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At the Hospital (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Sunday July 11 1943

Dear Daddy –

Seems my Sat. letter didn’t get mailed so will make up for that by mailing this & Sat. letter from Laf. We are at the hospital. I haven’t talked to Dr. Cole but Mother is still taking Sulfaquanodine. However, I think today is the last day. Mother says she doesn’t feel much better but it has turned hot again and that always makes her feel worse. I’ll try & call Dr. Cole before we leave. I hate to bother him on Sun. He has been so busy. When Rosemary Funk was in the hospital for her operation Dr. Cole said something about mass production, he had delivered 5 babies in 5 ½ hrs.: 3 here and two at the Home. The day I brought Mother down we went out to his office first and he was just leaving to come here to do a section, so we came on and saw him here –

[page 2] We went out to see Ruthie Parttens yesterday. She has to stay in bed 7 wks., but doesn’t have any kind of binding cast or anything on. They kept her in a hammock in the hospital, or swing, whatever it’s called. Speaking of broken bones Sammy Washburn has a broken collar bone and one arm in a sling. The Washburns have more bones breaks than anyone I know of.

I called Mrs. Roberts and she had a letter from Joe dated June 28 and he had told her about your visit. He said where you are is the prettiest or most beautiful (er somethin’) he had seen yet.

Statons came home today from Monticello from their vacation. Irene saw us leaving and talked a few minutes. She hadn’t heard from her mother so Mary doesn’t have her baby yet. Irene is going to stay home a week then I don’t know what they will do about Jimmy – Mrs. James told Mother she didn’t know when she would come back. There is a nursery school this summer in the grade building for workers at the factory – you will see the Dean Davis ad in the paper if you get it. It seems there are a number on women with children working there –

[page 3] I spent 80 meat points yesterday – in the form of 2 ½ lbs. hamburger, 3 ¼ lb. roast, 1 lb steak, 1 lb. sandwich meat and 2 lb. boiling meat – and it cost me about $3.50 – The steak was the most expensive (50¢). The points were changed recently. Steak used to be 8 pts. a lb., now it’s 12 & 13. So far we haven’t used all our red points, but I always use the blue ones and buy canned goods. Harold P. told the boys yesterday he was going to butcher next month and if he does we are to get a quarter. There is a meat shortage now and at times even in Kentland we can’t get much meat, but yesterday Ford’s had a good supply. Sometimes it’s the case of the early bird. It was so late when I got to the store last nite I thought I wouldn’t find much but they must have had a fresh supply.

The way the visitors go up & down the halls there isn’t much quiet. The boys are keeping David in the car. He is asleep now and John & Mark are taking turns coming up here. They tried to get a paper but the little place down the street is closed.

[page 4] The boys said next Sunday the church is having a dinner for Rev. Servies in the basement. I remember last year we attended but don’t suppose we will this time. Even if Mother weren’t sick that isn’t a very good place to take a baby David’s size. He is so lively he needs plenty of space to move around in. He has a seat Mrs. Roberts gave me that fits on the car seat and he enjoys riding in it. He can see all the sights and doesn’t wear anyone out when riding.

I am trying to write in competition with the noises in the hall, John & Mark taking turns running in & out so will try and do better next time.

Love Mother

St. Elizabeth's Hospital

St. Elizabeth’s Hospital, Lafayette, Indiana (Image via cardcow.com)

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Very Quiet Around Here (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
June 30, 1943

Dear Daddy –

Yours of June 21 & 22 came today and you had rec’d mineo f June 2 – 4 – & – 5 – The one of the 3ᵈ was air mail and I wrote it while Mark was coming out of the ether. I mailed it at the hospital. I stated the bank balance in a letter a few days ago, but after I get the Hancock ins. paid, rent, etc., I should have a balance of 150⁰⁰ – which will take the July 1 check – I have a balance now of about 90⁰⁰ – tomorrow or next day will get the 200⁰⁰ allotment. The rent will come out (48³³) and groc. bills – which are somewhat higher than they used to be, due

[page 2] to increase in price in about everything – so unless something comes up I haven’t counted on should with everything taken care of have a balance of around 150⁰⁰.

