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A Family Tragedy

After May 2nd, 1944, the letters go silent for a week. While Roscoe and Gladys were writing letters to each other further north, in Clay City, Indiana, a family tragedy was taking place. During the day, Roscoe’s oldest brother Sam fell off the back of a truck while working on his farm. He fractured his skull during the fall and died several hours later. At this point, it is unknown whether or not Roscoe, Gladys & the children traveled to Clay City for the funeral. Romaine, the daughter of Ruth (Yegerlehner) Mutchler, does not recall attending the funeral, although she does remember the sadness which accompanied the tragedy. With gas rationing and other travel limitations in effect during WWII, it is hard to say whether or not the family did go. However, the lack of letters would indicate that Roscoe and Gladys were together.

Yegerlehner, Samuel A. - Obituary, 1944


CLAY CITY, Ind., May 3. – -(Special)- – Samuel A. Yegerlehner, 53 years old, died at 8:30 last night at the Clay County Hospital from a fractured skull sustained Tuesday morning when he fell from a truck two miles east of Clay city. Mr. Yegerlehner is survived by the widow, Esther; the parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Yegerlehner of clay City; two sons, Paul and Earl of Clay city; one sister, Mrs. Ruth Hutchler of Wilmington, Ill.; four brothers, Clarence and Ralph of Clay City, Roscoe of the United States Navy at Great Lakes, Ill., and Floyd of Bluffton, and one grandchild. The boys was brought to the Schoppenhorst Funeral Home and will be returned to the residence in Clay City Wednesday afternoon. Short funeral services will be held at the residence at 1:30 o’clock Thurdsay afternoon followed by services at St. Peters Reformed Chruch at 2 o’clock with Rev. Bredeweg officiating. Burial will be in St. Peter’s Reformed cemetery.

YEG1940 - Sam, Esther, Earl, Paul & Leanna

Samuel, Earl, Esther, Leanna and Paul Yegerlehner, c1940s

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Something Wrong with the Alarm Clock (Gladys)

1943-10-26 (GRY)Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – Yours of Oct. 18-19 & 20 came today. You evidently hadn’t rec’d any message thru the Red Cross about Mother’s death. I haven’t had any confirmation from them as to whether it was sent. You may get my letters first. – It is a typical fall day. Wind and rain, chilly, leaves falling. There was a heavy freeze predicted for last night but the temp. according to the radio this a.m. was 44. The Onargo Co. finally replaced the evergreen (a week & half ago) and I had a few more shrubs put in the back. I was going to water them but I think the rain will do it for me. We overslept this a.m. – John wondered what was wrong with our 7 a.m. alarm (David). I heard him about 6:15 & gave him dry pants & put him in bed with me & he went back to sleep. When I woke up he was about ready to get out of bed. He doesn’t like his play pen any more. I am afraid it has served its purpose here. He does stay in it a little while at a time but prefers the wide open spaces. Paul & Leanna’s baby was 4 wks. old Sun. and they took her to church. I didn’t take D. Your Mother stayed home with me. She said she didn’t know what we would do with him in church – he is so noisy & can’t sit still. The Tommy Thompson’s have a baby girl. Coke came over to solicit for the U.S.O. drive & she told me the news. I gave $1⁰⁰ to the drive. I have a chicken cooking for dinner. Your Mother gave it to me – It was a young rooster weighed over 7 lbs.
Love – Mother

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Paul & Leanna’s Baby (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland, Ind.
Sept. 29 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Yours of Sept. 18 came today. Also the letter I sent you Apr. 24 came back and I am enclosing it with pictures I had enclosed with that letter. I had addressed it A.P.O. 43 the same as previous letters then but it was returned with all king of markings on it. This is a beautiful warm fall day. Both David & J.L. are out in Taylor Tots enjoying the sunshine. David just took a short nap after his dinner so I put him out as soon as he woke up. Bobby has been out there entertaining them, but got too helpful around Glen & he sent him away – Bobby pushed Martha Zell out of the trailer (they have a trailer to haul things in that stands over by our garden & the children climb around on it). When told to go home Bobby will say, “I don’t have to.” He has an answer for about anything.

