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The Motherlode (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Mar 21, 1943
Lieut R. S. Yegerlehner MC USNR
A.P.O. 43
% P.M. San Fran. Calif.

Dear Mother,

Mail came this A.M. and we spent much time reading and re-reading. 18 letters, 4 papers and two packages. The letters were from: Statons, Allgood, Sykes, Mom, Boonie (2), Wayne W., C. J. Easley, Bob H., The Earl park Walkups, The packages from Dr. M. and Floyd. I snitched this paper from the office and will try to answer a few providing I can get some stamps and envelopes. Your letters were of the latter part of Jan and the first part of Feb. So the letter I got the other day dated Feb. 19 is still the latest. Our mail has to be

[page 2] re forwarded and that always takes time. Your Valentine missed St. Pat’s day 5 days so you weren’t far from wrong right.

My letters may have been interesting but anymore there is nothing to write about. Description is out – Traveling is not as extensive as the last place and activities not for publication are more numerous. So the letters to  in answer to those today will be short and not very “ready.”

The newspapers were all the Newton Co. E. so I was able to catch up on a few things. Jim sent a Norfolk paper dated Sept. 23, so that was pretty old reading. I hate not to write

[page 3] all those people but if I see I’m going to be caught short I’ll just skip them.

All writing has to be done in the daytime because each night there is a total blackout and even the lighting of a smoke has to be done under cover. So you see there isn’t as much time to write as before.

I’ve ceased worrying or even thinking of the taxes but and wish I could get some extra money home but that is impossible at present – Maybe later that can be arranged.

I’ll try a few letters to others now after writing the folks
So solong Love Daddy

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Don’t exactly know why (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:


Dear Mother,

This P.M. while reading a little I fell asleep and was out for almost one hour. Don’t exactly know why because I was reading one of Daymon Runynon short stories, but I will confess I don’t remember much of the story even though I did finish it.

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Hasn’t rained any today as yet but the wind blows hard – we are looking forward to a show tonight to help the Eve. pass by. The name of the show is The Queen of the Yukon. Sounds very exciting.

Dr. Loop was in a short time this P.M. Just long enough to say Hello and was gone again. I thought he had gone because it had been some time since he had paid us a visit.

[page 2] Just 6 mo ago today I took my wild airplane ride across the country from Chicago to San Francisco. That was a very hard day’s ride and if you ever want to relax don’t travel so far in a plane because it is very tiresome. I really have to go back a long time to get something to write about but that’s the only way I can think of enough to write. There are lots of things I could ask about but I know you have the answers in the mail that is coming but mail coming doesn’t mean a thing – only that that is here is any good or as an old Yegerlehner saying – a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Or maybe that is somebodys else’s saying.

Dr. P. just got a Christmas greeting and a V-mail dated Dec. 26 but that doesn’t

[page 3] help very much – we still have a possibility of mail at 5 P.M. but I think there is no hope for much – but in time things will come along again I hope. Will finish later.

Well things are better – had two shows tonite, and also had mail. Your V-mail letter of Jan 12 came, air mail Jan 14 also air mail Dec. 29, Dec 26 Dec. 24. Your letter of Jan 14 wasn’t too good but I really think now that you have had that washed out it will be OK at least I hope so. I believe if that had been treated often early that wouldn’t have happened – but you can’t get that type of treatment at home unless things have changed since I left there. I truly hope and pray things are better for you now. My mail is at least 6-8 days later than others due to you writing every day. The V-mail is later than most others but this Jan. 14 is the later – keep dropping a V-mail about once each wk.

[page 4] The picture of D. was pretty good – he begins to look as if he is filling out pretty rapidly.

Most of your letters were old and the old ones told of your condition leading up to this last affair but like a continued story all your letters end in critical points. The one on Jan 8 said you were better. The V-mail of Jan 12 said one side was Ok, but the other was acting up. Yours of the 14th said you had a washing out and there is the end. I suppose the next will be 4-5 days later and it probably won’t get here for several days. So I’ll just have to wait worry & sweat until I get the next. Your suggestions about the hospital is fine and I hope you go if things are too bad. Surely someone will take care of J & M in case you have to go.

