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Hospital Day Part II (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.

Dear Daddy –

Yours of Apr 28-29 & 30 came today – That brings letters pretty well to date – Yesterday I went to Laf. and was crowded for time when I got back so dashed off a v-mail – but will try today to go into detail about events. Hospital day ceremony was to begin at 12 o’clock. We left here, (John Arlene & I) about 10 a.m. when we got as far as Dr. Cole’s home we stopped – I wanted to see if Mrs. Cole was going – and if so go with her – also I called Dr. Ade from there to get an appointment for John – the day before I called his office and the girl said she couldn’t give us an appointment for an eye exam until May 21 – but when I talked to Dr. Ade he said to bring him right in so we hurried over to town and went directly up to Ade’s office. He was busy but

[page 2] gave John the once over – He said he couldn’t possibly do a refraction on him but looked at his nose & throat and sprayed –(if you could call it that) – his nose & throat, but frankly he didn’t get too close – and I need not explain why – I said to Dr. Ade “There is at least one in every family “ – so he prescribed sufadiazine treatment to clear up any possible infection. We have an appointment for a refraction next week. John hasn’t been doing any reading the least three days and hasn’t had headaches. He didn’t have to go to school after Mon. because he was exempted from all examd. John doesn’t seem to have any cold and feels fine, but Dr. Ade said his throat was red. He is taking sulfa today and going to take it tomorrow.

As soon as Dr. Ade finished with us I dashed out to St. E. – There ceremony was in progress but I located Mrs. Ash and sat by her & Mrs. Rommel. After the ceremony I saw Mrs. Cole then Dr. Cole

[page 3] joined us and we went into the college auditorium for a lunch that was prepared for invited guests. I met several doctors, but can’t remember their names, met Mrs. McKinney – her husband is across but can’t remember just where. Dr. Rommel is in Calif. Mrs. Ash seemed worried when I told her you had been sent away from New Caledonia. I think she is afraid Dr. A. may be sent on too. Dr. Holliday spoke at the ceremony – The comments you wrote about him seem to be the general opinion around Lafayette. Mrs. Peyton also spoke. Dr. P. is in N. Africa and was with Gen. McNair when he was wounded. They gave a list of all the Doctors from St. E. in service and their locations but I can’t remember all of them. Mrs. Ash said Dr. Loop is back in Laf. on leave. She wanted to know if I had seen him – of course I hadn’t – didn’t know he was back. After the luncheon Mrs. Rommel & I went back to town. I had some shopping

[page 4] to do and meet John & Arlene. It has been raining so much but it was such a grand day yesterday – just made to order for the ceremony to be held on the campus, but about 4:30 it began clouding up and today the sun isn’t shining and it has sprinkled some.

I took David down for his second shot this morning. He didn’t take it as good as the first one but didn’t cry long. Dr. Matthews got such an electric shock yesterday it knocked him out. He touched something when he had his head band on and out he went. D. had to work with him to bring him around. He said this morning he was just beginning to limber up.

We haven’t been keeping a scrap book, due to the fact I have had so much to do I hardly see the paper some days, but decided we had better – so I saved back over a week’s supply of newspapers & John went through

[page 5] them today for items and pictures. Any items or pictures about activities in the South West Pacific of course are our chief concern and in May 8th paper was a picture showing supplies being landed on Russel Island. Another picture of three soldiers at a Pacific base and their gun “Dorothy.” I should show that picture to D. K. There are several other pictures but from other areas. I found a picture the other day of some men on Guadacanal having some fresh fish they had caught – They were frying it camp style – over an open fire. I will try now to clip any pictures out about the S. W. Pacific and might find one some time you can identify. I keep watching pictures hoping to see you in one sometime. Valley Wright declares she saw you in a news reel. Said she stayed thru two shows to be sure it was you. Do you remember a movie camera being around any time when you were working? Said news reel was seen in Hammond. Valley is

[page 6] in Kentland now, working at the factory – living with Wrights. Gob is in the Army.

