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A Grand Day (Gladys)

1943-05-04Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – Two letters came this morning – but they were older by a few days than the four of yesterday. With getting yours of Apr 15 yesterday I felt pretty well up to date – – It is a grand day – just like May as we think of it – after all the weather we have been having. John Barce & a Walkup boy are going to take the storm windows down tomorrow. It has been too cool so far – maybe yet but I think we can chance it. I worked out in the yard yesterday – getting flower beds ready. Mark worked some in the garden pulling wild parsnips. There is quite a few and I thought pulling would be the best way to eliminate. Bun Walkup hauled the trash yesterday – He is always comparing their girl to David – as you know D. is just a few hours older. Their girl was quite a bit larger at birth but they are both the same now. D. is taking a little nap now. He looks like he is about to get a tooth, but none yet. Will try to get a good picture of him today – it is so nice out. Arlene got back from Green Bay and wants me to go to Club, but I would have to get someone to keep D. and I think I would rather stay home and work in the yard. Rec’d an invitation from St. E. to attend Hospital Day Ceremony given in honor of their Doctors n the Armed Forces. It is next Wed. (May 12) so think I’ll plan to go. – Louise O’Brien is going to be married this month so Arlene will lose her. I think I’ll go to T.H. about Fri and get Mother. Mark is waiting to take this as he goes back to school so must hurry.

Love – Mother

Yegerlehner home, E. Dunlop Street, Kentland, circa 1943

Yegerlehner home, E. Dunlop Street, Kentland, circa 1943

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Air mail vs. v-mail (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Lieut R. S. Yegerlehner USNR
Navy 60
Fleet Postoffice
Apr. 17, 1943

Dear Mother,

Mail has really been coming along. Yesterday P.M. I received most of your v-mail up to Mar 26. Also an air mail letter from Mark and Mom dated Mar 30. So you see air mail is really still faster than v-mail. Many of your letters were repeats but that is perfectly OK because we never know when or which letter will come thru. Glad Mark is able to be up and out again and but in the last letter from mom she said John was sent home from school not feeling well but

[page 2] Mark didn’t say anything about it in his letter so he probably just had a cold – although I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t get the measles because they are very contagious.

A v-mail letter also came from Uncle W. and one from the Walkups – Those were dated in March right along with the same dates of yours.

Your idea of the Florida situation next winter sounds OK but not for me because I’m headed for Alaska. This one summer is too long and I think I would not be appreciate another 12 months of the same kind of weather. However I’ll give my opinion on you

[page 3] going down before next winter.

Yesterday I said I would send a v-mail but I didn’t because from what I learned v-mail is still not as good as air mail for our region.

I was really amused in your letter when you discussed or told of Paul coming up to find a manure spreader. Seems that was some distance to come for such.

Well, I have some work to do so must stop –
So solong
Love daddy

P.S. Use the address exactly as I have it written.

Russell Islands  Image by Kelisi at Wikipedia.com (Wikipedia Commons license)

Russell IslandsImage by Kelisi at Wikipedia.com (Wikipedia Commons license) 

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The Motherlode (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Mar 21, 1943
Lieut R. S. Yegerlehner MC USNR
A.P.O. 43
% P.M. San Fran. Calif.

Dear Mother,

Mail came this A.M. and we spent much time reading and re-reading. 18 letters, 4 papers and two packages. The letters were from: Statons, Allgood, Sykes, Mom, Boonie (2), Wayne W., C. J. Easley, Bob H., The Earl park Walkups, The packages from Dr. M. and Floyd. I snitched this paper from the office and will try to answer a few providing I can get some stamps and envelopes. Your letters were of the latter part of Jan and the first part of Feb. So the letter I got the other day dated Feb. 19 is still the latest. Our mail has to be

[page 2] re forwarded and that always takes time. Your Valentine missed St. Pat’s day 5 days so you weren’t far from wrong right.

My letters may have been interesting but anymore there is nothing to write about. Description is out – Traveling is not as extensive as the last place and activities not for publication are more numerous. So the letters to  in answer to those today will be short and not very “ready.”

