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Home from Wilmington (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
May 24 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Just returned home from Wilmington and it’s still raining. Last Fri it was nice and we got our washing and a few other things done, then on Sat the fair weather continued so we went to Ruth’s and took the 350 sweet potatoe & 4 dz. snap-dragon plants. Earl was waiting and as soon as Ruth fixed his supper, he took the plants out to his garden and set them out. His garden is 5 miles out on 113 – It is on a hill and the drainage is good so with fair weather Fri & Sat it was just right to put the plants out. He also went out Sunday and worked all day or most of the day but it has rained so much and

[page 2] is getting so late he said he felt like he had to work when the ground was dry. Well it certainly is wet now. We drove home thru rain all the way. In some places it poured. We had to go thru some water on the pavement but not much. Just before we left Wilmington there was a hard shower.

I brought back several different kinds of flowers to set soil out. It will have to dry off some before I get them out. John wanted to know if he had to mow the lawn when we got home. I told him it would probably need it.

David is very glad to get home. Ruth’s neighbor loaned us a bed and chair – the chair has a table around it and I brought it home to use as long as he will stay in it. He is in this pen now having a good time. I have knitted him a sweater outfit

[page 3] and it was very popular. The cap has a bill like a regular boys cap and that took the prize. The neighbor who loaned the bed and chair wants the pattern for the whole outfit so she can knit her 2 yr old one. Mrs. Servies crocheted the cap but I made the sweater & pants.

I had four letters of May 1, 2, 5 & 6. The uniform money was in one. I will deposit it tomorrow. I’ll have to write the Ins. co. as to the amt of the loan. I read your letters rather hurriedly so will have to scan thru them again. Had to rekindle the fire when we came home and before I did that had to clean out the furnace. It is about time to feed David but I want to get this in the mail before 6 P.M. I didn’t get a letter written yesterday but being company it isn’t easy to always to

[page 4] writing. I enjoyed our visit very much but a little tired – which is to be expected after driving home thru the rain.

We had dinner at Johnsons yesterday and got to see their new home. It is very nice but not as large as ours. Of course Clarence had time to work on theirs which made a difference in finishing. He did the wiring and all their switches are silent.

I am trying to write and the rest of the family is trying to get David ready for bed so I’ll have to stop – I know this letter has been jumbled up but will try to do better next time – after I have had a good rest in my own bed.

Hope you have the garden seed by now.
Love Mother

YEG1943-05-24 #1

YEG1943-05-24 #2

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Mr. Oliver’s Horses (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
May 15 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

No letters today but Thurs. (13th) had 3, the last being of Apr 30 – which brings it up to date pretty well. It is raining again today – If you have all or most of my letters you will think I give the weather a beating but this has been a spring to talk about, like the past winter. It cleared off yesterday and was so warm – got to take David out for a good sunning. Also worked in the flower bed. Had I known we would have wet weather again today would have put out more than I did – but thought the rain was over for a few days. Our garden is so wet Mark hasn’t had a chance to work in it for more than a week. John is doing the lawn mowing this summer and already it is keeping him busy keeping the grass cut. Our back yard & Statons are full of

[page 2] that crab grass and that has to be kept very short. Link’s back yard doesn’t look any better than ours. We both sowed grass seed but it didn’t do much. The lilacs over on Kent are blooming. Things are all late this year. Our tulips are still blooming and this is very late for them. I took some pictures of David on the front step with the tulips as back ground – I hope they are good so you can get an idea how well they are blooming. Clara Molter took up loads of iris for me to put out and lilly of the valley but can’t find time when the ground is dry enough to work in to put them out. Mr. Oliver keeps the horses over at Kent now that Floyd Hoover is working in the loan office – I told you before Tommy Thompson is working with his father farming this summer. They have rented their house & stored their furniture – back to Oliver – he doesn’t keep his horses in very well and they sometimes get out and wander around in

[page 3] our yards & gardens. We have all been complaining so I think he will try to keep them in better now. Link said they ruined part of his garden. The holes they made in our front yard will have to be filled in.

