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Football vs. Band (Gladys)

August 26, 1945 envelope

August 26, 1945 envelope

Letter transcription:

August 26, 1945, p. 1

August 26, 1945, p. 1


Dear Daddy –

Sun. evening and David just tucked in. He was ready to go to bed for a change. Had a nap this afternoon but didn’t sleep too long. Yesterday afternoon I went down to Dr. M office and asked him if he had any late data on Drs. being discharged. He said he knew nothing – but in the course of conversation he said he had inquiry from the “procurement” (whatever it is) about a Dr. being needed at Remington or Goodland and he told them to send a Dr. Now “methinks” he could tell the procurement office or whoever it is, that he needs you here. I saw Mrs. M outside and she said Dr. was so anxious for you to get back before winter – She also said Dr. V hadn’t been any help – says he doesn’t leave home until 10 a.m. – and by that hour her husband has been at work 2 hrs. Also she says he doesn’t have office hours at night, etc., etc., etc. This morning driving home from church I saw Mrs. Washburn and talked to her a while. She wanted to know about your coming home and I told her the people here would have to get a petition and get you back. This afternoon David wanted to take a walk so we walked past their house and stopped to chat a while. Dr. Dorsey came while we were there and they went on an inspection tour (The Washburns, Dr. Dorsey & his Sec’y). Mark was there playing with Sammy. He has been with him all afternoon – and is still down there. He came with Sammy a while ago eating a ham sandwich. I said something about real ham and in a little while here came Mark & Sammy with some ham for me. They said Mr. Washburn had sent it. Howards came

August 26, 1945, p. 2

August 26, 1945, p. 2

[page 2] back from Wisconsin over the weekend. The Krulls came back, too. I went down and took the things I had washed – and their silverware. I told Nick about the oil burner and the difference in figures. He said I had better have Loughridge because Monroe doesn’t service oil burners. Without waiting for you reply I am going to tell Loughridge to proceed with ours. Of course he can’t get it until Oct., but can be getting the new wiring done. I hope this meets with your approval.

Going back to Washburns – I was glad Sammy was in town this afternoon. Mark was all excited over a piper cub pilot taking up passengers. I tried calmly to talk him out of it but he couldn’t see anything but getting to take a ride in a piper cub. I finally had to say flatly no, then he went to Washburns and played football with Sam & Buddy Krull and apparently forgot about the plane ride. I told him I knew you wouldn’t approve – so if you will write him a little letter it will help out in case anyone else comes around offering rides for 75₵. I told him to wait until he can go somewhere in a passenger plane.

I went out with John this afternoon and he did pretty good. I told him he would have to practice a little more often. School begins Wed., so he won’t have much time. John isn’t very happy about his high school program. One must is either Shop, Ag, or Geography and he chose Geography. He would rather take Latin but they just have Soph. & Jr. latin and since he has had first yr. Latin would have to take with Jrs., but it would conflict with one of the Soph. subjects. He takes History, English, Geometry & Geography. Maybe he can get a change somewhere so he can take Latin but I doubt it.

Mrs. Zell gave us a basket of tomatoes – the boys are going to prepare them for the cans and won’t have to touch them.

August 26, 1945, p. 3

August 26, 1945, p. 3

[page 3] Pauline Hiestand said they had some chickens to sell so may put a few in the locker. So far we have 16 qts. peaches & 7 qts. corn in our locker. With our beans (20 qt.) and tomatoes to can tomorrow our food supply is counting up. Mrs. Z said we could have more corn this week. Mr. Z is going to Mich. and bring back peaches so I told her I would take a bu.

The Merrit Woods are going to Monticello to live. He sold out business & house to Simison. There was a farewell dinner at the church for them today. I didn’t get anything prepared to take before S. School so we came home to eat. Mr. Servies asked me to help in the Primary Dept., and I didn’t want to be late to Sunday School so had to forego the dinner. Mrs. Wood has been Supt. of the Primary Dept. for some time. They asked me to take over for her, but Mrs. McCarty has been assisting her and I said I would help Mrs. MC.

It’s past 9:30 so think I’ll get ready for bed. I thought I might read but my eyes are burning and I don’t believe I had better. – Just while I think of it. I air mailed your “gold” in the lighter box Sat. – so you should get it soon.

