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Senator Van Nuys (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
1-26-44 [sic 1-25-44]

Dear Daddy –

Yours of Jan. 13 & 14 came today. So glad some late mail finally reached you. Now if David’s pictures just come thru. He is still on the sick list – that is he still coughs and that makes him feel not so good. He isn’t running any tem. But coughs a good bit. Early in the morning he has quite a siege. I think I’ll have Dr. M. give him a shot – he had his whooping cough shots last summer but one now may clear this cough up. I could have gone to Laf. today with Mr. Z. but didn’t want to leave D. while he feels so touchy. He has such a good reputation for being such a pleasant baby I wouldn’t want to spoil his record by leaving him with anyone while he feels this way. Dorothy would keep him and her Mother is with her now but I think I should keep him home another day or two. I think this cough is a culmination of a condition that has been present since before Christmas. He had a cold way back then and has had a hang on cough ever since. He seems to be alright otherwise.

I went to town to mail letters and get groc. after school yesterday and stopped in the restaurant to tell Dorothy I wouldn’t go today. Pinky and Marg were there. Pinky was on the funny side. I think he had been drinking a little. He said when you were in Frisco he waited two months for you to come and see him. I told him you were there one week and that you couldn’t go see anyone. He wouldn’t have it that way and kept going on about not seeing you. He said if he had known you were at Moffett Field he could have flown over to see you. Marg didn’t seem to think so but he insisted. I don’t know just what happened to him,

[page 2] but I was told that he had been grounded because he smashed up a $75,000 job – at any rate whatever the truth of the situation he doesn’t seem to be getting places very fast. He has a desk job now – at least that is what I heard. Marg stayed out in Calif. with him then I think they were in Colo. But since he has been closer home she has remained here, tho she doesn’t see him very often. It may be that she feels she should stay here and help her mother run the newspaper. She has quite a nice column in the paper every week for service people.

The new license application came so now I will get the car tagged for another year. They were late in getting the blanks out this year. I saw a notice in the paper that some may be delayed yet. I was surprised to get ours this soon.

I have a washing going today, should have put the line out and hung things out but I resorted to the easier way. I figured it probably wouldn’t be this warm the next time I wash and what good would one day do. Sometimes the things get covered with smoke from the trains across the way so they look better when dried in the basement than out of doors.

Dr. Messman talked to Dorothy yesterday. He said to tell you he has been discharged – nervous condition – I didn’t talk to him myself so don’t know just where he has been or what brought about the condition necessary for a medical discharge but maybe you know something about it. Those things get around and I know when I wrote to you about Dr. H.in Laf. you knew something about it. I am glad you are in good health. As much as we want you home, I would rather you stay well than have to be sent home sick – don’t you agree?

[page 3] Mr. Z. took my glasses to Laf. to get the left lense replaced so I am going without them today. I just hope I don’t get a headache, but have been having one some days anyway so maybe it won’t be so bad if I don’t knit or read. I probably won’t have much chance to do either. David keeps me pretty busy these days. I left him with John when I went to town yesterday and John was about worn out trying to keep him quiet. He said he finally just walked around with him – carrying D. of course – I told him D. would get over that when he feels a little better –

The temp in Chi this am at 7:30 was 49 – so you know how unseasonably warm it is. It is more like a spring day – windy, sunny and sometimes a little cloudy.

I hear the washer – it’s about ready to stop, so I much stop and get things done. I put D. up in his bed while I went down to put the things in and he went to sleep. Have to make hay while the sun shines.

Love Mother

P.S. Heard over the radio at noon that Senator Van Nuys died suddenly this morning.
It is warmer this afternoon but didn’t take D. out. Thought maybe I should keep him in out of the wind. He is full of pep this afternoon. I have him in the nursery. He has a box of toys I can hear him dumping.

Senator Frederick VanNuys

Senator Frederick Van Nuys

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Decidedly More Destructive (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland, Ind.
Jan. 9 – 1944

Dear Daddy –

One more Sunday in ’44. I took David to church this a.m. – and we were able to remain thru the service – He has been to S.S. but this was his first church service. He kept very quiet, as far as vocalizing during the sermon, but he was very “fidgety” or “squirmy,” or whatever you want to call it. John asked me if I heard anything the minister said. I followed pretty well. The Shandys were there with their boy. I imagine he will soon be leaving for Miami. John Ade was also at church. He is an air cadet (Navy).

We are trying to break the thumb sucking habit and I believe we are making progress. He went to sleep this afternoon much sooner than he did yesterday. He went to sleep last night after much crying. Sometime during the night he got his favorite (left) thumb free and I could hear him working on it. I took him up and put him in bed with me, and I didn’t get much sleep after that, but I kept the thumb out of his mouth. He wants to throw things all the time. John thinks it’s time to teach him not to throw everything to the floor but I am afraid that would require a lot of hand slapping or what it takes to teach a child not to throw things. David is decidedly more destructive with his toys than J. & M. were – He tries to tear everything up and has done a pretty good job on a lot of his toys. He has a rubber apron or bib, Mrs. Roberts gave him. It is [a] pre-war one she used for their boys. David

[page 2] has ripped it in so many places, the back side looks like it’s made of adhesive tape. Of course, it isn’t hard to tear but David has wrecked things made of heavier material.

