Simply Devastated

Letter transcription:

Kentland March 13

David Dear –

I have intended getting a letter off to you but have been ill & have done nothing. I will write a letter soon as I can. Your Mother & Mark came to see me yesterday after the big party at the gym. It must have been a lovely affair. They also had a carry in dinner for them at the church yesterday. Your  mom looked so pretty. Mark said the kids are all sick with flu. I am simply devastated without your Dad & Mom. How I miss them. You seem to be working too hard – both of you. I love your letters.

Much love to you & Bonnie

[Editor’s note: This is the last letter from Ruth Myers to David in the collection. The big party at the gym is one of the retirement celebrations the town of Kentland gave to Roscoe and Gladys when they moved away. Roscoe had accepted a position at Purdue, attending to the medical needs of the university’s students and they moved to West Lafayette.]

©2016 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
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3 thoughts on “Simply Devastated

  1. davidmadison1942

    Very sad letter. We was losing such an important part of her support network.

    I notice that the address on the envelope is in my handwriting. I must have sent her some for make it easier for her to write to me.

  2. Janet Burge Schuh

    I don’t remember his retirement party,but I was very surprised when I was sick at purdue ,went to the medical facility , and he walked in and said “what’s going on with you!”- I could have fell over!!


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