I’ll be waiting for Agnes M. letter about the taxes – do what you want. Just so you keep me out of Jail & buy bonds

[page 5] to cover the taxes. And Don’t renew the J.A.M.A. I told you that before but just in case the word didn’t get there.

Along with your mail came a V-mail from Allgoods and a Christmas greeting from Guess Who – Amel Taylor. And it was censored – wasn’t that a Joke. The only letter that has even been censored. Really I’ll write them a reply – They I think mean well but their finances are not the best so I’ll answer just to be nice.

I’ll re-read your letters tomorrow and maybe have something more to write but it is now time to turn in so I’ll say solong and hope you are better, much better, by now

Love Daddy

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Did OK with the mail again today (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:


Dear Mother,

Did OK with the mail again today. That is in a way, got 9 letters today but they were all old. That is older than the previous ones from you. Only two of the letters were from you. Dec. 2 and Nov. 30. The rest were from outsiders – Mom, Clarence, Ruth M., B. Walkup, Allgoods, Uncle W. and Barry the drug salesman. Quite of variety wouldn’t you say? In your letters you mentioned the collection. I believe I told you to see Geo. Tilton. See if his method sounds good. Maybe a little law – but Cliff is too easy and no one bill is big enough unless it is the Reed bill. I suppose whatever you do you won’t get much. So don’t worry too much about the whole thing.

I wrote you in yesterday’s letter about the tax. Again pay 1941 tax, and whatever you think best of

[page 2] the past year. But send me the figures on this year (1942) if you have them.

I was all caught up on my writing last night didn’t owe anyone a letter then all these came today and now there are several again – Drop me a V-mail now and then as I said last night and for they may be faster. I don’t like to write or receive them but they are better than nothing. I’ve gotten lots of mail but none of it very recent. Dec. 12 was the latest.

Fred & I went shelling for about ½ hour today but the tide was so high we didn’t do any good. We’ll have to try some other time. I’ve managed to collect a few but none very nice. We really don’t have much time to get away now that all the other Drs. are gone. I mean

[page 3] those I spoke of leaving before. We three are still here.

I just stopped for a little trip over the hill to an urge of nature. It’s a long distance over there but I made it OK. That is one thing I’ll appreciate when I get home. This hill climbing gets old for things like that.

I suppose I have all the pictures you have sent up to now and really get a kick out of them. Walkups sent me pictures of their family and snow banks. Those must have been taken about the same time you took the ones you sent. Again that snow looks good.

Well. I’m not newsy tonite so I’ll try to do better next time

Lots of Love

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Well the lecture is now over (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Dec. 6, 1942

Dear Mother,

Sun. P.M. and rainy – It hasn’t been a solid day of rain but fine and clear one minute and rain the next. The ground dries very rapidly but not fast enough for these showers. I’m wearing my brown oxfords inside of four buckles today and will continue – Taking the overshoes off at the door. Our deck needs swabbing but it’s no use for the time being. We’ll just scrape it off and shovel it out.

I wrote the folks already today just thought I’d get it off hand in case too much business came about. Which is not too likely. This is shortly after noonday chow, and it was a good had creamed turkey – peas – asparagus mashed potatoes, choc. Pie and soup really I think it was better than Thanksgiving day. Got another carton of cigarettes one cake of soap and ½ doz penny boxes of matches. That all

[page 2] goes in our regular monthly mess bill. All the tobacco I’ve bought was some when we first arrived the rest has been supplied.

As I told you yesterday I wrote Joe R. and I think it will go directly to him rather than all the way back to the States. I wonder if Mrs. R. knows where he is or did you get to tell her yet?

Let’s go back to that birthday money of yours – If you don’t feel like spending it now at least get it out of the bank account because we might want to buy something for the home or office when I get back and you are supposed to have that and please don’t buy a piano and put a big monthly payment business on the financial end of the family. There are other things more important than an expensive piano. I don’t object to a small model but also a small price. Hold on to the do re-me now because it’s going to be hard to get

[page 3] when this thing is over. Well the lecture is now over. Do as you think best for all concerned.

