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Winter Came Today

Letter transcription:

1960-10-19 (GRY)[to Wright Quad 521 – written in David’s handwriting]
Kentland, Indiana, October 19, 1960

Dear David:

Winter came today. I suppose it has turned colder in Bloomington also. Since we will be leaving Saturday evening, I called Mark this evening just to talk to them and to know about Becky. Mark says she is growing and getting along fine. He took your telephone number and his address is 6107 N. Kenmore, Apt. 1-C, Chicago and telephone is Holleycourt (HO 5-4673), so in case you might need to talk to him while we are away. We told him we would be calling you from time to time and if they need to get in touch with us while we are gone, they can call you. We will call you Monday Oct. 24 evening at about 7 o’clock, so plan to be in your room when we call.

Yesterday was a full day. There was a club convention at the Church and I attended most of it. Last night I had the ABC class party. I was a little tired when the guests had all gone home, but my committee washed the dishes and helped me straighten the house, so when I went to bed everything had been taken care of. I slept a little late this morning, and didn’t feel any after effects. I have been getting some housecleaning done before we leave.

The open house at the parsonage Sunday was quite a success. They received 150 guests, so felt quite happy about everything. The Fields came to the party last night and brought Mark and his pen. He was good most of the evening, but by the time Miss Kitsmiller had finished her talk about her trip to Europe and had shown her pictures, Mark was getting pretty sleepy, so they didn’t stay for refreshments.

It has turned so cold I rather think Dad won’t have to mow the yard until spring. As cold as it has been all day I rather think all the flowers will be finished tonight. It has rained most of the day and those nasty worms are all over the front patio. I heard on the news that it had snowed in Chicago today. Since it has been such a warm fall this weather doesn’t seem to be right, but here it is the latter part of October so it must be time for it. It should be nice for us to head south now.

Did I tell you that Edna and her mother are going to stay here while we are away? We thought it would make it easier for her – so she won’t have to make that trip to Brook every day.

We will be leaving Saturday evening as soon as we can get away from the office and hope to get as far as Kentucky before stopping. If there is anything you need to talk to us about, call us before Saturday evening.

Love Mother

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A New Chapter

Just about fifteen years after Gladys wrote her last letter to Roscoe in 1945, Gladys wrote one of her first letters to her youngest son, David, when he went away to college. The baby of the family, born in September 1942, was now almost 18 years old and attending Indiana University at Bloomington. Mark, the middle son, had married and his firstborn child, a daughter, had been born just four days prior to the following letter. Gladys and Roscoe’s oldest son John was living and working in Indonesia. Having earned a PhD in linguistics, John had worked on several projects related to Native American languages during the 1950s.

1960-09-14 (GRY), p. 1

September 14, 1960

Letter transcription:

Kentland, Indiana
146 W. Graham Street
September 14, 1960

Dear David:

First to answer your questions

(my) Place of birth: Terre Haute, Indiana, November 1, 1905.
(Dad’s) (Roscoe Schiele Yegerlehner) Clay County, Indiana, November 25, 1904

Dad has: B.S. degree from Indiana State Teachers College
M.S. degree from Indiana University
M.D. degree from Indiana Univerity (9 years)

I had two years business college.

Mr. Floyd Yegerlehner (or Mrs.) 1603 Garfield, Lebanon, Indiana.
Mrs. Earl Mutchler, Wilmington, Illinois. (115 East Street)

Or you could give

Mr. Mark Yegerlehner, 6107 N. Kenmore, Chicago, Ill.
Or you could give Dr. John Yegerlehner, Malang, Indonesia. (just joking)

In case you look for your suit, I hung it at the north end of your closet on a hook, a little lover than the road. Why don’t you use that laundry case for your clothes hamper – well that might be a little unhandy. I will send you a plastic bag, since I have so many of them here, but won’t have time to make any cookies to send along.

Received a letter from John. I will quote you something from his letter. “Kate Garvey and I have been giving a five-week seminar (10 sessions of two hours each) for high school English teachers here: modern methods of teaching English. When I think of the lies I was told about the English language by that old crock Kitsmiller…well. (Really the teaching of English is in the stone age in America. It would be as if they taught alchemy instead of chemistry in high school) We should be able to do better here.” He had received my birthday card, but since you didn’t send yours it couldn’t get to him.

Mark called Monday evening to tell us not to try to come up this week. Because of the hospital rules, we couldn’t get in to see Shirley and the baby, so maybe we can plan to go next week. Mark is going to Traders Point Friday to get Mrs. Ward, so he will stop here on his way.

