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At the Hospital (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Sunday July 11 1943

Dear Daddy –

Seems my Sat. letter didn’t get mailed so will make up for that by mailing this & Sat. letter from Laf. We are at the hospital. I haven’t talked to Dr. Cole but Mother is still taking Sulfaquanodine. However, I think today is the last day. Mother says she doesn’t feel much better but it has turned hot again and that always makes her feel worse. I’ll try & call Dr. Cole before we leave. I hate to bother him on Sun. He has been so busy. When Rosemary Funk was in the hospital for her operation Dr. Cole said something about mass production, he had delivered 5 babies in 5 ½ hrs.: 3 here and two at the Home. The day I brought Mother down we went out to his office first and he was just leaving to come here to do a section, so we came on and saw him here –

[page 2] We went out to see Ruthie Parttens yesterday. She has to stay in bed 7 wks., but doesn’t have any kind of binding cast or anything on. They kept her in a hammock in the hospital, or swing, whatever it’s called. Speaking of broken bones Sammy Washburn has a broken collar bone and one arm in a sling. The Washburns have more bones breaks than anyone I know of.

I called Mrs. Roberts and she had a letter from Joe dated June 28 and he had told her about your visit. He said where you are is the prettiest or most beautiful (er somethin’) he had seen yet.

Statons came home today from Monticello from their vacation. Irene saw us leaving and talked a few minutes. She hadn’t heard from her mother so Mary doesn’t have her baby yet. Irene is going to stay home a week then I don’t know what they will do about Jimmy – Mrs. James told Mother she didn’t know when she would come back. There is a nursery school this summer in the grade building for workers at the factory – you will see the Dean Davis ad in the paper if you get it. It seems there are a number on women with children working there –

[page 3] I spent 80 meat points yesterday – in the form of 2 ½ lbs. hamburger, 3 ¼ lb. roast, 1 lb steak, 1 lb. sandwich meat and 2 lb. boiling meat – and it cost me about $3.50 – The steak was the most expensive (50¢). The points were changed recently. Steak used to be 8 pts. a lb., now it’s 12 & 13. So far we haven’t used all our red points, but I always use the blue ones and buy canned goods. Harold P. told the boys yesterday he was going to butcher next month and if he does we are to get a quarter. There is a meat shortage now and at times even in Kentland we can’t get much meat, but yesterday Ford’s had a good supply. Sometimes it’s the case of the early bird. It was so late when I got to the store last nite I thought I wouldn’t find much but they must have had a fresh supply.

The way the visitors go up & down the halls there isn’t much quiet. The boys are keeping David in the car. He is asleep now and John & Mark are taking turns coming up here. They tried to get a paper but the little place down the street is closed.

[page 4] The boys said next Sunday the church is having a dinner for Rev. Servies in the basement. I remember last year we attended but don’t suppose we will this time. Even if Mother weren’t sick that isn’t a very good place to take a baby David’s size. He is so lively he needs plenty of space to move around in. He has a seat Mrs. Roberts gave me that fits on the car seat and he enjoys riding in it. He can see all the sights and doesn’t wear anyone out when riding.

I am trying to write in competition with the noises in the hall, John & Mark taking turns running in & out so will try and do better next time.

Love Mother

St. Elizabeth's Hospital

St. Elizabeth’s Hospital, Lafayette, Indiana (Image via cardcow.com)

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The Gopher Hole (Gladys)

1943-02-19 #2Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – Just finished cleaning the “gopher hole” – that’s what we call J & M’s room. One day John came downstairs and said “Mother, a self respecting gopher wouldn’t stay in our room” – The reason was Mark’s airplane mess and mess in general – So I cleaned it this evening and Mark has a corner in the dormer – that is the dormer is his. He is up there now at work – and should be practicing on his horn. John has done his practicing for today and is now lounging on the davenport. It is warmer but still rather a sharp wind. Mother has a quilt ready to start quilting. We showed it to Mrs. Plummer. She admired it so much we are going to give it to her. They are going to Fla for the mo. of March. Servies were here and hadn’t seen David since before Christmas. They both thought he had grown very much. Mrs. S. says he looks just like you – as so many people do. Irene said I am in the “Nursery” with D. when they come and go to work and we wave and that is about as close as we get. I told you we had Christmas dinner there – Thompsons were there too. I told you before about her asking to use your large office desk but Newell wouldn’t let her have it. I didn’t enter into the thing only I told Irene she could use it if n. would let it go. They can’t get a new one. There are so many things can’t be bought now. Arlene needs a new bed for Bobby but can’t find one to buy. Fortunately Mary P. loaned me one for upstairs and Harold’s sister loaned one for downstairs. I will be looking for a letter with your suggestions about the lawn. Will send you pictures of the yard after things start growing. Mark is starting to practice horn.

