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Four Pages With What Have You (Gladys)

April 15, 1944 envelope

April 15, 1944 envelope

April 15, 1944, p. 1

April 15, 1944, p. 1

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.

Dear Daddy –

Your letter written the 13th and post marked 4 PM Apr. 14 came this a.m. I sent out a letter yesterday and hope you get it by today. When your letter came the boys gathered around to listen and got quite a “kick” out of the 23 little men. John decided we needed a cake, “now that Daddy is gone,” and is mixing one now. Mark is putting bon ami on all the windows. It is raining and he can’t play out so I thought this would be a god job for him. He (Mark) slept with me last night. This a.m. David was awake and very insistent about some attention. Mark brought him to me and he was wet and had had a B.M. which was very soft and extensive. I suppose he had too many green beans yesterday. Mark got up and went to the store and got a few things we needed – and a qt. of cottage cheese. I gave David some and will give him some each meal today. That has always acted as a “builder upper” for him. When I

April 15, 1944, p. 2

April 15, 1944, p. 2

[page 2] started to dress him after breakfast he reached into the drawer and got out the pink knitted suit I made for him last year so he looks a little like a sissy in his pink and needing a hair cut.

The weather cleared up about noon yesterday and we had sunshine long enough to get two washes out to dry. It is raining this a.m. so no washing today. I ironed and ironed yesterday and finally got it all done. I even got what was washed yesterday ironed. I was so tired last night I was afraid maybe I had worked off some of my excess fat but this a.m. I still balanced the scales a shade under 100. I won’t work so hard today now that I am caught up on the washing & ironing. I promised Mark we would make a batch of cookies after John gets thru with the cake.

Mark said Geo. Dinwiddie called his drawing “corny” so our Mark comes back with, “well we are going to live with Daddy this summer and I am going to Chicago and take drawing lessons.” The little Sammons boy and one or two others took up the discussion and said it wasn’t essential and Mark couldn’t drive to Chicago to take lessons. From there on I don’t know what was said, except that in all probability our Mark had

April 15, 1944, p. 3

April 15, 1944, p. 3

[page 3] the last work. I had a good notion to tell Mark to tell Jimmy S. that it wasn’t essential for his parents to take a trip to Ga. or wherever it was they went this winter. However I didn’t make any comment. Yesterday after school Mr. Zell asked John & Mark to help him roll his yard. Mr. Z. was a little on the touchy side and Virginia said to Mark, “I’ll bet your Daddy isn’t grouchy.” I asked Mark what he answered – he said, “I just kept my big mouth shut.”

Haven’t heard from Jim yet. All that came Thurs. & Fri. was the Kent papers. Your letter & a letter from Wayne Pharm. Supply Co. was all that came this a.m.

I was thinking about a radio last night and wondered why you didn’t take the kitchen radio with you. We could get along with the one in the living room. If you want it and I come up with Dr. Joe I’ll bring it up. However I hope you get to come home by that time. If not I think I’ll come up as planned.

April 15, 1944, p. 4

April 15, 1944, p. 4

[page 4] My hands are peeling off but I can’t close my left hand yet. There are still some water pockets on my left hand but the old places are about gone. I believe the worse is over. I keep my left hand out of the water and am still very careful not to get my right hand in water more than I have to. I keep scaling off all the time. Now believe me I will not touch tomatoes in any form again (soon).

I haven’t been away from home since you left, but have been busy doing things. I would take David for a walk today but it is too wet and I have been taking him out in the yard the past two days and he doesn’t want to come in when I do. Arlene was looking for Bobby Thurs. afternoon and I told her I would keep Donnie out with David but she declined. She looked so tired and said she was having Carl & Rosemary come for dinner. They (C. & M.) are having their house painted (inside). I am afraid Arlene isn’t getting enough rest so soon after she had that repair work done. She has a girl from John’s class come after school and help I think. Louise is past helping her now.

John got into a little difficulty with his cake – he forgot to add the milk and it was so thick he couldn’t pour it into the pans.