Mon. a.m. Yours of Aug. 24 (date on envelope) rec’d this morning. Just hope there is something in the air about discharges. David’s pictures came today. I’ll send yours so you can have a picture with you. I think we forgot to give you any at all.

Have 6 qts. tomatoes in the oven to cook.

August 26, 1945, p. 4

August 26, 1945, p. 4

[page 4] Father Fallon’s mother died Sat. from a heart attack. She was on a train going to visit her daughter.

Sammy & Buddy are here, but Mark is mowing his lawn just the same. He will soon be thru and they can go play. Mrs. W & Angus are staying is Wis. until Sept. 8 – because of Angus’ hay fever.

It’s a lovely day if a little cool – not as cold as last night. I have been sleeping under a light woolen blanket.

John went over to the school this morning and talked to the band instructor. He is going to let John have the oboe. The band is short of cornets. Maybe Mark will go in the band, too. He says he wants to play football and that it conflicts with band, but we may be able to get him to forego football – since the band is thru the year & football is only seasonal.

Well I have to go to town and get groceries so will sign off.
Love Mother

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You Take It Any Way You Like (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Lieut. R.S. Yegerlehner USNR
Navy 133 USN Base Hosp. #4
F.P.O. San Francisco Calif.
Jan 25, 1944

Dear Mother,

I reread and have decided that the group you were talking about that David was in was the group that the Democrat took way back there when you first wrote me you were having the picture taken. That picture seems to be the most talked of or rather written of in the past month. It seems a long time but I believe it was only about one month ago that you sent it if I remember correctly. I could dig out your old letters and find out for certain but that is near enough and I’m certain it will be coming along in a week or 10 days. It’s been too long now for air mail

[page 2] and not long enough for regular mail.

Our nice sunshine of yesterday is gone and a cloudy sky keeps the sun back and really makes one wear more clothes. However the natives don’t mind. I’ve seen kids barefooted when you’d think their feet would freeze. Most people here, one can see by their complexion, have been exposed to cold because they have a chronic red skin and they as a rule appear a few years older than they really are. Their span of life according to figures is about 8 or 9 years longer than ours but one can see how that would be because they don’t get excited and they take plenty of holidays. Never work on Sat. at least for the most

[page 3] part they don’t work on Sat. Fri. night is the big night for stores to stay open late and on Sat. they have the whole day off instead of Sat. PM as many of our stores do at home. Offices as a rule are closed all day Sat. Maybe I’ve written this stuff before. If so just forget that I did and remind me that I’m repeating myself.

I’m writing early today because I have O.D. duty later and I’m afraid I won’t feel like writing after finishing that stretch, but it isn’t so bad. I might save a little space at the end in case mail comes. There probably won’t be any but one never can tell sometimes

[page 4] strange things happen and sometime in the sorting a letter or two gets lost and those come in a day late.

I guess Mr. Washburn is getting along OK now that Dr. Van is back in town. I imagine he is of some help to Dr. M. to take a few of the old ones off his hands and maybe to relieve the O.B. situation. That last remark could be taken in more ways than one – you take it anyway you like and I’ll bet I’m thinking the same way you are.

Well, I think I’ve said enough for today – so solong –
Lots of Love

P.S. No mail.


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Snake Commando (Gladys)

1943-04-27Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – Another day without any mail – the last dated was Apr 6 and that came about 2 wks ago. Last week I got 4 Mar letters. Maybe air service has stopped for us and your letters are coming by boat. I’ll keep looking every day. – It is a windy day – looks like it might rain – Had a hard rain last night. Sure is good for lawns, gardens, etc – – We are cleaning house but I am going to take time out to go to Club this afternoon. Arleen Sondergrath is coming to stay with David. – She hasn’t any classes after 1:30 so she can come. I’ll be glad when Mother gets back – I won’t have to get nurse maids then. Mother is coming back in May – Thought the measles were all gone but they seem to be breaking out again. Angus W. has them now, so maybe John will get them yet. The band contest at North Manchester is Sat. and John is hopig he won’t get them till after that if he has to get them. Do hope they won’t catch up with D. – but since he had the immune Globulin may be won’t get them. One of the Zell girls found a nest of snakes so Mark took his hatchet and went snake killing – He calls himself the snake commando now. He really enjoyed himself working on those snakes. There seem to be several around this spring – – The youngest Zell girl is sick. Dr. M. thought she had a kidney infection yesterday. Hilda Barce & Amelia Virgin are working at the coil factory. Ed is still stationed at Kokomo – Recruiting station. Hope you heard from him?