David is cross this afternoon but I think it is due to his shot this a.m. Mark has to go to the library so is going to mail this. John has been baking – made a white cake – Mark was helping him but quit & went outside – when Mark came back in I asked him why he left – he said, “all I got to do was sift flour.” I told them if they wanted to bake to go ahead but I wasn’t going to help any – I didn’t do much but help clear up the mess a little. John got his prize last night at commencement for the essay he wrote (1.50) – I didn’t go – I was too tired and didn’t want to leave the baby after being away most of the day. I have about run out of things to write about and feel like I have had a go session so better quit and rest a while. I am knitting a suit for D. and want to get a few stitches put on it. You mentioned sardines & shrimp – There is another box on its way to you with several cans of sardines & crackers.

Love – Mother –


[Editor’s Note: This is an undated clipping so it may or may not be referring to the actual events in May 1943.]

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It is too nice (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:


Dear Mother,

I wanted to start this letter some hours ago but Dr. Loop was in so didn’t get started. Finally I decided to take a bath and maybe that would do the trick – It did. If you get what I mean. In fact I was going to write several letters this P.M. but didn’t get started.

Dr. Loop was telling me of a Dr. near Lafayette who had been sent to Greencastle to do duty there. Some people seem to get all the breaks. That guy is only about 60 miles from home. Of course he has to battle thru the snowdrifts and over the slick roads. And after all that is something to fight the battle

[page 2] of the Indiana snow. I meant that to be sadistic – did it sound that way?

We have a pretty good mess hall and galley now for only officers of ship co. and our food is prepared separately. And we had steaks – good steaks for dinner. Not as good as those we used to get from the lockers but they weren’t bad. Our first course was sliced oranges. These were stood on edge. Three around the cocktail container and the inside was filled with mixed fruit. The second course was steak smothered in onions – with dried diced potatoes, and diced turnips. The potatoes were well prepared and could hardly be told from fresh. The last course was fruit jello. I ate it. We also had iced tea with considerable lemon. Not bad would you say?

[page 3] If that keeps up and our exercise doesn’t get any better I’ll probably weigh 200 in a short time. Won’t that be funny? Or will it? We also have a bath house with hot and cold running water. The three of us decided it was time we should probably begin to get our things ready to go places because it is too nice. We didn’t pack yet however. There are some things I might send home – like white suits, heavy rain coats etc. One of these days because those aren’t being featured in New Caledonia this year. I’ll let you know when and if I get ready to send them. Dr. P. has sent home several boxes of extra things and lots of the others have but I tried to travel light. Some brought 3-4 suits of blues overcoats etc. but I was wise never did buy an overcoat, and only one suit of blues. Will finish later.

[page 4] Later – Show good mail not good. Got a letter from Lentz – he has had malaria but is better now. As yet he hasn’t received the pictures I sent but I send them the next day or so after I received them from you. Funny how much ground or I should say ground & water those pictures have covered. Starting in Penna – to Norfolk – to Calif and you know the rest as far as I do. Maybe by this time he has them I hope.

I’m sending some films home I took – have them enlarged a little and if any are good send them back. Two are shots I took of Dr. P. & W. on the hill – not obscene but maybe not

[page 5] too publishable. I won’t take anymore until I get some word back as to whether those are good or not. I’m sending all but one – it might not be censorable. I’ve tried to print some but they are too small to make know if good and maybe I don’t know how to print anymore. Just turn them over to be developed – maybe they won’t have to be enlarged.

I sent Mark one dollar for his birthday – repeating.

The show tonight was Harold Lloyd in something – and you know what his pictures are like –

Well, lots of Love

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Don’t exactly know why (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:


Dear Mother,

This P.M. while reading a little I fell asleep and was out for almost one hour. Don’t exactly know why because I was reading one of Daymon Runynon short stories, but I will confess I don’t remember much of the story even though I did finish it.

Image courtesy of Wikipedia

Hasn’t rained any today as yet but the wind blows hard – we are looking forward to a show tonight to help the Eve. pass by. The name of the show is The Queen of the Yukon. Sounds very exciting.

Dr. Loop was in a short time this P.M. Just long enough to say Hello and was gone again. I thought he had gone because it had been some time since he had paid us a visit.

[page 2] Just 6 mo ago today I took my wild airplane ride across the country from Chicago to San Francisco. That was a very hard day’s ride and if you ever want to relax don’t travel so far in a plane because it is very tiresome. I really have to go back a long time to get something to write about but that’s the only way I can think of enough to write. There are lots of things I could ask about but I know you have the answers in the mail that is coming but mail coming doesn’t mean a thing – only that that is here is any good or as an old Yegerlehner saying – a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Or maybe that is somebodys else’s saying.