For no news I have pretty well filled four pages with what have you. Maybe one of your 23 helped me.
Love – Mother

P.S. John got his report card Thurs PM A+ on hist., arith. & Eng. – A on all the rest except shop B+

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Lots of Mail (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Lieut. R.S. Yegerlehner USNR
USN Base Hosp. #4
Navy 133
F.P.O. San Francisco Calif.
Feb. 15, 1944

Dear Mother,

To begin with the P.S. that I closed with in yesterday’s letter. There was lots of mail – First to add to my chagrin a Valentine came from you and it hit the day smack on the head – anyway I wrote you mentioning Valentine on the day. Your air mail of Jan. 31st came and 4 others, all older than the ones received a few days ago. The picture of D. finally arrived. They were good. I thought – very – the one in the folder looks a lot like the baby picture of mine – Maybe I’m just imagining. Anyway they were good pictures. There was three Christmas packages. Tw One from Funks, one from Boonie – They were just alike – a round box of

[page 2] assorted candies. Meade Johnson also sent a big box of assorted vitamins and then there were several Christmas greetings. There was on from Pinky C., Mrs. Smart, Joe Mullens, Dorothy Salter, Bill Funk, Carl Funk and Harry Hufty. These of course we[re] from Mr. & Mrs. In each case where there was a Mr. & Mrs. Mrs. Smart sent hers for 1½ cents which was a surprise because I didn’t know that could be done. There was also a letter from Boonie. He wrote very fluently on Col. Wilkie but a few weeks ago when I asked him if he knew Otto. He studied a little and finally admitted he did remember him but not nearly as much as Otto lead we to believe in the letter.

[page 3] All in all it was a pretty good mail call even though there were more letters from other people than from you. However your letter was still the latest of the bunch. So that still made you tops even in the mail. There were a couple of old Newton Co. E. in the bunch also.

I’m going to try to get the films into town today that I wrote you about a few days ago and maybe in a few days I can send a picture to you. It was taken with a friend of mine – A Jewish boy from Brooklin. Doesn’t that sound funny coming from me. He is a very fine fellow and so far we have gotten along very well. So much for those until we see how they turn out.

Today we got an official statement

[page 4] from the pay office on the amount taxable collected in 1943. I’ve sent that to you before but don’t know what my figures were – This is official – $2,530.00 so if its necessary to file those are the figures plus anything you might have collected in the way of interest or old bills, both of which wouldn’t amount to much.

Our back yard is being leveled off and spaded getting ready for some grass. It will be nice when it gets all green but I hope I’m not here that long. I’ll be willing to imagine how it will look at some later date.

In all probability I’ll reread your letters and add more comment tomorrow. Thanks again for the pictures & Valentine

Love Daddy

P.S. also received a letter from Geo. Wingfield – he had received your letter.


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Spreading the News (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
Jan. 16-1944

Dear Daddy –

Yours of Jan. 3 & 4 came yesterday. I told Mark he could tell people you are in N.Z. He was more than delighted and said right away he would tell his teacher.

I took a walk to get David out of doors and stopped at the Shandy’s to leave a snow suit she had loaned me. It was too small for David so thought I would take it back to her. Cliff is gone and she had word he had arrived – I think Miami. She showed me thru the house. They have the downstairs pretty well furnished but nothing much up but beds. She is going to stay there with the baby. He is past 2 now and quite a good size boy. She spends a lot of time with him and is training him not to touch their new furniture. They have a coffee table in front of the fireplace with a white wooly rug under it and she says he doesn’t step on the rug. I told her she may be able to train him not to touch their davenport and chairs, but I would hate to try and keep J. & M. off of ours. Of course we had furniture the boys could be raised on. I have got David so he will leave the coffee table alone. He keeps taking the tidies off the chair arms. We make him put them back on but he will repeat the same offense. He is getting better all the time about leaving things alone when we tell him to. He used to get into the lower parts of the corner cupboards but he would be scolded every time

