This is “unusual” weather (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Dec 15 – 1942

Dear Daddy –

Tues eve. and just before time for Fibber – will try to get something written. I went to Club this afternoon and then did some Christmas shopping. Clara Molter stayed with the baby. He fussed yesterday after his 2 P.M. bottle and acted hungry so today I put a full can of carnation in his formula. He was much better today. Clara was giving him his bottle when I left and when I came back about 5:30 she said he had been good all the time I was gone. In fact she was able to do the ironing. When I have her stay with him I have some work to be done because he isn’t any trouble and that way I get a little lift which I always seem to need. I never seem to get caught up but I suppose I do as much as the average person with a small baby and two others to think about. I know if you were here I would have to keep help – which I would gladly do if you could be. It seems to me I am not very efficient, but when I

[page 2] stop to think about it – you helped so much when John was a baby and we always had extra help after Mark came, so maybe I am not so slow after all. I do spend a lot of time with David, but after all he will grow up so quickly I must give him all the attention possible. He weighed 11 lbs 2 oz this morning.

Marks is about normal again. He didn’t want to go to school this afternoon. I took his temperature and it was exactly 98 6/10 – so I told him he should go because there really wasn’t any excuse for him staying home. He went and I saw him going home after school (I was uptown) and he seemed to feel as gay as usual. I ordered a new suit for him for Christmas and it came today. It is supposed to be a Navy uniform but I hardly think the color of blue would conform to Navy regulations. It seems more a cross between a Navy & Army uniform because it has a leather strap across the front & back with a leather belt. It looks like the Army uniforms Earl Roberts had on. His tool chest came but it wasn’t complete – due to shortage of certain things containing metal.

[page 3] The band is giving a concert Monday, so I will try to go and hear John play. He has sold me a ticket. Clara has promised to stay with the baby. The High School gave the entertainment at Club this afternoon. 7th grade sang, Glee club sang and the band played. I think they have a good band teacher this year.

Hume Sammons died today about noon. They were taking him to the hospital. I didn’t know he had been sick.

Mrs. Plummer called to tell me she had a letter but I had yours of 5 – 6 – 7 – and knew you had written her. She said she was going to write you and enjoyed your letter very much. She said for John to stop on his way home from taking his piano lesson Sat. for something – which makes me think of Christmas shopping. I am going to give potted plants this year which will relieve me a lot running around, wrapping, etc., trying to find something suitable for everyone. – – a pause – – went down to take some clinkers out of the furnace. I don’t like to trust the boys to that job all the time. Maybe I should hire someone to do the job but it doesn’t take much time once a day or so. I was thinking about how much I have written about

[page 4] the weather – but it snowed again today, but it isn’t quite so cold. Unless we have an early spring this is going to seem like a long winter. It has seemed long already and the really cold weather started Thanksgiving day. This is “unusual” weather for Ind because we would ordinarily have had a thaw by now.

Wed Morn – I went out and started the car this morning to see if it would still go. – I haven’t had it out for over a week and was afraid the battery would be down – but it started. I must get some meat so think I’ll have Dorothy go with me to Sheldon. It is so slick around town I don’t like to drive alone – The sun is shining this morning and it isn’t too cold. I am trying to get the humidity up but that seems like a big job I have pans of water on the radiators but that isn’t very effective. Wish we had regular humidifiers. Up until this cold weather the humidity outside was sufficient.

David is sucking his thumb trying to go to sleep. He takes a short nap before his bath every morning. I must go mix formula and get ready for his bath & bottle, and I am trying to get this ready for Carl to take when he delivers the mail.

Love – Mother –

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2 thoughts on “This is “unusual” weather (Gladys)

  1. davidmadison1942

    Nice to read this: “you helped so much when John was a baby”

    I don’t think I was more than 4 or 5 when Lea came to live with us to help mother, and I thought of that when I read this: “I get a little lift which I always seem to need. I never seem to get caught up but I suppose I do as much as the average person with a small baby and two others to think about…”

    ” went down to take some clinkers out of the furnace” Mostly I remember oil deliveries to the house, not coal. So dad must have converted from coal to oil after he go home from the war.

    LOL: “I am trying to get the humidity up but that seems like a big job I have pans of water on the radiators”….we do the same thing here….i.e., the pans of water.

    1. Genealogy Lady Post author

      I also remember putting pans of water on the radiators to increase the humidity, but I also remember the de-humidifier always running in the basement when I was a kid. Not issues we have to deal with in California.


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