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No sunshine this week (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
May 20 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

It is still cloudy today – No sunshine this week except some Tues (This is Thurs). It has rained so much the water is higher than it has been in years – I think this is supposed to be equal to the 1913 flood. All the towns the floods always effect are under water. I am glad we are living here now. I haven’t had a letter from your Mother for a few days but I know the water must be out all around them. The field north of us was plowed just before these rains started, and it has lakes all over it. John had to mow wet grass this morning but it gets so tall it has to be mowed wet or dry. Your letter of May 9 came this a.m. and that is the first this week – all from May 1 have to

[page 2] come yet because the last I had last week was dated Apr 30.

We are to go to Mutch’s tomorrow to take plants, but I am going to call Ruth tonight and see if they still want the plants now – If it doesn’t clear up they wouldn’t be able to set them out. I hate to think what our garden is going to be like if Mark doesn’t get some weeds out soon – and he can’t get into the garden without getting stuck in the mud – so it seems to be a vicious circle. I wanted to get some more flowers put in this week but I can’t until there is a little less mud.

I see in the paper an account of Dr. M’s accident last week. He had his electric spot light band on his head and touched the water faucet – and got a jolt that knocked him out. Dorothy had to work with him several minutes before she brought him to. The wiring in the spot light was evidently defective. I saw him the next day after it happened and he

[page 3] was still feeling the effects.

I saw Pinky Carlson in town. He is stationed at Pope Field N.C. – Margaret has been here since she came home after the death of her father. I see that Lucile Jones has gone to New Lond, Conn to stay with Kenneth while he is in Sub. training school.

Yesterday we stopped at Funks, and Bobby came to the door – Said his mother and Louise were upstairs working on Louise’s wedding dress – then as an afterthought he said, “oh ho, She’s going to be married next week.” When he is up here playing he invents new works. John asked him what the lights on either side of the front door were and he answered “mistiders.” I suppose that is the way to spell the word – because that was the first time I had heard it. I was making a new flower bed (one day before the rains started) and he was helping haul away the pieces

[page 4] of sod – and he called them “magloshies.”

John is practicing for the recital and Mark wants to practice too – so that I suppose will be the case all summer if Mark continues to take piano lessons. Now Mark has decided to practice on his cornet.

As yet the $150 check hasn’t arrived but will be looking for it and will pay off that Ins loan when it comes. I just can’t seem to buy bonds any more but will try to get a few after we pay off the loan and I get all the uniform money & travel money. The way groceries cost and the monthly house payment etc, etc, etc, there isn’t much left out of the allotment. I bought material for new dresses this spring. Ready made dresses are much too high I think so will see what I can do with making my own. IT’s almost like dressing grownups now to buy clothes for J. & M. – We are getting along OK but there isn’t much surplus. It is time to feed David so must get the apple sauce, etc. ready.

Love Mother

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High Winds (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
May 5 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

No letters today but two yesterday of Apr 9 & 10 and I hardly expected any today. We are having a high wind today – not cold but sounds like it. John Barce & a Walkup boy are to take storm windows down today but if this wind continues they won’t be able to. – I went to club yesterday afternoon with Arlene – Louise kept the baby – I took him there as I went to club and when I came back to get him he was just waking up. Louise said he & Donnie had slept all afternoon. I got home just a little while after school was out and John was having a chill and running a temp, so I put him right to bed. I called Dr. M. and he said to give him a cathartic and let him know this morning – well I didn’t give him anything but orange juice because I didn’t think it was necessary. His temp. got up to 102 ½ last night but was normal this morning. I don’t know what was the matter.