[page 2] he got near them, so suppose he decided it wasn’t worth the effort. He walks very carefully and his left shoe isn’t worn like the right. He seems to favor that foot, but I think when he gets so he can run he will overcome that. His leg never seems to bother him. It really shouldn’t because the bone was only cracked and that not over 1/3 or ½ across. David has gone to bed. J. & M. are at Youth Fellowship. John is leader tonight. He was elected pianist for the Jr. Dept. and assistant for the adult Dept. Harold Reiger is John’s assistant, so if he has to play for the adults, Harold will play for Jr. He plays for youth fellowship too. John has changed more I think since you left than Mark. He seems so much more grown-up – He is almost as tall as I am. There is fuzz on his upper lip – He doesn’t like it – Says he will look like the Remsburg boy who used to live here. His voice is still changing and he gets so mad sometimes when his voice goes up high. Says that doesn’t happen to him at home but if he is somewhere else. However we notice it once in a while. He has almost outgrown the suit I bought for him in Mar. I can still let the pants out but the coat sleeves are beginning to look short. Mark is much the same. Like to get out and play football. He spent the afternoon at the pond skating. I walked over to see about the ice and it is still solid. Mr. Z. was there with their 3 girls, Bobby & Jimmy, pulling them around on sleds. Bob Schurtter was there too. He told me he didn’t get a commission in the Navy due to no vacancies

[page 3] in his line. He is classed as 2-A until July 44, so he will get to finish his year teaching. I suppose Dot will have to work if he has to go in the Army as a private. She had a chance to take the office job with the County Agent (Mr. Z.) but Steve is still so small she could hardly take the job now. Mr. Z. had her do some extra work for him and he said she was the best help he had had in a long time. He had quite a time keeping help for a while, but Evelyn Kudig is working for him now. Office girls seem to be as hard to find or keep as any kind of help. The factory still can get the help because of the good pay. The subject of the factory makes me think of Irene. I suppose she is still in Chi. Trying to find out what the trouble is. Last week her mother said they had not found anything. I still think it’s a lot psycologic, and I am sure you will agree with me. Last year when she went to Mayo Clinic they told her to quit work. After that they had their house for sale and Dr. M. had it bought, that is he was all ready to buy and had a buyer for his place when Statons decided not to sell.

The Funks had their new baby christened today. She will be 3 wks. old Tues. I saw Rosemary when I was coming home with David from Shandy’s and she said she had been one of the sponsors. One of the other Funk men had been the other. Carl was sponsor for either Bobby or Donnie so he couldn’t e with Rosemary for Joy Selene. Carl and Rosemary had been out walking with Tommy. He is eight months old and looks almost as large as David. He isn’t as tall of course but is on the heavy order.

[page 4] I noticed the Foulkes’ car in their driveway. They have been on a business trip east. Their house has been in the redecorating process while they have been away and I noticed they still haven’t their drapes up yet. I cleaned a little but didn’t try to take drapes out. This year’s coal is so dirty. It isn’t treated and certainly makes a difference in the dirt we get in the house. I wish and have wished so many times now we had put oil in, but that is a waste of time, so won’t harp on it any more. Harping doesn’t help things.

I rec’d a long letter from Marie so I must give her an answer – ant to do that yet this evening. She has been busy helping with Isla. I hadn’t heard from Marie for such a long time I was sure there was something wrong. I was glad Isla hasn’t T.B. – tho thyroid trouble isn’t anything to be treated lightly.

Had a letter from Jewell and she sent me a picture of Dot’s baby – Dot’s husband was rejected, so a present he is still home I told you all this before but this is a repeat in case my other letter didn’t get to you.

David broke my glasses and I keep mending them with airplane glue but I am afraid I will have to get new lenses – or one new lense. I keep feeling eye strain – just got new lenses last fall but I thought if I didn’t have the lenses straight it could cause the headaches.

I am about run down so will call this a letter & sign off.
Love Mother

P.S. Saw the enclosed clippings in the paper & thought you would be interested.

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Grand Piano (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
July 30 – 1943

Dear Daddy,

Fri. and no letters – but had several earlier this week and won’ be disappointed about none today & yesterday. Ruth & Romaine went home – Wilma, Dad, John & Mark went along – Wilma driving our car – otherwise Ruth & Romaine would have had to go to Chi. On the bus then down to Wilmington from there on the train – I talked to Ruth M. about getting the piano – she thought it was the thing to do so I had it brought up today – and they took the old piano back so you won’t need to worry about the old piano being in the garage when you come home. It is sitting in front of the French doors and looks very “grand.” I paid 100⁰⁰ down – got $15 for the old piano and had to pay half the hauling which cost me 6⁰⁰ – so I still have 185⁰⁰ to pay – I am going to pay the Ins. loan off when I get a reply to my letter and if I have enough

