A.M. Arlene is going to keep him for me Sat. She insists and since she knows how it’s done and has Louise I think I’ll leave him. It is such a job to take him along because of fixing the bottles and then I would have to take someone else along to hold him while I drive.

Since I started this last night and haven’t been out yet today haven’t any fresh news. It is so nice I will take David out again & maybe I can collect something to write about tonight. No paper today so no news from that source. I hear a bell ringing. Must be the Methodist or Presbyterian, I suppose there is a funeral but don’t know.

Will try to write again tonight with lots of news –

Love Mother

©2013 copyright owned and written by Deborah Sweeney

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