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Flashback! (Roscoe)

[Editor’s note: I recently discovered a letter from June 1943 misfiled in the binder of October 1943. The postmark on the envelope was difficult to read so that might be why it was in the wrong place. The letter also seems somewhat relevant, considering his next destination. Since Roscoe was incommunicado on October 28th and 29th, I figured I would use this letter to fill in the gap. On October 28, 1943, Roscoe arrived at Navy 131 at 1100. He remained there for several days. Navy 131 was Roscoe’s old post at Noumea, New Caledonia. So far on his journey, Roscoe has left the Russell Islands, stopped at Guadalcanal, continued on to the New Hebrides/Vanuata, and landed at Noumea.]

Oceania Map annotated

Letter transcription:
June 27, 1943
Lieut. R.S. Yegerlehner
Navy 60 F.P.O. San Fran.

Dear Mother,

It finally happened Joe R. caught up with me however it was just for a night because he is returning to a little different place than he was before. It sure was a pleasure to see someone from so near home – after he came we just sat around and chewed the fat – each giving his experiences in rel succession. His Dad keeps him pretty well informed of the Drs. around Watseka that I know. We’ll probably be able to write notes back and forth now that we have proper connections.

Yesterday I received 2 issues of the Clay city news and a letter addressed from The Walkups at Earl Park. Your latest is still June 11, received about 3 days ago. Just saw a two ton truck pass by pass by our place stacked full of mail bags. Maybe they dropped off a few bags at our place. I’m not certain but I sure hope they do.

I thought when I started this I’d have lots to write but on further analysis of what Joe and I talked about I find most of it is not writable. His wife writes him all about you and the boys. In fact he knew about Mark’s tonsillectomy – so his mail must be about as late as mine. I believe in

[page 2] your last letter you wrote of her visit to Kentland.

Last night for chow we had fresh apples and fresh potatoes and this A.M. we had a whole apple as our fruit – Sure did taste good. I think the food situation is much improved and will continue with of course a meal of spam etc. thrown in now and then. That was one thing – Joe has had pretty good food ever since he has been out and mine has been pretty bum. Joe also said he didn’t want to go back to New Zealand – said he didn’t like cold weather. That wouldn’t be my reason for not wanting to go there – The cold weather would be swell but I’d rather have it in the Northern Hemi. Somehow I believe the cold of the south wouldn’t fit like that in the North.

My garden is rapidly becoming a flop. Even the lettuce doesn’t look as if it’s going to amount to anything, can’t tell for sure yet nor can Judgment be passed on the onions or carrots.

I’ll have to write the folks again today – Just one letter from there this week and the two C.C. papers so will have a little to write about. The thing in the paper that gave me a laugh was the practice dim out they were having at Clay City. Then To them it just be serious but from our point of view it doesn’t seem that way at all.

Well must get going –
Hoping you are the same
Love Daddy

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“These Hear Parts” (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Lieut R. S. Yegerlehner USNR
Navy 60
F.P.O. San Fran. Cal.
Sept. 26, 1943

Dear Mother,

3 v-mail letters from you, one from Jim, an air mail from the folks and an air mail from the Walkup’s. Your latest v-mail was dated Sept. 13 and was the latest received. It seems it’s nip and tuck with air & v-mail but the air mail is best.

Glad Jim could come home again to see his mother and also see Glenn. I also In Jim’s letter he told me of his foot & leg trouble and that should be corrected before he gets out because lame fellows don’t have much business in “these hear parts.” However when one makes Chief in the Navy he is as good as retired. Maybe Jim hasn’t found that out yet. A Chief never

[page 2] works. Maybe I’m a little hard on that branch.

You were part of the tropic in both mom’s letter and Jim’s. They were both praising you very much. Sure did sound good to hear read what they had to say. Of course I agree with them more than somewhat and can then add lots more to what they wrote.

I’m not much surprised at John’s allergy since it is in the family on both sides. That is one of the things we will have to work on as time goes along. And I guess Mark has a little at times also – Maybe D. will be free but that remains to be seen.

