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A Little Ahead (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Lieut. R.S. Yegerlehner USNR
USN Base Hosp. #4
Navy 133
F.P.O. San Francisco Calif.
Feb. 16, 1944

Dear Mother,

A Kentland Democrat came yesterday and in glancing thru it I found John’s name mentioned twice, both of which I hadn’t been informed. One was the entertainment at the County farm by he, Rev. Servies & the Wood girl and the other was the honor roll for the eighth grade. Neither item was very important and it probably just slipped your mind or you may have written both items and they didn’t arrive. I mean the letters because I don’t believe all the letters have come thru. I haven’t check on which letters may be missing

[page 2] now in a long time. I have a

I have all the letters you have written so far and would like to bring them home but in case of any question of weight I may have to destroy them. There is considerable weight involved you know in that many letters. Of course weight may not be a factor depending upon the way orders might come – when they come??

So far today no mail and I hardly look for any since we have had so much in the past few days. Mail just came – so hold the phone.

Just finished reading your three in two letters Feb. 1 & 2 and Feb. 3. A v-mail letter came from U. Wess and one from Mom – air mail dated Feb. 5. That was the latest this time. One of your letters had D’s picture – Very good picture

[page 3] It sure does help to get the mail a little regular. I forgot all about Ground Hog Day – both you and Mom mentioned it but this certainly doesn’t seem like Feb. In fact it seems to be more turned around than last year. You know how it is when you have to stop and think of what day and date it is well I have to stop and think what month it is.

This time last year is a never to be forgotten time because I was moving from one station to another and I did remember Valentine’s Day because being in a travel status I was on a ship. I didn’t mind the ship but well you know or can imagine. All that seems like a

[page 4] dream now – one you don’t like to talk about because it might have been true or too terrible to think of, but I should talk because I’ve been very lucky. I guess that’s what one would call it.

Back to you – I was a little worried because from the last letter it sounded like you were getting a cold. That was Jan. 31 but in these last ones you seemed to be OK so that was a relief.

If I were you I wouldn’t buy too many bonds right now – keep as much money on hand as possible because “we” might need some and it doesn’t add up too fast on a set salary – a little ahead might mean a lot to us in a few months because rent is pretty high anyplace else but in Kentland – Maybe I’m day dreaming but it feels good to feel that way.

Love Daddy


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Lots of Mail (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Lieut. R.S. Yegerlehner USNR
USN Base Hosp. #4
Navy 133
F.P.O. San Francisco Calif.
Feb. 15, 1944

Dear Mother,

To begin with the P.S. that I closed with in yesterday’s letter. There was lots of mail – First to add to my chagrin a Valentine came from you and it hit the day smack on the head – anyway I wrote you mentioning Valentine on the day. Your air mail of Jan. 31st came and 4 others, all older than the ones received a few days ago. The picture of D. finally arrived. They were good. I thought – very – the one in the folder looks a lot like the baby picture of mine – Maybe I’m just imagining. Anyway they were good pictures. There was three Christmas packages. Tw One from Funks, one from Boonie – They were just alike – a round box of

[page 2] assorted candies. Meade Johnson also sent a big box of assorted vitamins and then there were several Christmas greetings. There was on from Pinky C., Mrs. Smart, Joe Mullens, Dorothy Salter, Bill Funk, Carl Funk and Harry Hufty. These of course we[re] from Mr. & Mrs. In each case where there was a Mr. & Mrs. Mrs. Smart sent hers for 1½ cents which was a surprise because I didn’t know that could be done. There was also a letter from Boonie. He wrote very fluently on Col. Wilkie but a few weeks ago when I asked him if he knew Otto. He studied a little and finally admitted he did remember him but not nearly as much as Otto lead we to believe in the letter.

[page 3] All in all it was a pretty good mail call even though there were more letters from other people than from you. However your letter was still the latest of the bunch. So that still made you tops even in the mail. There were a couple of old Newton Co. E. in the bunch also.

I’m going to try to get the films into town today that I wrote you about a few days ago and maybe in a few days I can send a picture to you. It was taken with a friend of mine – A Jewish boy from Brooklin. Doesn’t that sound funny coming from me. He is a very fine fellow and so far we have gotten along very well. So much for those until we see how they turn out.

Today we got an official statement

[page 4] from the pay office on the amount taxable collected in 1943. I’ve sent that to you before but don’t know what my figures were – This is official – $2,530.00 so if its necessary to file those are the figures plus anything you might have collected in the way of interest or old bills, both of which wouldn’t amount to much.

Our back yard is being leveled off and spaded getting ready for some grass. It will be nice when it gets all green but I hope I’m not here that long. I’ll be willing to imagine how it will look at some later date.

In all probability I’ll reread your letters and add more comment tomorrow. Thanks again for the pictures & Valentine

Love Daddy

P.S. also received a letter from Geo. Wingfield – he had received your letter.


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Happy Valentine’s Day (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Lieut. R.S. Yegerlehner
USN Base Hosp. #4
Navy 133
F.P.O. San Francisco Calif.
Feb. 14, 1944

Dear Mother,

You will most certainly have to pardon my absentmindedness about Valentine’s Day because it surely slipped my mind and I didn’t even tumble when the one came from the boys. It just all seemed foreign and a long way off or the wrong time of year or something. I know that sounds crazy but never the less true. So – Happy Valentine’s Day and all that goes with it.