If you take David to Dr. C for the shots you had better offer to pay him for his material used or just offer to pay him – he might get tired of the whole business. I’d suggest you give him the diphtheria vaccine you have in the ice box but it’s been too long since it was used so you had better throw it out. He might not use that kind anyway.

Just stopped for a time to have a bottle of beer and a session – In the discussion the subject of washing machines came up. And I think I sold another Bendix. Hope ours is still working. The way that topic came up – we were discussing an electrician here. He reminds me very much of all those I’ve ever known – puts in one device and talks long enough to wire a house in between times. He is always talking about inventing something but it’s too much trouble

[page 4] to fix it up. I was comparing him to Bun S. and that’s the way the whole thing came about.

There has been no mail yet today but it isn’t time as yet. I’ll save space in order to let you know if any comes. I’m beginning to believe the Christmas packages were just a myth or did you send something. I guess those things will be along in time to come.

Fred is writing a letter now and Dr. Porterfield is sleeping. Just a typical Sunday P.M. in the summer time with the weather a little rainy.

Well I’ll drop you a little more later on in the evening but just in case I forgot So Solong

Love Daddy

P.S. got your letters of Oct. 28 and Nov. 14. Also one from Mom one from Sykes and one from Allgoods. I know what the bank balance is now for sure so you won’t need to repeat it unless it goes way up or down but take yours out as I’ve said. Get some interest

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Tokyo Rose and Orphan Ann (Roscoe)

In this letter, Roscoe mentioned the attempts made by himself and his tent mates to listen to the news and some entertainment on the radio. They heard some Japanese propaganda over the airwaves. Today we know more about these broadcasts. The Japanese attempted to lower the morale of the American soldiers far from home.  They played American music and they tried to manipulate the homesick boys. Several young, English speaking Japanese women were forced to broadcast under the pseudonyms of “Tokyo Rose” and “Orphan Ann.” The above audio clip is a small sample from an “Orphan Ann” broadcast. For more information about two of the real Japanese women involved in Japanese war propaganda who were captured after World War II, click here.

Letter transcription:

Nov. 6, 1942

Dear Mother,

I’m writing this in the middle of the P.M. Shortly after chow. I made the rounds saw my 27 patients (all male). Came back took a bath and am now flat on my back on the bunk with all sides of the tent up and only my trunks on – almost forgot – house slippers. The sun is hot out so it’s better to stay in the shade although a blanket and sheet is still necessary at night. In fact this must be climate very much like California. And I’ve been told it was a sort of a resort during normal times. Just raised up. I can’t write very well on my back.

I just wrote Ruth M. and may try to write another or two today. The Walkups & Allgoods is depends on my vim after I get this done. Got one letter this A.M. Yours of Sept. 1 wasn’t very interesting after getting all the latest later ones. It did recall though – on that day we came into harbor here and it was something to think back what you were doing at that time.

It sure doesn’t seem like fall of the year here and I can’t seem to realize that we are nearing the Christmas season. Of course, that is some time

[page 2] yet but it will be here before we realize it.

In Mom’s letter yesterday she told of how long it took my letters to come etc..and many of the boys say it takes only 8-10 days for their letters to get home. Hope you will give me the dope in that regard as I asked you the other days. So far my letters have been among the latest and the boys ask me how long it takes mine to get there and I can’t tell them.

The wind blew so hard last night it seemed the tent might not hold but so far we haven’t lost one although we do take a beating from the side flaps. It would seem all the mosquitoes would be bashed to death but apparently they just ride along on the waves. The netting keeps them away only once in a while one takes a nip before one retires into the sack.