John & Mark both decided to write you and tho I would rather they would write at different times I couldn’t check their impulses today. Every time the baby does some little thing Mark says to write & tell Daddy. He is trying to pull himself up now. He gets very loud singing da-da at times – in fact he drowns us out if we are trying to talk and he is in the same room that we are in. I have knitted him a little sweater & sunsuit outfit. Mrs. Servies crocheted a cap and I took his picture yesterday in his cap. As soon as I get the sunsuit finished will get the whole outfit on him for a picture. It is hard to keep him still long enough for a good pose. He is always reaching for something. He reminds me of John when John was that size – I think however

[page 4] John could handle himself a little better, because I remember when John was 8 months old he could walk around a chair, but David is doing well enough. He and Donnie Funk do the same things at about the same age – I don’t know how I would mange to take care of him if he were as large as Donnie – Donnie is too heavy to handle much.

The Delta Lamba Sigma News letter came today. If I thought you were interested I would send it to you. I was thinking about your clothes – I wonder if it would be a good idea to have them sent home – just in case you do get to come back after a year out – how would you get them if they are stored at N.C.? That reminds me Mrs. Roberts had word from Joe and he is temporarily at Noumea, en route he thinks maybe to join you – That year out business, there is talk around to that effect but Mrs. R. and I aren’t counting too much on it, but we have heard rumors to that effect. However, I think you are right to be patient about it because after all it won’t help any not to be patient. I am enclosing Mark’s letter with mine – John used v-mail.

Love – Mother –

YEG1943-05-15 - David on stoop with tulips

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Oboes and trumpets (Gladys)

1943-04-21Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – No letters so far this week but had several last week. After all the wind rain & snow of yesterday it is sunny today and not much wind. I have a line of clothes soaking up some vitamins (I hope). Hadn’t hung anything out so far this week – due to cloudy and rainy weather. I looked over our garden this morning and we have some radish lettuce & onions peeking through. I have more potatoes to plant when the ground dries enough. The neighbor children are out playing – we have quite an assortment now. Bobby has on his overshoes. He always manages to get in the mud puddles. He is as cute & clever as ever. I intend to go to T. H. one day this week or next to get Mother. She is coming up to stay. I am going to find someone to go with me. I don’t want to drive that far alone. Servies go down quite often and I am going to see if they want to go. I will see Watsons when I go. John is to play an oboe in the band. Carol Josserand had it and decided it was too hard to play so gave it up and Mr. Webster wants John to take it. I had to buy a reed for it – (1.50) I told John that was pretty high but he doesn’t spend much on shows, tec. Mark is to play a trumpet solo Thurs nite at the Jr. Band concert. I am going to either have his horn rebuilt or get him a better one. I can take some pictures of David today – Have 3 more of this roll to take. He is about to go to sleep – after his bath & vegetables – he takes them instead of cereal at 10 – and potatoe at 12. – then cereal at 6 P.M. 18 lbs now will be 7 mo Fri (23).

Love – Mother

Yegerlehner home, E. Dunlop Street, Kentland, circa 1943

Yegerlehner home, E. Dunlop Street, Kentland, circa 1943

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The Gopher Hole (Gladys)

1943-02-19 #2Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – Just finished cleaning the “gopher hole” – that’s what we call J & M’s room. One day John came downstairs and said “Mother, a self respecting gopher wouldn’t stay in our room” – The reason was Mark’s airplane mess and mess in general – So I cleaned it this evening and Mark has a corner in the dormer – that is the dormer is his. He is up there now at work – and should be practicing on his horn. John has done his practicing for today and is now lounging on the davenport. It is warmer but still rather a sharp wind. Mother has a quilt ready to start quilting. We showed it to Mrs. Plummer. She admired it so much we are going to give it to her. They are going to Fla for the mo. of March. Servies were here and hadn’t seen David since before Christmas. They both thought he had grown very much. Mrs. S. says he looks just like you – as so many people do. Irene said I am in the “Nursery” with D. when they come and go to work and we wave and that is about as close as we get. I told you we had Christmas dinner there – Thompsons were there too. I told you before about her asking to use your large office desk but Newell wouldn’t let her have it. I didn’t enter into the thing only I told Irene she could use it if n. would let it go. They can’t get a new one. There are so many things can’t be bought now. Arlene needs a new bed for Bobby but can’t find one to buy. Fortunately Mary P. loaned me one for upstairs and Harold’s sister loaned one for downstairs. I will be looking for a letter with your suggestions about the lawn. Will send you pictures of the yard after things start growing. Mark is starting to practice horn.