[page 2] He says he feels pretty good but he may be having measles – one of those delayed cases. He is in bed with the blinds drawn in case it is the measles, listening to the radio. He said after he attended the band contest he didn’t care if he did get measles. I went to town to get some oranges and took the baby with me. Saw Massengill salesman, Berry – He was always showing his twins pictures so I got to show him our baby. He told me they had another baby boy but it died – it was a 7 ½ mo. – lived a day. – While I was talking to him Dorothy came along and took D. She told me Betty Lou was sick so maybe she and John are just having a touch of flue. At any rate John isn’t sick today but has to stay in bed just in case of measles. There were both kinds going around so he may be having the 3 day king. I heard more yesterday about Eddie Ray. He was injured rather severely. Doctors told Wilson’s he had a 50-50 chance. Ellsworth said he thought he would make it now – He was injured last Sat. and this is Wed. I think that may stop some of the children around town from climbing trees for a while. Mark says he isn’t going to climb up on anything.

[page 3] I wanted to work out in the yard but this wind is so strong I am afraid it would be difficult to do much. I worked after supper last night till it got too dark to see. It is time for the lawn to be mowed again but John can’t do it today and the mowing is his job this summer. Our garden needs hoeing and that is Mark’s job so he will have to do that after school today. I wish I could get a Technicolor picture of the shrubbery & tulips – The tulips are in bloom – all colors – and the evergreens are looking good. We are to get a replacement for the west tree – I don’t know when but soon. – – Had callers, Lucile & Jimmy Ed. She had taken him to Dr. M. His skin is in a terrible shape. She has to keep long stockings on him to keep him from scratching his legs and mitts on his hands. His skin peels off in large white flakes. Dr. M. put him on lactic acid a long time ago but it hasn’t helped so now they are to give him S.M.A and start him on vegetables. He is such a nice big boy and has gotten along so well but for this skin condition. It has Lucile so worried Dr. gave her a nerve tonic to quiet her down some. I do hope they get him straightened out. They have tried to take such good care of him. She thinks it

[page 4] strange that D. has such a nice soft skin and me with my allergies. I do hope he doesn’t develop any such trouble but that is hardly to be expected as old as he is. Lucile had talked to Ellsworth today and he said six Drs. had seen Eddie Ray & said he would get along. However they haven’t been able yet to do anything about his left arm – The Drs. say it will be a slow process – his recovery – and they can’t move him yet for x-ray etc.

I went up a little while ago to take John temp and it was just 2/5 of a degree. He feel pretty good so maybe he will be up tomorrow, or broken out if he has measles.

Mark is home from school and is watching D. – He is in his buggy taking a nap. – Mark is pushing him on the walk in front of the house. Mark heard him say “Da-da” – He can hear more works that David says. So far it has just been so much jabber but both J. & M. hear words – if you get what I mean. – Mark just reported in that he got D. to go to sleep. – I must go out and see if he has him in the right position so the wind won’t blow directly on him.

Love – Mother

In case you missed my previous letters about Eddy R. – he fell out of a tree & fractured his skull & broke his arm.

Yegerlehner home, E. Dunlop Street, Kentland, circa 1943

Yegerlehner home, E. Dunlop Street, Kentland, circa 1943

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Like spring again (Gladys)

1943-02-18Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – Like spring again today but since we have had so much sub zero weather may have more before this month is over. Everything is quiet at present except for the stoker running – J & M both reading Mother and D. in bed. After the 6 P.M. feeding D. gets tucked in. He is getting old enough to show off – not quite 5 months – but J & M fuss around him so much when they are home and he is awake – I imagine he will be quite an actor by his first birthday – but will try to keep him from being too spoiled. Mark was first cornet player in the ban and was set back to second, so I got him to practice more and now he is back as first. I think if I keep on urging him he will get along. John has a habit of practicing the sax every evening when he comes home from school – Francis Kenny was married and is stationed in Bethesda Maryland. Art was attendant. He is in New River, N.C. – Byrnes said he has a permanent assignment there. Eileen Masters is in the WAAC – was she the one at St. E? K. Jones has been home – is going to take sub training when he goes back (New London – Conn) Boomershine is in N.Y. – He got a (j.g.) It seems strange for high school boys to be enlisting but that is happening now – Yost & Egan are two – – Funks went to Green Bay today for a visit. They took Louise along but with both boys they need help. I am glad D. isn’t as large as Donnie – because Donnie is so heavy (over 20 lbs at 6 mo.) To date no money for uniforms. The Dept that mails my checks has been moved to Cleveland. If Dolores comes home in April I am going to try and go down for a week-end. I think D. will be old enough to travel then. Your mother is anxious to see him again. Give me your suggestions about the yard.