Repeating – I sent $250 on Sept. 16. That should help pay the extra expenses you are having but as I said before let the bills run and pay them as we go along for

[page 3] I don’t believe the Hospital will be too hard if you try to pay a little each month.

We had eggs sunny side up this A.M. The first time in about 6 wks. Sure makes one appreciate them more when they are served so infrequently.

I changed procedure this time and wrote the folks first. I thought maybe I’d have more ideas when I finished theirs. Their letter today was more to Dad because his birthday is coming up, and I wished him a “happy birthday.” Mom in her letter was telling me what she received – hose [?] Towels, etc., and she also mentioned the letter in which I wished her a happy birthday – From her letter I believed she appreciated my letter as much as she did the

[page 4] gifts. Maybe that is not so out of line but it did seem funny when she put it the way she did.

I’m going to air my bunk today, because something smells in this tent. Smells like Garbage but we can’t locate it so we are going to do some airing to see if that will help. The blankets we have under the mattress may be a little moldy and that might be where the smell is coming from. It couldn’t be my feet but it sure makes one wonder at times.

Well, I’ll be writing again tomorrow –
Love Daddy

Russell Islands  Image by Kelisi at Wikipedia.com (Wikipedia Commons license)

Russell Islands
Image by Kelisi at Wikipedia.com (Wikipedia Commons license)

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Collection of Pictures (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Sept. 2, 1943
Lieut. R.S. Yegerlehner USNR
Navy 60 F.P.O. S.F.C.

Dear Mother,

I believe summer is returning for it seems the weather is more continuously hot than previously – maybe it’s just my imagination.

A few days ago I received a letter from Red & Ruby Brewer – It was the second one. I answered the first and in it I said I was surprised that they remembered me. And she said there was never a day passed but what my name was mentioned because Charles in his prayers each night asked my protection and she said it was a mouth full but he got it out. She is going to send a picture of him. I’ll really have a collection of pictures, Funks, Walkups, the Warrick grandson. I can remember that name – you know out north of town – Seems so darn funny but those names get away so easy but then I forget it’s been well over 1½ years since I’ve seen many of those people or about 1½ years I guess.

[page 2] Took dinner out last evening – Their food wasn’t any better than ours but it was a change. It was a group of medical men only – I almost felt out of place since most of my dealings have been with line officers. At least we have no medical arguments when only line officers are present.

There has been some U.S.O. men with us the past few days. Ray Whitley a singer of cowboy sons as well as a movie actor in the same class is with them. They are good if you like that kind of entertainment and the men sure go for it in a big way and I suppose that justifies the program. Men only are sent – I’m sure if women were on the program it would take more guards than somewhat to keep the crowd from overrunning the entertainers because these kids are as a rule pretty women crazy and some of the officers like to brag as to what might happen when once back to civilization which I think only makes more dissatisfaction.

Love Daddy

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Seven Letters (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Lieut. R. S. Yegerlehner USNR
Navy 60
F.P.O. San Francisco Calif.

July 29, 1943

Dear Mother,

Your letters of July 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 & 15 came yesterday late, so I read them very rapidly and then re-read them again this A.M. The comment that you made about the comment that I made about the Commander’s wife – was a little shocking to me – you were just a little short and it made me feel badly but then I got to think you probably weren’t serious and I do hope you didn’t think I was serious and I’ll feel terrible if you don’t send any more pictures. I apologize very much.

There was lots in your letters and af even after re-reading I will probably forget things I thought of commenting on. Glad to hear your mother is better – Her progress will be slow and she will be discouraged very much – but she didn’t get in that condition in a short time and it will take a long time to improve. I feel so helpless trying to do or say anything that will help. I guess the only

[page 2] thing I can say is for her to do what the Drs. tell her. You didn’t mention diet which I think is important – maybe she is on one, at least I think irritating foods should be out of her diet – & that includes – all forms of prepared cereal, all raw vegetables, coffee (That’s a bad one for her). Some tea would be OK, and of course milk is OK, if it doesn’t cause too much gas – In other words it is an individual problem – but I really shouldn’t be giving advice since I’m not in on all the information about the lab work etc – You won’t need to bother about sending the details because it’s too long before I could get any info back to you.