[page 2] left will finish paying the piano now. Your Mother stayed with David & I while the others went to Ruth’s. I fed David and thought he would go to sleep but he is still awake. We all agree he is very good to be in a cast. He just about manages to sit up and I imagine he will manage to stand before the cast is off. With all the rubber protectors taped on around the edges he is “smelling.” There was a little skunk in the movie “Bambi” called Flower – That was what Ruth said we would be called David before he got the cast off. Dad sat out in the yard with him this morning and would blow smoke to entertain him. David would laugh every time. Dad says he is the best baby he ever saw. He gave him his bottle last night. Mom, Dad, Wilma & John are going home in the morning. I don’t know yet how John will come home but they can take him to T.H. and he can go to either Laf. or Watseka.

Helen Washburn is home for a few days. She lives in Omaha, Neb. Now. I promised to take the baby down to see her tomorrow afternoon She wanted to know if you had seen Hickey.

[page 3] Funks have a camp at the Fair Grounds for the detasslers. Nick is managing the meals. The cooks are from the Frat houses in Laf. (By the way I think most if not all the Frat houses at Purdue have been taken over for Military.) There was a broadcast from the Fairgrounds today – Al Cast, Bill & Carl Funk & Mr. Zell all had talks to give – I don’t know what else I was too busy to know anything of the kind was going on and after it was over John said he knew about it. It was on the Dinner Bell hour. Nick just keeps their restaurant open certain hours now – so he can run the cooking out there. Bill wanted Krulls to go on a vacation with them. Dorothy said if they did they would just close up while they were gone, but so far they haven’t taken said trip.

I hear David still singing – He can reach up and get the bottom of the venetian blind and swing it. I wish he would go to sleep so I could catch a nap but he seems to be wide awake.

After the first of Aug. will give you a financial report.

Love – Mother

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We Scored Again (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
June 10 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

We scored again on mail today – Yours of May 20 & 21 came with the travel check. I am sending John to the bank to dep. it and mail this when I finish. Your letters were very refreshing – you had had some from me and answered some questions and commented. First I’ll talk about the furnace & coal situation. Up to now the furnace has been doing “OK.” We keep it well cleaned and Mr. Monroe keeps a record on the oiling and comes every 60 days to go over the oiling job. I have kept coal put in and have a standing order for coal. When I paid the cast coal bill yesterday Chet said he had me down for a fill up the next car that comes in. I was going to have Harlans

[page 2] bring a load but since coal is getting to be so hard to get thought I had better let the order stand at the Lumber co. I can get some later from Harlans. I think you would be proud of our job taking care of the furnace. When we came home from Ruth’s (May 24), I cleaned the furnace out before I started a new fire. It will have to be cleaned again soon because day before yesterday when John & I cleaned the basement we burned a lot of papers & bones.

About Johnson’s baby – he seemed some better last week when Lucile went to Laf. with me to get Mark. However they had to keep his arms & legs covered with long stockings to keep him from digging. I haven’t seen or talked with Lucile since then but will in a day or two. They are giving him S.M.A. and did give him lamp treatments. Ellsworth Wilson’s baby had eczema so bad but it finally left and Lucile is hoping Jimmy Ed will outgrow it too – I saw Ellsworth yesterday – He

[page 3] had Eddie Ray with him. I think they keep him home all the time, or take him with them when they go – He looks pretty good, but after a fracture like he had, I suppose they have to keep a close watch on him (my own observation).

David is in his bed following his his bath & cereal. He can pull up to his feet now. He is so much to climb I can hardly hold him on my lap – he wants to climb right up. Tries to climb out of anything that offers the opportunity – like his buggy or play chair. It is raining today so he can’t go out of doors. His two lower teeth show up very good now. He is due for his last shot but I am going to wait until tomorrow evening – the last one he had in the morning and he was cross all day. I used to leave him in bed with me after he had his 6 a.m. bottle and he would take a nap but he won’t be still now – Just as soon as he gets thru – he turns over and tries to climb up on the head of the bed – Mother gets up about the time he finishes

[page 4] his bottle so she brings him downstairs. Sometimes we wake him up when we go to bed but he just smiles, turns over, takes his thumb and goes back to sleep.