The newspapers were all the Newton Co. E. so I was able to catch up on a few things. Jim sent a Norfolk paper dated Sept. 23, so that was pretty old reading. I hate not to write

[page 3] all those people but if I see I’m going to be caught short I’ll just skip them.

All writing has to be done in the daytime because each night there is a total blackout and even the lighting of a smoke has to be done under cover. So you see there isn’t as much time to write as before.

I’ve ceased worrying or even thinking of the taxes but and wish I could get some extra money home but that is impossible at present – Maybe later that can be arranged.

I’ll try a few letters to others now after writing the folks
So solong Love Daddy

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A Momentous Decision (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Dear Mother,

Our cool has continued and it is really comfortable – Just got thru taking a bath in the open air shower and reall got cold. I came back and Fred & Dr. P. asked me how it was and I said fine – let them find out for themselves.

I saw an income tax blank today and the surtax starts at 2000 with $260. So try to cut ours below 2000. I believe if you take all the deductions it will cut it below 2000. Don’t forget the insurance – malpractice car Ins etc. All that runs for a year payable in June or July and I left in May so that was that would be 10/12 or what ever the fractional part of the year.

[page 2] I would like for you to figure it whether or not you pay it. Next year the total amount will be 2400 or less and that won’t cost much. So much for that – Only if you do figure it don’t the drugs. The interest – to the insurance co. Interest on house payments. Interest to E. Buck Dave Ream etc. If you have time send me what you can figure the deductions would be. I believe you aren’t interested much in the tax situation but that has to be paid in 3 mo. after we return and that is why I’m interested. And if you haven’t made those other two payments on last year please do because those will all count up.

I’ve explained how these letters are dated several days after writing

[page 3] so that is why the letter you referred to was written on the 29th and stamped on the 31. You see we write one night – passes thru the censor next day and to our P.O. next day and then to the other P.O. so it’s here for a few days before leaving. And I haven’t been able to figure how your comes this way – very seldom comes – I just heard today that all you will be able to write is V-mail. Really I don’t care if it is V mail just so it’s regular and not too old. However. I ‘m not sure that is only hearsay, but I did hear that there would be no more insured pkgs and no more registered letters.

Now – after the show and while sitting on the hill before the show starts – we always go about 1/1 hour early in order to get a good seat. Any-

[page 4] way while sitting there I made a momentous decision – and this is it. Don’t pay this past years income tax. I mean 1942. As I said before pay the other installments of ’41 but forget 1942 and put the money in bonds we can always cash them in and pay the tax. So forget about the income tax period.

Your letter of Jan 4 came today and I sure was glad you could attend Rotary – wish I could have been there – wasn’t that silly – or was it?? John’s letter of Jan 6 came also as well as one from Wayne W. and one from the Walkups at Earl Park. They seem to be real faithful in their letter writing.

Hope your sinus trouble is better and yes the coat – If you are satisfied I see no reason why I wouldn’t only you didn’t use all

Gladys modeling the black seal coat & new hat - January 1943

Gladys modeling the black seal coat & new hat – January 1943

[page 5] the money I sent but that isn’t any of my business. You said you were going to send me a financial statement after the first of the year. I hope you include the number of bonds etc. and whether or not you got a strong box – probably you have already written those things but they haven’t come thru yet. I’ll be looking forward to a picture of you in the coat – and THE HAT.

Hope you and D. are better by now and everything is getting along OK. Please don’t worry about me and don’t get fussed up at anything – Don’t drive the car anymore than is necessary because of the tires etc.

Well, I hope our mail will be half-way regular again and I can hear from you often –

Lots of Love

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Things about the same (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Dec. 12, 1942

Dear Mother,

Sat. P.M. and things about the same as usual. Same old hot etc. This is about the middle of the P.M. and nothing much to do for some time. Last night show was The Aldrich Family – pretty good show but like the radio – don’t think I’d like it too often. There probably won’t be a show tonight due to a combination smoker and boxing show between army and navy. I’d rather have a movie rather than the smoker but I guess it isn’t what I’d rather have. Anyway I don’t have to go unless I want to so I’ll suit myself.