Love Mother

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My 6 cents worth (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Dec 22 1942

Dear Daddy –

Rec’d 3 letters this morning. I wish I had sent you several small boxes for Christmas. Maybe you would have gotten one. I had a letter a few days ago in which you told me what to do about Otto Paul – I finally got around to calling Boonie & told him to send the pills. This weather again – Yesterday looked like another blizzard but it calmed down and now it looks foggy and the snow is dirty and the roads are so slick the school buses didn’t go out so no school today. John didn’t feel so good and I had kept him home in bed. My throat was sore again this morning so I called Dr. Cole. He said to give John 1 sulfothiozole every 4 hrs and told me to get neo-pronticil for my throat. Neither of us have a temperature but John’s cold hangs on and this throat condition has been coming & going for some time. I thought I was entirely rid of it but it was present again this morning. I am not down but don’t like to be bothered so much and afraid it might develop into something if I don’t get it checked.

[page 2] I talked to Jack Byrnes about writing to Mead-Johnson and he said if I would bring a letter head to him he would write to the Co for me. I started David on Pablum yesterday. He was hungry after his 2 P.M. bottle. Arlene had called me and wanted me to come down and stay with her boys while she went to town – Louise was out. So I bundled David up and went down. She had a new box of Pablum so she opened it and I gave him some. He was satisfied then. This morning I gave it to him just before his 10 A.M. bottle. Arlene commented on how well he ate it. I said that was because he knew what a spoon was for – having given his orange juice that way – however I had to quit the orange juice because he threw it up every time after I had increased the amount. I am giving him the Vit C tablets now. He weighs 11 ½ lbs. He is taking 13 oz carnation – 17 oz water – 2 ½ tbsp Dextri – in 24 hrs – Even if you have forgotten about baby formulas – you can see he is getting pretty strong milk for a 3 mo old baby – but he wasn’t satisfied with a weaker mixture so had to increase it – He has normal stools and is good so that must prove he can take the richer mixture

[page 3]Mark’s ice skates came today and I gave them to him so he could be learning. He was very thrilled over them but he didn’t stay at the pond very long. He was sure he could just get on those skates and do the figure eight.

John says he is hungry so that must indicate his cold isn’t making him feel so bad – but I am going to insist on keeping him in bed today.

We went to the band concert last night and the wind was blowing and the snow drifting over the sidewalks with a layer of ice under the snow so you know the going wasn’t easy. I haven’t tried to get the car out of the garage this week. The streets especially ours are so slick I am afraid I would turn around trying to stop. There is some traffic but I notice the cars go rather slow. The band concert was very nice. We took Bobby Funk and he enjoyed it very much. When I was there (at Funks) yesterday afternoon I took Donnie up and changed him. I never saw such a baby. It doesn’t

[page 4] seem possible for him to be so big at 4 months. However I told you once before about Elizabeth & Bud Wilson’s baby – at 3 months he weighed 17 lbs and looked like he was 6 mo. old. Our David isn’t like that but he is developing very normally – makes an average ½ lb a week gain.

C. Foulks just came and brought the children some gifts – I didn’t have hers ready yet – in fact I haven’t had a chance to finish my Christmas shopping. This weather I have been talking about has been a handicap.

I tried to call Floyd & Ruth to tell them we would stay home Christmas but they didn’t answer so must be on a company trip. I wrote to your Mother that we would stay home. I ordered a chicken today and it is a fry so John, Mark & I will eat our Christmas dinner at home. Since David is satisfied with milk & Pablum won’t bother him much about special days.

I feel a little on the dull side today so this letter may not be worth the 6¢ it takes to send it but I have stopped several times since I started and broken what constructive though I might have had. Will try to do better next time and get my 6¢ worth –

Love Mother

P.S. I called the enterprise about the visit of Uncle Wes & Paul Harris but they didn’t get give the item much space.

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