I talked to Mr. Molter this morning and he said you would not have to make a special trip home to register, but that you could take care of it when you come home for Thanksgiving vacation. You don’t have to wait until Thanksgiving to come home if you want to come, but he said you didn’t have to make a special trip just to register.

Mrs. Fields called this morning to talk to Dad about Mark. He is still have some difficulty and she was to take him to the office at 10:20.

John’s first dividend check from Standard Oil came today – $27.50. Also your dividend check from GM ($2.00) which I will deposit in your account. Put that down on your check book, to keep your balance correct.

It is about time for Dad to come for lunch, so must get things ready.
Love Mother

P.S. Decided to enclose sack.

[handwritten notation on back in David’s handwriting – Received Friday AM Sept 16]

Wright Quadrangle, Indiana University

Wright Quadrangle, Indiana University (Image courtesy of the Indiana Memory Digital Collection)

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Plane Crash (Gladys)

September 4, 1945 envelope

September 4, 1945 envelope

Letter transcription:

September 4, 1945, p. 1

September 4, 1945, p. 1

Sept. 4 – 1945

Dear Daddy –

It’s nearly 10 o’clock and I have an ironing to do and cabbage to cut for kraut, but the mail just came with yours of 8-31 & 9-1 so I am going to write now and work later. Also had a letter from the Moores. I wrote them and sent the baby’s pants. B. said J.B. had a letter from you. She said 8 of the boys went out on points (and very happy). David seems normal this morning. He didn’t run any temp. yesterday, but this morning he called me at about 7:30 and wanted a glass of drink – I had been up with him at 4 too for same. It was so chilly this morning I thought he must have a temp. to be wanting a drink so early, but he doesn’t have and is playing around here very happily. It is too cool for him to go out – that is, there is no sunshine and it is damp & chilly so I am keeping him in. Last night John was going upstairs with him to put him to bed and somehow he fell down the stairs. John said he just sort of slid down on his “bottom end.” He was scared some and John had to carry him back up and then David refused to even walk from the bathroom to his bed. He told John “I might fall.” However he seems to have forgotten – has been back upstairs by himself this morning.

Statons took Mark with them to the fair last night. Jimmy wanted someone along with him. Mark saw a piper cub crash out there and was quite impressed. I don’t believe he will be so

September 4, 1945, p. 2

September 4, 1945, p. 2

[page 2] anxious to take plane rides now. It really quieted him down on the subject.

John got his course straightened out finally. He is taking speech this year instead of English, and Smith is his teacher. He takes Latin and has Kitsmiller. Smith told him if he takes speech it won’t be necessary to take English. He is much happier about school now. He mowed the back yard after school yesterday. I paid Mark $2.00 to clean up the yard the first time because it was such a job, but I am putting them back on a monthly basis and told then it was both their job now.

– – The sun has come out and it’s nearly noon. I stopped to get a few things done. I had promised an upside down cake for today so had to get it baked for lunch.

I am sending your mother one of David’s pictures today for her birthday the 6th. I hope you remembered to send her a card or letter.

– – had to stop again – the boys came in for lunch. John was rattling off something from speech class. He is really enjoying it. Mark had a piece of fabric from the plane that crashed last night. Someone had it at school and you know how he likes souvenirs. David is taking a nap. He would not go to sleep yesterday but today he dropped right off without any fuss. I was feeling somewhat guilty about his mosquito bites – however I try to kill them every night before I go to bed – but it seems everyone has some. Statons’ baby & Jimmy, Joy Funk had so many but so far she hasn’t had any reaction from them. I think they get them in the daytime while they are out playing as well as at night.

I suppose you have all the low-down on discharges, that is, what has come out in the papers & over the radio – Let’s hope they soon get to you.

I love you – Mother

[Editor’s Note: An article about the plane crash made the front page of the Brook Reporter on September 6, 1945.]

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Mystery Pal (Gladys)

1943-12-17 (GRY)Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – This has been a busy day. It was nice enough to take David out so left the work and took a walk to air the younger generation. He was wrapped up to his neck so he wouldn’t get chilled. He really enjoyed the trip. We went over to see Jimmy Ed then down town and mailed David’s pictures air mail (48₵) so you should get them soon. Lucile gave me some snaps we took two weeks ago so I will enclose them in tomorrow’s air mail. John stayed home again today but didn’t feel very bed. Had a slight temp 4/5 of a degree this a.m. and 2/5 this p.m. However, I told Miss Kitsmiller I kept him home so he wouldn’t get sick. I think he had a slight cold which would have gotten worse if he had gone to school. I went to the S.S. Class party tonight and we had our annual mystery pal revelation. I got Dorothy Kindig’s name for next year – as John would say – that is just “lady stuff.” Mark had been skating since the pond has been frozen. Seems to enjoy the sport very much. I rec’d a greeting from “Pop” Porterfield today. Said to give you his regards in my next letter to you. He is still in Va. Saw Clarice Hufty tonight. She said she is expecting to go to the hospital any time now. So is Arlene. It may be a tie.