Dr. P. just got a Christmas greeting and a V-mail dated Dec. 26 but that doesn’t

[page 3] help very much – we still have a possibility of mail at 5 P.M. but I think there is no hope for much – but in time things will come along again I hope. Will finish later.

Well things are better – had two shows tonite, and also had mail. Your V-mail letter of Jan 12 came, air mail Jan 14 also air mail Dec. 29, Dec 26 Dec. 24. Your letter of Jan 14 wasn’t too good but I really think now that you have had that washed out it will be OK at least I hope so. I believe if that had been treated often early that wouldn’t have happened – but you can’t get that type of treatment at home unless things have changed since I left there. I truly hope and pray things are better for you now. My mail is at least 6-8 days later than others due to you writing every day. The V-mail is later than most others but this Jan. 14 is the later – keep dropping a V-mail about once each wk.

[page 4] The picture of D. was pretty good – he begins to look as if he is filling out pretty rapidly.

Most of your letters were old and the old ones told of your condition leading up to this last affair but like a continued story all your letters end in critical points. The one on Jan 8 said you were better. The V-mail of Jan 12 said one side was Ok, but the other was acting up. Yours of the 14th said you had a washing out and there is the end. I suppose the next will be 4-5 days later and it probably won’t get here for several days. So I’ll just have to wait worry & sweat until I get the next. Your suggestions about the hospital is fine and I hope you go if things are too bad. Surely someone will take care of J & M in case you have to go.

I’ll be waiting for Agnes M. letter about the taxes – do what you want. Just so you keep me out of Jail & buy bonds

[page 5] to cover the taxes. And Don’t renew the J.A.M.A. I told you that before but just in case the word didn’t get there.

Along with your mail came a V-mail from Allgoods and a Christmas greeting from Guess Who – Amel Taylor. And it was censored – wasn’t that a Joke. The only letter that has even been censored. Really I’ll write them a reply – They I think mean well but their finances are not the best so I’ll answer just to be nice.

I’ll re-read your letters tomorrow and maybe have something more to write but it is now time to turn in so I’ll say solong and hope you are better, much better, by now

Love Daddy

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Hot as the duce (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:


Dear Mother,

Jan 15 and hot as the duce except we have a gentle breeze and the shady spots are cool. I’ve said that dozens of time before but it’s just another way of getting started. And since there isn’t much to write about something has to be said. I should think you would be able to read my letters by just holding them and reciting the things I say from day to day. Just like John used to do in reading the his stories from the pictures, but with all I’ll continue to write each day in the hope that these will keep you informed somewhat of what’s “cookin’.” I’ve been trying to say it’s difficult to write of things when the same thing goes on day after day. I guess the same thing is true as far as you are concerned also because things are more or less the same each day

[page 2] for you. Although I always enjoy your letters very much but maybe it’s because they don’t come so often. Anyway they are most welcome when and if they do arrive.

I haven’t done much with shells today because the thing I bore holes with slipped and nicked a little skin off my finger. Did[n’t]cut thru but just made it thin where I hold on to the shell.

Dr. Loop was here this A.M. and left a Lafayette paper – dated late in Nov. There wasn’t any news of Kentland in it. There was of other towns – saw where Vic at Brookston had been to some sort of a supper. I guess life goes on as per usual around most places especially in the smaller towns and other than a few ration cards one doesn’t think of war and all its horrors and hurrying. Guess I should have stayed

[page 3] in the school teaching racket – but I’m not sorry yet for things won’t always be this way.

Just happened to think you said you had a little surplus money. You might – this is just an idea – pay some on the insurance to John Hancock. The old policy on which we borrowed the money that would be about the best interest we could get because after all we pay 6% on that and the best we could anyplace is 2.9 on those bonds. Do what you think best. I’m not talking about your money maybe that is what you meant by surplus, but if the 250 uniform money ever gets there that would pretty well clear up that Ins. policy and save up us something like 15-16 dollars interest. I’m not so much interested in paying off the loan on yours but that too is costing us and I really don’t know how much either of them amount to – but again do as you think best. But I really do think a few debts paid off would be better

[page 4] than having it there and letting the bank get the interest. If nothing else by buy more bonds. You can always cash them if if necessary – those that you have had 6 mo. Just keep enough money in the bank to keep the rent etc paid up. Your expenses should be fairly stable now so you can figure about how much you will need – Maybe. I don’t mean your ability to figure I know that’s OK but I mean the insurance is always the same rest  the same – except Nov. & Dec. Well I shouldn’t be butting in to affairs when I can’t remember all of them but I’m just trying to help. So cut the bank balance down, preferably for bonds rather than building & loan. That is if you think best.

