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Back From St. E. (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Sept. 2 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Just back from St. E. We took Mother down in the ambulance. She stood the trip very well. Bob has a rubber sponge mattress on the cot & put a feather bed on top of that. We left the feather bed at the hospital. I asked the sister at the desk if we could put it on Mother’s bed & she consented. Also took her pillows along. She seemed very comfortable when I left. Dr. Cole came & ordered her some glucose. She was getting it when I left. He is having Baylee & McClelland see her tomorrow. I will let you know the report when I get it Sunday.

Glenn & Pauline & James L. went on to Penna. Today. I didn’t want to take Mother to the hospital while they were here. She says she wants to be back home by the time they come back thru on their way home but I told Dr. Cole to discourage her in that

[page 2] if he thinks she should stay longer. Will see what X-ray shows & what the other Drs. think. Dr. Cole said she had fluid in her bowels this evening when he examined her and it might mean T.B. of the bowel but he wouldn’t say anything definite without X-ray.

Alma W. called me today & said they had tomatoes she couldn’t can so gave me almost a bu. With all the Victory Gardens there still seems to be not enough tomatoes. I canned 9 qt. before going to the hospital. Will get at least 6 qt. tomorrow. I think Alma appreciates you more every day – your absence and other Dr. fees make her appreciate how generous you were. I imagine she things about the many treatments you threw in extra when she give me grapes, tomatoes, etc. She has a cold now & is almost down with it.

I want to go to bed early – last night & the night before I didn’t get enough rest. The boys go to school for a full day tomorrow. It will seem quiet around here with only D. & I. He won’t know what to do with everyone one but me gone. I think we will get along – don’t you?

Love Mother

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Wind & Lightening (Gladys)

1943-06-22Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy: Yours of June 10 came today – Five came yesterday – I’ll repeat again all three checks came. We had quite a storm last night – lot of wind & lightening – Took the top out of the tree by Foulke’s terrace and the tree back of Zell’s house. Just took branches off ours, but the whole yard is a litter with leaves. Zell’s were going to a pea field and glean where the picker had been and asked me to go along. We went but the rain last night made the field so muddy we didn’t do much. People had been going out & pulling up vines and getting quite a lot but we went at the wrong time – However we got about half a bushel and didn’t stay but about an hour. John & Mark are helping Mrs. Z. & Virginia hull peas now. We pulled up the last of our pea vines last night. We have tomatoe vines in bloom, also potatoes are in bloom. Mrs. Roberts called me to tell me Joe had had direct word from you, then in your letter today you mentioned hearing from him. She has been getting late mail recently. The storm kept me awake a while last night and I am rather sleepy – My eyes feel so heavy I think I’ll have to have a nap before the day is over. Mother has David and in the yard but it is about nap time for him. when he wakes me in the morning for his 6 a.m. bottle he is up walking around his bed. John has gone now to take a music lesson and it’s time to start lunch.

Love Mother

YEG1943-06 Dunlop Street house

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A real summer (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
May 27 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Today has been a real summer, rainless day, (so far). The boys are out in the garden pulling weeds. It is still too wet to hoe or do any more planting but just right for pulling. We are having onions & radishes and will soon have lettuce. Everything is doing well. Potatoes are up about a foot high – some aren’t so good but most of them are. There are so many wild parsnips in our garden they keep coming up as if by magic. The ground is about right for me to get my flower beds finished and I want to work on them this evening. John has to go to

[page 2] band practice this evening so that will let him out but he volunteered to help Mark weed the garden. John has had the most to do so far because he has had a continual job mowing the lawn and the rain has kept Mark from working in the garden.

Mother has David out in the buggy on the terrace. He has had a lot of sunning today – Had a nap this morning in the sun. He is about to get another tooth thru and is a little touchy today – or maybe he is just spoiled. I think he missed us when we went to Laf. yesterday. He is so used to having someone pay attention to him. He is satisfied to stay in his pen or bed, or play chair but likes company.

Three letters came this morning. The latest being dated May 17 – So far the second check (100⁰⁰) hasn’t come but it will no

[page 3] doubt be along in a day or two. There’s a few letters missing but I believe they will come, because all of yours up to May 5 have come. Thanks for the picture. We enjoy getting yours as much as you do ours. Mrs. Zell said she could tell by looking at your picture the baby looks like you. Most everyone says he looks like you and Ruth M. calls him “little Jake.”

One paper came today but I haven’t had time to scan it over for news items that would interest you. The Rotary Club wrote you and that should pretty well cover the local news situation. As usual only one paper came today. The same old story. Seems like they would just change the date of publication. Mrs. Steinbaugh is running the Democrat now. It came today.

[page 4]Mark is a business man now. Since he has his bike he runs errands – Now the traffic situation is a different matter than when you were here. He went to town for Mrs. Zell & Arlene this morning. He started putting down his earnings. He wants to help pay for his Bike. I told him he couldn’t have a new horn but he said he would rather have a bicycle and keep the old horn. If he has his tonsils out next week he won’t need either for a while.

Mother had a letter from Jim and he is now a C.P.O., but has to stay in Williamsburg until Sept, then thinks he will go places. Then Thelma is going to return to T.H.

Mark wants to take a ride so I’ll get this finished so he can mail it.

