Sunny but cold (Gladys)

1943-04-14Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – It is sunny today but cold, after our snows of yesterday. I went to town yesterday and sent the things you asked for. A week’s letters are missing – I thought they might come today but haven’t seen Carl yet – Maybe he has passed us by. The last I had was Mar 31 & Apr 1. You had added a P.S. to your 31st letter or I wouldn’t have known you wanted anything. Anna Rhude wrapped the package for me, so you thank her too (mentally). D. is waking up after a short nap and is working on his thumb. It hasn’t been nice enough to take him out this week but maybe I can take him out today – Had to stop & give D. his morning routine – and since I started this we have had two snow storms and the sun is shining again – – Ralph Bower told me he is trying to enlist in the navy – he had an exam and was 2 lbs underweight – but he is going to try & gain and take another exam. Hickey wrote them that he wasn’t with you but if he would need medical attention would see you. Did you ever write to him? If you have had any recent news from Joe R. let me know. I enclosed a picture of all of us in the package I sent yesterday. It was such a good one of John and gives you an idea how much he has grown this winter. It was taken when D. was 5 mo. old – I had two taken at the same time but the other wasn’t as good of J. Mark was watching D. and didn’t take good in either. I wanted to work in the yard this week but the weather hasn’t been agreeable so far. I just get used to working outside then I have to stay in and break in all over again. I won’t work too hard.

Love – Mother

1943-02  - Yegerlehner, Gladys, John, Mark and David

Probably not the picture Gladys was talking about, but it was taken when David was 5 months old.

© 2014 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
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2 thoughts on “Sunny but cold (Gladys)

  1. davidmadison1942

    “…he had an exam and was 2 lbs underweight – but he is going to try & gain and take another exam.” Interesting that so many didn’t want to have an excuse to stay out of the service.

    Not such a good mug shot of me in that photo!


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