Now about the piano – you are correct – my advice is too long in coming to you but you know whatever decision you arrive at will be OK with me – your judgment Dear is OK on things like that, by now you probably have the check I sent and the finances are OK again. That is you should have approximately 700⁰⁰ come to you by Aug. first – The check I sent and your regular monthly check. That should help you over the hump a little.

[page 3] Really I’m at a loss to know why Mark would want to ac look like me – I guess John has a right to talk and reason like I do. You mentioned a plane flying over each day. That really is a lot for Kentland Ind. but how different things must be in other parts of the world – relative to airplanes flying over.

Got a letter from Joe yesterday and he asked me to check to see if his mail was coming to our P.O. I checked and the P.M. said they had gotten a lot of letters for him but could find no one who knew him so they had been sent back just a day or two ago. So his mail will really be late – You might let Mrs. R. know about that. I’m planning on seeing him in a few days if the plans don’t fall thru like they did a few days ago. He was correct about the description of our location but a lot of hard work had something to do with the appearance of the place – we are really proud of our South Pacific Park.

Sorry to hear about Dave M. Yesterday before

[page 4] your letters came I wrote him – I shall add a note to it before mailing.

You never did mention anything about my Masonic dues – In one of these letters you said you were going to find out about the Rotary dues. I guess that is taken care of by now.

A letter came from Mother yesterday and also one from Boonie – I had just mailed one to Boonie before his came – so if you see him you can tell him our letters crossed on the way. I also wrote to Brewers & Walkups & Ed Johnson. Don’t know why the extra writing I’m going but felt I really should.

It seems a shame to have so much to say in one letter and the others have so little – Don’t ever think your letters are not worth sending – They really mean lots and I know it’s hard for you to work a letter in daily with all the responsibilities you have – and please don’t work too hard – seems to me you have lots of work to do so do be careful. And again I hope you didn’t think I was going anything else but kidding you about the picture.

Lots of Love Daddy

1943 - Russell Islands #5

Construction of an airstrip, Russell Islands, 1943

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Rats (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Lieut. R. S. Yegerlehner USNR
Navy 60
F.P.O. San Fran. Calif.

July 26, 1943

Dear Mother,

Just finished the morning chores and will see how good my letter writing ability will be. To begin with we haven’t had any late mail for some time and I don’t like it, but I guess there isn’t much to be done about the whole thing only wait.

Yesterday while sitting writing a letter a nice juicy rat ran over a brace in the tent and settled comfortably above my head in a misquito netting that had been folded. There was a cleaning rod for a rifle nearby and with a mighty heave with it the rat was stunned enough to so that I was able to get in the finishing strokes. It must have made the

[page 2] entire family very mad because they came in force to heckle us last night. They don’t bother me much but one of our roommates hammers & bangs on the side of the tent and deck keeping himself and everyone awake and really I think the rats are enjoying it for they seem to come back in greater numbers each succeeding night. They probably never heard or seen anything like that in a south Sea Isle before.

Yesterday after writing you I wrote – both Ruths, the folks and uncle Wess. It was a big day and a lot of bunk was thrown out. I still have some I should write today – like the Walkups, Brewers, etc. but I don’t feel in the mood even for a poor letter. I misrepresented things to them, told them it was hard to write to anyone else but you because I could always fill in between in your letters with love making stuff but you know I’m not good at that but I do hope you can read between the lines and sometimes see where I tried to

[page 3] express what I feel – anyway I hope as you said the other day a lot is intimated in
“Lots of Love From Daddy”

YEG1940s - Roscoe #1

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Good Intentions (Roscoe)

[Note: Gladys’ letter from July 25th is, unfortunately, missing.]

