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Just a week until Christmas eve (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Dec 17 – 1942

Dear Daddy –

Just a week until Christmas Eve. Seems like it is getting here rapidly and I still have some things to do. If we don’t go to C.C. (which I doubt our going) I will have to make some preparations for Christmas dinner, etc. Since Ruth & Earl can’t come here & Ruth & Floyd are going home we will probably have no company. I had a letter from Mother today and she said Thelma is going to Norfolk for Christmas. I haven’t heard any more about Jim coming home in Jan. I sent him two gifts last week and one to Thelma. I rec’d two boxes from her today. Jim’s came last week. We have been getting boxes every day and since the mail is so heavy we have to go to the P.O. to get packages. I couldn’t imagine where the two today were from. I didn’t expect any from Thelma since Jim had sent each of us gifts in his box.

The weather I wrote you about

[page 2]  this morning changed somewhat. The blizzard stopped and by noon the sun was shining and all was quiet. This afternoon the snow began to thaw and I went to town in the car and the streets were getting very slushy. There is quite a wind now but I think it isn’t a cold wind.

Arlene called a while ago and said she was coming up for a little visit. I went to town this afternoon and did a little shopping for her. Louise wasn’t there and she couldn’t leave. She said Donnie weighs over 16 lbs now. David weighed 11 – 4 today.

John is taking his turn being sick. There wasn’t any school today due to the blizzard this morning and the boys were home. By noon John said he didn’t feel so good. He was hungry and ate quite a good lunch. After eating I waited a while and took his temperature. It was 100 – I gave him ½ and at 6:30 ½. His temp. went up to 101 but he doesn’t seem to feel so bad. He drank a glass of orange juice for supper. I hope I can elude that little “bug.” I am trying to be careful so maybe I will be able to get by.

[page 3] I took a roll of pictures of the baby to try and get one to put on Christmas greetings. Out of 8 I got one that will do. I found some greetings at the variety store that the picture will fit in so will send a few to our close friends, Maces, Watsons, Mutch’s, Dolores, your Mom & mine and one to Mrs. P. After Christmas I am going to have the photographer make a picture of David and also one of myself for you as you requested.

Fri – John is much better but I didn’t allow him to go to school today. He is getting restless and that is a good sign. He is hungry so that is another good symptom.

The pictures are the ones Mrs. Zell took the morning I wrote about how beautiful & scenic it was. I was out of film that morning so didn’t get any with our camera. To get the full beauty one would have to take pictures with a movie camera.

The papers came today but have been too busy to read. Hume Sammon’s funeral was this afternoon. The Puetz have a baby boy – born Dec 13 – weight 6-9.

[page 4] After all the varied weather yesterday there was a little freeze and it was slick on streets where there isn’t much traffic. I went to town but drove very carefully and slowly. There wasn’t many cars on the streets so didn’t have much traffic to encounter.

I am going to the class party tonite and Dorothy is coming out to stay with the family. It was her suggestion. I wouldn’t ask anyone to do that but she offered her time. I have Clara M. engaged for Mon nite – the band concert – Arlene is having a party Sun nite so will have to get someone to come then – I haven’t been out much and it seems like everything is coming together. After Christmas there won’t be much going on so will stay home. I am going to take Bobby Funk to the concert Mon. nite. Arlene’s bridge club meets and she can’t take him so I told her Mark & I would take him. John of course will play in the band. It is about time for Mark to come home so will get this ready for him to take to the P.O. Helen W. Knollin has been here but is leaving Sun. She & her husband are in Chi. Now but will be back here tonite & tomorrow.

Love Mother

©2013 copyright owned and written by Deborah Sweeney

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This is “unusual” weather (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Dec 15 – 1942

Dear Daddy –

Tues eve. and just before time for Fibber – will try to get something written. I went to Club this afternoon and then did some Christmas shopping. Clara Molter stayed with the baby. He fussed yesterday after his 2 P.M. bottle and acted hungry so today I put a full can of carnation in his formula. He was much better today. Clara was giving him his bottle when I left and when I came back about 5:30 she said he had been good all the time I was gone. In fact she was able to do the ironing. When I have her stay with him I have some work to be done because he isn’t any trouble and that way I get a little lift which I always seem to need. I never seem to get caught up but I suppose I do as much as the average person with a small baby and two others to think about. I know if you were here I would have to keep help – which I would gladly do if you could be. It seems to me I am not very efficient, but when I

[page 2] stop to think about it – you helped so much when John was a baby and we always had extra help after Mark came, so maybe I am not so slow after all. I do spend a lot of time with David, but after all he will grow up so quickly I must give him all the attention possible. He weighed 11 lbs 2 oz this morning.

Marks is about normal again. He didn’t want to go to school this afternoon. I took his temperature and it was exactly 98 6/10 – so I told him he should go because there really wasn’t any excuse for him staying home. He went and I saw him going home after school (I was uptown) and he seemed to feel as gay as usual. I ordered a new suit for him for Christmas and it came today. It is supposed to be a Navy uniform but I hardly think the color of blue would conform to Navy regulations. It seems more a cross between a Navy & Army uniform because it has a leather strap across the front & back with a leather belt. It looks like the Army uniforms Earl Roberts had on. His tool chest came but it wasn’t complete – due to shortage of certain things containing metal.

[page 3] The band is giving a concert Monday, so I will try to go and hear John play. He has sold me a ticket. Clara has promised to stay with the baby. The High School gave the entertainment at Club this afternoon. 7th grade sang, Glee club sang and the band played. I think they have a good band teacher this year.

Hume Sammons died today about noon. They were taking him to the hospital. I didn’t know he had been sick.

Mrs. Plummer called to tell me she had a letter but I had yours of 5 – 6 – 7 – and knew you had written her. She said she was going to write you and enjoyed your letter very much. She said for John to stop on his way home from taking his piano lesson Sat. for something – which makes me think of Christmas shopping. I am going to give potted plants this year which will relieve me a lot running around, wrapping, etc., trying to find something suitable for everyone. – – a pause – – went down to take some clinkers out of the furnace. I don’t like to trust the boys to that job all the time. Maybe I should hire someone to do the job but it doesn’t take much time once a day or so. I was thinking about how much I have written about

[page 4] the weather – but it snowed again today, but it isn’t quite so cold. Unless we have an early spring this is going to seem like a long winter. It has seemed long already and the really cold weather started Thanksgiving day. This is “unusual” weather for Ind because we would ordinarily have had a thaw by now.

Wed Morn – I went out and started the car this morning to see if it would still go. – I haven’t had it out for over a week and was afraid the battery would be down – but it started. I must get some meat so think I’ll have Dorothy go with me to Sheldon. It is so slick around town I don’t like to drive alone – The sun is shining this morning and it isn’t too cold. I am trying to get the humidity up but that seems like a big job I have pans of water on the radiators but that isn’t very effective. Wish we had regular humidifiers. Up until this cold weather the humidity outside was sufficient.

David is sucking his thumb trying to go to sleep. He takes a short nap before his bath every morning. I must go mix formula and get ready for his bath & bottle, and I am trying to get this ready for Carl to take when he delivers the mail.

Love – Mother –

© 2013 copyright owned and written by Deborah Sweeney

Post originally found at: https://genealogylady.net/2013/08/28/this-is-unusual-weather-gladys/

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