Love Mother

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Teen Age Draft Bill (Gladys)

Teen Age Draft Bill - 1942-11-13The Teen Age Draft Bill was working its way to President Roosevelt’s desk on November 13, 1942. The bill that required men to register for the selective service lowered the age requirement from twenty to eighteen. The war effort needed assistance from men as well as women, persons of color, and individuals of every age. A month previously on October 12, 1942, President Roosevelt returned from a two week tour of the country. He shared his new hopes and visions with the nation in a Fireside Chat. In this speech, he spoke of lowering the age requirement.  He felt that this was necessary for a more speedy victory of the war. A month later, Roosevelt signed the Teen Age Draft bill into law.

I am including two links to audio recordings of this speech:
The first link is to the Miller Center in Virginia which includes a rough transcript of the speech. The link to the audio is on the right hand side of the page.
The second link is to My Old Radio which has many of Roosevelt’s other speeches in its archives as well as many old radio shows and commercials. http://www.myoldradio.com/old-radio-episodes/fdr-set-prejudices-aside/16

Letter transcription:

Kentland Indiana
Nov 13 – 1942

Dear Daddy –

Got up early this am (but went back to bed) David slept thru the 2 a.m. feeding then woke up at 5 – and then Mother wanted to get up at 5 because she was going to T.H. [Terre Haute] with Servies and they were coming for her at 6. I got part of washing done yesterday & finished today. With a little “fellar” there is always a washing to do. I am still able to hang things out but when it gets too cold I will put them in the basement.

Rec’d a letter this morning – and you were somewhat out of sorts when you wrote. Well maybe by this time you have a few more letters and know I am receiving yours and have all you have written to date. That is, the one I rec’d this a.m. was dated Nov. 4 & this is the 13th so that brings it to date. Now that you have rec’d some of those “back numbers: maybe you will get all or most of them. Remember you asked for your comm. & I sent it. Sorry, those two letters I wrote Oct 24 & 25 didn’t mention receiving your letters regularly, because I did mention it in most of my letters.

About Mark – I couldn’t get him a bike unless I found one second-hand – because you have to have a requisition from the ration board and I am afraid I wouldn’t have any reason for getting him one. I think I could get him a Jr. bike but that would be foolish because he wants a full size. He is learning to play the cornet and Mr. Webster says he is doing fine. That he has a better tone range than most of the band children. The only thing he lacks is perseverance. I have been bragging on him and he has been practicing a little better this week. I told him if he learned to play the cornet I would buy him a better horn but I didn’t want to invest anything is a horn if he wouldn’t stick with it. He can blow Taps & Silent Night. I am going to get him a tool set for Christmas and fix him a work shop in the basement. He would do something worthwhile I am sure if he had some help. That is what he says he wants and has one picked out in the Sears holiday book. John is doing as usual. He is playing a large Sax now and still takes piano lessons. He was in a play that is a ”stunt” by the 7th grade. When he came home last night I had to clean make-up off his face. Mother went to see it and said the 7th grade stunt was the best. Now I wonder why she thought that (or do I wonder so much)

[page 2] By Mother getting to go home before her birthday I had to go to town and get her something yesterday evening since she left at 6 a.m. today. While in town I saw Lucile Johnson and she said I could use the baby carriage she has until she is ready for it. The one Zell’s have will require so much work however I may fix it up so I can use it when L. wants hers. I saw Ira D. and he said he had another letter from you. I told him he could keep you posted on the local gossip – and he promised to do that. Ellsworth [Wilson] was in the drug store at the time and I talked to him about the Ins. policy for David and he is going to write it in the Laf. Life. He said that was a good company. Hope that meets with your approval.

