A new milk program (Gladys)

1943-03-05Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – Another day without any mail from you but everyday I look for a letter just the same. Our weather has calmed down a little but it is clouding up like we might get some snow. Clarice asked me if I would help solicit in the Red Cross campaign so I had to attend a meeting last night at the court house to get the material. I am to solicit east of 41. They had divided the township & town among so many that no has so much to do. We are to start Monday and I hope to finish same day. So many in this neighborhood don’t have to be solicited because of business connections. The fewer the better. Coco Foulkes is having Cosmopolitan Club this afternoon. I think I’ll go and “show off” our David. He is certainly getting showy. The boys talk to him so much he likes attention. It has been so cold this week I haven’t had him out of the house but I think it is warm enough today to take in that far. – The schools are trying to introduce a milk program in the grade school. Each child to get 1 pt a day for 1 cent. I signed up. Mark has milk with his meals but I thought the extra might do him some good. I see in the paper tha John Cassidy has gone to Arizona for his health. I also see in the court news that Velda Dye got the divorce on a cross complaint – also $5⁰⁰ a week for the support of Linda and 600⁰⁰ alimony – Geo sued and she filed a cross complaint. The boys are home and eating their lunch. John says the boys in his class are learning to knit – Miss Kitsmiller is teaching them. Mark is so full of pep he doesn’t act like he could take the measles and I hope he doesn’t. If he does he will be over them I suppose by the time you will know.

Love Mother

Kent High School yearbook 1948 teachers, including Miss Kitsmiller

Kent High School yearbook 1948 teachers, including Miss Kitsmiller

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5 thoughts on “A new milk program (Gladys)

  1. davidmadison1942

    This puzzles me: ” I am to solicit east of 41.” There WAS no town EAST of 41.

    Flashbacks here! “Coco Foulkes is having Cosmopolitan Club this afternoon.” Mother always felt that Mrs. Foulkes was pretentious. They owned a factory of some kind north of town, and it annoyed mother that they paid very low wages and the Foulkes lived well (they wintered in Florida, and she always came back with a tan). It fits that Coco would have a club that she called the Cosmopolitan! In Kentand!

    “John says the boys in his class are learning to knit – Miss Kitsmiller is teaching them.” WOW, who knew! Can’t imagine that going over these days.

    I remember Miss Kitzmiller vividly. And Lucile Sizelove. She sometimes had severe back pain, which made her really grumpy, but we liked her anyway. One day kids played a trick on Miss Kitzmiller. One boy (maybe it was moi? 🙂 ) has a plastic puddle of puke. We put it on her desk, and she really thought someone had thrown up on her desk. Then she laughed with the rest of us when I picked it up.

    Mr. Lutz, left in the back row, died tragically. He was on vacation, and had stopped by the side of the road for something. He was pulling a small trailer with an outboard motor attached to the back. Another vehicle clipped the trailer and the outboard motor went flying and struck him in the head. I remember vividly when I heard the news and told mother.

  2. EmilyAnn Frances

    She sounds so relieved that she didn’t have to spend so much time soliciting donations for the Red Cross. With children to care for and cold weather every day I don’t blame her for feeling like that.


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