Letter transcription:

Lieut. R. S. Yegerlehner USNR
Navy 60 F.P.O. San Fran C.
July 25, 1943

Dear Mother,

The plan that was supposed to work so that I would see Joe R. didn’t materialize so I thought I’d better retract the statement I wrote yesterday.

I have very good intentions today of writing several people – Letters that I feel I should return, Both the Ruths, Uncle W., The Walkups – since they sent the pictures and a few others I can’t think of just now and of course the regular letter to the folks. It’s going to be a hard task but one I feel like a duty – It’s strange I don’t have slightest feeling of burden

[page 2] while writing to you but that is as I explained it a few days ago. “That’s different.”

There is a slight breeze today which makes for a little cooler weather and for more coconuts dropping – before breakfast this A.M. two came bounding down all in a bunch to hit the tent and make plenty of noise. I’m a little worried less one came thru but even if it did the sting would be taken out because it would slow things down.

I think I have repeated often enough about the check I sent home but will just once more. It was sent on July 17, and if it goes like some it should be there just about now. I’ll wait now until I get several letters from you before repeating again.

[page 3] Some time ago I wrote you and said this world we live in here could be like that song of Ruben Ruben etc. how much that really means now. Imagine a town county or any area in the USA where for more than 5 mo. a woman didn’t appear. It’s different but I can’t seem to explain how. Probably just like the life in the States is different but is hard for you to explain how and why.

Well by the time you get this letter you will be starting on your last hot month of summer and can expect cooler days to come but ours will be just as hot and stuffy and prospects of getting more so. This is one heck of a letter –
Love Daddy

Russell Islands  Image by Kelisi at Wikipedia.com (Wikipedia Commons license)

Russell Islands
Image by Kelisi at Wikipedia.com (Wikipedia Commons license)

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Sucks His Thumb (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Lieut R. S. Yegerlehner USNR
Navy 60 F.P.O. San Fran C.
July 23, 1943

Dear Mother,

Yours of June 30, July 2 and July 3 came yesterday – also one from the Folks and one from The Walkups with pictures of the girls. Yours gave a definite pictures of finances and off hand I’d say they weren’t so good but well enough to get along on, and the extra I sent will keep us out of the red. Of course while they are low that doesn’t show the loan and interest you paid off so in relative way they aren’t low but I’d say doing rather well.

Now another you wrote – you said most everyone when seeing D.

[page 2] for the first time remarked how much he looked like his Daddy and in the same sentence without punctuation marks etc. you said he sucked his thumb. I really wasn’t aware of the fact that I had that habit, or did you mean to infer that. Maybe you just meant his looks and not his habits. Another thing you wrote or rather not what you wrote but how – when you said I hope to convey everything with “Love Mother” with the quotations marks etc. I really liked that because I think I got the full meaning of what you meant. Thanks Lots.

It’s refreshing to get letters as I said in yesterday’s letter and I know you are doing the very best to get them to me, but there are many obstacles between here and there which are a little hard to overcome

[page 3] but somehow we get the letters thru in pretty good time and here is hoping those letters continue until a better medium of contact is mage – Namely personal –

Love Daddy

Russell Islands  Image by Kelisi at Wikipedia.com (Wikipedia Commons license)

Russell Islands
Image by Kelisi at Wikipedia.com (Wikipedia Commons license)

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A Grand Day (Gladys)

1943-05-04Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – Two letters came this morning – but they were older by a few days than the four of yesterday. With getting yours of Apr 15 yesterday I felt pretty well up to date – – It is a grand day – just like May as we think of it – after all the weather we have been having. John Barce & a Walkup boy are going to take the storm windows down tomorrow. It has been too cool so far – maybe yet but I think we can chance it. I worked out in the yard yesterday – getting flower beds ready. Mark worked some in the garden pulling wild parsnips. There is quite a few and I thought pulling would be the best way to eliminate. Bun Walkup hauled the trash yesterday – He is always comparing their girl to David – as you know D. is just a few hours older. Their girl was quite a bit larger at birth but they are both the same now. D. is taking a little nap now. He looks like he is about to get a tooth, but none yet. Will try to get a good picture of him today – it is so nice out. Arlene got back from Green Bay and wants me to go to Club, but I would have to get someone to keep D. and I think I would rather stay home and work in the yard. Rec’d an invitation from St. E. to attend Hospital Day Ceremony given in honor of their Doctors n the Armed Forces. It is next Wed. (May 12) so think I’ll plan to go. – Louise O’Brien is going to be married this month so Arlene will lose her. I think I’ll go to T.H. about Fri and get Mother. Mark is waiting to take this as he goes back to school so must hurry.