Mark is out skating again this afternoon. The weather stays cold enough to keep the pond frozen. John as usual is listening to musicals. Miss Smith told him about some of the teachers in Chicago she studied under she wants him to go to – &7.oo a lesson. I told him when he paid that much for a lesson he would have to absorb everything the teacher said. I told him he would have to direct a symphony orchestra “or something” if he spends that much on lessons. However, I don’t believe he will take any of said lessons soon.

There was a heavy frost on this morning and the air was crisp. I don’t know just how cold it was but know it was low. The sun has been shining all day and the sky is clear. I want to take David out for a walk after his nap.

Arlene is to come home today with the new baby girl. I didn’t get to visit her in the hospital, but will see her at home.

The planes that go over here – this must be cross-roads – they go all directions. Fri. two went so low they looked like they were just above the tree tops. Pinky won’t scare us any more with his antics. I understand he has been grounded – has a desk job now. Never see anything about him in the paper. Marg. Is here helping her mother run the paper and lives in her own house again.

David is awake – I’ll have to take him up so he won’t dampen his bed.
Love Mother

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White Cap (Gladys)

1943-08-16 (GRY)Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – I rec’d your Aug. 1 letter – but had rec’d up to Aug. 6 last week. Mrs. R. called me this a.m. She had word from Joe – he told her “all about” your being together and how much you both enjoyed the visit. – It is cooler today – Mother is about the same. I told you in yesterday’s letter what Dr. Cole said after examining her. It’s what you didn’t want to think – what I was afraid of and hoped wasn’t. He said just to continue with the same medication. – Mark left with the 4-H group for Dunes State Park this afternoon – He was so happy to get to go. Jim sent the boys each a white cap – the kind he wore before getting a chief rating – so Mark wore one. I had to take it off his head at the table – he was going to wear it all the time. John is talking to David. David & I were both having a good nap when a fly bothered around and disturbed David. I first heard a plane go over that woke me up. They go so low and so many a day – they fly almost over our house sometimes. Every time I hear one I do some wishful thinking about a passenger that could be aboard. Could be – Pinky got a ride home. Funks left today for Land of Lakes, Wis. The detassling business just about got Bill down. Krulls are going up next Sun. for a week. They just keep their restaurant open from 7:30 to 11 – then 3 p.m. to 7:30 – serve breakfast & short orders – Dorothy said they couldn’t get food or help so why stay open 15 hrs. a day.

Love – Mother

James L. Foster in his sailor uniform. Photograph courtesy of Gerry McCarroll.

James L. Foster in his sailor uniform (but not with the white cap). Photograph courtesy of Gerry McCarroll.

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No sunshine this week (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
May 20 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

It is still cloudy today – No sunshine this week except some Tues (This is Thurs). It has rained so much the water is higher than it has been in years – I think this is supposed to be equal to the 1913 flood. All the towns the floods always effect are under water. I am glad we are living here now. I haven’t had a letter from your Mother for a few days but I know the water must be out all around them. The field north of us was plowed just before these rains started, and it has lakes all over it. John had to mow wet grass this morning but it gets so tall it has to be mowed wet or dry. Your letter of May 9 came this a.m. and that is the first this week – all from May 1 have to

[page 2] come yet because the last I had last week was dated Apr 30.

We are to go to Mutch’s tomorrow to take plants, but I am going to call Ruth tonight and see if they still want the plants now – If it doesn’t clear up they wouldn’t be able to set them out. I hate to think what our garden is going to be like if Mark doesn’t get some weeds out soon – and he can’t get into the garden without getting stuck in the mud – so it seems to be a vicious circle. I wanted to get some more flowers put in this week but I can’t until there is a little less mud.

I see in the paper an account of Dr. M’s accident last week. He had his electric spot light band on his head and touched the water faucet – and got a jolt that knocked him out. Dorothy had to work with him several minutes before she brought him to. The wiring in the spot light was evidently defective. I saw him the next day after it happened and he

[page 3] was still feeling the effects.

I saw Pinky Carlson in town. He is stationed at Pope Field N.C. – Margaret has been here since she came home after the death of her father. I see that Lucile Jones has gone to New Lond, Conn to stay with Kenneth while he is in Sub. training school.

Yesterday we stopped at Funks, and Bobby came to the door – Said his mother and Louise were upstairs working on Louise’s wedding dress – then as an afterthought he said, “oh ho, She’s going to be married next week.” When he is up here playing he invents new works. John asked him what the lights on either side of the front door were and he answered “mistiders.” I suppose that is the way to spell the word – because that was the first time I had heard it. I was making a new flower bed (one day before the rains started) and he was helping haul away the pieces

[page 4] of sod – and he called them “magloshies.”

John is practicing for the recital and Mark wants to practice too – so that I suppose will be the case all summer if Mark continues to take piano lessons. Now Mark has decided to practice on his cornet.

As yet the $150 check hasn’t arrived but will be looking for it and will pay off that Ins loan when it comes. I just can’t seem to buy bonds any more but will try to get a few after we pay off the loan and I get all the uniform money & travel money. The way groceries cost and the monthly house payment etc, etc, etc, there isn’t much left out of the allotment. I bought material for new dresses this spring. Ready made dresses are much too high I think so will see what I can do with making my own. IT’s almost like dressing grownups now to buy clothes for J. & M. – We are getting along OK but there isn’t much surplus. It is time to feed David so must get the apple sauce, etc. ready.

Love Mother

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