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A Momentous Decision (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Dear Mother,

Our cool has continued and it is really comfortable – Just got thru taking a bath in the open air shower and reall got cold. I came back and Fred & Dr. P. asked me how it was and I said fine – let them find out for themselves.

I saw an income tax blank today and the surtax starts at 2000 with $260. So try to cut ours below 2000. I believe if you take all the deductions it will cut it below 2000. Don’t forget the insurance – malpractice car Ins etc. All that runs for a year payable in June or July and I left in May so that was that would be 10/12 or what ever the fractional part of the year.

[page 2] I would like for you to figure it whether or not you pay it. Next year the total amount will be 2400 or less and that won’t cost much. So much for that – Only if you do figure it don’t the drugs. The interest – to the insurance co. Interest on house payments. Interest to E. Buck Dave Ream etc. If you have time send me what you can figure the deductions would be. I believe you aren’t interested much in the tax situation but that has to be paid in 3 mo. after we return and that is why I’m interested. And if you haven’t made those other two payments on last year please do because those will all count up.

I’ve explained how these letters are dated several days after writing

[page 3] so that is why the letter you referred to was written on the 29th and stamped on the 31. You see we write one night – passes thru the censor next day and to our P.O. next day and then to the other P.O. so it’s here for a few days before leaving. And I haven’t been able to figure how your comes this way – very seldom comes – I just heard today that all you will be able to write is V-mail. Really I don’t care if it is V mail just so it’s regular and not too old. However. I ‘m not sure that is only hearsay, but I did hear that there would be no more insured pkgs and no more registered letters.

Now – after the show and while sitting on the hill before the show starts – we always go about 1/1 hour early in order to get a good seat. Any-

[page 4] way while sitting there I made a momentous decision – and this is it. Don’t pay this past years income tax. I mean 1942. As I said before pay the other installments of ’41 but forget 1942 and put the money in bonds we can always cash them in and pay the tax. So forget about the income tax period.

Your letter of Jan 4 came today and I sure was glad you could attend Rotary – wish I could have been there – wasn’t that silly – or was it?? John’s letter of Jan 6 came also as well as one from Wayne W. and one from the Walkups at Earl Park. They seem to be real faithful in their letter writing.

Hope your sinus trouble is better and yes the coat – If you are satisfied I see no reason why I wouldn’t only you didn’t use all

Gladys modeling the black seal coat & new hat - January 1943

Gladys modeling the black seal coat & new hat – January 1943

[page 5] the money I sent but that isn’t any of my business. You said you were going to send me a financial statement after the first of the year. I hope you include the number of bonds etc. and whether or not you got a strong box – probably you have already written those things but they haven’t come thru yet. I’ll be looking forward to a picture of you in the coat – and THE HAT.

Hope you and D. are better by now and everything is getting along OK. Please don’t worry about me and don’t get fussed up at anything – Don’t drive the car anymore than is necessary because of the tires etc.

Well, I hope our mail will be half-way regular again and I can hear from you often –

Lots of Love

©2013 copyright owned and written by Deborah Sweeney
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