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Summer is passing rapidly (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:


Dear Mother,

First day of Feb. and our summer is passing rapidly of which I am more than pleased somewhat, and at the same time your winter is passing of which you are more than somewhat pleased. I’ve been reading some more of Daymon R. books and he uses those more than somewhat – more than somewhat.

I forgot to tell you that the house payments will be different this year. Not the 39.01 but the extra that is put on for tax. I wish you would let me know what the payments are – just for fun. And what did you do about that insurance. I mean those dividends that we have words and letters about each year. Maybe you have written those things but haven’t gotten here

[page 2] as yet. As I have it figured the June payment on the old Hancock policy will be the last – and while we are on that subject – How much is borrowed on that. That only way you have of telling that is by the interest you just paid or should have paid sometime in Dec. or Jan. So if it isn’t too much trouble I’d like to know those 3 things.

1. House payments 2. What about the dividends and 2. How much is borrowed. And also the number of bonds up to a certain date and whether or not you got a safety deposit box. Guess I’m jumping the gun but just in case you forgot to write those things. And I never did get the uniform money nor your travel money. Well so much for those things.

I’m going to send Mark one dollar for his birthday just like I did John when I was at Moffett field – I’ll try to send that

[page 3] out tomorrow. You don’t need to tell him unless you want to. I’m just telling you in order that you will know and should it get lost explain to him I didn’t forget.

I’m hardly expecting any mail today since I’m pretty well up to date. I mean new mail. We always expect some of that old to catch up with us sooner or later – possibly later.

Today is pay day and none too soon – for I have 2 cents. I have a little money on the book and in time will send more home, but it doesn’t build up very fast when we have to pay .60 per day for food. About one dollar per wk. for laundry. Same for cigarettes. Coke, beer and a few luxuries like that and send $200⁰⁰ home. I want a little on hand so that I’ll have car fare from San. Fran to Kentland in the dim distant future – what I don’t

[page 4] need I just leave on the books and in case of transfer can be drawn at any time. If too much accumulates I’ll send it home again. Your first birthday present was part of my travel money to Calif. and we also got some travel money from San Francisco to Ventura. I guess Helen Washburn told you about that trip we took. Our ticket costs 3.60 and we were paid 18⁰⁰ travel expenses. Had a pulman and everything. Got on the train at about 9 P.M. and off at 6:45 AM. It was one swell ride. Walsh had the upper berth and I the lower. He got tight and I had to help him in and out, but we made it OK. So far I haven’t been tight and don’t worry I can take care of R.S. Y.

After the show and after main [mail] – the show was good – The mail wasn’t.


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Don’t exactly know why (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:


Dear Mother,

This P.M. while reading a little I fell asleep and was out for almost one hour. Don’t exactly know why because I was reading one of Daymon Runynon short stories, but I will confess I don’t remember much of the story even though I did finish it.

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Hasn’t rained any today as yet but the wind blows hard – we are looking forward to a show tonight to help the Eve. pass by. The name of the show is The Queen of the Yukon. Sounds very exciting.

Dr. Loop was in a short time this P.M. Just long enough to say Hello and was gone again. I thought he had gone because it had been some time since he had paid us a visit.

[page 2] Just 6 mo ago today I took my wild airplane ride across the country from Chicago to San Francisco. That was a very hard day’s ride and if you ever want to relax don’t travel so far in a plane because it is very tiresome. I really have to go back a long time to get something to write about but that’s the only way I can think of enough to write. There are lots of things I could ask about but I know you have the answers in the mail that is coming but mail coming doesn’t mean a thing – only that that is here is any good or as an old Yegerlehner saying – a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Or maybe that is somebodys else’s saying.

Dr. P. just got a Christmas greeting and a V-mail dated Dec. 26 but that doesn’t

[page 3] help very much – we still have a possibility of mail at 5 P.M. but I think there is no hope for much – but in time things will come along again I hope. Will finish later.

Well things are better – had two shows tonite, and also had mail. Your V-mail letter of Jan 12 came, air mail Jan 14 also air mail Dec. 29, Dec 26 Dec. 24. Your letter of Jan 14 wasn’t too good but I really think now that you have had that washed out it will be OK at least I hope so. I believe if that had been treated often early that wouldn’t have happened – but you can’t get that type of treatment at home unless things have changed since I left there. I truly hope and pray things are better for you now. My mail is at least 6-8 days later than others due to you writing every day. The V-mail is later than most others but this Jan. 14 is the later – keep dropping a V-mail about once each wk.

[page 4] The picture of D. was pretty good – he begins to look as if he is filling out pretty rapidly.

Most of your letters were old and the old ones told of your condition leading up to this last affair but like a continued story all your letters end in critical points. The one on Jan 8 said you were better. The V-mail of Jan 12 said one side was Ok, but the other was acting up. Yours of the 14th said you had a washing out and there is the end. I suppose the next will be 4-5 days later and it probably won’t get here for several days. So I’ll just have to wait worry & sweat until I get the next. Your suggestions about the hospital is fine and I hope you go if things are too bad. Surely someone will take care of J & M in case you have to go.

I’ll be waiting for Agnes M. letter about the taxes – do what you want. Just so you keep me out of Jail & buy bonds

[page 5] to cover the taxes. And Don’t renew the J.A.M.A. I told you that before but just in case the word didn’t get there.

Along with your mail came a V-mail from Allgoods and a Christmas greeting from Guess Who – Amel Taylor. And it was censored – wasn’t that a Joke. The only letter that has even been censored. Really I’ll write them a reply – They I think mean well but their finances are not the best so I’ll answer just to be nice.

I’ll re-read your letters tomorrow and maybe have something more to write but it is now time to turn in so I’ll say solong and hope you are better, much better, by now

Love Daddy

©2013 copyright owned and written by Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found at: https://genealogylady.net/2013/11/30/dont-exactly-know-why-roscoe/

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