Love Mother

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Cold & Flu Season (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Dec 13 1942

Dear Daddy –

Sunday afternoon and while David takes his exercise on the bath table in the sun will try to write – John and Mark are in the living room and John is reading to Mark. Mark had only two degrees fever and that I think is just the afternoon rise because he didn’t have any this morning. He was very hungry when we ate lunch and ate like he had been working. He seems to feel fine and it is a job to keep him quiet but I told him he couldn’t go to school in the morning unless he is entirely free from a temperature. Since it is so cold I think I will keep him home tomorrow unless he can ride to school. Mr. Zell often takes the children. I would do that myself but can’t very well and leave the baby alone and I don’t want to take him out. He has had a slight cold. I mentioned the rattle in his breathing. It finally came down and he had quite a bit of mucos in his nose. I didn’t want anything serious to develop so I called Dr. Cole

[page 2] The baby was running a little temperature but not much, however with both the mucos condition and temp. I thought something should be done. Dr. Cole said to give him sulfa-diazine and use manneus oil in his nose and grease his chest with camphorated oil. I followed the instructions and the mucos condition is better – however he still has a little but it drains and doesn’t bother his breathing . He still has a slight temperature in the afternoons but by evening it recedes and is normal. He has seemed to feel fine and has taken his formula every day and gained right along so he must be “ok.” I didn’t mention any of this before because I didn’t want you to worry about it and too If I had written every day you might have gotten a letter or two and missed one, and that would have made you wonder about how things were and since he seemed so good through it I didn’t want to make a mountain out of a mole hill – When I would take his temperature and watch it so closely I would remember how you used to get so disgusted with certain anxious mothers who were always taking their children’s temp. and wish they would break the thermometer

[page 3] once or twice his temp. did rise to 100 but it usually kept around 99 to 99 3/5. All the aforementioned took place during the past week. He slept every night except for his regular feedings and in the day time too. He wasn’t off schedule any. I will confess I was pretty worried about him but kept telling myself since the temp. was slight and that he could breath[e] easily it wasn’t serious. I knew too if necessary I could call Dr. Cole which I did do twice and if necessary could go down to Laf. with him A baby is so helpless and delicate as far as medication is concerned. I was some “put out” that he would get a cold, but there is so much cold around that it really isn’t any wonder. I had a little sinus condition myself and my throat bothered me some – so he could easily have gotten the bug from me, But I keep asking myself – how could he keep from it when I have to handle him myself. I keep gargling but it doesn’t entirely get rid of it. I went down & had Dr. M. swab my throat and it seemed well for a day or two. It doesn’t bother me any except it feels raw at times – Oh me – I hope I haven’t been too boring about all our aches and pains because we are all able to be up and going. In fact I feel better than I have felt in a long time and as I said about the baby he seems to feel first rate weighs 11 lbs now

[page 4]It is colder today and of course there is still the snow we had two weeks ago plus several additional layers. I helped John with the furnace last night and took out clinkers. I go down nearly every day and stir things up. I leave the coal heaving to the boys.

Arlene came to see me for a few minutes yesterday. She brought two suits Donald had outgrown – he weighs over 15 lbs now. She told me Rosemary is to have a baby in April. Just as Arlene left Parttens’ came. They thought the shells pretty nice and the necklace makes a hit with everyone who sees it. I got a quarter of beef from Harold so paid him. Mary said people who have their own meat won’t be held to meat rationing. We now have ½ of 265# hog and 122 lbs beef in the locker (the beef less two pieces I took last Sat.) Zells have chickens and when they are large enough for frys I think I’ll get a dozen or so and put in the locker.

The brush & comb you sent came Sat. I like it very much and I will probably have to get the boys a set so they will leave mine alone.