The above is a matter of high finance but just thought you might want some suggestions.  I believe you asked, but I do know this that your expenses around the end of the years are heavy and the surplus might be a deficit unless the uniform

[page 5] money comes.

A fellow just came in with 2 bottles of cold beer and is it good. That’s the first we’ve had for a ling time and this is cold. Don’t know where it came from but it’s good.

I’m going to save the rest of the space for later-

After the show and it was a pretty good one for here funny and lubby dubby stuff – of course the lubby dubby didn’t just exactly fit the surrounds but we can still dream.

It’s about as hot here tonight as it has been. In fact it was a little warm for a windbreaker at the show.

Well, SoLong Love

Lt (jg) Yegerlehner MC USNR
Receiving Station
Noumea, New Caledonia
c/o Fleet P.O.
San Francisco Calif.

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Blue Monday (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Jan 11, 1943

Dear Mother,

Just another blue Monday – in fact a little more so because I’m stiff and sore from too much exercise at the beach. It’s like this a fellow goes out there and squats and bends picking up shells then walks a little ways further and the same thing over again and in the course of an hour it’s a pretty good class exercises. Then a swim afterwards and that’s just too much but the whole thing will wear off by tomorrow. Then in a few days will do the same thing again.

Dr. Loop of Lafayette is spending part of the day. He ate chow with us and is now out with someone else he became acquainted with. I think you probably have heard me talk of him.

So far today I’ve gotten a letter Christmas greeting combination from

[page 2] Uncle Wess written Dec. 10. Our other mail must be stacking up someplace around. I’ve said that so many times that I’m not going to mention mail anymore until it comes thru (Promise).

I’m still working on that shell thing for you. It’s another necklace [necklace]. I forgot to tell you those things may be rather fragile and won’t stand much wear and tear and in case the string breaks they have to be strung only from one end. You’ll understand if you ever try to string them. These I’m making now are the same way. As I told you before, it’s a harmless past time which I starta sorta get a kick out of s bear with me.

Fred is puttering around trying to fix the corners of our tent, so that it won’t leak. I guess that is the first you knew I lived in a tent again. We had complications in the hut so Dr. P., Fred and I moved into a modernized tent.  Everything modern but running water and toilet. Even the water runs for we have a big china

[page 3] picker [pitcher] the mess boy fills each morning. And it has a gauze cover to keep out the dust & flies. And we also have two stainless steel wash basins – nothing slow about that. And two steel lockers to keep our clothes in. My Blues are still in that pulman bag I bought in Norfolk. I put plenty of moth balls in with them and haven’t seen them for weeks. Hope they are still ok. Why we needed blues and whites is more than I can say but we have them just the same.

So far today it has been pleasant very little rain and considerable wind, but by evening it could be raining cat and dogs. It sometimes turns out like that. – – – Evening and not much rain – Just didn’t have one. The Chaplin was here for a short time and shot the bull but he didn’t stay long. He is a pretty good

[page 4] egg but not much on the sermons. I think he was used to preaching longer sermons than he is supposed to and to condense into 10 min or less is hard for him to do. We do sing lots and of course that adds to the service. The whole thing lasts about 45 min.

Dr. Loop gave me a pretty good idea where all the Drs. around Lafayette are located. He didn’t join the Navy until late in Oct. I believe he said. He knew about you being in the hospital. Well, I’ll have to stop writing so I’ll have room to put the address at the bottom – since I forgot to put it on the top.
So Solong
Love Daddy

Lt (jg) Yegerlehner MC USNR
Receiving Station
U.S. N.A.B.
Noumea New Caledonia
c/o Fleet P.O.
San Francisco Calif

P.S. The amount of money taxable after I got in the Navy was $1317.79. Dr. P. was writing his home and I thought I’d send this again. This is the correct amount.

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