Had a letter from a music shop in Laf. that they have used grand piano for sale. If I get down there soon will go look at it. I really am not enthused about buying anything but do feel it is a shame for John not to have a good piano to work with. He took his music and Mark’s too along to practice on while they are at Ruth’s. Earl said they were on vacation but I told him it would do Mark good to settle down a little while each day and rest. Mark seems

[page 3] to be all over any nervousness but when he got over there Sunday he was so excited about seeing all his “friends,” I wonder if he won’t play too hard.

I hear David. He has had a nap and in good mood. Dorothy & Ruth played with him so much yesterday I was afraid he would be spoiled today but he seems as good as ever. He gets harder to handle every day. He is always reaching for something. If he keeps on at this rate I am afraid he will have to have plenty of love taps to keep him out of things – – Had to stop and fix lunch – Just put David down in his pen and he didn’t like the idea – He has been saying

[page 4] da-da for a long time – now he says mom-mom.

It is cool enough today to have heat turned on. Such a drastic change from Monday. It was cool yesterday too. Floyd came for Ruth about 6 P.M. yesterday. He didn’t have to go to Brazil after all so they were returning to Bluffton, but are going to C.C. for the 4th – I don’t know yet whether Mother will feel like going any place by Sun. If not I’ll have to get someone to go with me to get the boys in Wilmington. The grass isn’t growing so fast now that it isn’t raining so often and not so hot so maybe the grass won’t need cutting before John comes back. Had the lawn mower worked on so it isn’t so hard to push.

Love Mother

[page 5] P.S. I just looked up the old policy & it was issued Dec. 24 – 1923 so this payment I will make in July pays it up. I rec’d the cancelled note today. The amt. of prems. Due in July on all three that are due amounts to 77.28. I have to buy an auto stamp today (last day) and that will be 5⁰⁰ – Also last day for meat stamps (red) and I have a few left. I bought 3 frys last week and still have enough left for several meals. I am going to try and get salmon with my meat stamps today. That & sardines are scarce articles. The only place I know of to buy canned chicken would be Chicago – Ruth Mutchler said she saw canned pheasant at the Stop & Shop in Chi. at $3.50 a can.

[page 6] If I can find suitable articles will send out another box – but hate to send them if you don’t get them. We can’t register letters or insure anything – at least I was told at the P.O. that registering didn’t insure delivery so quit doing that.

Zells have gone away for a week – John & Mark are gone – Statons are leaving soon and Bill & Arlene are talking about going to Wisconsin – I don’t know if all these vacations are going to be at the same time, but with the Zell girls & our boys gone it is very quiet around here. Irene had 5 moles burned off Sat. She asked the Dr. if she could go in swimming – She went to a Dr. in Indpls. She was afraid of skin cancer. Mary is having a baby & Mrs. James is going there to stay two weeks –

Love – Mother

YEG1943-06 Dunlop Street house

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Point rationing begins (Gladys)