I went down to Funks last night. Arlene had been to Laf. and had a wisdom tooth pulled. She has learned to drive so she drove their car down. Don’t worry, about a gift for Carl’s baby – I gave “Tommy” a present. I haven’t seen him yet but Arlene & I are to go one afternoon soon and see him.

John is practicing a lot this morning – The recital is tonight – – Buddy came out before Mark was up this morning – I didn’t let him disturb Mark – he just waited until he did get up. They are around the house some place now playing. I think Buddy has been out here every day except Sun. since Mark came home from the hospital. I think Mark’s throat is about normal again. He doesn’t chew quite so much aspergum. He has a good appetite and says he has gained back all he lost while in the hospital. Last night when we were ready for bed he weighed 61.

Had a letter from Ruth M. today

[page 5] She was going to Tat Coan’s wedding. Tat went into the Catholic Church and had quite a large wedding. When we were over there they were having several showers for her. Ruth had been invited to one. Tat and Helen came to see us while at Ruth’s – of course they wanted to see D.

I just looked at the clock and see it’s 11:30 so must get busy and stir something for lunch. I bought potatoes again yesterday. We don’t buy by pecks anymore. It’s by the 10 lb. – (73¢ for 10 lbs). I got 2 lbs hamburger and it was 31¢ lb. I ran out of meat – still have chickens, bacon (and the strawberries I put in Tues). Brands said they had a quarter I could have but it didn’t materialize. Parttens have promised me a quarter but they won’t butcher till fall, so I got caught with my locker almost empty. However Zells’ frys are ready and I am going to put a dozen in the locker. I must stop and write your Mother a line.

Love Mother

YEG1943-06 Dunlop Street house

Yegerlehner home, E. Dunlop Street, Kentland, Indiana, June 1943

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Beach combing (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

May 22, 1943
Lieut R.S. Yegerlehner USNR
Navy 60 F.P.O. San Fran.

Dear Mother,

I’ve been sitting here for 5 full minutes with pen ready but nothing came so in order to get started I thought I’d give you the setting.

Went shelling again yesterday and had pretty good luck but not as good as day before. It must sound funny that I tell you about beach combing when I’m supposed to be fighting but anyway we still like to pick up shells.

I’m having a little “dohinky”

[page 2] made for Carl Funks baby. I’ll send it to you and you can present it. I don’t know why I’m so worked up about their baby but that is the only announcement I’ve received just like that. Hope David doesn’t feel badly about what I’ve said.

The shells I got are still alive so the inside has to be cleaned out. First we put them in fresh water – That kills the inside then we set them out or bury them and the ants eat the inside. We have to bury them to avoid the stink. All

[page 3] those shells from Noumea where dead and cleaned out when picked up.

The letter I mailed yesterday will probably get there in better time than others because of the circumstances under which it was mailed.

My very good friend whose the initials you note on the letters is now our big boss – was elevated only recently.

Well I did get some written at that so my first 5 minutes weren’t wasted after all.


Russell Islands  Image by Kelisi at Wikipedia.com (Wikipedia Commons license)

Russell Islands
Image by Kelisi at Wikipedia.com (Wikipedia Commons license)

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Something to write about (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

May 20, 1943
Lieut. R. S. Yegerlehner USNR
Navy 60 F.P.O. San Fran

Dear Mother,

I feel I really have something to write today before I got your v-mails of 5-1, 4-26, 4-29 and your air mail of 5-3 and 5-5 – so you see our mail is better and the air mail is best. However, write a v-mail now and then because there is always a chance that that will be good. In your letter of May 3 – there was a picture of D. It of course wasn’t as good as others but I appreciated it just the same. I’d like to have a good picture of the house. Those I left behind were good but I left them as you know.

It seems to me a $100 bank balance isn’t too much and I don’t believe I’d buy too many bonds unless the balance is larger. I’m going to send a $32 check for your travel

[page 2] expenses to Norfolk. They wouldn’t allow the trip home because you came before I had orders and I didn’t know that. I could have storied [?] about the date but I didn’t so that is $32 we don’t have to worry about. The first check I sent I forgot to indorse or rather sign but since you have power of attorney you shouldn’t have any trouble.