I have a comic book to read – read one yesterday P.M. and saved this one until today. It’s mighty heavy work but I guess I can take it. Hope it’s not the same as the one you said you were sending or I thought you said you were sending. Some of the surprise will be taken out of the

[page 2] Christmas package if it’s the same. There has been no mail again today but we hear that there is plenty around but being around doesn’t help much.

Wrote to the Walkups last night and I don’t owe anyone any letters at present. In fact I’ve gotten so few since Dec. 1 that is isn’t hard to answer what few that have arrived. Maybe more will come thru the latter part of Dec. We still have the 5:00 P.M. delivery today and that may bring something.

One of the boys just came in with a loaf of French bread. Those long hard crusty loaves. I think the crust OK but the inside isn’t so hot. In fact, I’ve almost stopped eating bread. Probably haven’t eaten over ½ dz slices since arriving on the Island. Even on the boat coming over I didn’t like bread – because it was baked in U.S.A. Then frozen and served

[page 3]  that way and the whole thing tasted much like ice box food. That was true of all the food we had. We have lamb 2-3 times per week and that is pretty hard to get down but it’s fresh meat. Some just won’t eat it but I at least eat some.

This whole letter up to now is a mess but that’s more or less the way I feel right now. You know those days come now and then and then things get better etc.

There was a ball game this P.M. but I had to take a bath etc – it being Sat. Doesn’t take that long for a bath but it is pretty far to walk and return in one afternoon –

I’ll finish later & we did have a show – don’t remember what the name was but something about a Saint. No P.M. mail

Love Daddy

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Doctors vs. Dentists (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Wed. Dec 9, 1942

Dear Mother,

Got your letters of Nov. 18 & 20 today and one of those had the pictures in. Those were the pictures taken in the house. The one where you were holding David in the chair was the best of him. He looks old in that picture but I guess after all he is getting along. I missed the bottle in the one John was in for a while. The shadow falls across it and it took more careful looking to see it.

The Walkups of Earl park sent me a Christmas greeting and in in [it] she wrote a letter but when she wrote it they had not received my letter to them in answer to the letter she sent while in the hospital. Surely by now they have that. Her greeting and letter was mailed Nov. 16. There have been no packages as yet. Some few have packages but nothing like as many as should come if the letters are all true that the boys are getting because most every-

[page 2] one claims they have several coming.

Had my teeth cleaned last night and have one or two small cavities to be filled. Will try to get that done in the next few days. Haven’t had any shows for several nights now for certain reasons, but probably will again tonight. It has rained only 2 little showers today and when you mentioned fog that sounded funny because we haven’t had any since leaving the States – once in a while it looks a little hazy out over the ocean but no fog here. The last fog we were in was the day we left the States and that morning the fog horns were blowing and there is nothing so dismal as a fog horn as we have heard on the radio – Not here but there. We have a small radio and once in a while we can get Australia but not very clear. So we don’t have to listen to all the plug ugglies or would we rather listen to them. It isn’t my idea to come clear to New Caledonia to get away from the plug ugglies. Nor the fog either for that matter.

[page 3] So far I have never gotten the stamps you sent but we really don’t need them now as our supply seems to be good. We can only get 5 each day but that amount keep us pretty well supplied. In fact I haven’t bought any for several days because my supply was building up too much and I was afraid that in the warm damp the stamps might stick together.

It’s just a little over two weeks until Christmas and it surely doesn’t seem like that time of the year. Sometimes it get real cloudy and a little cool and one expects a front and a ground freeze but after pinching ones self one comes back to life again and takes the hot just the same as on previous days.

We have some heated arguments about who works harder – The dentists or the M.D. and there being two of each in our quarters we never get anyplace only good wholesome discussions. The dentists take patients only by appointment and they are about as

[page 4] independent as in civil life. Of course our work comes in spells and we often play dominoes etc in between times and the dentists think we are lazy bunch. Guess there are arguments both ways, anyway it’s all in fun.

