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Decidedly More Destructive (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland, Ind.
Jan. 9 – 1944

Dear Daddy –

One more Sunday in ’44. I took David to church this a.m. – and we were able to remain thru the service – He has been to S.S. but this was his first church service. He kept very quiet, as far as vocalizing during the sermon, but he was very “fidgety” or “squirmy,” or whatever you want to call it. John asked me if I heard anything the minister said. I followed pretty well. The Shandys were there with their boy. I imagine he will soon be leaving for Miami. John Ade was also at church. He is an air cadet (Navy).

We are trying to break the thumb sucking habit and I believe we are making progress. He went to sleep this afternoon much sooner than he did yesterday. He went to sleep last night after much crying. Sometime during the night he got his favorite (left) thumb free and I could hear him working on it. I took him up and put him in bed with me, and I didn’t get much sleep after that, but I kept the thumb out of his mouth. He wants to throw things all the time. John thinks it’s time to teach him not to throw everything to the floor but I am afraid that would require a lot of hand slapping or what it takes to teach a child not to throw things. David is decidedly more destructive with his toys than J. & M. were – He tries to tear everything up and has done a pretty good job on a lot of his toys. He has a rubber apron or bib, Mrs. Roberts gave him. It is [a] pre-war one she used for their boys. David

[page 2] has ripped it in so many places, the back side looks like it’s made of adhesive tape. Of course, it isn’t hard to tear but David has wrecked things made of heavier material.

Mark is out skating again this afternoon. The weather stays cold enough to keep the pond frozen. John as usual is listening to musicals. Miss Smith told him about some of the teachers in Chicago she studied under she wants him to go to – &7.oo a lesson. I told him when he paid that much for a lesson he would have to absorb everything the teacher said. I told him he would have to direct a symphony orchestra “or something” if he spends that much on lessons. However, I don’t believe he will take any of said lessons soon.

There was a heavy frost on this morning and the air was crisp. I don’t know just how cold it was but know it was low. The sun has been shining all day and the sky is clear. I want to take David out for a walk after his nap.

Arlene is to come home today with the new baby girl. I didn’t get to visit her in the hospital, but will see her at home.

The planes that go over here – this must be cross-roads – they go all directions. Fri. two went so low they looked like they were just above the tree tops. Pinky won’t scare us any more with his antics. I understand he has been grounded – has a desk job now. Never see anything about him in the paper. Marg. Is here helping her mother run the paper and lives in her own house again.

David is awake – I’ll have to take him up so he won’t dampen his bed.
Love Mother

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No Mail (Gladys)

1943-12-06 (GRY)Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – No mail for a week. The last dated was Nov. 19. We are having a nip of cold weather again after yesterday’s spring like sunshine and warm wind. David didn’t get much airing today. I wrapped him up and took him with me to town in the car. He likes to go in the car or anyway – just likes to go. John and Lucile Wood played for Rotary tonight. Lucile plays a horn and John accompanied her on the piano. He isn’t home yet and it’s nearly 8: PM. He was wondering if they would be given their dinner. I am gradually getting my Christmas shopping done – picking up something here and there. I haven’t sent Jim & Thelma’s box yet and should get it mailed soon. We are urged to mail all our gifts & cards early. Hope you get yours. I haven’t even looked for cards yet. Arlene has hers ready to mail but she expects to be in the hospital before Christmas. She didn’t go to music club this afternoon – was having some discomfort and afraid to go away from home. Coke went with me – says her brother is in England. Her brother-in-law is in Great Lakes (Chief surgeon). John Ade is in Great Lakes at present. Catherine Ade is a Lt. in the Marines and is in N.C. now. John is home – brought candy.

Love Mother

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Everything Excepting David (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
July 2 1943

Dear Daddy –

No letters today but had June 21 – 22 & 23 this week. Some are still enroute earlier than those but they will come – they always do. It is still chilly enough to have heat in the house. The fire went out last nite so had to clean the furnace & start a fire this morning to get wash water hot. I want to take Mother down to Dr. M. this afternoon. Would have this

[page 2] morning but didn’t get around in time. David didn’t wake up till 7 a.m. so that made his next meal come at 11 – by the time I got him taken care of it was getting on past 11:30 and I didn’t want to go in so late before the noon hour. Everything (excepting David) is so quiet around here with J. & M. gone – the Zell’s gone – and Jimmy kept inside. Mrs. James is getting ready to go stay with Margaret a while – She is expecting her baby any time. She told Mother she didn’t know how long she would stay – She has had such a time with Jimmy this summer

[page 3] I know she is glad to get away for a while. She has been taking liver shots and doesn’t seem to get much better but I think it’s the strain she is under. Irene is taking a 2 week vacation. They are going over to Monticello for a week and then stay home a week. This will be the first time Mrs. J. has been away from Jimmy for about 2 ½ years. I intended to give you a complete acc’t of our finances today but haven’t had time yet to figure things out – have been doing week-end work all morning. Will try to get it for next letter then if you get this one & not the next you will wish it had been in this one.

[page 4] My checks came this morning, so will have to go the bank today. You know they come in ants of 170 & 30. I have been moving around all morning & getting hungry so will stop & get something to eat. – after a few minutes pause I’ll try and add a line. I glances thru the Newton Co. E. and saw a letter from Vincent Clark – he is in North Africa. John Ade and Emory Richards are in the Navy Training Station at Purdue. I told you before Cliff Shandy is in Harvard Navy Training School. He got an Ensign. – Speaking of rain – we have had over 12 inches of rain since May – It hasn’t rained since last Sat. – It has been too cool –

Love Mother

YEG1943-06 Dunlop Street house

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