My 6 cents worth (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Dec 22 1942

Dear Daddy –

Rec’d 3 letters this morning. I wish I had sent you several small boxes for Christmas. Maybe you would have gotten one. I had a letter a few days ago in which you told me what to do about Otto Paul – I finally got around to calling Boonie & told him to send the pills. This weather again – Yesterday looked like another blizzard but it calmed down and now it looks foggy and the snow is dirty and the roads are so slick the school buses didn’t go out so no school today. John didn’t feel so good and I had kept him home in bed. My throat was sore again this morning so I called Dr. Cole. He said to give John 1 sulfothiozole every 4 hrs and told me to get neo-pronticil for my throat. Neither of us have a temperature but John’s cold hangs on and this throat condition has been coming & going for some time. I thought I was entirely rid of it but it was present again this morning. I am not down but don’t like to be bothered so much and afraid it might develop into something if I don’t get it checked.

[page 2] I talked to Jack Byrnes about writing to Mead-Johnson and he said if I would bring a letter head to him he would write to the Co for me. I started David on Pablum yesterday. He was hungry after his 2 P.M. bottle. Arlene had called me and wanted me to come down and stay with her boys while she went to town – Louise was out. So I bundled David up and went down. She had a new box of Pablum so she opened it and I gave him some. He was satisfied then. This morning I gave it to him just before his 10 A.M. bottle. Arlene commented on how well he ate it. I said that was because he knew what a spoon was for – having given his orange juice that way – however I had to quit the orange juice because he threw it up every time after I had increased the amount. I am giving him the Vit C tablets now. He weighs 11 ½ lbs. He is taking 13 oz carnation – 17 oz water – 2 ½ tbsp Dextri – in 24 hrs – Even if you have forgotten about baby formulas – you can see he is getting pretty strong milk for a 3 mo old baby – but he wasn’t satisfied with a weaker mixture so had to increase it – He has normal stools and is good so that must prove he can take the richer mixture

[page 3]Mark’s ice skates came today and I gave them to him so he could be learning. He was very thrilled over them but he didn’t stay at the pond very long. He was sure he could just get on those skates and do the figure eight.

John says he is hungry so that must indicate his cold isn’t making him feel so bad – but I am going to insist on keeping him in bed today.

We went to the band concert last night and the wind was blowing and the snow drifting over the sidewalks with a layer of ice under the snow so you know the going wasn’t easy. I haven’t tried to get the car out of the garage this week. The streets especially ours are so slick I am afraid I would turn around trying to stop. There is some traffic but I notice the cars go rather slow. The band concert was very nice. We took Bobby Funk and he enjoyed it very much. When I was there (at Funks) yesterday afternoon I took Donnie up and changed him. I never saw such a baby. It doesn’t

[page 4] seem possible for him to be so big at 4 months. However I told you once before about Elizabeth & Bud Wilson’s baby – at 3 months he weighed 17 lbs and looked like he was 6 mo. old. Our David isn’t like that but he is developing very normally – makes an average ½ lb a week gain.

C. Foulks just came and brought the children some gifts – I didn’t have hers ready yet – in fact I haven’t had a chance to finish my Christmas shopping. This weather I have been talking about has been a handicap.

I tried to call Floyd & Ruth to tell them we would stay home Christmas but they didn’t answer so must be on a company trip. I wrote to your Mother that we would stay home. I ordered a chicken today and it is a fry so John, Mark & I will eat our Christmas dinner at home. Since David is satisfied with milk & Pablum won’t bother him much about special days.

I feel a little on the dull side today so this letter may not be worth the 6¢ it takes to send it but I have stopped several times since I started and broken what constructive though I might have had. Will try to do better next time and get my 6¢ worth –

Love Mother

P.S. I called the enterprise about the visit of Uncle Wes & Paul Harris but they didn’t get give the item much space.

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2 thoughts on “My 6 cents worth (Gladys)

  1. davidmadison1942

    LOL: “he didn’t stay at the pond very long. He was sure he could just get on those skates and do the figure eight.”

    “I ordered a chicken today and it is a fry so John, Mark & I will eat our Christmas dinner at home.” How well I remember mother’s fried chicken: pieces rolled in flour, then deep fried in Crisco.


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