Love – Mother

Yegerlehner home, E. Dunlop Street, Kentland, circa 1943

Yegerlehner home, E. Dunlop Street, Kentland, circa 1943

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Air mail vs. v-mail (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Lieut R. S. Yegerlehner USNR
Navy 60
Fleet Postoffice
Apr. 17, 1943

Dear Mother,

Mail has really been coming along. Yesterday P.M. I received most of your v-mail up to Mar 26. Also an air mail letter from Mark and Mom dated Mar 30. So you see air mail is really still faster than v-mail. Many of your letters were repeats but that is perfectly OK because we never know when or which letter will come thru. Glad Mark is able to be up and out again and but in the last letter from mom she said John was sent home from school not feeling well but

[page 2] Mark didn’t say anything about it in his letter so he probably just had a cold – although I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t get the measles because they are very contagious.

A v-mail letter also came from Uncle W. and one from the Walkups – Those were dated in March right along with the same dates of yours.

Your idea of the Florida situation next winter sounds OK but not for me because I’m headed for Alaska. This one summer is too long and I think I would not be appreciate another 12 months of the same kind of weather. However I’ll give my opinion on you

[page 3] going down before next winter.

Yesterday I said I would send a v-mail but I didn’t because from what I learned v-mail is still not as good as air mail for our region.

I was really amused in your letter when you discussed or told of Paul coming up to find a manure spreader. Seems that was some distance to come for such.

Well, I have some work to do so must stop –
So solong
Love daddy

P.S. Use the address exactly as I have it written.

Russell Islands  Image by Kelisi at Wikipedia.com (Wikipedia Commons license)

Russell IslandsImage by Kelisi at Wikipedia.com (Wikipedia Commons license) 

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The Motherlode (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Mar 21, 1943
Lieut R. S. Yegerlehner MC USNR
A.P.O. 43
% P.M. San Fran. Calif.

Dear Mother,

Mail came this A.M. and we spent much time reading and re-reading. 18 letters, 4 papers and two packages. The letters were from: Statons, Allgood, Sykes, Mom, Boonie (2), Wayne W., C. J. Easley, Bob H., The Earl park Walkups, The packages from Dr. M. and Floyd. I snitched this paper from the office and will try to answer a few providing I can get some stamps and envelopes. Your letters were of the latter part of Jan and the first part of Feb. So the letter I got the other day dated Feb. 19 is still the latest. Our mail has to be

[page 2] re forwarded and that always takes time. Your Valentine missed St. Pat’s day 5 days so you weren’t far from wrong right.

My letters may have been interesting but anymore there is nothing to write about. Description is out – Traveling is not as extensive as the last place and activities not for publication are more numerous. So the letters to  in answer to those today will be short and not very “ready.”

The newspapers were all the Newton Co. E. so I was able to catch up on a few things. Jim sent a Norfolk paper dated Sept. 23, so that was pretty old reading. I hate not to write

[page 3] all those people but if I see I’m going to be caught short I’ll just skip them.

All writing has to be done in the daytime because each night there is a total blackout and even the lighting of a smoke has to be done under cover. So you see there isn’t as much time to write as before.

I’ve ceased worrying or even thinking of the taxes but and wish I could get some extra money home but that is impossible at present – Maybe later that can be arranged.

I’ll try a few letters to others now after writing the folks
So solong Love Daddy

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Post originally found at: https://genealogylady.net/2014/02/28/the-motherlode-roscoe/