Like spring again (Gladys)

1943-02-18Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – Like spring again today but since we have had so much sub zero weather may have more before this month is over. Everything is quiet at present except for the stoker running – J & M both reading Mother and D. in bed. After the 6 P.M. feeding D. gets tucked in. He is getting old enough to show off – not quite 5 months – but J & M fuss around him so much when they are home and he is awake – I imagine he will be quite an actor by his first birthday – but will try to keep him from being too spoiled. Mark was first cornet player in the ban and was set back to second, so I got him to practice more and now he is back as first. I think if I keep on urging him he will get along. John has a habit of practicing the sax every evening when he comes home from school – Francis Kenny was married and is stationed in Bethesda Maryland. Art was attendant. He is in New River, N.C. – Byrnes said he has a permanent assignment there. Eileen Masters is in the WAAC – was she the one at St. E? K. Jones has been home – is going to take sub training when he goes back (New London – Conn) Boomershine is in N.Y. – He got a (j.g.) It seems strange for high school boys to be enlisting but that is happening now – Yost & Egan are two – – Funks went to Green Bay today for a visit. They took Louise along but with both boys they need help. I am glad D. isn’t as large as Donnie – because Donnie is so heavy (over 20 lbs at 6 mo.) To date no money for uniforms. The Dept that mails my checks has been moved to Cleveland. If Dolores comes home in April I am going to try and go down for a week-end. I think D. will be old enough to travel then. Your mother is anxious to see him again. Give me your suggestions about the yard.

Love Mother

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1 thought on “Like spring again (Gladys)

  1. davidmadison1942

    I wonder if this means the furnace: “except for the stoker running”

    wow she packed in a lot of news in this letter.

    HA HA: “Give me your suggestions about the yard.”


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