Love Mother

Yegerlehner home, E. Dunlop Street, Kentland, circa 1943

Yegerlehner home, E. Dunlop Street, Kentland, circa 1943

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A regular letter (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind

Dear Daddy –

This is the first regular letter I have written for some time. I got out of the habit – due to not having pictures to enclose, but have some now, covering D.’s 5th to 6th month. There isn’t much difference is his pictures but we can see a lot. He does something new quite often and of course that isn’t caught with the camera. We should have a movie camera so we could keep a more accurate record of his growth. It is so nice and warm today I intend taking him out for an airing. However I want to keep away from school children – there are so many diseases going around now – measles, chicken pox & scarlet fever. I have mentioned in several letters that we gave him Immune Globulin and he hasn’t taken measles from Mark – neither did John. The minute Mark said he didn’t feel good I sent him up to bed (Sat a.m. 8:30) and John stayed down, then John went to Krulls & stayed from Mon. till Fri. I do hope John won’t start

Stevens, James & Dolores - c1953

Dolores and her husband, James Stevens, c1953

[page 2] feeling bad in about a week. We are planning to go to C. C. Apr 2. Dolores will be home and we want to see her. I didn’t plan to go this week-end due to measles – that is John’s exposure by Mark will be three weeks tomorrow and some say an exposure can go three weeks in developing – and I didn’t want to take a chance. Dr. M. said it was not very likely he would take them from Mark after that long. John wrote an essay in a contest and won second – Angus W. won first. He said today he won a spelling contest and the reward was a candy bar but Miss Kitsmiller just gave him a nickel. He is taking algebra and likes it. Mark is still working on the cornet and I must say does good for no more practice than he puts in on it. He had to miss several days school when he had measles but so many were out too that they all had to catch up.

The stool in the “Powder Room” stopped up so had Monroe come out. He said it was from the septic tank and I had to have it cleaned. Billy Floyd cleaned it today – (6.25) and had

[page 3] to dig up the yard quite a bit – now will have to get that place smoothed down again and grass seed sown. I saw Bill out working on his lawn – I went over and he was putting arsenate of lead to kill moles. The moles have been working under his lawn a lot. I want to get some vigaro and seed for our lawn but there is a shortage of fertilizer and I may not be able to get any. There is a new special fertilizer called “Victory Garden” and of course it is compounded specially for gardens and to be used for just that. Paul Y. was here yesterday. He was looking for a manure spreader but hadn’t found one. He said Earl was definitely exempted for  but talked like he might have to go – He said he had just bought a new tractor outfit. I’ll get all the “low down” and details if we get to go to C.C. next week. Kenneth would let Clarence try to keep him home. He said he didn’t want to stay home, with all the young men his age going. Had a letter from Ethel W. and she said Allen had gone – his dad could have had him exempted for farm work but Allen wouldn’t let him do it.

[page 4] Ethel said she didn’t blame Allen – because he would have to live with “those boys” when he comes back. That is the way I feel about us. You know I would rather have you here at home – but this thing is bigger than our own personal lives, and as you have written before – we are not the only ones – and when you come home we won’t have any guilty feelings about shirking a duty – so chin up – and all that sort of thing. It can’t last forever. – Well I hear a grunt and that means David is awake and soon will be clamoring for eats, and mentioning eats – it really costs us to eat, but I certainly am glad we have our locker. I haven’t bought meat in the stores for so long but once in a while glance at the show case to see what the prices are and the last time I looked – Hamb. 35 lb T-Bone 48¢ – and with rationing starting Apr 1 – 16 points a person a week is allowed and the amt. of meat one eats depends on the kind. Steak takes 8 pts a lb – so not much steak to be head in a week.

[page 5] I wrote you several times but will repeat – the income tax for ’42 figured 157.53 – also I read that all gross pd on salaries rec’d in Service will be refunded for ’42 – so that will be a little – Haven’t taken time yet to figure what refund will be coming.

— Some time later – Fed David (vegetables & milk) Tried fruit but he didn’t seem to retain it so thought I would try again later – He is taking orange juice again. Also went out and took down the clothes. Certainly is grand to hang them out again – after all the basement drying all winter. I haven’t heard anything about Ira D. recently so he must have gotten over the attack whatever it was. I suppose the people around town will keep you up on most local news. Your letters of Mar 12 & 13 came today. Never think anything you write is boring. If you can only say so much you know I always look for letters and don’t think they are ever dull – I have saved every one – I think they should be kept to hand down to the grandchildren –

The bank bal. at present is about $120⁰⁰ I haven’t had any collections for such a long time – and that much talked of uniform money hasn’t come yet.