Had a letter from your Mother telling about Paul & Leanna’s baby – She has to have a section done. It is a girl Linda Louise. I have three pr. of baby sox I think I’ll send to the new niece. I bought them to give to Mary McGee Arnott but didn’t get them sent out so have decided to send them to Linda instead. I have changed positions – I am sitting out in the yard with the babies. It has been so seldom this summer I have been able to sit down out here. The yard has been nice this summer but the grass isn’t so good in spots now – that crab grass seems to take the back & west side yards every fall. It doesn’t last long but looks awful while it’s here. John finally quit mowing – said he got the biggest job this summer. Mark’s garden didn’t require

[page 2] nearly as much work as the yard. The garden still has beans, tomatoes & carrots we can use. We have enough carrots to store some for winter. Mr. Zell is experimenting with a tile for their vegetables. Buried a tile and filled it with vegetables. I think I’ll just put our carrots in the basement in a jar.

Glen & I sent with Mrs. Zell to Laf. yesterday. I wrote you a v-mail about it. I called Dr. Cole & he said all he was going for Mother now was giving calcium & sedative. He stopped all other treatment because of no results. They have tried ammonium nitrate to reduce the fluid in her abdomen without any results – Insulin to stimulate her appetite – Vit. B shots for the same purpose. Dr. C. said she isn’t good – I thought she looked a little better yesterday but he said it was only temporary.

Glen & Pauline are getting ready to start home. They have been waiting because of Mother but feel they must get back. Glen feels so bad most of the time. Is all chocked up today.

I saw Dr. Ade yesterday for a throat treatment. My throat feels good today but has been bothering me quite a lot since cool weather. I suppose having strep last winter is the cause of this early attack this fall.

I saw Harold Foulkes in town Mon. afternoon and he said his brother-in-law (the Dr.) is back. He was sent South – somewhere around S. America. I heard that Dr. Flack was back from Panama too. However I have not seen anyone yet myself. Just have heard about them being back.

Thanks again for the roses – the pictures rec’d Mon. & the ck. – which I banked that day. When the roses were delivered & Miss Bergen said they were wired from San F. Mark thought you were there and was all excited about it. I told him how it was.

Love Mother

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Wordless Wednesday – Cousins

Yegerlehner - 1930s Cousins #2


I recently started “crowd-sourcing” my family photographs on Facebook. As my blog has grown, and I have found more extended family members, Facebook has become a great tool. This photograph had all the individuals identified in less that five minutes. I wish all photographs were that easy!

You may recognize some of the names from the World War II letters. This photograph was taken during the mid to late 1930s, likely in Clay County, Indiana.

Back row: Paul, Kenneth, Earl
Middle row: Dolores, Wilma, Romaine
Front row: John, Duane, Glendon, Mark

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Air mail vs. v-mail (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Lieut R. S. Yegerlehner USNR
Navy 60
Fleet Postoffice
Apr. 17, 1943

Dear Mother,

Mail has really been coming along. Yesterday P.M. I received most of your v-mail up to Mar 26. Also an air mail letter from Mark and Mom dated Mar 30. So you see air mail is really still faster than v-mail. Many of your letters were repeats but that is perfectly OK because we never know when or which letter will come thru. Glad Mark is able to be up and out again and but in the last letter from mom she said John was sent home from school not feeling well but

[page 2] Mark didn’t say anything about it in his letter so he probably just had a cold – although I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t get the measles because they are very contagious.

A v-mail letter also came from Uncle W. and one from the Walkups – Those were dated in March right along with the same dates of yours.