I received an announcement of the arrival of Carl Funks baby and can think of nothing to send unless it would be a cocoanut and I’m afraid it would spoil before arrival. I may think of something as time goes along.

While talking of babies – you have mentioned several times about Johnson’s baby having eczema. I would be all for trying some of the deproteinated milk which

[page 3]several companies 3 put out. Really I believe the little fellow is sensitive to milk and then I’d have them use only olive oil on his skin with a good application of sulfathiazole ointment 5% about every 2 days. I mean the olive oil every day instead of soap and water – No advertised baby oil will do. If olive oil is not obtainable, I’d use a good grade of mineral oil but the olive oil is better. The thing for them to do however is to see their Dr. because long distant treatment and diagnosis isn’t so good and this is really long distant.

Too bad about Eddy Ray but things like that do happen. I’m just wondering if Mr. Steinbaugh had cancer of the lungs.

It seems your mail is slow and spotty like mine – really mine has been faster than yours – It took only 14 days for your last letter to come and that is really good considering.

I’d try to buy a bond now and then

[page 4] but pay off the note on my insurance if possible and that will cut down that interest. If I could get my back pay that would help but at present I see no hope for that.

You probably have thought of it but just to remind – The next winter’s coal supply should be thought of now, and too the furnace has to be cleaned during the summer because if there are too many ashes the feeder pin will break in the hopper as it did once when I was taking care of the thing.

Well, I think I’ve said my say for today and tried to answer questions and give advice but it’s funny how one forgets things in a year’s time and it’s a year today since I joined up. You sometimes write out a person first name and give only the last initial and I have a deuce of a time figuring who you are talking about –

Love Daddy

Russell Islands  Image by Kelisi at Wikipedia.com (Wikipedia Commons license)

Russell Islands
Image by Kelisi at Wikipedia.com (Wikipedia Commons license)

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Sunday Afternoon (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Jan 24 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Sunday afternoon and not much doing. John is improvising at the piano. Mark is upstairs dallying around, David is asleep. Mother is trying to fix the fire and I decided to write. It is more like spring today than the weather we have been having. The snow is gone only in places where the sun doesn’t shine directly on. It is very soft underfoot as you can imagine after all the ice and snow that has been on for so long. I took Jimmy Ed’s buggy back home so can’t take David for a ride until I get another. We got the proofs of his pictures today and they are very good. As soon as we get them finished – and the rest

[page 2] of ours finished will send the folder you want. I had mine taken yesterday too but don’t like the results so will have another sitting. John & Mark had theirs taken today so don’t know yet what results will be.

Yesterday when I took the buggy back it was about 5 P.M. and Lucile was asleep – When she came to the door she looked like she was still needing sleep. She wanted to know how long before David slept through the 2 a.m. bottle – when I told her he was about 3 mo. she didn’t take it so well. She said she is trying to break Jimmy Ed now (3 weeks). She said “you didn’t try to break David, did you.” I said “no I just let him do it on his own.” Jimmy Ed had a better start than David and I felt it meant more to him to have that 2 a.m. than for me to get that sleep – Everybody to their own opinion. However Jimmy Ed

[page 3]didn’t sleep thru. She let him sleep after his 6 P.M. bottle and he didn’t awaken until 11 – for the next and she thought he would go thru until 6 – but at 2:45 had to be fed.

At this writing I am still having some sinus trouble – but by the time you get this will probably be all over it (I hope). This has hung on for several weeks. I had been going to Ade but the trips every other day were too hard on me. I went down to Dr. M. He has a motor that pumps salt water thru the sinus and I have had that done several times but can’t say whether it has helped me or not. I still have a yellow drainage all the time. I don’t stop up but the drainage keeps coming whether I do anything or not. I have been using some Glucofederin and that cleans my head out good but hasn’t so far checked anything. I wrote you a letter telling you about Dr A. opening and washing it out once. I suppose it

[pge 4] will gradually get less & less – as it isn’t as bad as it was.