[page 6] I am keeping bills paid – Ins, etc. Still have a 34⁰⁰ coal bill but will get it next month. I am taking the dividends off next 59⁰⁰J. Hancock prem. So that will be about half next time (Apri). I sat David up in his buggy – you can see by the picture the kind it is and he has scooted down till he has his feet braced on the foot piece. That is the way he likes to rest in his buggy.

It is a little hazy out like we might get a rain – Wish we would so that loose dirt would sink down where it was dug up.

Hope you can get an idea about us from these pictures. Now that we are getting into spring we should be able to get some good ones.

It is so warm today the physical ed classes have been held out of doors. Hope none catch cold. So far it hasn’t bothered John. I think the physical ed is good for him – he has to take it.

I must get this finished so can take it to the P.O.

All my Love

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Loose Fuse (Gladys)

1943-03-18Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – No letters now the past two day – Yours of Feb 26 is the last I have. Some warmer today and no wind so think I’ll take David out for an airing this afternoon. Mark is feeling fine now – when his face gets cold can still see where measles were. John or David show any signs yet of taking them. John wrote an essay in the annual contest at school and won second prize. There were two firsts & two seconds – Angus W. & Beverly Jacobs won first & John & Carolyn Sondergrath second. He will get $1.50 at the end of school term. I want him to send you a copy. He wouldn’t let me read it. He said (quote) “It was drippy” – This younger generation. He went to a party for the seventh grade last night. Angus didn’t have measles. He was out sick and, of course Eve thought he was taking them – so that lessons John’s exposure that we know of to Mark. Had to have Bun Loughridge come out this a.m. – our kitchen appliances stove refrigerator stopped but a fuse was loose. I had tightened it evidently not enough. Have the refrigerator full of meat and had to get it going again. I am getting 12 hens to put in the locker. Parttens promised me another quarter of beef so that will take care of the meat situation for a while. Link & Irene are at Mayo Clinic this week. Will let you know what they found out when they come home. Ma & Jimmy are in Ft. Wayne. Mary is going to have a baby I know. Mrs. J. would like to be there with her. Mrs. Davids’ daughter is staying here with her folks and has a new baby. Dr. M. took care of her and she went to Watseka – so crowded she had to be put in the hall. When the measles scare is well over I want to go see Mrs. Roberts. We talk over the phone once in a while. She is giving me her John’s clothes he outgrows for D. I have quite a few now she brought over. I told you before the 1942 tax figured $157.33. I won’t pay but have bonds to cover. Had a letter from Ruth M. She wants to go to C. C. in April with us if we get to go. Hope we aren’t still having measles then. It is a little on the gloomy side today but not cold.

Love Mother

Washburn, Angus S. - Kent H. S. yearbook 1948

Angus D. Washburn, 1948

The above picture of Angus D. Washburn was taken from the 1848 Kent High School yearbook.

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Mark is still home (Gladys)

1943-03-15Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – Another March day – Rain & wind. Mark is still home. He got over the measles nicely but I thought I would be better to keep him in a few days. I am giving him unicaps. He is a little thin but seems to feel good. The baby had 2 c.c. Immune Globuline last Thurs. Can’t tell yet whether he will take measles or not. John said he would rather have them now and not have to be afraid of getting them all the time. So far no one in the 7th grade has had them but Angus Washburn was out today so he may be taking them. Sammy is over them. I got your letter of Feb 26 today. I wrote your folks and gave a brief resume. Dolores isn’t coming home till Apr 9 so we will plan to go that week-end (Friday the 9th) after school Ruth M. may go with us. Earl doesn’t get enough gas to drive only to work. I haven’t used all my coupons so far. Will leave the car at the garage and have it greased & checked over before we go. Mom said Kenneth is still in Indpls as far as they know. I believe he wants to go into the air corps. Paul and Earl both got deferments. Wilma graduates this spring and wants to take nurses training. David is chewing on a toy. He acts like his gums bother him. Joe Fletcher saw him yesterday and said he was the best looking boy we have but told him D. looks a lot like John did. Floyd things he looks like Mark. Hope you get his picture & ours I sent some weeks ago. Will have some more to send in a few days. I have been sending pictures in registered letters. There is a meeting at the High School at 2:30 for gardeners. A man from Purdue is going to speak. I may go if I get around in time. Have to feed D. at 2. I should take Mark but this weather wouldn’t be very good for him since I am keeping him home so he won’t catch cold.