Fred is writing to his preachin’ uncle. He says he is the Fire and Brimstone type. Fred isn’t very religious – calls him the sky pilot. I read a letter he got from the preachin’ uncle’s wife – Aunt Abigail. She was giving him good advice. It was a very fine letter but I don’t believe he appreciated it as much as he should have.

Since the mail came this morning I doubt very much if we get any this P.M. but we will go look anyway. Some of these days mail should come in addressed our new address – but I can’t remember just when I first used that address. I forgot to tell you the Calender came on Dec. 4 So Nov. was lost –

Well, so Long
Lots of Love Daddy

P.S. No evening mail

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Tokyo Rose and Orphan Ann (Roscoe)

In this letter, Roscoe mentioned the attempts made by himself and his tent mates to listen to the news and some entertainment on the radio. They heard some Japanese propaganda over the airwaves. Today we know more about these broadcasts. The Japanese attempted to lower the morale of the American soldiers far from home.  They played American music and they tried to manipulate the homesick boys. Several young, English speaking Japanese women were forced to broadcast under the pseudonyms of “Tokyo Rose” and “Orphan Ann.” The above audio clip is a small sample from an “Orphan Ann” broadcast. For more information about two of the real Japanese women involved in Japanese war propaganda who were captured after World War II, click here.

Letter transcription:

Nov. 6, 1942

Dear Mother,

I’m writing this in the middle of the P.M. Shortly after chow. I made the rounds saw my 27 patients (all male). Came back took a bath and am now flat on my back on the bunk with all sides of the tent up and only my trunks on – almost forgot – house slippers. The sun is hot out so it’s better to stay in the shade although a blanket and sheet is still necessary at night. In fact this must be climate very much like California. And I’ve been told it was a sort of a resort during normal times. Just raised up. I can’t write very well on my back.

I just wrote Ruth M. and may try to write another or two today. The Walkups & Allgoods is depends on my vim after I get this done. Got one letter this A.M. Yours of Sept. 1 wasn’t very interesting after getting all the latest later ones. It did recall though – on that day we came into harbor here and it was something to think back what you were doing at that time.

It sure doesn’t seem like fall of the year here and I can’t seem to realize that we are nearing the Christmas season. Of course, that is some time

[page 2] yet but it will be here before we realize it.

In Mom’s letter yesterday she told of how long it took my letters to come etc..and many of the boys say it takes only 8-10 days for their letters to get home. Hope you will give me the dope in that regard as I asked you the other days. So far my letters have been among the latest and the boys ask me how long it takes mine to get there and I can’t tell them.

The wind blew so hard last night it seemed the tent might not hold but so far we haven’t lost one although we do take a beating from the side flaps. It would seem all the mosquitoes would be bashed to death but apparently they just ride along on the waves. The netting keeps them away only once in a while one takes a nip before one retires into the sack.

Our news comes in well each night but the programs that are supposed to be very entertaining to the boys of the South West Pacific are not what I would call the best. In fact we generally try to get Japan to see what they are saying about us. It’s not bad entertainment in a crude sort of fashion. They sing “Home Sweet Home” at the beginning and end

[page 3] of their program and it doesn’t seem to have much affect on our moral coming from where it does – Stopped for a little engagement on the hillside. Guess I’ve been drinking too much beer.

Since I started it’s been an hour or two and it is now cloudy and the wind still blowing pretty hard. Looks like we might have some rain again.

Just noticed in the J.A.M.A. of the death of two of the Drs. we knew in Norfolk. They were in an airplane accident in Virginia. Seems strange that they there should have something like that happen. Right in the heart of U.S.A. but one never knows.

Hope you and the boys are making out OK. My biggest worry is the furnace. I’m afraid it will fill up and break one of the pin that feeds the coal in. The clinkers should be cleaned out well each day and that should be done when the furnace isn’t running. I always turned that thermostat on the front of the furnace back. That would stop it. Then hang something on the draft in the pipe to close it – that caused a draft and the smoke didn’t come out the fire door. Of course, one had to be careful to reverse the process when finished. So if you try to do those things yourself maybe that will help – but have someone come out about once each month and give it a real going over. Guess maybe the babes diapers will keep the moisture up.

Well, my space is all gone
Lots of Love

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