Winter Came Today

Letter transcription:

1960-10-19 (GRY)[to Wright Quad 521 – written in David’s handwriting]
Kentland, Indiana, October 19, 1960

Dear David:

Winter came today. I suppose it has turned colder in Bloomington also. Since we will be leaving Saturday evening, I called Mark this evening just to talk to them and to know about Becky. Mark says she is growing and getting along fine. He took your telephone number and his address is 6107 N. Kenmore, Apt. 1-C, Chicago and telephone is Holleycourt (HO 5-4673), so in case you might need to talk to him while we are away. We told him we would be calling you from time to time and if they need to get in touch with us while we are gone, they can call you. We will call you Monday Oct. 24 evening at about 7 o’clock, so plan to be in your room when we call.

Yesterday was a full day. There was a club convention at the Church and I attended most of it. Last night I had the ABC class party. I was a little tired when the guests had all gone home, but my committee washed the dishes and helped me straighten the house, so when I went to bed everything had been taken care of. I slept a little late this morning, and didn’t feel any after effects. I have been getting some housecleaning done before we leave.

The open house at the parsonage Sunday was quite a success. They received 150 guests, so felt quite happy about everything. The Fields came to the party last night and brought Mark and his pen. He was good most of the evening, but by the time Miss Kitsmiller had finished her talk about her trip to Europe and had shown her pictures, Mark was getting pretty sleepy, so they didn’t stay for refreshments.

It has turned so cold I rather think Dad won’t have to mow the yard until spring. As cold as it has been all day I rather think all the flowers will be finished tonight. It has rained most of the day and those nasty worms are all over the front patio. I heard on the news that it had snowed in Chicago today. Since it has been such a warm fall this weather doesn’t seem to be right, but here it is the latter part of October so it must be time for it. It should be nice for us to head south now.

Did I tell you that Edna and her mother are going to stay here while we are away? We thought it would make it easier for her – so she won’t have to make that trip to Brook every day.

We will be leaving Saturday evening as soon as we can get away from the office and hope to get as far as Kentucky before stopping. If there is anything you need to talk to us about, call us before Saturday evening.

Love Mother

©2016 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
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1 thought on “Winter Came Today

  1. davidmadison1942

    “…by the time Miss Kitsmiller had finished her talk about her trip to Europe and had shown her pictures…” I’m kinda surprised she ever escaped from Indiana! Would love to have seen her pictures.

    “We will be leaving Saturday evening as soon as we can get away from the office….’ Hmmmm, I don’t remembering him having Saturday office hours. Maybe he did so right before the trip, to see as many people as possible.


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