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Letter from Ira Dixon

1962-07-04-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

[Memorial Hall IU]
July 4-1962

Dear David –

This letter came and was addressed to Mark. When I saw it was from Federal Home Loan Bank Board I thought I had better call Mark. He said for me to open it and immediately I saw it was for you and was from Ira.

I think the Fields moved today. I didn’t even have the car out of the garage so didn’t get away from home, so can’t say for sure.

Uncle Mutch and Aunt Ruth were here today after having been to Clay City for a reunion. Uncle Mutch had been sick while they were visiting. Daddy gave him a shot of penicillin and after they visited a while went on home. We asked them to stay for dinner but Aunt Ruth said she thought they had better get on home.

Mark’s are coming the week-end of the 13-14-15. Mark seemed to think they wouldn’t be coming down many more times before the baby comes.

1962-07-04-gry-p-2[page 2] Dad did a lot of work in the yard – mowed and trimmed. He had to cut the Russian Olive (west one) off – it looks like a post – the blight had ruined all the leaves.

I checked your bank balance and it was down to $6.00. I will put $50.00 in for you tomorrow.

Love Mother





Federal Home Loan Bank Board
Washington 25, D.C.

June 29, 1962

Mr. Mark Yegerlehner

Dear Mark:

Under separate cover I am sending, by parcel post, the Eisenhower pictures which I mentioned.

You might show one of them to Greta and ask her if she would like to have it. Otherwise, you may use them as you see fit.

Haven’t seen President Eisenhower recently, but everyone tells me that he is really enjoying live and campaigning harder and more effectively than he did when he was serving as our President.

Kindest regards to yourself and family.

Ira Dixon
Member of the Board

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Transplanting Plants Around the House

1960-09-19 (GRY), p. 1

September 19, 1960

Letter transcription:

Kentland Indiana
September 19, 1960

Dear David:

Yours received this morning. You didn’t mention it, but I presume you have received the letter I sent with the plastic bag enclosed.

I saw Mrs. Fields in church yesterday and she said to tell you she misses you. Mark had evidently recovered from his cold and sore throat. He was as peppy as ever. There were several large bouquets of flowers at church – from the open house at the bank Saturday. The bank looked more like a flower show Saturday than a bank. We attended the open house and had a tour of the building.

We did some transplanting last Thursday. You will be happy to find everything taken care of by the time you come home (I hope). We plan to transplant the roses sometime this week. Last Thurs. we took the redbud tree from the three that you and Dad planted on the south side of the east lawn, and reset it on the east side. The ground was so hard we were able to get it out with a ball of dirt and the roots intact. The leaves on the tree didn’t wilt from the transplanting. We had a hard rain, so the lawn will have to be mowed again this week.

Mark called yesterday. It seems Shirley isn’t getting along so well. We would have gone up to see them, but there are three baby cases due here, so Dad thought he shouldn’t leave. One of those cases went to the hospital this morning, but Dad was home for lunch, so no results so far. I hope we can go to Chicago Thursday afternoon, because I am getting anxious to see the baby and Shirley.

We are waging a war on crickets. I have never seen so many as are around here this fall. The front patio is practically covered with them. I have swept them off several times, but they keep coming back.

I decided to wash your bedroom window this afternoon and before I finished washing windows I had washed all the windows on the outside. I also carried in the wood you didn’t remember to carry in. It wasn’t such a big job. I loaded the wood into the garden cart and pushed the cart right up to the living room.

You didn’t say where you attended church, or how you liked it. Have you made any contact yet with the Wesley Foundation?

We received a letter from John last week. He said he had some film ready to mail home. It hasn’t arrived yet. Unless it comes air mail, I won’t get it before another month.

The Stonecipher twin who goes with Collins boy is getting married October 9th. The Stonecipher twins and Carol have been coming into my S.S. class. We also had two new members this past Sunday. The Prudential Ins. man and his wife. They live in H. Schlatter’s house.

How is your money holding out. Let me know.
Love Mother

Wright Quadrangle, Indiana University

Wright Quadrangle, Indiana University (Image courtesy of the Indiana Digital Memory Collection)

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A New Chapter

Just about fifteen years after Gladys wrote her last letter to Roscoe in 1945, Gladys wrote one of her first letters to her youngest son, David, when he went away to college. The baby of the family, born in September 1942, was now almost 18 years old and attending Indiana University at Bloomington. Mark, the middle son, had married and his firstborn child, a daughter, had been born just four days prior to the following letter. Gladys and Roscoe’s oldest son John was living and working in Indonesia. Having earned a PhD in linguistics, John had worked on several projects related to Native American languages during the 1950s.

1960-09-14 (GRY), p. 1

September 14, 1960

Letter transcription:

Kentland, Indiana
146 W. Graham Street
September 14, 1960

Dear David:

First to answer your questions

(my) Place of birth: Terre Haute, Indiana, November 1, 1905.
(Dad’s) (Roscoe Schiele Yegerlehner) Clay County, Indiana, November 25, 1904

Dad has: B.S. degree from Indiana State Teachers College
M.S. degree from Indiana University
M.D. degree from Indiana Univerity (9 years)

I had two years business college.

Mr. Floyd Yegerlehner (or Mrs.) 1603 Garfield, Lebanon, Indiana.
Mrs. Earl Mutchler, Wilmington, Illinois. (115 East Street)

Or you could give

Mr. Mark Yegerlehner, 6107 N. Kenmore, Chicago, Ill.
Or you could give Dr. John Yegerlehner, Malang, Indonesia. (just joking)

In case you look for your suit, I hung it at the north end of your closet on a hook, a little lover than the road. Why don’t you use that laundry case for your clothes hamper – well that might be a little unhandy. I will send you a plastic bag, since I have so many of them here, but won’t have time to make any cookies to send along.

Received a letter from John. I will quote you something from his letter. “Kate Garvey and I have been giving a five-week seminar (10 sessions of two hours each) for high school English teachers here: modern methods of teaching English. When I think of the lies I was told about the English language by that old crock Kitsmiller…well. (Really the teaching of English is in the stone age in America. It would be as if they taught alchemy instead of chemistry in high school) We should be able to do better here.” He had received my birthday card, but since you didn’t send yours it couldn’t get to him.

Mark called Monday evening to tell us not to try to come up this week. Because of the hospital rules, we couldn’t get in to see Shirley and the baby, so maybe we can plan to go next week. Mark is going to Traders Point Friday to get Mrs. Ward, so he will stop here on his way.

I talked to Mr. Molter this morning and he said you would not have to make a special trip home to register, but that you could take care of it when you come home for Thanksgiving vacation. You don’t have to wait until Thanksgiving to come home if you want to come, but he said you didn’t have to make a special trip just to register.

Mrs. Fields called this morning to talk to Dad about Mark. He is still have some difficulty and she was to take him to the office at 10:20.

John’s first dividend check from Standard Oil came today – $27.50. Also your dividend check from GM ($2.00) which I will deposit in your account. Put that down on your check book, to keep your balance correct.

It is about time for Dad to come for lunch, so must get things ready.
Love Mother

P.S. Decided to enclose sack.

[handwritten notation on back in David’s handwriting – Received Friday AM Sept 16]

Wright Quadrangle, Indiana University

Wright Quadrangle, Indiana University (Image courtesy of the Indiana Memory Digital Collection)

©2016 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2016/09/03/a-new-chapter/