Had a letter from Henry R. – Jr. today and he wanted to know about you. Evidently he is still at Moffett Field because his letter came from there. Here is his address – you write to him. his address is H. W. Reinhard, Ylc, CUB Two, Moffett Field Calif. He said “would like very much to know something about Jake.”

I sent you a birthday box and put the Lentz pictures & films in it. By getting Boonies candy as soon as you did you should get the box I sent. Again I’ll quote the present bank bal (721). I get my checks each month. It comes in two since you made the additional after you reached Calif. I haven’t done any spending yet this fall. Got the boys some new clothes, but haven’t paid that bill yet (50⁰⁰). That includes some things I got for Mother. I also gave her 10⁰⁰ this morning when she left. The bank bal. of course includes the birthday money. If you get all the letters I have made repeats in you may be sorry you asked for “rehash.”

The baby had a crusty formation in his eyebrows and I was afraid it might be impetigo – how he could get anything at all is beyond me because you know my “mania” for keeping clean. I had been using water on his face but but he got a rash or something so just used oil and the rash cleared but this thing started in his eyebrow – so decided to use some samples I rec’d – “Pragmusal” I applied it three nights in succession and it cleared up. I read the label on the tube carefully and decided it would not be too strong for his skin even if it didn’t help – but it did the trick. Of course if it had gotten worse & spread would have taken him to Dr. C. but didn’t want to make an unnecessary trip. I am not due to go back for more than a week yet. I want to make the trip just before gas rationing but then after that will have to make trips because will have to get David started on his shots when he is old enough.

The Myers twins were just sent to Laf. to the Naval Station there. They had enlisted in Aug. – 18 went from Newton Co. Nov. 6 – Jim Fletcher’s widow [Emma Fletcher] is working at Sharps. Just put in the above from glancing at the Enterprize. You should be getting it soon as Bart is sending it every week.

Have to register for gas ration card next week. Hope this finds you with all the letters you should get

Love Mother
(hope you can read all this)

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November 12, 1942 (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Nov. 12, 1942

Dear Daddy –

Rec’d two letters this a.m. – That puts them all in order now, one a day. Sometimes they get mixed up in their order of arriving but now they are all here. Some have been missent to other towns. Some come in 6 days & some take 10 day to 2 weeks. I wish I could remember some of the things I wrote you in Sept – but at best the letters up to Sept 22 weren’t too interesting because I was in bed so much and wasn’t out for a month. I had gotten up and went to the Opening Club luncheon Sept 22 then rode to Sheldon & back and that was my first time out – and I think that was what brought things on sooner. Just in case you haven’t gotten any letters about it – My water broke at 11 p.m. and I called Dr. C. He said to come to the hospital. I called Bob & Dorothy & we were on our way by 11:15 and at 12 – I was in the hospital and by 2:03 we had another son. It was very “easy” this time. My breasts really gave me more pain – over a longer period of time and then after pains last longer but it is all over now and I have regained my strength and have even done most of the cleaning with the help of the boys. So far the boys have been able to take care of the furnace and it isn’t necessary to hire anyone to take care of it. And I think we can get along on our own power now. Mother is going back to T.H.[Terre Haute] tomorrow. Servies are going & she is riding with them. I decided that was too much of a trip to make now with the baby so small. It is so hard to find house help that I will do what I can and let other things go – however I have the cleaning done and it isn’t so hard to keep things going with the help of the boys & conveniences.

[page 2] John & Mark are home and Mark is practicing on his horn and I am having a little trouble concentrating. David has started a noise. I gave him his orange juice & he went to sleep for about 2 ½ mi. The Lucile I was referring to was Johnson. Her baby is due in Jan. Surprised? So was I and a lot of other people here. With all bills paid the bank bal. is 731. That includes the birthday money. I get My allowance comes every month or that word is allotment. I told Bart to send you the Enterprize so you could get all the town news every week in case I forget some item. I have tried to tell you the news in each letter & list the men who have go into service so I am really in a muddle trying to rehash what I have already written. Maybe all those letters will get to you and you will have all the news you care for. If you get Ella’s paper you should get Bart’s.

