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Christmas Day 1943 (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Christmas Day
Written from
Wilmington – 1943

Dear Daddy –

As you will note from the heading we have spent the day with the Mutchlers and are all in bed except Ruth & Romaine. Ruth is in the bathroom & Romaine is out with Jerry. We came over this a.m. – Had dinner at 1 P.M. In the afternoon Earl began feeling worse from his cold and Ruth and I prevailed upon him to see a Dr. and he finally went to see Dr. Wilson. He came back with two kinds of medicine and got five does down before we started to retire. He chilled from time to time – sat over the radiator all evening with a blanket around him. I told him to go to bed but he wanted to get his five doses down before retiring. He is tucked in now with heating pad but says he feels better. I noticed Mark sounded nasal after we got here so I used some nose drops on him when I tucked him in. If he isn’t better in the morning will do something about his cold. So far the rest of us are all normal, except my sinus drainage which I have had all winter, so nothing to be alarmed about.

This evening we talked a lot about you and looked at your pictures. Ruth got out some of your letters and read excerpts from same. She got out the world books and read about places and things.

[page 2] Last night we had our usual gift exchange. Dorothy wanted to see David get his gifts so I kept him up until 8 P.M. and she & Buddy came out and we gave him his gifts. Before she got there he spied the dog behind the tree Jimmy Staton had given him – It wasn’t wrapped. He wanted it so much we gave it to him. He holds his toys and we say “love the dog” (cat, etc.) and he pats some wrinkles up his nose and makes a funny little noise that is his way of loving. He had quite a time with all his gifts, which included plastic block, wood blocks, dogs, a jeep, bathrobe, house slippers and several wooden toys. I held J. & M. off for a while after David was put to bed. We had boxes with gifts from Jim & Thelma, Ruth & Floyd, & Ruth M. – I gave John records and money. I gave Mark some work sets – and things he likes to play with. They both thoughts they had a nice Christmas. Jim sent me a navy pin – it has the Lt. bars – is very pretty.

It is 11:30 & I am sleepy – Ruth said they would all sign this in the morning & let David make a mark.

Love Mother
How are you coming boys O.K. I hope Mutch
We have had a nice Christmas, hope you have to. Lots of love & best wishes for the New Year

P.S. I tried to hold David’s hand and he didn’t like the idea. The pencil mark are his.

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