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Something Wrong with the Alarm Clock (Gladys)

1943-10-26 (GRY)Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – Yours of Oct. 18-19 & 20 came today. You evidently hadn’t rec’d any message thru the Red Cross about Mother’s death. I haven’t had any confirmation from them as to whether it was sent. You may get my letters first. – It is a typical fall day. Wind and rain, chilly, leaves falling. There was a heavy freeze predicted for last night but the temp. according to the radio this a.m. was 44. The Onargo Co. finally replaced the evergreen (a week & half ago) and I had a few more shrubs put in the back. I was going to water them but I think the rain will do it for me. We overslept this a.m. – John wondered what was wrong with our 7 a.m. alarm (David). I heard him about 6:15 & gave him dry pants & put him in bed with me & he went back to sleep. When I woke up he was about ready to get out of bed. He doesn’t like his play pen any more. I am afraid it has served its purpose here. He does stay in it a little while at a time but prefers the wide open spaces. Paul & Leanna’s baby was 4 wks. old Sun. and they took her to church. I didn’t take D. Your Mother stayed home with me. She said she didn’t know what we would do with him in church – he is so noisy & can’t sit still. The Tommy Thompson’s have a baby girl. Coke came over to solicit for the U.S.O. drive & she told me the news. I gave $1⁰⁰ to the drive. I have a chicken cooking for dinner. Your Mother gave it to me – It was a young rooster weighed over 7 lbs.
Love – Mother

©2015 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
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Collection of Pictures (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Sept. 2, 1943
Lieut. R.S. Yegerlehner USNR
Navy 60 F.P.O. S.F.C.

Dear Mother,

I believe summer is returning for it seems the weather is more continuously hot than previously – maybe it’s just my imagination.

A few days ago I received a letter from Red & Ruby Brewer – It was the second one. I answered the first and in it I said I was surprised that they remembered me. And she said there was never a day passed but what my name was mentioned because Charles in his prayers each night asked my protection and she said it was a mouth full but he got it out. She is going to send a picture of him. I’ll really have a collection of pictures, Funks, Walkups, the Warrick grandson. I can remember that name – you know out north of town – Seems so darn funny but those names get away so easy but then I forget it’s been well over 1½ years since I’ve seen many of those people or about 1½ years I guess.

[page 2] Took dinner out last evening – Their food wasn’t any better than ours but it was a change. It was a group of medical men only – I almost felt out of place since most of my dealings have been with line officers. At least we have no medical arguments when only line officers are present.

There has been some U.S.O. men with us the past few days. Ray Whitley a singer of cowboy sons as well as a movie actor in the same class is with them. They are good if you like that kind of entertainment and the men sure go for it in a big way and I suppose that justifies the program. Men only are sent – I’m sure if women were on the program it would take more guards than somewhat to keep the crowd from overrunning the entertainers because these kids are as a rule pretty women crazy and some of the officers like to brag as to what might happen when once back to civilization which I think only makes more dissatisfaction.

Love Daddy

©2015 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2015/01/18/collection-of-pictures-roscoe/