Much more like spring (Gladys)

1943-02-27Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – After the blizzard yesterday is rather warm and sunny today – much more like spring. Had the tires checked today. Have to have that done at regular intervals now and today was last day for this first period. Blanchard wouldn’t charge me for the service – said you had been good to them. I am expecting Floyd & Ruth tomorrow on their way home from Mutchler’s. They haven’t been here since Jan. 2 so will be able to see how much D. has grown. I have him sitting up in his buggy now. He got tired lying in his bed. Had peas & carrots & milk at 2 P.M. and has been pretty well satisfied till just now. Pauline Hiestand gave me a picture of Joe Robert. I will send when I send more of D.  J. R. is 15 months old and Pauline can’t get his bottle away from him. He is so big. They had his curls cut off and it makes him look very boyish. I went to class meeting at Mullen’s last night. The first one I had attended since Christmas but I think I need to get out once in a while. The boys go to the show once in a while but not often. Mark went to see Arabian Nights last Fri. It is nice enough for him to skate today. John of course is listening to the Opera and I am too because he has it tuned in here in the living room. It is so nice I may take D. out for a little airing. The schools here are having a measles epidemic but so far they haven’t closed. Eleven are out of the 3rd grade. If either J. or M. get to feeling bad I am going to shut them up in one room and keep D. as far away as possible. So far they both are feeling fine, so will hope they escape. Will write a long letter tomorrow and get in all the fine points of home life. We are all well and finances are OK but the uniform money hasn’t come.

Love Mother

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3 thoughts on “Much more like spring (Gladys)

  1. davidmadison1942

    “Pauline Hiestand gave me a picture of Joe Robert.” He was in my class….we called him Bobby Joe.

    “John of course is listening to the Opera and I am too because he has it tuned in here in the living room.” And that family tradition continues to this very day….as I am typing this I am listening to the live broadcast from the Metropolitan Opera. And it’s happening just across town. 🙂

  2. A.M.B.

    “They had his curls cut off and it makes him look very boyish.” I remember feeling the same way when we trimmed my youngest daughter’s hair for the first time. Her hair remained wavy, but the curls at the end were gone, and it made me think that she was growing up too fast!


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