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Oboes and trumpets (Gladys)

1943-04-21Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – No letters so far this week but had several last week. After all the wind rain & snow of yesterday it is sunny today and not much wind. I have a line of clothes soaking up some vitamins (I hope). Hadn’t hung anything out so far this week – due to cloudy and rainy weather. I looked over our garden this morning and we have some radish lettuce & onions peeking through. I have more potatoes to plant when the ground dries enough. The neighbor children are out playing – we have quite an assortment now. Bobby has on his overshoes. He always manages to get in the mud puddles. He is as cute & clever as ever. I intend to go to T. H. one day this week or next to get Mother. She is coming up to stay. I am going to find someone to go with me. I don’t want to drive that far alone. Servies go down quite often and I am going to see if they want to go. I will see Watsons when I go. John is to play an oboe in the band. Carol Josserand had it and decided it was too hard to play so gave it up and Mr. Webster wants John to take it. I had to buy a reed for it – (1.50) I told John that was pretty high but he doesn’t spend much on shows, tec. Mark is to play a trumpet solo Thurs nite at the Jr. Band concert. I am going to either have his horn rebuilt or get him a better one. I can take some pictures of David today – Have 3 more of this roll to take. He is about to go to sleep – after his bath & vegetables – he takes them instead of cereal at 10 – and potatoe at 12. – then cereal at 6 P.M. 18 lbs now will be 7 mo Fri (23).

Love – Mother

Yegerlehner home, E. Dunlop Street, Kentland, circa 1943

Yegerlehner home, E. Dunlop Street, Kentland, circa 1943

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The 7th day of the New Year (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland, Ind
Jan 7 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

On the 7th day of the new year and I wonder what I have done with this first week – nothing much it seems. This afternoon is a little on the gloomy side. It has been snowing and it is foggy. Not so cold but not the kind of weather to get out in after a throat infection. I am going to welcome spring with open arms. I believe I am getting tired of winter and Jan & Feb yet to go. I feel pretty good toady. My throat feels better but I am going to be careful about going out for a while – Will see Dr. Ade again tomorrow. Maybe another treatment will clear things up.

John is working on the music I told you about some time ago. He forgot to copy it off and so did I but he is doing it now and will mail it – his version of Star Spangled Banner. I don’t know whether his vacation from exams is going him much good. He had to wash dishes and take care of two washes of clothes for David. He is going with us to Laf. tomorrow so maybe that will make up for his work today. He doesn’t seem to mind. Mark decided he wanted some oysters so he went to town & got a pint. I didn’t know how

[page 2] much they were and when he told me I almost swooned (.55¢). John doesn’t care for them so Mark & I will do the pint justice. I feel like I should make several meals out of them at that price. The last time I priced creamery butter it was about .60¢ lb so I just stick to G.L. I don’t know what meat costs in the stores but know it is very high. Oranges are 45¢ dz and sometimes more. So much for the high cost of eating.

Mark tried to skate yesterday but he didn’t have his shoes laced tight enough and he couldn’t do much. Some of the children made fun of him and he was in a bad mood but I explained to him that he would have to lace his shoes very tight so he thinks maybe he will do better this evening. It is cold enough that the pond is well frozen over. Now that exams are going the children who are exempted are skating – some of them. John wrote you that Angus Washburn, Ina May Walkup & he were the only ones entirely free from exams – Betty Lou & Carol Josserand were here on their way to the pond. Betty L. had to take all but Arith. I must change the subject or you will think I am being a proud mama.

I started adding egg yoke to David’s formula today. 1/8 tsp a day until he gets a whole yolk a day. I see he has his

[page 3] covers kicked off. He has found his hands and spends much of his time looking at them. –

As usual no local paper today (Thurs) so can’t scan over for local news, which probably wouldn’t be much anyway. I worked on the bank statement last night, I mean I checked with my balance and with no taxes or ins. (except mine) paid we have a bal. of around 500⁰⁰ – I bought 6 37⁵⁰ bonds last week – but after I decided to get a coat thought I had better go slow on further investments until after Ins & taxes, car license, etc are all paid. I have a chance to buy a piano for $100⁰⁰. It is a studio, about the size of Ruth M’s. What do you think about getting it? It is about 3 yrs old and is a Wirrletzer. It isn’t a first rate brand but about the same kind as we have, only it is practically new and would be much better for John to practice on. Let me have your opinion if you get this letter.

I think I told you about Amal Taylor giving me a check for $9⁰⁰ and that it “bounced” – I just took it back to the bank and left it in case he deposited any money, so on this month’s statement – I mean Dec. statement it came thru. That is $9⁰⁰ I didn’t have much hope of getting.

[page 4]The uniform money has not come. I think I told you your policy came but it hasn’t yet – there was a slip advising me it would come but as yet it hasn’t. This slip is to take the place of the policy until it is written or sent out. I would think it would be issued by this time. I am enclosing a calendar for Jan. I cut it off a blotter. If you get Geo Tilton’s letter you will get a full year’s calendar – also if you get one of the boxes I sent you will get one (Rexall).

I have given you Jim’s address several times but here it is again – Ship’s company Camp Bradford, Norfolk, Va – James L. Foster S.K.C. Thelma got a release from her job in T. H. and is working for the Army in Norfolk.

David has had a nap and is now awake and John seems to think he needs his mother’s attention, so will have to see if dry pants are needed. The boys have tried to do that for him but are a little awkward and I am afraid they might hurt him. When he gets a little older they will learn to handle him but they seem to think he will break if they try to pick him up.


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