1943-03-01Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – We have passed thru Jan & Feb with a lot of cold weather, snow, wind, blizzards etc. and today is Mar. one and still the same kind of weather. I was going to write a long letter yesterday but Floyd and Ruth were here and after they left Clarice & Bob came and I didn’t get around to writing so will try and write two today. We are allowed 3 V-mail daily. Ruth M. wants to go to C.C. with us if we get to go so may over and get her. Earl can’t get enough gas only for driving to work. The ration board over there checks on the mileage, but in an area like that I suppose they have to be pretty strict. Floyd & Ruth are to be in Blufton the first of this week. They don’t know yet about Georgia. They have never found out why he was rejected. Today we can start buying on point rationing. 48 points per person for March and we have 5 persons to buy for so I think we can manage. We were allowed 25 cans when we got our books – I didn’t have quite that many but have at least 15. Canned fruits, juices, vegetables and dried and dehydrated are the rationed foods so far. We are going to have a garden I think we can get a plot by Links. You know he had a place by Bill’s garden. Mark is to take care of the garden and John is to take care of the lawn. I think that will be a fair division of the work. If we have as much rain as last summer I know John will have plenty to do. They could hardly keep the grass cut with both working on it. With a little help I think we can get a garden planted and with a little supervision I think Mark can take care of it. I didn’t get a bond for Jan & Feb so will have to double up for Mar & Apr. Haven’t seen any of Statons to talk to them for some time but see them go to work every day. Mrs. James isn’t very well. Has a cold and coughs some. David is asleep since his bath & feeding. Ruth thought he had grown a lot. Weighs just about 16 lbs now.

Love – Mother

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Point rationing March 1943 (Gladys)

1943-02-24Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – Our weather today is neither hot or cold, a little cloudy and some sunshine – acts like might snow or rain before evening. If it doesn’t rain will take David out for an airing. Lucile had Jimmy out yesterday. His rash is better but she is giving him lactic acid now. We took some pictures of D. and the rest of us. The next reg. letter I will send two or three. That is the only disadvantage to this kind of mail. Got our new ration books. So far the only foods rationed in the new book are canned fruits, juices & vegetables and frozen foods, also dried & dehydrated fruits. For March each person is allowed to use 48 points. One lb dried prunes takes 20 points – one can (14 oz) peas takes 13 points – those are the higher point foods – Sauerkraut takes only 4 points for a lb. We will have to figure out what we need most before using our points. Got Mark a coat for next winter. It is marked “reprocessed wool” so probably some of the cuff pants that were cut off were used to make it. It is a finger-tip and dark red. I was afraid if I waited until next fall I couldn’t get 100% wool. Our finances are ok but not much surplus now – after I get the uniform money will pay off the policy loan. Am still buying bonds. Agnes hasn’t reported yet on the tax so can’t report on it today. Mark is ready to go back to school & take this. Measles are abroad – just hope we don’t have to have them here. No symptoms as yet.

Love Mother

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Point Rationing (Gladys)

1943-02-14Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – Valentine Day and about 4 below. Last Sunday it was so warm we went out and took pictures but you can bet we didn’t flip around in the yard today. A little snow but not much but a cold wind. I got a box ready to send yesterday but I couldn’t send it because it’s too heavy. There is a 5 lb limit – so will have to break it down into two, so will try to get it mailed tomorrow. The band mothers are having their annual dinner for the band tomorrow night. It is a little early but they said we would have to have it before point rationing starts. I am not certain about everything that will be rationed but I know canned goods will be. I haven’t studied “point rationing,” but will before it starts. The second books will be issued next week. Have been trying to ration our meat before meat rationing starts. I don’t know how they will ration people with lockers. Glad we have one. Brands have a waiting list about a mile long. Paid for the half hog I had put in – it was $20 – also pd locker rent & processing – Mr. B. forgot to put the rent on when I paid him in Sept. – so withal pd. out about $45 for meat & locker but that will last us months. Bobby came up today to bring the boys valentines. He is cute as ever. He said David looked different than Donnie. He still runs away sometimes then has to stay in the house the rest of the day but the next day it’s the same thing again. Jimmy S. came over last nite with valentines. I asked Irene if she got the desk from the office. She said Newell wouldn’t give it up. I wrote you she asked to rent or buy it – I told her she could use it if Newell would let her take it. He says he things he will be in Service by next June but I wouldn’t hazard a guess. There has been some talk lately about who will have to go next but nothing definite. Louise Glenn is here on a visit and came up this evening. She left Johnny at home with Franklin & his mother. Johnny is as large as most 3 yr olds and is about year & half. Hope you get the bones in good time. I put in two Sunday papers. Couldn’t get any film for you.

Love Mother

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