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Enough Gasoline (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
Nov. 29 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Mon. afternoon – David took an early nap and woke up grouchy – I was taking 40 winks myself when he demanded attention. His nose is a little runny today, but with all of us with a little head cold more or less I am not surprised. I am just having the usual sinus drainage and J. & M. are about over theirs. Under Dr. Cole’s instruction I gave them sulfamerazine and the colds got better. They have started on Vi Delta and of course David has had his oleum percomorph continuously since 5 wks. old. I let David loose but that didn’t work because I wanted to write and do a few other things and when he is loose he has to be watched. I put him back in his bed and it is by the window so he can look out. I gave him a lot of toys but one by one I have heard them hit the floor. He is now shaking the bed. When the coast is clear he can move the bed over the room by shaking the side. He says kitty & dog quite plain now and notices the squirrels out in the yard. I am afraid squirrel will be a little hard for him to say. He is more like John about the chattering and talking early. In some ways he isn’t like either J. or M. – must be just David.

It snowed last night and there is still snow on the ground. It is grey today with some snow falling. It has been so dry and this snow is melting, so the shrubbery will get some moisture.

[page 2] I have watered our new shrubbery this fall because if the evergreen that was replaced doesn’t hold up they won’t replace it. I thought they never would get around to replacing it at all.

I haven’t heard from Floyd & Ruth since we saw them Nov. 1. I don’t know whether he has been reclassified or not. It may depend on how scarce men are to answer the draft quote in Clay Co. Pauline Hiestand thinks Joe will soon have to go because his number is low and the single men are all taken from here. About Paul & Earl – they are on deferments so may have to go in time if the demand is great enough – however Paul was rejected I believe for some cause or another – I couldn’t say for sure what is was. There was a lot said about Ellsworth W. but he is still around – some people think military discipline might do some good in certain cases.

I have had enough gasoline. When I had to make so many trips to the hospital I had to have much more than an A card allowed but I was taken care of by friends. However the ration board here is very generous and when Jim was home he got gas to drive back to T.H. and Glen got special C tickets without any trouble at all to go back to Nevada. I get 3 gal. a week and in ordinary times is all I need.

David is raising a howl so must go see what I can do about it, if anything. He still sucks his thumb but J. & M. keep working on him to stop him. I put a thumb guard on him but he usually gets it off. He isn’t so bad about it unless he hasn’t anything else to do – he is working on it rather strenuously now – he makes a little noise in his throat sometimes when he is sucking his thumb.

Love Mother

P.S. Finances aren’t so good, but I think I can make it O.K. Not much surplus but am keeping bills pd.

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Much more like spring (Gladys)

1943-02-27Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – After the blizzard yesterday is rather warm and sunny today – much more like spring. Had the tires checked today. Have to have that done at regular intervals now and today was last day for this first period. Blanchard wouldn’t charge me for the service – said you had been good to them. I am expecting Floyd & Ruth tomorrow on their way home from Mutchler’s. They haven’t been here since Jan. 2 so will be able to see how much D. has grown. I have him sitting up in his buggy now. He got tired lying in his bed. Had peas & carrots & milk at 2 P.M. and has been pretty well satisfied till just now. Pauline Hiestand gave me a picture of Joe Robert. I will send when I send more of D.  J. R. is 15 months old and Pauline can’t get his bottle away from him. He is so big. They had his curls cut off and it makes him look very boyish. I went to class meeting at Mullen’s last night. The first one I had attended since Christmas but I think I need to get out once in a while. The boys go to the show once in a while but not often. Mark went to see Arabian Nights last Fri. It is nice enough for him to skate today. John of course is listening to the Opera and I am too because he has it tuned in here in the living room. It is so nice I may take D. out for a little airing. The schools here are having a measles epidemic but so far they haven’t closed. Eleven are out of the 3rd grade. If either J. or M. get to feeling bad I am going to shut them up in one room and keep D. as far away as possible. So far they both are feeling fine, so will hope they escape. Will write a long letter tomorrow and get in all the fine points of home life. We are all well and finances are OK but the uniform money hasn’t come.

Love Mother

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