–I went down to Funks a while this afternoon and took David. They thought David looks older than Donnie – tho Donnie is at least 4 lbs heavier. I think they look about the same as far as expressions are concerned but Donnie can hold on to things better. They were getting ready to go to Carl’s for dinner – and were taking both children along. Rosemary is to have her baby in April. Mary & Bernard’s girl is beginning to stand alone but I think Donnie is about as big as she is. Arlene had seen a picture in the paper showing some tall corn grown in New Caledonia. It was being inspected by an Army man. She cut the picture out to use for her topic – New Caledonia at Literary Club in Feb.

I started to tell you about taking Sulfa – Dr. M. told me to take sulfadiaizine three or four day s and maybe it would help to stop this sinus condition – Well I had taken it for 3 days and I had started to itch – then

[page 5] I was talking to Alma W. and she has been getting sinus treatments from Dr. R. at Goodland and he had given her a prescription for Paredrine Sulfathiazole Suspension – I had some samples and thought I would try it. Well, the diazine had got me started and putting the thiazole drops in my nose was the proverbial straw – I was worse – just stopped me up so I couldn’t breathe – After waiting a while I used Glucofederin and that cleared me up so I could get my breath thru my nose again. Now I know I can’t take sulfa long enough to get results. Now don’t worry about me I am getting along and thought I would just relate the above since I didn’t get a bad case of allergy from the diazine. I probably would have if I had kept on taking it another day.

The boys (J & M) have gone to the Sunday evening meeting and we have The Quiz Kids tuned in – they now broadcast on Sun evening instead of the original Wed. I may get some wise answers in this. However I hardly feel that clever

[page 6]Mon morn Jan 25 – I didn’t get this finished in time for the boys to take to the box last night – Had 3 letters this morning – Well you can do some more showing pictures in the near future – I hope – I hope they get to you before they are a month or two old. Our baby is doing things. I tied the handles of the basket together with a rattle suspended for him to watch and he kicks it. Also he braces his feet against the handles. Had quite a time this morning before bath time. He laughs now and I discovered a ticklish spot while bathing him. I was doing an extra good job under his arms and he laughed and giggled. He laughs for Mark when he talks to him and that makes Mark very proud.

I must go boil bottles & mix formula – so it will be ready for the next feeding – and look in on the young man. He is in his bed in the den and keeps his covers kicked off if not watched. I will be glad when spring comes and he won’t have to be covered all the time – More cold weather today From spring yesterday to 10 above today.

Love Mother

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The first letter this year (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Jan 1 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

The first letter this year. It is a cloudy, warm day. We haven’t done anything except eat breakfast and take care of David. He seems to have a coming appetite, so I keep giving him more – an extra tsp of Pablum this morning. Now that he has started eating he seems as hard to satisfy as he was the other way when we came home from the hospital. I am afraid he has had so much attention from the boys this week he will miss it next week when they are back in school. Mark is working on some model airplanes Aunt R. M. sent him for Christmas. He has his work on the kitchen table. He wanted to stay up last night but John & I wanted to go to bed. He stayed

[page 2] down here alone until 11:30 then decided he would go to bed. I was too sleepy to stay up with him and since I had the throat & sinus infection feel like I should get lots of rest. If we get enough steam up today will take down the Christmas tree. It is a rather pretty tree – wish we could set it out but I am afraid it wouldn’t do much good. We can have a nice fire in the fireplace with it. Bill said he was going to bring us a load of wood but he has been very busy so hasn’t brought it. I think Louis Funk had to go into service. I think Carl had been deferred. I suppose for occupational reasons. Rosemary is going to have a baby but I don’t think that would keep him out.

I promised John we would go to Lafayette tomorrow. I need to do some shopping for David and John wants to see about his album of records

[page 3] he ordered for Christmas. We haven’t been down since in Nov. The month of Dec. wasn’t so good for travel but the roads are not slick now. I told you in yesterday’s letter I bought 6 – 37⁵⁰ bonds. The bank only pays 1% on deposits and the Bldg Loan 4% – but since we are urged to buy more bonds thought I should use some of the surplus for bonds. What do you think about putting some in the Bldg Loan? Or put all in bonds? I have quoted last year’s income in two previous letters but here it is again just in case – To May 31 – $3120.45 – collections for June 260.65 – July 253.78 – Aug 33.75 – Total 3667.73.

Our Enterprize didn’t come yesterday but they must have missed sending it because Mrs. Zell said you letter was in it this week.