We got the tree decorated last night. I let Mark come down and watch. We put those lights on that we used outside last year.

The boys are upstairs now listening to The Shadow and I am trying to listen to Wm L. Shirer but David is awake and wanting attention so must close

Love Mother


[page 5]Mon noon and everybody fine. Mark didn’t go to school but he hasn’t any temp. and it is pretty cold so thought I would keep him home till noon – He feels fine.

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More on the Klines (Gladys)

In this letter, Gladys briefly mentioned Inez. The only Inez that I am aware of at this point in the extended family was Roscoe’s cousin, Inez Kline. She was the daughter of Nancy (McCoy) Walker Kline and the wife of John Ley. I don’t know if John’s nickname was “Bud”, but John and Inez did have a son John Ed[win] Ley. John Ed was the correct age to have served in World War II. In fact, according to his obituary, John Ed served in the Army Air Corp during World War II.

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
Oct 28 – 1942

Dear Daddy-

I am listening to a symphony – by David. He is a good baby most of the time but as Geneva Simons said about her baby he has his moments and when he decides to cry he just has to cry for it seems nothing we can do will get him to stop. Of course I always see if he is comfortable – that is, if his clothes are dry. For the moment he has stopped and seems to be going to sleep but – I spoke too soon – music started again. He seems to be doing “OK” on his new 4 hr schedule. Yesterday I mixed his formula in such a hurry I put in 10 oz water & 8 oz milk then gave him his bottle. When I went back to bottle the rest of it I discovered my mistake – but the increased milk content didn’t seem to bother him – in fact he seemed more satisfied after that first feeding than later on. However I mixed a new 24 hr feeding and

[page 2] didn’t give him but one feeding from the first mixture. You remember when you were home Geneva S. talked to you about her baby. Well she told me yesterday what the trouble had been. She said she had never told anyone and only she and Bob knew – but when she mixed the baby’s formula when she got home from the hospital she was a little nervous and made the mistake of putting in ½ cup Karo instead of ½ tbsp – Do you can understand why he was so upset. She didn’t catch her mistake until he had taken the entire 24 hr mixture. She said they had to put him on SMA to get him straightened out but have him back on milk now.

Mary Parttens was here a few minutes this morning. She was going to school to get Jim and couldn’t stay long. She has been busy and I think has been helping Harold do farm work, since both Jim & Ruth are in school.

Had a letter from Inez this A.M. She said Bud had finished a course at Chanute Field and is somewhere in Ten. now. John Ed enlisted

[page 3] in Army Air Corps but hasn’t been called yet.

Floyd went to Blue Island again this week but Ruthie didn’t come over, said she had a cold and didn’t think she should be around the baby or me. Floyd is trying to sell his shop equipment and Mr. Zell is talking about buying it. Mr. Zell has taken quite an interest in Mark. He told Shirks he felt so sorry for our boys – the fact that you have to be away – that he was going to do all he can for them. Mark is taking his horn rather seriously. He said Mr. Webster got so disgusted with all the junior band he told them their music “stunk.” Mark said they all admitted they didn’t practice enough so he timed himself last night and claimed he put in 30 minutes. John said today Mr. W. is going to give him a regular sax now. He is doing good enough with this one that he can have a better one. David has dozed off again but don’t suppose it will last. It seems like

[page 4] I can’t get anything done except take care of him. Haven’t got any fall cleaning done yet but I haven’t felt well enough yet to plunge into much work. I am afraid if I don’t take care of myself I might have to go back to bed like Arlene did – and I wouldn’t want that to happen. Mother fell and hurt her right wrist a week ago Sunday and is just getting now so she can use it again. Of course she doesn’t feel like doing much any time so we just do what has to be done and let the rest go.

I have several letters to answer. I didn’t write to your Mother last week- Ruthis was here and she wrote but I must get a letter out this week. I have a letter from Dolores and one from Esther I must answer. I am going to try this week and get some statements out. (I think I told you that before).

If you get this before Christmas – I want you to know we sent you a box – Just hope you get it and all the other boxes and letters being sent.

I haven’t had any mail now for two days but hope I will get some tomorrow – Also hope you get some too. Just wish you could get yours as regular as I get.

Love – Mother