There is a blizzard raging (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Dec 16 – 1942

Dear Daddy –

Received a letter today that was a little behind time but was glad to get it even tho it wasn’t the latest. The first letter you wrote was I think, the seventh I rec’d – It came “Sept 22” – the day I started to the hospital – I left here about 11:15 Sept 22 and it was 12:05 Sept 23 when I arrived on the 4th floor St E.

Dorothy came out this afternoon and we went to Sheldon and I got a supply of beef. The pork isn’t in the drawer yet. Will be next week. When we came back to town we stopped to see Mrs. P. and she gave me our Christmas gifts. I wanted her to see the baby. She said she would keep him any time in the afternoon for me. She said the gift was for you too – So since I sent you a box last week won’t send anything right now – I’ll wait until you mention something you want. I’ll wait until after Christmas and if you don’t get any of the boxes sent

[page 2] to you will send you something else to make up for them.

I have been thinking about the surplus in the bank and since I haven’t spent the gifts you sent to me will put that specific amt. in a saving acc’t and do you think I should buy more bonds than one a month?

The gift from Revlon came today – and thanks again for another gift. Dorothy was here so I opened it and showed it to her. I also opened the brush set and showed to her. She thinks they are both nice gifts.

Arlene just called me and invited me to a Christmas party Monday night. I should go to the band concert but I would rather go to the party – so that is where I decided to go. John gave me his consent. Arlene keeps asking me if you rec’d the letters they sent but you have never mentioned any. I think you would answer them if you did receive a letter.

I am sending St. E. a greeting and hope you have sent or are sending one from there.

[page 3]Had a letter from Ruthie today. They had your letter. They want to come over here Christmas Eve and take us in our car to C.C. for Christmas and come back Sun. following. I haven’t decided yet – I am not much in favor because I am afraid it will be too hard on the baby and his mother. Your mother said something about whopping cough down there and I certainly don’t want to get close to that. If it weren’t for that I might consider the trip – since the baby is on Carnation and his milk wouldn’t have to be changed. The baby is getting along so fine I certainly wouldn’t want him to get anything.

You mentioned the furnace. When I take out clinkers I always poke to the bottom and stir things around. I pull up the rings that form. Not long ago I cleaned it out and started a new fire and cleaned out the soot & silt too. I am going to put some baby things in the Bendix this evening and while down there for that take out some clinkers. Took out a few last nite.

[page 4] I am not up on local “gossip” – so can’t be very newsy in this letter. The paper will probably be out tomorrow but this will be in the mail by then. We are still having plenty of winter. It isn’t so awfully cold but lots of snow and ice. Seems no one can remember when we have had such an early winter. Nick said they had burned more coal so far this winter than all last winter. I can’t tell how much we have used – but will be able to figure out after winter is over. The coal in July was 69⁰⁰ and last week was 28⁰⁰. There is still room for more but Chet says they will get coal all along.

Fri nite is the class party and I will know who my mystery pal has been. I got Hannah a cake plate for her last gift. I haven’t anyone to stay with the baby, but I am going to the party & stay til 10 o’clock then if I haven’t anyone will come home. He sleeps after his 6 P.M. bottle until 10 – so think I can leave him with the boys that long.

If you go swimming again & can get it I would like some more coral. Also if you can manage – send your Mother a box

Sorry you didn’t like our pictures. Maybe if we keep on can get some good ones – I’ll have one made of myself after Christmas & send.

Love – Mother

[page 5] Thurs. morn – This weather again. There is a blizzard raging this morning and no school. It is coming from the south and the windows on the so. Side of the house are covered with snow & ice. I am certainly thankful for a good warm house and plenty of modern conveniences. I wrote to Mom & Ruthie and told them if this weather continues I know I won’t plan to do anything but stay home. In fact I don’t much like the idea of going now because of the weather and the baby being so small. I think we would be much better off at home and we can have our Christmas right here. I hear the baby cooing or making some kind of gurgling sound. He has been making a lot of changes this week – I think I mentioned he “chews” his left thumb.

The “bliz” is still going strong.

Love Mother

©2013 copyright owned and written by Deborah Sweeney

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2 thoughts on “There is a blizzard raging (Gladys)

  1. davidmadison1942

    “They want to come over here Christmas Eve and take us in our car to C.C. for Christmas and come back Sun. following. I haven’t decided yet – I am not much in favor because I am afraid it will be too hard on the baby and his mother.” I remember the Indiana roads before the Interstate Highway system was built. That trip to Clay City would gave been an ordeal, especially in the winter.

    Well, this was puzzling: “The coal in July was 69⁰⁰ and last week was 28⁰⁰.”


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