Love – Mother


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The Woman’s Club (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Oct. 27 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Yours of Oct. 17 came today – the 18, 19 & 20 came yesterday. You were writing about my throat. I haven’t had any actual soreness for some time but have a hoarseness all the time and keep spitting mucos & have some sinus drainage all the time. I don’t want to look for a sore throat but am a little afraid I will be inclined to have some infection there if this condition continues. Thought I would see Dr. Ade sometime soon if it doesn’t clear up. I don’t want to have a tonsillectomy if it can be avoided. Maybe with sufficient rest it will clear up.

David is on a high horse today. I think I can see two teeth (stomach) about through. He woke me up about 2 a.m. just sucking his thumb & making a little noise he often makes when going to sleep. He won’t stay covered. Try as I will to secure him under his blankets he wiggles out and I find him on top & sometimes at the other end of the bed. He has been going some tall jabbering today – sounds like “Greek er something.” I told him he was a bad boy & he jabbered right after me what sounded like “bad boy.” John said I was stretching my imagination. However when he says something that sounds like “John,” then John says he is calling him. Mark agreed with me that David said “bad boy” so that is how it stands. John is having his troubles at school. Had such a long assignment last night he was carrying on something terrible about Miss K. I told him if he didn’t quiet down I would tell her and he took me right up on it & said he wished I would. Of course I wouldn’t tell her anything, because she has taught school a good many years & I believe is better qualified as to assignments than I would be. That is all the trouble there was but if you could have heard him go on about it you would have thought he had troubles. The band teacher resigned and student directors are going to try & keep the band going. I am glad now I didn’t invest in a horn for Mark because the Jr. band can’t carry on. They were too far behind the Sr. band to combine the two. Mark hardly ever touches his trumpet anyway and I believe it would be the same with anything he would have.

[page 2] The sun was shining this a.m. and I hung some white clothes out. Was going to take David out for a bit of sunshine but it’s cloudy now. Just typical fall weather.

The Woman’s Club had Prof. Phillips from Purdue speak at the meeting last night. Mrs. Zell & I went together. He gave a very interesting talk about what we will do after the war. He reviewed the events following World War I and touched upon the crime waves that have followed all our wars. In the course of his talk he mentioned Time magazine & how it had stooped to vulgarity – It was quite a coincidence – you had mentioned about the same thing in one of the letters I had from you yesterday. In fact you whole letter had run along the same vein he had talked on. I wanted to go tell him about your letter & how it tied up with his talk, but I didn’t. There was a business meeting following his address, so I sat where I was and the visiting men talked to him after he was thru. There were quite a number of men present. Prof. Phillips talked at Rotary once – I believe that was while you were here – or was it – I remember the French woman was on the program you attended.

Dorothy was out yesterday and said Ralph Bower had been appointed Judge. Seems Newell Lamb might have been but for a member of the Committee – That is just gossip and I don’t know enough about it to be certain. At any rate Newell & Ellsworth are supposed to be next up to go the Army and being Judge would get a deferment. D. said Ellsworth was going to try & get a 6 mo. deferment because Doris is going to have another baby.

Had a letter from Jim today & there is a possibility he may be sent to Joliet – in case his rating isn’t changed to Chief Steam fitter. In that event he will be sent to a ship yard. He left his top coat here & I have to send it to him.

I cooked the chicken your mother gave me and besides having two meals from it canned 5 pts. I thought it would be handy to have for quick meals.

David is quiet for some reason. He had a long nap and wish he would take another so I could get one.
“Love Mother”

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Miss Kitsmiller called (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind

Dear Daddy –

Yours of Apr 3 & 4 came today – but had up to Apr 15th earlier this week – you mentioned the seed again – which I sent out some time ago – also the lawn – and I had an earlier letter about that and gave you a reply which you should have by now. So much for answers. It is wet today. Had a hard rain yesterday & last nite. I was thinking of going to T. H. to get Mother but since it was raining so hard and didn’t clear away I put off going till tomorrow. John is till home from school and feels “O.K.” but I was afraid he might break out with measles any day. In case you have missed earlier letters – He came home Tues. from school having a chill & with a temp of 102. He hasn’t had any temp. since Tues except Wed he had 2/5 degree.) and has felt pretty good – had headache yesterday. Miss Kitsmiller called

[page 2] this morning to find out why he wasn’t in school. I said I hadn’ let him study any in case he was taking measles – she assured me I didn’t need to worry about that. I think he will make all exemptions again because he has an a average.