Your idea of the Florida situation next winter sounds OK but not for me because I’m headed for Alaska. This one summer is too long and I think I would not be appreciate another 12 months of the same kind of weather. However I’ll give my opinion on you

[page 3] going down before next winter.

Yesterday I said I would send a v-mail but I didn’t because from what I learned v-mail is still not as good as air mail for our region.

I was really amused in your letter when you discussed or told of Paul coming up to find a manure spreader. Seems that was some distance to come for such.

Well, I have some work to do so must stop –
So solong
Love daddy

P.S. Use the address exactly as I have it written.

Russell Islands  Image by Kelisi at Wikipedia.com (Wikipedia Commons license)

Russell IslandsImage by Kelisi at Wikipedia.com (Wikipedia Commons license) 

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Wisdom Teeth (Gladys)

1943-03-30Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – had yours of Mar 14 today – Glad you can write to your folks again. Last week the day Paul Y. was here John was home from school with a headache and we thought he was taking measles but weren’t sure but Paul went back and told them John had measles and your mother sent him a get well card and wrote him a letter telling him to be careful. We had a good laugh over it but so far John hasn’t measles. We are planning to go to Ruth M’s and get Ruth & Romaine Thurs then go to C.C. Fri if John doesn’t get sick by then. It is warm and windy today. I have some dresses on the line airing and they are really getting aired. I want to take David out it is so nice and warm. He is learning to make different tones and that of course thrills all of us when he does something new. He is a naughty boy – doesn’t like cereal & vegetables but I poke them down just the same. He still can’t take orange juice so I am still giving him Vit C. He reminds me so much of John when he was that age, but John could sit alone at 4 mo and David doesn’t quite do that…He is very active and has a good straight back but isn’t quite ready to sit alone. Mark sent you an air mail today. John didn’t write last night – he was studying and didn’t get thru in time. I went to Laf. with Dorothy yesterday. Dr. Donahue extracted an upper wisdom tooth and when that heals she has to go back and have a lower pulled. She didn’t have to go the hospital to have it doe as she thought she would have to do. There is Club this afternoon so I suppose I will go. That is about all the social life I have – not that I care much about social life but I think I need to get away from home a little. Lucile Burgee has a baby girl.

Love – Mother

E. Dunlop Street, Kentland

Yegerlehner home, E. Dunlop Street, Kentland, Indiana, c1943

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Mark is still home (Gladys)

1943-03-15Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – Another March day – Rain & wind. Mark is still home. He got over the measles nicely but I thought I would be better to keep him in a few days. I am giving him unicaps. He is a little thin but seems to feel good. The baby had 2 c.c. Immune Globuline last Thurs. Can’t tell yet whether he will take measles or not. John said he would rather have them now and not have to be afraid of getting them all the time. So far no one in the 7th grade has had them but Angus Washburn was out today so he may be taking them. Sammy is over them. I got your letter of Feb 26 today. I wrote your folks and gave a brief resume. Dolores isn’t coming home till Apr 9 so we will plan to go that week-end (Friday the 9th) after school Ruth M. may go with us. Earl doesn’t get enough gas to drive only to work. I haven’t used all my coupons so far. Will leave the car at the garage and have it greased & checked over before we go. Mom said Kenneth is still in Indpls as far as they know. I believe he wants to go into the air corps. Paul and Earl both got deferments. Wilma graduates this spring and wants to take nurses training. David is chewing on a toy. He acts like his gums bother him. Joe Fletcher saw him yesterday and said he was the best looking boy we have but told him D. looks a lot like John did. Floyd things he looks like Mark. Hope you get his picture & ours I sent some weeks ago. Will have some more to send in a few days. I have been sending pictures in registered letters. There is a meeting at the High School at 2:30 for gardeners. A man from Purdue is going to speak. I may go if I get around in time. Have to feed D. at 2. I should take Mark but this weather wouldn’t be very good for him since I am keeping him home so he won’t catch cold.

Love Mother

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