I am enclosing a good picture of David. Will send one in each letter. If I put in more afraid it won’t go “air.” Will get a calendar in the mail as soon as I can find one. Wish I had known that sooner. I could have put in your birthday box – if you get it. You mentioned your watch – what kind have you now and would you want me to send you a “good” wrist watch – Let me know. I have to make a trip to town and do some shopping – get mother a birthday gift. Hope this finds you in receipt of lots of letters & your laundry & birthday box.

Love – Mother & our sons

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November 11, 1942 (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Nov 11-1942

Dear Daddy-

Three letters rec’d today. One missing so it will probably come tomorrow or later. Boonie also got a letter and when I called him to tell him you had the box he said Jean was reading the letter to Ray Cummings. Said he was sending another box to you. That gives me courage that you will get your birthday box by the 25th. I couldn’t send much but you will know we thought about you and do think about you all the time. Of course we don’t get letters every day but that doesn’t keep us from waiting for the mail man every day. What I have been looking for is a letter saying you rec’d the radiogram and when you rec’d the two letters we send via clipper. In the letters sent clipper I explained about the Radiogram. We sent it just before we got word from you that you were getting news from us. If if was later maybe you enjoyed getting it. When & if the uniform money comes I’ll put same in bank. I haven’t the urge to spend money. I am like Mrs. Roberts – What do I want with new clothes now. I would rather wait until you come home, but of course I’ll get something so I can keep up “appearances.” I gave Mother the “coat.” She seemed to appreciate it very much. I would get a new coat if I could find just what I want. I would even buy a baby buggy could I find one. I looked at the one Zell’s have but it needs

[page 2] a lot of work done on it and I am not exactly in the mood to do that much. David has been on the “ornery” side this morning. He didn’t sleep his usual 10 till 2 period but keeps waking up. He is in a stretchy mood now but won’t be long until time to feed him. I am having a little difficulty getting John to wear his heavy coat to school but since he has such a short distance to go and isn’t out after he gets there I have let him wear his sweater, but I insist on Mark wearing his coat because of the distance to school & playing out at recess. It is very cool today. It was cloud yesterday but clear & cold now. I cleaned the bedspread yesterday but it wasn’t out long enough to get aired out so I put it out this a.m. to flip in the breeze. I am cleaning our room today. When I get that finished the “big” part of housecleaning will be done. I heard some shouting this morning so the hunters are at large again. Makes me think of the pheasant you got one year. Mark wanted to go out wandering around in the country after school but I told him he might get shot. Of course I won’t let him go. I called Servies [Rev. and Mrs. Voris Servies] this a.m. to find out if they were going to T.H. [Terre Haute] and they may be going soon if so Mother will go along. I decided it was too much of a trip for me to try with the baby. I am afraid it might upset him and too something might happen on the way. We won’t be able to go much longer tho, because gas rationing begins Nov. 22.

[page 3] A lot of people have asked me since you have been “out” where you are – some do not ask, others do – I told someone that was the $64⁰⁰ question – and I think Mark heard me because he was in Boonies and they asked him and he said that was the $75⁰⁰ question. They got quite a “kick” out of that. Just like anything else, there were rumors that you were one place or another but when people asked me I told them your destination was is a secret, so no rumors can start from me because my answers to such inquiries are negative. Bun Walkup called me this morning to get your address so you will get a Christmas greeting from them I suppose or maybe Iva J. will write to you. I do wish you could get all those letters missing. I have told you so much in them I can’t remember what you have rec’d just by the dates you mention. I want you to get the pictures too. I have quoted the bank bal. several times & what we owe. Maybe I’ll have a letter tomorrow saying you have the information you want. I am not very newsy today. Maybe after I go to town this evening I can write more.

Lot of Love
“and our boys”


You forgot to finish your last letter. The one in which you told about receiving the candy – you must have been excited.

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