Love Mother

Yegerlehner home, E. Dunlop Street, Kentland, circa 1943

Yegerlehner home, E. Dunlop Street, Kentland, circa 1943

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A regular letter (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind

Dear Daddy –

This is the first regular letter I have written for some time. I got out of the habit – due to not having pictures to enclose, but have some now, covering D.’s 5th to 6th month. There isn’t much difference is his pictures but we can see a lot. He does something new quite often and of course that isn’t caught with the camera. We should have a movie camera so we could keep a more accurate record of his growth. It is so nice and warm today I intend taking him out for an airing. However I want to keep away from school children – there are so many diseases going around now – measles, chicken pox & scarlet fever. I have mentioned in several letters that we gave him Immune Globulin and he hasn’t taken measles from Mark – neither did John. The minute Mark said he didn’t feel good I sent him up to bed (Sat a.m. 8:30) and John stayed down, then John went to Krulls & stayed from Mon. till Fri. I do hope John won’t start

Stevens, James & Dolores - c1953

Dolores and her husband, James Stevens, c1953

[page 2] feeling bad in about a week. We are planning to go to C. C. Apr 2. Dolores will be home and we want to see her. I didn’t plan to go this week-end due to measles – that is John’s exposure by Mark will be three weeks tomorrow and some say an exposure can go three weeks in developing – and I didn’t want to take a chance. Dr. M. said it was not very likely he would take them from Mark after that long. John wrote an essay in a contest and won second – Angus W. won first. He said today he won a spelling contest and the reward was a candy bar but Miss Kitsmiller just gave him a nickel. He is taking algebra and likes it. Mark is still working on the cornet and I must say does good for no more practice than he puts in on it. He had to miss several days school when he had measles but so many were out too that they all had to catch up.

The stool in the “Powder Room” stopped up so had Monroe come out. He said it was from the septic tank and I had to have it cleaned. Billy Floyd cleaned it today – (6.25) and had

[page 3] to dig up the yard quite a bit – now will have to get that place smoothed down again and grass seed sown. I saw Bill out working on his lawn – I went over and he was putting arsenate of lead to kill moles. The moles have been working under his lawn a lot. I want to get some vigaro and seed for our lawn but there is a shortage of fertilizer and I may not be able to get any. There is a new special fertilizer called “Victory Garden” and of course it is compounded specially for gardens and to be used for just that. Paul Y. was here yesterday. He was looking for a manure spreader but hadn’t found one. He said Earl was definitely exempted for  but talked like he might have to go – He said he had just bought a new tractor outfit. I’ll get all the “low down” and details if we get to go to C.C. next week. Kenneth would let Clarence try to keep him home. He said he didn’t want to stay home, with all the young men his age going. Had a letter from Ethel W. and she said Allen had gone – his dad could have had him exempted for farm work but Allen wouldn’t let him do it.

[page 4] Ethel said she didn’t blame Allen – because he would have to live with “those boys” when he comes back. That is the way I feel about us. You know I would rather have you here at home – but this thing is bigger than our own personal lives, and as you have written before – we are not the only ones – and when you come home we won’t have any guilty feelings about shirking a duty – so chin up – and all that sort of thing. It can’t last forever. – Well I hear a grunt and that means David is awake and soon will be clamoring for eats, and mentioning eats – it really costs us to eat, but I certainly am glad we have our locker. I haven’t bought meat in the stores for so long but once in a while glance at the show case to see what the prices are and the last time I looked – Hamb. 35 lb T-Bone 48¢ – and with rationing starting Apr 1 – 16 points a person a week is allowed and the amt. of meat one eats depends on the kind. Steak takes 8 pts a lb – so not much steak to be head in a week.

[page 5] I wrote you several times but will repeat – the income tax for ’42 figured 157.53 – also I read that all gross pd on salaries rec’d in Service will be refunded for ’42 – so that will be a little – Haven’t taken time yet to figure what refund will be coming.

— Some time later – Fed David (vegetables & milk) Tried fruit but he didn’t seem to retain it so thought I would try again later – He is taking orange juice again. Also went out and took down the clothes. Certainly is grand to hang them out again – after all the basement drying all winter. I haven’t heard anything about Ira D. recently so he must have gotten over the attack whatever it was. I suppose the people around town will keep you up on most local news. Your letters of Mar 12 & 13 came today. Never think anything you write is boring. If you can only say so much you know I always look for letters and don’t think they are ever dull – I have saved every one – I think they should be kept to hand down to the grandchildren –

The bank bal. at present is about $120⁰⁰ I haven’t had any collections for such a long time – and that much talked of uniform money hasn’t come yet.

[page 6] I am keeping bills paid – Ins, etc. Still have a 34⁰⁰ coal bill but will get it next month. I am taking the dividends off next 59⁰⁰J. Hancock prem. So that will be about half next time (Apri). I sat David up in his buggy – you can see by the picture the kind it is and he has scooted down till he has his feet braced on the foot piece. That is the way he likes to rest in his buggy.

It is a little hazy out like we might get a rain – Wish we would so that loose dirt would sink down where it was dug up.

Hope you can get an idea about us from these pictures. Now that we are getting into spring we should be able to get some good ones.

It is so warm today the physical ed classes have been held out of doors. Hope none catch cold. So far it hasn’t bothered John. I think the physical ed is good for him – he has to take it.

I must get this finished so can take it to the P.O.

All my Love

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