I wrote a v-mail yesterday and told you about David’s new toy – the “Cradle Gym” – it is a cute trick – just like a trapeze – cross-bar – hand rings, etc. He tries to pull up on it but hasn’t made the grade yet. He sounded a new low note this morning – John and I were watching him and with an appreciable audience he can really perform. He says Da-da all the time. Maybe he will do like John did before he talked.

Jackie Lamb came out this morning and borrowed the shadow box to use in court to show some x-ray’s. She promised to return it as soon as they are thru with it. I think I told you Newell didn’t get into the Navy. They bought the place Shirly Baze had. Baze’s went to Calif. to live. Shirley was ready to have another baby when they left here.

[page 3] The papers came today but I haven’t looked thru them. I didn’t get up very early and put a new top on David’s bath table so didn’t get much else done, except bathe & feed D, read your letters, and get lunch ready. I hope it clears away today so I can get some washing done this afternoon. You know these babies have to have clean clothes whether it rains or not.

Haven’t talked to Lucile since Wed. so haven’t any word about how Jimmy Ed is doing on D. M. A. – just hope it helps him.

Arlene told me they put Bobby in his play yard and saw him get ready to climb out. He found some boards and was fixing them so he could get over the fence. Her brother’s baby has glaucoma – (I think that is right) and they think they might be able to save one eye – They operated on the bad eye first and in 3 weeks will operate on the good eye. He is just 15 mo. old.

[page 4] John has been reading funnies this a-m. – He couldn’t read them while under suspicion of measles, so he is catching up. He has been listening to a lot of radio programs while he has been home.

Mark just started back to school and then came dashing back in for something – I don’t know what – never a dull moment around here.

The lilacs across the street on Kent are getting ready to bloom. They are very slow this year. The trees have just put out leaves the past week. If it stays warm everything will grow fast now.

I haven’t seen Helen Kline for some time but if I get to go to Laf. next week to attend Hospital Day will try to contact her. I tried the last time I was there to call her but couldn’t get the number. I suppose you haven’t seen Dan since you left the last place.

I must get dishes washed so will be ready to feed D. at 2 P.M.

Love Mother

Yegerlehner home, E. Dunlop Street, Kentland, circa 1943

Yegerlehner home, E. Dunlop Street, Kentland, circa 1943

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A regular letter (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind

Dear Daddy –

This is the first regular letter I have written for some time. I got out of the habit – due to not having pictures to enclose, but have some now, covering D.’s 5th to 6th month. There isn’t much difference is his pictures but we can see a lot. He does something new quite often and of course that isn’t caught with the camera. We should have a movie camera so we could keep a more accurate record of his growth. It is so nice and warm today I intend taking him out for an airing. However I want to keep away from school children – there are so many diseases going around now – measles, chicken pox & scarlet fever. I have mentioned in several letters that we gave him Immune Globulin and he hasn’t taken measles from Mark – neither did John. The minute Mark said he didn’t feel good I sent him up to bed (Sat a.m. 8:30) and John stayed down, then John went to Krulls & stayed from Mon. till Fri. I do hope John won’t start

Stevens, James & Dolores - c1953

Dolores and her husband, James Stevens, c1953

[page 2] feeling bad in about a week. We are planning to go to C. C. Apr 2. Dolores will be home and we want to see her. I didn’t plan to go this week-end due to measles – that is John’s exposure by Mark will be three weeks tomorrow and some say an exposure can go three weeks in developing – and I didn’t want to take a chance. Dr. M. said it was not very likely he would take them from Mark after that long. John wrote an essay in a contest and won second – Angus W. won first. He said today he won a spelling contest and the reward was a candy bar but Miss Kitsmiller just gave him a nickel. He is taking algebra and likes it. Mark is still working on the cornet and I must say does good for no more practice than he puts in on it. He had to miss several days school when he had measles but so many were out too that they all had to catch up.

The stool in the “Powder Room” stopped up so had Monroe come out. He said it was from the septic tank and I had to have it cleaned. Billy Floyd cleaned it today – (6.25) and had

[page 3] to dig up the yard quite a bit – now will have to get that place smoothed down again and grass seed sown. I saw Bill out working on his lawn – I went over and he was putting arsenate of lead to kill moles. The moles have been working under his lawn a lot. I want to get some vigaro and seed for our lawn but there is a shortage of fertilizer and I may not be able to get any. There is a new special fertilizer called “Victory Garden” and of course it is compounded specially for gardens and to be used for just that. Paul Y. was here yesterday. He was looking for a manure spreader but hadn’t found one. He said Earl was definitely exempted for  but talked like he might have to go – He said he had just bought a new tractor outfit. I’ll get all the “low down” and details if we get to go to C.C. next week. Kenneth would let Clarence try to keep him home. He said he didn’t want to stay home, with all the young men his age going. Had a letter from Ethel W. and she said Allen had gone – his dad could have had him exempted for farm work but Allen wouldn’t let him do it.

