Packages – a goodly number (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Dec. 15, 1942

Dear Mother,

Up until the present I’ve received (today) one letter from Bart, the Clay City News and a Chicago Sun from Boonie. All of course were appreciated. The Chicago Sun was dated Nov. 11 and had many interesting news items. The Clay City was the mine as far as I was able to tell. It was dated Nov. 13. Bart gave me some of the low down but most of his news had been given me by you previously. There were no packages so my fun is still coming. Lots of the fellows have their packages – a goodly number came in today. Maybe mine will come this P.M.

We’ve been getting lots of magazines some dated as late as Nov. 25. Those of course are put out several days early and that makes some difference. We have copies of Life, Liberty, Colliers etc – So we have plenty reading and not too old.

We’ve had a very decided change in the weather and a welcome one at that. The

[page 2] sky has been overcast all day and rain has been the order – coming in spells and spurts, but it is cool – even a jacket wouldn’t feel badly. It hasn’t rained much but the mud is still pretty sticky.

Today was supposed to have been pay day but due to something or other we only get paid once per month now and that is the first. So won’t be paid now any more this year – but I should get along OK unless we have to pay mess bill again. I’ve forgotten when it was paid last.

I sometimes wonder if you can hear our loud speakers thru these letters. Seems it keeps going most of the time. Making announcements and calling men for this and that etc. Something like the loud speaker in the hospital only more noisy and too they put out a squeak each time it comes on to attract attention. They have never called Dr. Kildare yet but I’m looking for that to happen almost any day now.

Well, I wonder how the weather is up

[page 3] there now. I think of that very frequently along with other things of course, but that is a queer thing this weather when one thinks of it. At least right now it is for it is raining to beat the devil, but it may be over in 2 min. Good pickle showers back in the U.S.A.

Didn’t have any snoring difficulties last night – I got both sides of the story and tried to explain the whole situation so maybe we won’t come to blows. We hope. On

Our picture printing wasn’t so much a success. The fixing solution wasn’t just right and the pictures turned yellow. We are going to change solutions and maybe that will help. If we ever get good ones I’ll send them home. We just this minute got some new developer fluid and fixer. So will probably try again soon.

Our chow has been a little on the scant order the past few day but with Christmas candy it won’t bother if it is a little scant. I’m trying to reduce. I’ve

[page 4] gained 2-3 pounds and can’t let that happen. It’s a lot the starchy diet we have and too I think our  muscles have gotten more firm. In fact my trousers are more loose than they were when in the States but my muscles harder I suppose because we walk up and down the hills etc pretty much.

The way it looks now I doubt if we have show tonite because I’m afraid we would slip off the hillside – but if it stopped raining ½ hour the ground drys rapidly so we may still have a show since it’s only 1500.

Well, I’ll save the rest of the space until later but in case I forget –

Lots of Love


P.S. Did have show and you’d think it very important because we sat thru hard spells of rain – Rain coat and hat. It’s fun – No more mail.

Love again Daddy

©2013 copyright owned and written by Deborah Sweeney

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3 thoughts on “Packages – a goodly number (Roscoe)

  1. davidmadison1942

    “I sometimes wonder if you can hear our loud speakers thru these letters. Seems it keeps going most of the time.” … now THAT would drive me crazy! 😦

    ” I’m trying to reduce. I’ve gained 2-3 pounds and can’t let that happen.” He has like that all his life, and never developed a pot. 🙂

  2. Mary Scherer

    Hi Deborah, Still enjoying the daily blog and have come upon information about Floyd and Ruth. Found their tombstone in Lebanon Oak Hill Cemetery and an article about them in local history book. Have given-up trying to send the information electronically but will gladly mail article and pictures if you send me your snail mail address. Did you know your Uncle Floyd was a founding member of Rotary International? Looking forward to tomorrow’s mail…Mary

    1. Genealogy Lady Post author

      Thanks Mary. Actually Floyd was not a found member of the Rotary club, but his uncle Silvester Schiele. To kearn more about Sikvester, do a search on my blog. I have written about Silvester and the Rotary a couple times already. I have actually helped the Rotary Club international with providing information about the family and have even provided a couple photographs which are posted on their website.
      I also manage the Find A Grave memorials for Floyd and Ruth.
      I definitely want to see the article and will send you my address via email. And I am glad you are still reading and enjoying the letters,


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