– – – Stopped to get lunch and feed the baby and then I took a nap but David woke up so I got up too. John’s giving him some water now but he is getting so he doesn’t care so much for his water bottle.

[page 4] Bob Hufty called me and invited me to Rotary Monday evening – Ladies night – He asked if you had received the box the clubs sent you for Christmas, so I am hoping for some word from you before Mon. evening that you have rec’d it.

I called Mrs. Plummer this afternoon to see if she could come out a while but she had company. I was going over and get her. She wants to see the Baby and as I have told you about this weather we haven’t been out much. We will be glad for spring and you would be glad for a little cooler weather.

John is playing with the baby and he is making some loud noises, which delight both boys. He now plays with his hands a lot – when he doesn’t suck his left thumb.


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Another Red Letter Day (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Dec. 19, 1942

Dear Mother,

Just got back from the show. It was one of those fast moving mystery stories which kept one out on the edge of the seat most of the time. I mean that box I have to sit on. Didn’t rain one bit but the dust sure flew in our eyes. It’s right here in the middle of the summer and at night it gets so cold that even with a windbreaker on one nearly freezes before the show is over. Not that bad but it is real chilly.

Edward J. Funk & sons, c1960s

Edward J. Funk & sons, c1960s

Today was a red letter day in some respects. No late mail and I really don’t expect much until after the Christmas rush is over for you know how things are always jammed up this time of the year. What I meant was I got greetings from John Ley – Junior and Sr. No got Sr. yesterday. Well, I got one from Ed. J. Funk and Sons. One from Carl Funks. One from Sam Yegerlehner and a greeting and

[page 2] box from Dave and Marie. That was a real surprise – Maybe they have told you what they sent. I’ll just enumerate them in case – There were several Brazil papers – 26 air mail stamps two packages of air mail stationary. 3 cans of smoking tobacco one Kaywoodie pipe. Lots of pipe cleaners. Two suits of underware and a sack of candy. The candy was soft but each piece was individually wrapped. These toffie bars etc. Even though it was soft it wasn’t mixed. I was really surprised and very much tickled. That will do me a long time on the underware and tobacco also. I really was glad to get it because I’ve been smoking too many cigarettes with them being given out the way they are. Maybe that will help me slow down. The tendency to smoke too much is really great because one gets to thinking that is about the only mode of enjoyment and away goes another cigarette.

I’ll repeat the figure I gave you last nite

[page 3] about the taxes. The amount that I am taxable on since I joined the Navy is $1317.79. Now I can’t take any travel expenses from that. I mean since I joined the Navy. The $110 to Calif. it cost me to cross the country is not deductible because I didn’t add what I got for travel. And the same goes for food and rent because that amount is not added. This is only on base pay plus 10% which is added for foreign services so there isn’t much that can be deducted from that but deduction before May 10, can be made pretty high. I wrote most of that in last night’s letter but our mail as I’ve told you before may be slow in getting there so I’ll repeat things in several letters.

We had a little surprise here tonite also had a table cloth and plates to eat out of. The first in ever so long. We had been eating out of tin trays up until now didn’t hardly know how to act. Our of our original 42 there are now 5 left. Two dentists. Dr. Huth & Gardnier and Fred, Porterfield and Myself. I believe if we can keep certain ones from snoring and others from

[page 4] waking them up we will get along swell. Four of us – Huth Gardinier Fred and I live together while Dr. Porterfield lives by himself.

Oh yes. I almost forgot. Dave’s box also had in it a comic book a cigarette lighter and the story White Christmas by Fanny Hurst. Some of the things I haven’t read as yet. I hope I haven’t bragged Dave & M. box up to highly after what I said about yours. Especially the candy was funny. And how did you know that the weather was damp and warm down here, and as yet my laundry hasn’t arrived. Maybe it will come in time I hope.

We have had to censor mail lately. I’ve been on the board for some time but didn’t do much work as long as other Dr’s were here but it was thrown into our laps. Most of the letters, of course, now regret not being able to be home for Christmas and some are just plain mushy with the girl friends. Well, I must answer some of these Christmas greetings and write Dave & Marie a letter –

So Solong
Lots of Love Daddy

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