[page 4] Ethel said she didn’t blame Allen – because he would have to live with “those boys” when he comes back. That is the way I feel about us. You know I would rather have you here at home – but this thing is bigger than our own personal lives, and as you have written before – we are not the only ones – and when you come home we won’t have any guilty feelings about shirking a duty – so chin up – and all that sort of thing. It can’t last forever. – Well I hear a grunt and that means David is awake and soon will be clamoring for eats, and mentioning eats – it really costs us to eat, but I certainly am glad we have our locker. I haven’t bought meat in the stores for so long but once in a while glance at the show case to see what the prices are and the last time I looked – Hamb. 35 lb T-Bone 48¢ – and with rationing starting Apr 1 – 16 points a person a week is allowed and the amt. of meat one eats depends on the kind. Steak takes 8 pts a lb – so not much steak to be head in a week.

[page 5] I wrote you several times but will repeat – the income tax for ’42 figured 157.53 – also I read that all gross pd on salaries rec’d in Service will be refunded for ’42 – so that will be a little – Haven’t taken time yet to figure what refund will be coming.

— Some time later – Fed David (vegetables & milk) Tried fruit but he didn’t seem to retain it so thought I would try again later – He is taking orange juice again. Also went out and took down the clothes. Certainly is grand to hang them out again – after all the basement drying all winter. I haven’t heard anything about Ira D. recently so he must have gotten over the attack whatever it was. I suppose the people around town will keep you up on most local news. Your letters of Mar 12 & 13 came today. Never think anything you write is boring. If you can only say so much you know I always look for letters and don’t think they are ever dull – I have saved every one – I think they should be kept to hand down to the grandchildren –

The bank bal. at present is about $120⁰⁰ I haven’t had any collections for such a long time – and that much talked of uniform money hasn’t come yet.

[page 6] I am keeping bills paid – Ins, etc. Still have a 34⁰⁰ coal bill but will get it next month. I am taking the dividends off next 59⁰⁰J. Hancock prem. So that will be about half next time (Apri). I sat David up in his buggy – you can see by the picture the kind it is and he has scooted down till he has his feet braced on the foot piece. That is the way he likes to rest in his buggy.

It is a little hazy out like we might get a rain – Wish we would so that loose dirt would sink down where it was dug up.

Hope you can get an idea about us from these pictures. Now that we are getting into spring we should be able to get some good ones.

It is so warm today the physical ed classes have been held out of doors. Hope none catch cold. So far it hasn’t bothered John. I think the physical ed is good for him – he has to take it.

I must get this finished so can take it to the P.O.

All my Love

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A new milk program (Gladys)

1943-03-05Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – Another day without any mail from you but everyday I look for a letter just the same. Our weather has calmed down a little but it is clouding up like we might get some snow. Clarice asked me if I would help solicit in the Red Cross campaign so I had to attend a meeting last night at the court house to get the material. I am to solicit east of 41. They had divided the township & town among so many that no has so much to do. We are to start Monday and I hope to finish same day. So many in this neighborhood don’t have to be solicited because of business connections. The fewer the better. Coco Foulkes is having Cosmopolitan Club this afternoon. I think I’ll go and “show off” our David. He is certainly getting showy. The boys talk to him so much he likes attention. It has been so cold this week I haven’t had him out of the house but I think it is warm enough today to take in that far. – The schools are trying to introduce a milk program in the grade school. Each child to get 1 pt a day for 1 cent. I signed up. Mark has milk with his meals but I thought the extra might do him some good. I see in the paper tha John Cassidy has gone to Arizona for his health. I also see in the court news that Velda Dye got the divorce on a cross complaint – also $5⁰⁰ a week for the support of Linda and 600⁰⁰ alimony – Geo sued and she filed a cross complaint. The boys are home and eating their lunch. John says the boys in his class are learning to knit – Miss Kitsmiller is teaching them. Mark is so full of pep he doesn’t act like he could take the measles and I hope he doesn’t. If he does he will be over them I suppose by the time you will know.

Love Mother

Kent High School yearbook 1948 teachers, including Miss Kitsmiller

Kent High School yearbook 1948 teachers, including Miss Kitsmiller

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