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The Above Address (Roscoe)

April 14, 1944, p. 1

April 14, 1944, p. 1

Letter transcription:

USN Hospital
Great Lakes

Dear Mother,

The above address is the correct one as I now have a mail box assigned and I’ll be able to get my mail there probably faster and more consistent than otherwise.

I think I’m about all settled now except the gas ration and that seems to be something. In the first place I need the tire certificate of registration and then that has to be sent into Chicago and Washington and then the card will be issued. By that time you will have the car back again. There is a possibility that I can get along without the tire business but I the may not even apply for the thing now. Chas. Largent gave me tickets for 10 gal. of gas and with what we have that would be enough to get the car back home and it seems there isn’t much trouble getting gas there. However, I’ll give it a

April 14, 1944, p. 2

April 14, 1944, p. 2

[page 2] think. It isn’t hardly worth while asking you to send that registration because you can bring it when Joe comes up or I can get it if I come down. I’m going to start working on the coming down about tomorrow and after work tomorrow eve I’m planning on going house looking.

It was about 5 PM when I left the hospital this PM so thought I would see if I could find Socky. With his address I was able to get his Barrack number and I drove up in front and asked about where Wilson might be and was informed that he was at chow. I just sat in the car and along came Socky. When he saw me he yelled “Hi Doc.” The first part of his yell was very loud but it tapered off to a whisper and he walked up – stood at attention and saluted. Then when no one was looking we both laughed. His barrack is very near that first large building on the left as you approach the station. His hands were a bluish color from the dye in the clothes he had washed. He said they had to drill pretty hard today – running and sprinting around the drill field. He was very glad to see me – said he was homesick. All

1944-04-14 (RSY), p. 3

April 14, 1944, p. 3

[page 3] in all he was very military. So much for Socky.

We got breakfast and lunch at the base – 25₵ per and it is checked from our pay. I guess we could get supper there but I haven’t tried as yet.

I’ll get paid some tomorrow but I won’t get the mileage until later. I’m not sure just how much I’ll be able to draw but will try to send some home.

Tomorrow is official day for white cap covers and I’m a little mixed up as to whether or not we can wear khaki. If not, I’ll have to buy another blue suit or grey whatever it might be but this I know I’m going slow on any buying of uniforms.

I think I’m in the whole house tonight by myself. I haven’t heard a sound and I’ve been here since 6:00 and it is now 9:00.

Since leaving home I’ve spent $1.17 – Two evening meals and 10₵ for a car badge – Haven’t even paid my room rent. She would not take it last night and she isn’t here tonight.

Well Dear – Love & goodnight

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