Love Mother

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The 7th day of the New Year (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland, Ind
Jan 7 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

On the 7th day of the new year and I wonder what I have done with this first week – nothing much it seems. This afternoon is a little on the gloomy side. It has been snowing and it is foggy. Not so cold but not the kind of weather to get out in after a throat infection. I am going to welcome spring with open arms. I believe I am getting tired of winter and Jan & Feb yet to go. I feel pretty good toady. My throat feels better but I am going to be careful about going out for a while – Will see Dr. Ade again tomorrow. Maybe another treatment will clear things up.

John is working on the music I told you about some time ago. He forgot to copy it off and so did I but he is doing it now and will mail it – his version of Star Spangled Banner. I don’t know whether his vacation from exams is going him much good. He had to wash dishes and take care of two washes of clothes for David. He is going with us to Laf. tomorrow so maybe that will make up for his work today. He doesn’t seem to mind. Mark decided he wanted some oysters so he went to town & got a pint. I didn’t know how

[page 2] much they were and when he told me I almost swooned (.55¢). John doesn’t care for them so Mark & I will do the pint justice. I feel like I should make several meals out of them at that price. The last time I priced creamery butter it was about .60¢ lb so I just stick to G.L. I don’t know what meat costs in the stores but know it is very high. Oranges are 45¢ dz and sometimes more. So much for the high cost of eating.

Mark tried to skate yesterday but he didn’t have his shoes laced tight enough and he couldn’t do much. Some of the children made fun of him and he was in a bad mood but I explained to him that he would have to lace his shoes very tight so he thinks maybe he will do better this evening. It is cold enough that the pond is well frozen over. Now that exams are going the children who are exempted are skating – some of them. John wrote you that Angus Washburn, Ina May Walkup & he were the only ones entirely free from exams – Betty Lou & Carol Josserand were here on their way to the pond. Betty L. had to take all but Arith. I must change the subject or you will think I am being a proud mama.

I started adding egg yoke to David’s formula today. 1/8 tsp a day until he gets a whole yolk a day. I see he has his

[page 3] covers kicked off. He has found his hands and spends much of his time looking at them. –

As usual no local paper today (Thurs) so can’t scan over for local news, which probably wouldn’t be much anyway. I worked on the bank statement last night, I mean I checked with my balance and with no taxes or ins. (except mine) paid we have a bal. of around 500⁰⁰ – I bought 6 37⁵⁰ bonds last week – but after I decided to get a coat thought I had better go slow on further investments until after Ins & taxes, car license, etc are all paid. I have a chance to buy a piano for $100⁰⁰. It is a studio, about the size of Ruth M’s. What do you think about getting it? It is about 3 yrs old and is a Wirrletzer. It isn’t a first rate brand but about the same kind as we have, only it is practically new and would be much better for John to practice on. Let me have your opinion if you get this letter.

I think I told you about Amal Taylor giving me a check for $9⁰⁰ and that it “bounced” – I just took it back to the bank and left it in case he deposited any money, so on this month’s statement – I mean Dec. statement it came thru. That is $9⁰⁰ I didn’t have much hope of getting.

[page 4]The uniform money has not come. I think I told you your policy came but it hasn’t yet – there was a slip advising me it would come but as yet it hasn’t. This slip is to take the place of the policy until it is written or sent out. I would think it would be issued by this time. I am enclosing a calendar for Jan. I cut it off a blotter. If you get Geo Tilton’s letter you will get a full year’s calendar – also if you get one of the boxes I sent you will get one (Rexall).

I have given you Jim’s address several times but here it is again – Ship’s company Camp Bradford, Norfolk, Va – James L. Foster S.K.C. Thelma got a release from her job in T. H. and is working for the Army in Norfolk.

David has had a nap and is now awake and John seems to think he needs his mother’s attention, so will have to see if dry pants are needed. The boys have tried to do that for him but are a little awkward and I am afraid they might hurt him. When he gets a little older they will learn to handle him but they seem to think he will break if they try to pick him up.


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