I just happened to think of another thing you mentioned in your letters that I forgot to

[page 2] mention and that was the music lessons that John’s teacher was talking about. The $7.00 variety. How often would those have to come? Surely not once per week. I think he should have lessons more advanced but not that strong each week, but we can talk of that later. I hope talk and not write. That last sentence has no more significance than anything else I’ve written about coming home. So far there have been 4 Drs. leave here on the 18 mo. deal but others are past due and things seem to be at a standstill in so far as their orders are concerned. As it

[page 3] stands now there are three groups here who have been out longer than Cub 13. So you see we don’t just know what to think. There is however less than one month time for us as well as the groups ahead of us. We figure all the angles backward and forward and when it’s all said and done the whole thing adds up to only one thing – confusion.

There were mail bags in camp today. I saw them with my own eyes, but as yet we have heard nothing or seen no results of the sorting but hopes are running pretty high. I’ll let you know at the end of this if any arrives.

I did some laundry this PM.

[page 4] That was the first in a long time. I told you once the number of pairs of socks and trucks I had so I don’t have to wash so often but when I do – Oh Boy! I have been sending some of my most yellow trunks to the laundry to get that well known Gray out of them.

Just stopped to chit chat with the bridegroom & Lentz – nothing in particular as you might imagine. They both came in and bummed a coke – Tea time – possibly gossip time.

Well Dear I hope to P.S. some mail –
Love Daddy

P.S. Mail did arrive and I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow. It was a landslide.


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Point Rationing (Gladys)

1943-02-14Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – Valentine Day and about 4 below. Last Sunday it was so warm we went out and took pictures but you can bet we didn’t flip around in the yard today. A little snow but not much but a cold wind. I got a box ready to send yesterday but I couldn’t send it because it’s too heavy. There is a 5 lb limit – so will have to break it down into two, so will try to get it mailed tomorrow. The band mothers are having their annual dinner for the band tomorrow night. It is a little early but they said we would have to have it before point rationing starts. I am not certain about everything that will be rationed but I know canned goods will be. I haven’t studied “point rationing,” but will before it starts. The second books will be issued next week. Have been trying to ration our meat before meat rationing starts. I don’t know how they will ration people with lockers. Glad we have one. Brands have a waiting list about a mile long. Paid for the half hog I had put in – it was $20 – also pd locker rent & processing – Mr. B. forgot to put the rent on when I paid him in Sept. – so withal pd. out about $45 for meat & locker but that will last us months. Bobby came up today to bring the boys valentines. He is cute as ever. He said David looked different than Donnie. He still runs away sometimes then has to stay in the house the rest of the day but the next day it’s the same thing again. Jimmy S. came over last nite with valentines. I asked Irene if she got the desk from the office. She said Newell wouldn’t give it up. I wrote you she asked to rent or buy it – I told her she could use it if Newell would let her take it. He says he things he will be in Service by next June but I wouldn’t hazard a guess. There has been some talk lately about who will have to go next but nothing definite. Louise Glenn is here on a visit and came up this evening. She left Johnny at home with Franklin & his mother. Johnny is as large as most 3 yr olds and is about year & half. Hope you get the bones in good time. I put in two Sunday papers. Couldn’t get any film for you.

Love Mother

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Valentine’s Day (John)

1943-02-14 (John)Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy,

Today is valentine’s day and it was about 4 below & I don’t enjoy the cold but you would probably like some of it.

At school I entered an essay contest. I’ve written mine but I haven’t gone over it and copied it.

Last Sunday we heard that shoes are rationed. Three pair per person per year. I don’t think that will affect me very much.

We kind of kid Mother about her war dinners but they’re allright. They don’t occur every day either. Just a couple or three times a week. Mother got a package ready to send out to you. We took it to the post office but they wouldn’t take it because it weighed 12 lbs. and they are supposed to weigh no more than 5 lbs. David A. weighs 15 lbs 5 oz. He looks like little stuffed pig.

Everything thing is allright at home.

Your loving son,



Shoe rationing began on February 7, 1943.

Shoe ration cards from the National WWII Museum http://www.nww2m.com/2013/02/featured-artifact-shoe-rationing/

News Audio Clips from early 1943, including February 7th. https://archive.org/details/1943RadioNews

Shoe rationing

“Shoe Rationing,” Tipton Tribune (Tipton, Indiana), 8 February 1943, p. 3, col. 3.

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Post originally found at: https://genealogylady.net/2013/12/29/valentines-day-john/

Valentine’s Day Card (Gladys)

Letter transcription:
Dear Daddy – I suppose you will get this by St. Patrick’s Day – I didn’t get it in time for you to get it by Feb 14 but hope you get it. Went to Literary Club today. Arlene gave a paper on New Caledonia. I took my necklace and other shells for display. Also the cat-eyes. I said I was going to take the shells & Mark thought I meant what you had sent him. I soon explained the kind I would take to club. It was warm out today and if I had a buggy would have taken David for an airing. Arlene and I are planning to go see Lucile tomorrow if the weather is still nice. I am going to try and find a buggy if the weather will stay warm enough to get out. The ground hog surely saw his shadow today if that means anything but we will have weather whether he does nor not. I tried to get some sardines but couldn’t find any so can’t send you any more just now. The new regulation doesn’t apply to Navy – Marine or Coast Guard – so will send a box soon as I can get what I want to send. Going to Arlene’s tonight to Jr Woman’s club (guest). I am a little past that age group. It is about time to go –
Love – Mother (Inside)

Card transcription:
With only happy wishes
And faith that they’ll come true
This greeting brings affection,
My Husband Dear, to you;
And, on each day you’re serving
The deepest pride is mine,
Because, for now and always,
You are My Valentine!

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