Last day before gas rationing begins (Gladys)

Kentland Ind
Nov 30 – 1942

Dear Daddy,

Monday and the last day to buy all the gas without limit. I have the tank full so am that much ahead. Mrs. Roberts just left. She wanted to come yesterday but couldn’t. She still doesn’t know where Joe is, but thinks he is in the same area as you are in. He wrote to her not long ago that he saw a Dr. from Chicago that used to go to Watseka & operate for Wiseman – can’t remember his name – but he is in the Army. I think she said he is a Gynocologist, but he was in a jeep and drove up to hospital where Joe is. She says Joe has to wear his blue – and of course white shirts, so he is where he must “Dress.”

I wrote you some time ago that when I left the hospital I was told that my bill had been taken care of – Don’t know whether you ever got that letter – but this is what I have been thinking of – I think it would be fitting and

[page 2] proper for you to write the Sisters of St. E and thank them – (or do you think you should?) I am going to send them a Christmas greeting and add a note of thanks myself, but thought they would also appreciate a word directly from you. Dr. Cole took your address so I suppose you will hear from him sometime soon.

The Parrs were in Kentland yesterday and stopped here a few minutes. I didn’t ask Harlan whether he thought he would be sent abroad but Dorothy told me last summer they expected he would be (I think that last was bad grammar).

The heavy snow on the trees and shrubs fell off and left a coating of ice. Looks very scenic. I took a picture of the house yesterday. I should take another today as thinks look a little different. The evergreens in front of the house look like they are decorated for Christmas.

I rec’d two letters this A.M. – one dated Nov 19 & 22. The letters you sent the money in – and the way I have it figured from previous letters – were mailed Nov 17 – haven’t come yet I hope you sent money orders,

[page 3] so if they get lost – we won’t lose the money – I am not being mercenary but after all you haven’t enough to lose, and I feel like I must be as saving as possible while you are away because you will need plenty to start on again when you come back. As I have said before – don’t have much desire to spend money while you are away. I have about given up on collections – Seems like all those acct’s are so many names with amounts after them. I wish I could find a collecting agency. It is a funny thing that the people left here at home making regular salaries and enjoying their regular home life routine are so thoughtless of obligations of this kind. I certainly would enjoy telling some of them off – but don’t suppose that would do any good either. I don’t understand how they have the nerve to speak to me (some don’t) Some few seem to have a guilty look – or maybe that is my imagination.

The baby has been tossing his orange juice to some extent, but I keep giving it to him every day. Some days he keeps it down. I suppose if he keep on losing it I will have to give him

[page 4] vitamin C in tablet form. He has such strong odor from his diapers. Dr. Cole gave me instructions on the washing. He has a little pamphlet printed that tells why the ammonia odor and what to do. I am supposed to put baric acid in the rinse water. I am going to town this afternoon and get some baric acid in bulk if I can because it takes 2 tbsp to the qt of water.

It is 4 P.M. and the boys (John & Mark) will soon be coming in. Mark has enjoyed the snow very much. To John it is something to look at and admire but to Mark it means snowballs, etc. They wrote you last week about their report cards. Mark promised to raise his grades next time. I hope he does – since he had a drop this time.

I must get this finished so I can get ready to go to town. “My Day” seems so short I never get all done I want to do but I get David taken care of and that is the most important.

Love Mother

©13 copyright owned and written by Deborah Sweeney

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2 thoughts on “Last day before gas rationing begins (Gladys)

  1. davidmadison1942

    What a different era that the hospital bill for my delivery would be waived by the nuns running the hospital.

    Re mother’s rant about people not paying their bills. My folks always had a keen eye for how people spent their money. If someone owed them money, but went on a vacation or bought a new car….they did grumble about it, as well they should have.

    “I should take another today as thinks look a little different.” ‘thinks’ should read ‘things’
    ‘baric acid’ should read ‘boric acid’

  2. Catherine

    How terrible that people weren’t paying their Bills… and there was their Doctor off across the other side of the world fulfilling his Civic Duty. Very sad… 😦


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