Our news comes in well each night but the programs that are supposed to be very entertaining to the boys of the South West Pacific are not what I would call the best. In fact we generally try to get Japan to see what they are saying about us. It’s not bad entertainment in a crude sort of fashion. They sing “Home Sweet Home” at the beginning and end

[page 3] of their program and it doesn’t seem to have much affect on our moral coming from where it does – Stopped for a little engagement on the hillside. Guess I’ve been drinking too much beer.

Since I started it’s been an hour or two and it is now cloudy and the wind still blowing pretty hard. Looks like we might have some rain again.

Just noticed in the J.A.M.A. of the death of two of the Drs. we knew in Norfolk. They were in an airplane accident in Virginia. Seems strange that they there should have something like that happen. Right in the heart of U.S.A. but one never knows.

Hope you and the boys are making out OK. My biggest worry is the furnace. I’m afraid it will fill up and break one of the pin that feeds the coal in. The clinkers should be cleaned out well each day and that should be done when the furnace isn’t running. I always turned that thermostat on the front of the furnace back. That would stop it. Then hang something on the draft in the pipe to close it – that caused a draft and the smoke didn’t come out the fire door. Of course, one had to be careful to reverse the process when finished. So if you try to do those things yourself maybe that will help – but have someone come out about once each month and give it a real going over. Guess maybe the babes diapers will keep the moisture up.

Well, my space is all gone
Lots of Love

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Marines Face New Thrusts By Japanese (Roscoe)

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Since Roscoe was not allowed to say what was going on around him, Gladys was most likely following the war over the radio waves and by reading the local papers. The above article was published in The Vidette-Messsenger (Valparaiso, Indiana) on November 4, 1942. Written by a UP reporter, the article was picked up by papers around the country, perhaps even the Newton County Enterprise, one of the papers that Gladys read regularly.

Letter transcription:

Nov. 5, 1942

Dear Mother,

What with eleven letters yesterday and 10 today I’m getting pretty well caught up. Those yesterday were all from you but today’s letters were varied. One from Mom, one from Walkup’s and one from Allgoods, but all those letters you told me about that were sent to me when David came have not arrived. So Mark calls the baby Davie – seems as if I’ve referred to him as the same, hope I haven’t put too much in Mark’s mind.

I sent you the radiogram I received the other day. Thought you might want to put it in David’s scrap book. I had to cut out one word so that it would pass the censor. You should have received something on that end because the thing needed a reply, but I turned it over to the Chaplin. So I’m not sure what he may have said. Sometimes I don’t trust them too far. I told him to say the word received OK. So anything else will be extra.

[page 2] You will note I haven’t bawled you out for what you haven’t written. I’m not going to. So far I haven’t received letters on Sept. 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 18 and from 19 to 26. See from 19 to 26 I missed all the excitement then I haven’t received any from Oct 14 to Oct 23 but did get the Oct. 24 letter. So that brings me up to date pretty well. Some of those days are were probably Sun. and since you don’t write on Sun. there are bound to be a few days missing. I write every day Sun included. I can’t tell which is Sunday after it is past because of lack of calendar as I have told you – You don’t know how much they are missed until there isn’t one around.

I should have told you about wrapping packages. They should be wrapped extra good, because I’ve seen some come in that are in very poor condition. In fact just holding together and that is all. I’ve sent you two packages and you

[page 3] haven’t mentioned them. So I wonder if they arrived. It will take those much longer than air mail letters however.

We may have a change of address in a few days so if you don’t hear for several days you will know. There is nothing to worry about but just keep it in mind. Of course, we don’t know for sure but as I’ve said before even at Norfolk one didn’t know when his address might be changed.

Many of the fellows have Christmas packages already. Seems early but they really got here in time. It’s really very uncertain how and when to mail anything to have it arrive when it’s supposed to.

One of our boys was given the distinguished flying cross in a little affair we had here today. It was a swell thing for the kid and of course the first that I had ever seen. May we have more like him. I could say more but I can’t. Now what kind of talk is that.

I’ll save the rest of the space, got 2 V-mail letters dated Sept. 14 & Sept. 12. They aren’t good – but you might keep writing one or two per mo-

Love Daddy

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